TP 7, Grammar Writing an article to give advice. She's the best! Writing a blog 9.2 TP 6: DECIDING WHAT TO DO Functional Lenguage about where places are and and why they are important TP7-Writing-EmailingForaJobApplication Modals of deduction TP6 Functional Language Narrative tenses Best time to visit your city Grammar lesson - Reported Speech TP6 second conditionals Copy of Food and Drinks TP6_Valeria Sanchez Functional Language TP7 Grammar TP 7 Writing a Travel Review Copy of TP5 - LP - Jon Aponte Will for offers and instant decisions Grammar simple past regular and irregular verbs TP6 Lesson Plan Lucas Gerardo González Lp Tp4 Ayah Writing lesson Grammar simple past regular and irregular verbs Writing a Persuasive Email Present continues B2 Vocabulary, World languages Gentrification Copy of Present Simple - Negative form lesson plan Reading Online Lesson movies, passive TP7 Grammar TP8 Silvia Vargas Holidays TP 6, Speaking Sherlock Holmes Story -- The Norwood Builder TP8 [Grammar] TP LP 7_Hina Pasha Essay Writing Entrepreneur Grammar - Like + ing. TP8 Grammar TP5 Speaking TP5 - Speaking TP6-Functional Language TP4_Debby Bermeo TP 6 Functions: Giving Opinions and Trying to Change Someone's Opinion Grammar- future clauses Copy of TP-1 Fast food restaurants /past simple lesson Speaking lesson (Media) TP5 LP_ Valeria Sanchez Grammar lesson Present Continuous Tense for Future Arrangements TP4Lexis_MariaEugeniaGarcia TP4 Speaking Lesson TP 3 - Grammar (Nov 25, 2020 IH Mexico City) Smart Cities TP4 LP_Irina Bardakova Reading and listening in the context of dates and times Copy of Agreeing with Someone Music to My Ears TP4 TP8 Formal letter TP3: LP_Joshua Kendagor Daily routin Judging by Appearances TP6 SPEAKING TP 5 LP Catherine Gallagher TP3 Lexis lesson TP 07 Grammar Neither, so TP5 used to Grammar People performing different common action. Present continuous Adverbs if frequency TP3Grammar_MariaEugeniaGarcia TP3 LP_Irina Bardakova Second Conditional Describe a personal memory TP6 Speaking TP7 Silvia Vargas People performing different common action. Present continuous Talking about life events TP5,Functional Language TP7 [Writing] LP writing _Hina Pasha TP 7 Writing: Cover Letter Relative Clauses TP7 Writing TP3_Reported speech TP5 TP7 David Carrillo (Grammar) Listening lesson TP3 - Lexis TP4 LP_Yuli Arce 8.5 VHS Headway B1+ (Thursday 19.11.20) Copy of Future tenses for prediction / holiday and travel TP5-SmallTalk TP 06 TP5 Speaking - Giving Impressions of an Event Present perfect Speaking Strategy -Extending conversation Grammar lesson, Giving and Asking Directions TP4 Functions likes and dislikes TP1 Adjectives describing places/things Reading Lesson: Reading for specific information what is it? it is a... what are they? they are.... Daily activities, Prepositions of time and place. People performing different common action. Present continuous past continuous lessin Receptive skill task-listening Be going to forcfuture plans LIKE+ING TP5 Speaking Copy of TP6 Lilia what is it? it is a... what are they? they are.... Receptive Skills - Reading TP5 Functions Copy of TP4 How much/many ..............? Prepositions in context of things in a home Reading Vocabulary Linked to Crime TP6 Silvia Vargas Copy of Junk Food - Modifiers Copy of Junk Food - Modifiers TP6 [Functional Language] G: Possessive’s, Whose...? V: Family TP6 David Carrillo (Functions) Hina TP 6 Speaking and Functional language Present perfect be going to lsson Teaching reading Listening celebration TP8LP_Nikki Sterios Teaching Listening TP 8 Grammar vocabulary(feelings) TP3 Writing TP 8 Grammar TP8 Grammar 8.4 Short Review Reading TP8 Grammar Murder/ Mystery LP of TP8 Grammar_Jack TP 8 Grammar TP8 Superlatives Copy of Teaching Practice 2 Reading TP8 TP8: Grammar Grammar Online influencers (Reading) Reading and Speaking TP8 TP 4, Grammar TP LP 5_Hina Pasha T5 [Speaking] TP8 TP4-Mahshid Maleki TP4 Speaking Present Continuous Tense Lesson TP 05 wish and hope grammar lesson TP2 Receptive Skills - Listening TP8 Lesson TP5 David Carrillo (Speaking) Teaching Reading Lesson Plan 2 - TESL202 present simple and present continuous Tp4 Receptive Skills TP4 Listening for Gist and Detail Grammar and Speaking CELTA - TP8 - Writing - Writing a short story TP8 LP_Ashkon Badiee Reading About worth working for Writing formal email past continuous TP8 LP_John Al-Haddad Elizabeth Cruz_TP8_LP8 Copy of Writing an email - Inviting someone to go out Life's Different Here Noha Ali Abou Eita TP 7 Writing Listening part Listen Comprehension Male appearance lesson Modifying Comparatives Tp 7 Writing TP7 Lexis TP7 Copy of third and mixed conditionals Copy of third and mixed conditionals TP7 LP_John Al-Haddad Election Copy of A Good Job, The Simple Present Tense CELTA - TP7 - Grammar - Past simple passive Grammar TP7 Grammar speaking lesson TP5 Risk-taking personality TP7 LP_ Ashkon Badiee listening Writing where is your from TP7 Writting Things that are important to you-adjectives TP4 Listening TP7: Writing TP 7 Writing TP8 Abilities and requests TP5 Speaking TP7 Reading TP7 Copy of simple past vs present perfect Writing Lesson Listenning and Speaking Elizabeth Cruz_TP7_LP7 Food and Restaurants Adverbs of manner TP 3, Lexis 8.2 Appearance ang health(Listening) CELTA - TP6 - Functional Language - Making suggestions & discussing problems TP7 Lesson TP3 Grammar - Past Simple TP3 LP Mahshid Maleki Likes and dislikes expressions TP3Grammar-Oct29th2020-JasonNava Asmaa Samir Tp : 7 TP 6 Functional Language Copy of Gerunds Lesson Copy of Gerunds Lesson Copy of Gerunds Lesson functional language TP7 Home Remedies and Giving Advice Grammar - Relative Clauses Vocabulary about relationship TP6 LP_John Al-Haddad TP6 REading Lesson. Gossip CELTA Teaching Practice 3 TP8 Grammar TP5 LP_John Al-Haddad Good and bad travel experiences Giving Opinions - Functional Language Movie Lexis Speaking TP 8 Speaking 10272020 TP8: Simple Past vs Present Perfect Reading Task 5: ESP Lesson Plan Forma TP6: Functional Language (Text-Based Framework) Cosmetic surgery(Reading) TP6 Functional Language Hobbies Copy of The Zero and First Conditionals Agreeing & Disagreeing TP 8 Reading lesson TP6 Functional Language TP 8 - Natacha Duartt - Listening TP6 Functional Language - Surprises Holiday TP6 Staying in shape Personal care products vocabulary, Quantifiers lesson, Conversation model TP4 [Grammar] TP4: Grammar_Adrian_Samperio TP7 8.1 Phrases with on Skill lesson (Reading) That's my kind of friend! Personalities & Qualities. TP4 Grammar Elizabeth Cruz_TP6_LP6 Cultures of the World Copy of Demo Lesson TP5 TP2 LP - Mahshid Maleki TP6 Lesson TP8 - Grammar (wish + Simple Past; wish + would) TP 2, Listening new word lesson Places in the neighborhood TP2 Lexis - Adjectives for Feelings Gammar in present and past tense Invitation and suggestion for going out Relationships lesson Reading,diffrent ways of transportation Copy of Reading and film vocabulary TP6 Writing TP6 Caffeine It's bad for you! TTT. COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES TP8 TP7 Listening 2nd Conditional TP5 Speaking Copy of Defining Relative Clauses Teaching Reading new word lesson TP8 - CELTA Copy of Positive and Negative Present Simple Verbs Schools Places in the neighborhood Mike Drozdowski TP 7 Lesson Outline - Grammar TP 7 - Natacha - Grammar TP4 TP7: Listening 1 TP5 Copy of Past Perfect Tense, The Mystery Story TP7: Listening TP 7 Reported speech Morning Breakfast Conversation on Superstitions - Productive Skills TP 5 Speaking TP5 TP5 Speaking TP5 Speaking Scotland and the people TP6 TP5 Speaking TP5 listening lesson TP7 - CELTA Scientists TP5 Speaking Talking Television That's my kind of friend! TP3 Victor_Adrian_Gama_Samperio_Lexis Emergencies TP3 [Lexis] Infinitive Patterns and -ing with Nouns. (Grammar Lesson) TP3 Lexis 7.2 Asmaa Samir Tp :6 TP7 - Reading Ethics and Value, conditional sentence TP3 - LEXIS - Michaela Tomesova Passive voice TP8 TP - 8, Receptive Skill: Listening in the context of travel TP4 LP _ Danny Molina TP 8 TP5 Speaking Lexis CELTA - TP4 - Lexis - Weekend Activities in Past Simple tense TP4 David Carrillo (Grammar) TP 8 LP_Yesenia_Venegas TP 7 Grammar Elizabeth Cruz:TP5_LP5 TP4_LP_Ashkon_Badiee language school and its facility CELTA TP8 Reading text TP5 TP 3 Lexis sport reading TP4 Lexis Grammar - Going To Writing Lesson Lexis / Speaking Speaking Lesson TP4 LP_John Al-Haddad Copy of Sixth TP 04 Oct 13 M Elsayed TP6 TP6 TP5 vocabularies Lesson Plan Seminar TP6 Writing TP8: Grammar Writing - Your last holiday CELTA - TP3 - Grammar - Past Simple tense (to be - possitive and negative) To practice and revise verb-noun collocations Describe a car accident؛ listening TP6: Writing TP 3 Grammar Conditional If TP 6 Writing Grammar lesson Past Simple TP3 LP_John Al-Haddad To review ways to give emphasis TP5-CELTA TP6 - Writing (postcard) TP 6 writing an email to complain about a product jobs lesson TP 6 - Writing phonic lesson,letter Aa Phobia-Reading Describe local dishes Pat simple with USED TO and WOULD M Elsayed TP5 Phobia-Reading TP3 LP_Ashkon Badiee TP5 TP3 LP Paige Chadwick Grammar Reading 7.3 7.2 TP-7, Grammar Lesson, Past Simple Tense, 3 Forms, Regular Verbs TP 2 Listening TP 7 LP_Yesenia_Venegas Lonh life TP7 - Reading Receptive Skills Lesson TP5 TP 7 Copy of Speakout Pre-intermediate 3.1 Copy of Speak Out 8.1 Copy of Speak-out Pre-intermediate 1. 1 Present Simple Tense Problems on the phone CELTA TP7 7.1 food's vocabulary TP5 ‎“I believe I can Fly,” by R. Kelly Lesson Plan 1 - TESL202 World War II lesson plan 9C Vocabulary and pronuncaition TP 5 Speaking - Amnesty from prison TP5 _ Speaking TP4LP_Nikki Sterios TP7 Grammar Present perfect/ perfect continuous conditionals and future time clauses Speaking - Giving Opinions Lesson Plan Assignment 1 TP5 TP4 Grammar TP4 Expressing Surprise (Functional Language) Copy of First Conditional Asmaa Samir TP 5 - Natacha Duartt - Speaking TP4 Copy of Reading about Chinese TP4 TP 4 Grammar TP5: Speaking TP4 Grammar My School LP of TP4 Functional_Jack TP 4 Grammar Lexis Clothes Lesson Plan Survive present simple Grammar, Second Conditional TP2.Cait.LP Unit 8C Reading Writing a Summary Copy of Asking and giving directions, functional language TP5, apologizing 6.2.1 TP5 - Speaking (Agreeing and Disagreeing) TP4 Lesson_Silvano reading lesson plan TP 6 Writing Nature's best TP_5_Speaking_10062020 Adverb of frequency lesson Adverb of frequency TP4 TP 6_Lesson Plan_ Yesenia Venegas TP - 6, Writing, in the context of creating an email to a new friend Copy of CELTA TP4 VOCABULARY Reading TP 3 Lexis Functional Language Writing Elizabeth Cruz_TP4_LP4 Listening TP4 Functional language Copy of Copy of Traveling is the best! Copy of Copy of Traveling is the best! Should I stay: Giving advices lesson-Using should lesson TP4 Copy of Test-Teach-Test Presentation of language TP3LP_Nikki Sterios Reading Lexis: Adjectives + Prepositions Writing - A personal profile TP 4 - Natacha Duartt - Functional Language TP 3 TP 4 Food and fruits lesson TP3 Lexis TP 3 TP 4_FunctionalLanguage_09292020 Article TP3 Lexis Copy of TP6 TP4 - Functional Language, Appropriately stating opinions and trying the change someone else's opinion CPE Week 1 Teambuilding. Reading. Vocabulary TP 4 functional language, expressing likes and dislikes who knows better ? CAE Complete Week 1. Team building and personality traits. TP5 - Speaking Lesson, Time Phrases in The Context of Schedules Listening Happiness, the usage of gerunds Copy of Culture Shock Asmaa Samir TP3 Lesson_Silvano Lesson plan of TP3 Grammar_Jack TP 5 Speaking TP1 CELTA TP 3 Lexis A Messy Home Means a Messy Mind 6.3 6.2 6.1 TP 3 Lexis Lexis TP 3 Lexis TP LP_Hina Pasha TP4 - Functional Language (a visit to a doctor) TP3 LP_Nicolas Babineau Weekend Activities Lesson M Elsayed TB1 TP 3 TP 5 Speaking (Simple Present Verbs) TP1 LP_Nicolas Babineau urban legends Elizabeth Cruz_TP3_LP3 Speaking - Giving directions Text Based Framework Used to / Get used to TP 5 LP_ Yesenia Venegas Level 4 2nd sesion Compliments TP3_ Grammar Grammar - Past Simple CELTA TP6 Writing CELTA TP5 Speaking TP5: Speaking TP 3 Grammar Natural Places TP2 TP3 CBI Lesson Plan Can I call you back? Mike Drozdowski TP 3 Lesson Outline- Grammar- Sept. 22 2020 CAE EXPERT WEEK 1 TP5 (Speaking) TP 2 Listening TP2 Listening TP2 Listening TP 3 - Natacha Duartt - LP TP2 Coincidences Copy of TP5 Wedding bells Lesson plan of TP2 from Jack TP 2 Week 1_CAE Complete. Warm up and personality traits. Tp 4 Functional Language Intermediate B2 Level Present simple TP2 Lesson_Silvano Functional Language U5.3 Hour 3 Writing practice U5 review Hour 1 reading practice TP2 TP 3 _ Grammar_09/22/2020_45min Asking & Giving Directions (functional language) Hour 1 Sat Session jobs Copy of TP4 Roger Copy of TP4 Roger TP3 - Grammar (Present Perfect) Personality adjective TP 2 Elizabeth Cruz_TP2_LP2_ Places in town Loke Wei Lin Michelle TP 8 Functional Language writing an email about yourself TP4 Functions Lesson Lexis - Education writing Lexis. Mike Drozdowski TP 2 Lesson Outline - IH Mexico- Phrasal Verbs (lexis) Copy of Grammar Lesson: Non-Defining Relative Clauses Copy of Grammar Lesson: Non-Defining Relative Clauses TP 4 LP_Yesenia Venegas TP4 LP Maria Kamphuis TP 2: Lexis Phrasal Verbs Lesson Making suggestions TP 2 - NATACHA D - PHRASAL VERBS Copy of Direct and indirect questions Functional language LP TP4 Lesson A: Functions Listening and applying functional language for ordering food Stuff lesson,plural and singular nouns plans and dreams TP3 Grammar Present Simple & Wh- Questions (grammar) Grammar Way to Go (Weekly steps) 02 TP2 - Lexis (collocations) Third person in the affirmative TP1 Reading Task TP2 Lesson B: Lexis TP7 TP8 Copy of Speed Dating: Listening Lesson Loke Wei Lin Michelle TP 7 Copy of Countries and Nationalities TP 3 LP _ Yesenia Venegas TP2 LP_Lexis_09152020_45min Grammar Lesson Plan Introduction Way to Go (Weekly steps) 01 TP3 Lesson B: Grammar TP8 LP_Vikramjit Bal Copy of Summer Holiday Lesson Plan Week One Day Four Copy of Present perfect vs Past Simple The second conditional Copy of Modal verbs: Abilities: can/can`t TP 1 Lesson Outline - International House Mexico - Tutor - Eliberto Wendy Viciana TP3 - Grammar That's a cool car TP1 LP_Reading_09082020_45min letter of complain Way to Go (Weekly staps) 03 TP2 Lexis Copy of Celta Lesson Plan 8:Speaking Selfies Way to Go Masoud Listening TP8 Functional language: Paraphrasing Going out Traveling verbs and phrases Reading (Giving up TV) Loke Wei Lin Michelle TP 6 Body clock Present perfect lesson plan Copy of CELTA TP7 - "Have [something] done" and speaking speaking-debate Grammar Lesson/ will, won't TP3 LP_Ricardo Fajardo TP1 LP_Ricardo Fajardo speaking.happniess TP08-Farzad-Tabrizi-CELTA-IH Mexico TP 2 LP_Yesenia Venegas TP2 TeachingPractice8 TP8 I'll always love you - Reading and Listening Listening TP2: Adverbs of Frequency TP 8 LP_Ewa Smetek Advanced Personality Adjectives TP6 Countable and uncountable nouns CELTA TP2 Lexis TP8 Listening Anna Carrera TP8 Production Skill - Writing a Letter of Complaint TP8-GRAMMAR Listening lesson- Why do we dream? Grammar TP7 Grammar-Past Deduction Meghan_Pakalnis_TP8 listening in the context of the most honest cities in the world Think positive - or negative? Grammar Reading Lesson TP7 Copy of At the weekend - Introduction to past simple grammar Copy of At the weekend - Introduction to past simple grammar Copy of At the weekend - Introduction to past simple grammar Copy of Making reservations Reading- Vikings reading ( info graphic about the effect on us of the increase in the pace of life) TP5 TP8 hypothetical situations in the past (Grammar) Social Media sites Adjectives intensifiers Copy of Reading Lesson: Water Micro- lesson , Copy of Imagine - John Lennon Loke Wei Lin Michelle TP 5 Receptive Skills-Listening- Searching for key information speaking about last weekend TP7-LISTENING TP 7 LP_Ewa Smetek Vocab- Homonyms and Homophones Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson living in the past Grammar Speaking and Vocabulary - In your basket TP07-Farzad-Tabrizi-CELTA-IH Mexico TP 6 - Grammar - Indefinite pronouns TP7 TP7 LP_Vikramjit Bal Places & Travelling Anna Carrera TP7-2 CELTA TP1 Listening TP7 Grammar Copy of Listening and Speaking lesson, Story telling lesson, Sequencers lesson TP1 Receptive Skills (Reading) Copy of Grammar- Modal Can/ Could/ Be able to Anna Carrera TP7 Grammar- Past Simple Used to/Would to Current situation (pandemic) present perfect in the house work context Jobs lesson - past and present simple Grammar - defining relative clauses Speaking task Yes/ No questions with verb to be TP8 Roger TP8 - LP - Jon Aponte TP8 TP 8 Grammar Was & Were Listening Lesson TP8 TP8 - Receptive Skills - Reading TP8 - Functional Skills TP5 nostalgia TP8 Giving advice TP8 Systems TP8 - Receptive Skill - Reading Speaking (daily routine) TP 7 Reading lesson TP06-Farzad-Tabrizi-CELTA-IH Mexico Speaking- Present Continuous- Calendar TP6 LP_Vikramjit Bal TP 7: Reading Receptive skills Listening TP7 Extreme temperatures TP #8 TP8 - Reading Loke Wei Lin Michelle TP 4 Copy of TP 7 - Travel and Hotels Copy of TP #5. Speaking and Vocabulary: How likely is that? Speaking & Lexis CELTA TP8 Listening - 21 August 2020 Ordering for food TP7 Roger TP6 Writing Present Continuous for future arrangements Lesson plan TP 7 Grammar 1st Conditional vocabulary and pronunciation ( adverb collocations) tp4 Grammar LP_TP 8 David Ortiz listening TP4 - Page 80 grammar Lesson TP6-WRITING Functional skills - Language for telling and responding to stories TP8 TP3 reading lesson Writing Anna Carrera TP6 Vocab- Airport Writing an e-mail in the context of returning an online product. Listening and Speaking grammar Teaching Practice 8 Ambitions and dreams TP8 Demo 21 Aug 2020 Writing Copy of Everyday Conversations Writing LP_TP 7 David Ortiz TP7 - Grammar - Present Perfect Continuous Speaking ( Echo questions) TP7 - Grammar TP 6: Grammar TP6 Grammar TP7 - LP - Jon Aponte TP7_IrisRicoy TP 6 LP_Ewa Smetek TP7 - Grammar Listening TP7 - Speaking Skills Speaking about family and jobs lesson TP 5 Speaking TP3 - SB page 72 Model Verbs and Speaking TP5 Speaking Favourite thing TP_6_Writing TP8-Listening TP8 Writing -- Cover letters Teaching Practice 7 Loke Wei Lin Michelle TP 3 Writing CELTA TP7 Grammar - 14 August 2020 prepositions at , on and in Productive Skill; Speaking Receptive skills TP8 Lilia Reading, Jenny Cartier-bresson TP7 Demo 14 Aug 2020 Review of tenses Me and my clothes TP7 - Grammar TP 5 LP_Jagoda Ewa Smetek Grammar- Past simple Speaking Reading and Speaking TP5-SPEAKING TP7-Speaking TP7 Speaking Listening and speaking advertisement TP6 Roger Meghan_Pakalnis_TP5 TP1 Grammar lesson TP5 Speaking TP5 Roger TP5 LP_Vikramjit Bal clothes lesson Anna Carrera TP5 Cambridge IELTS 15 - Test 1 Listening Part 1 Time off TP7 Lilia TP6 Present Continuous Listening- Present Simple- Dating app Join the cub TP5 GBritos LP TP 6_David Ortiz Tp_4_Functional Language Big Events Functional Language Functional Language TP6 - Writing TP8, Listening TP8 Functional language TP 8: Listening TP 3: Grammar (Perfect Tenses) TP3 Functional Language - Showing Interest TP6 - LP - Jon Aponte Describing memorable events TP8- Grammar TP4-FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE TP7_Giovanni Zambito TP6 - Productive Skill - Writing TP6-Grammar To review and give practice of articles TP6 Grammar Lesson using TTT (Test Teach Test) Framework: Present Perfect with 'for' and 'since' TP6 - Writing TP #6 Writing Quantifiers TP2LP CELTA TP6 Writing - 7 August 2020 TP8 Speaking TP_3_Object_Pronouns TP 4 LP_Jagoda Ewa Smetek TP6 Demo 7 Aug 2020 TP4 Roger TP 8 - Functional Language - Phrasal Verbs TP6 Lilia TP8- Grammar TP4 Functional Language W&H questions TP6_Giovanni Zambito TP.4 Functional Language Loke Wei Lin Michelle TP2 TP5 Receptive Skills TP4 LP_Vikramjit Bal TP6 Present Simple vs Present Continuous for Future TP8 TP3 Roger TP5-Listening Reading for Gist and Specific Information Meghan_Pakalnis_TP4 TP7 Speaking - making and responding to suggestions Copy of TP #6: Modals of Obligation TP8 Present perfect and Present perfect continuous TP5 Lilia Aeneas Murray. TP 7: Grammar. Prepositions of Time. CELTA. TP6_IrisRicoy TP5 - Productive Skills tp 7 speking TP7 Writing a postcard TP 2 Verb-Noun Collocations Adjectives LP TP 5_David Ortiz TP2 Prepositions of place TP7 TP5 - Speaking Practice and revise question tags. Teaching Practice 6 CELTA TP5 31 July 2020 TP8 Grammar TP 7 Speaking TP7, Grammar Listening-TP7 TP 4 Lilia TP5 - LP - Jon Aponte TP7 Grammar Lesson plan for TP 2 Lexis for Beginners TP4 Text Based Lesson--Functional Language; Explaining Procedures TP #5 Speaking TP 1: Listening Grammar Tp2 Forming adjectives Functions: Agreeing and Disagreeing TP4-Functional Language Teaching Practice 5 TP 3 Past Habits TP4LPGareth DELTA 2 Pre-task Grammar. Question.Words Tp7 TP 3 LP_Jagoda Ewa Smetek TP3 LP_Vikramjit Bal TP5 Grammar Future Tenses Will/Won't versus Present Continuous Listening lesson- Receptive skills lesson TP 3 Grammar Writing: Informal emails TP3 Lilia TP 6 - Writing TP5_Luz María Moreno Meghan_Pakalnis_TP3 TP3 TP3-Grammar Copy of Vocabulary (verb-noun collocations) TP4 TP6 Comparing ideas Reading advertisement Session 30 Gerunds TP6 Grammar TP6 - Carolina Lima TP7 Vocabulary - Clothes TP6 Listening TP8 Anna Carrera TP3 Copy of compound nouns TP5 TP 6: Writing. CELTA. 25/07/2020 TP4 Functional Language an artist and a musician LSRT Assignment 3 Lesson Plan Writing lesson Carolina Lima - TP5 Listening: Women Firefighters LPTP6_INFORMAL EMAIL INVITE Writing TP 6, Writing Speaking Speaking about situations TP8 GRAMMAR TP8 Grammar Grammar: Practice "get something done" TP 8 PPS and PPP Vocabulary lesson Writing a book review cultural differences Demo_ listening session for Prep 1. TP4 - Functional language TP2 Receptive Skills Lexis TP5 Past perfect Reading "Idols and Icons" Intonation & Sympathetic Vocabulary, TP7 Teaching Practice 4 Session 2.3 Unit 7 - Modals and related verbs CELTA TP4 Functional Language 24 July 2020 Reading - The Grapes of Wrath Functional language for likes and dislikes TP 2 LP_Jagoda Ewa Smetek The highest city in the world TP 8 TP8: Telling Stories about Important Firsts (Memories) JoseGonzalez.TP4.LP TP6 Tp6 TP7: Time Phrases in the Past Grammar- was/were Polite Enquires TP 2 TP8 Reading Lesson TP2LPGareth To introduce and to provide practice of functional language for adding emphasis Reading Writing a restaurant leaflet Unit 6 - Words with variable stress TP4 TP4_Luz María Moreno TP4 Demo 24 July 2020 A Lesson In Pragmatics TP2 Lilia TP4 - Functions TP 4 - Functional language TP 8: Exaggeration and Understatements Copy of Past simple lesson Vocabulary Listening lesson (2) Positive Traits Present Perfect Simple vs Present Perfect Continuous Verb + Preposition Collocations Quantifiers TP8: Grammar TP3 - LP - Jon Aponte TP 7: Reading about Elon Musk TP4 Function - Giving Opinion CELTA TP8 Functional Language (Giving opinions) Gramma Meghan_Pakalnis_TP2 The island with a secret TP 8 Grammar Speaking Present perfect simple Grammar: the rules of comma use TP 5: Speaking TP7 - Listening TP3 - Grammar Vocabulary Speaking lesson TP 2 Lexis Grammar - Narrative Tenses Grammar Functional language Iceland, Receptive Skills: Reading Listening for gist and detail: welcome customers to your bar and show them around TP5, Speaking TP3 - Grammar TP6- listening TP 7- Reading Lesson Unit 5 - Reading : Boomerang Kids Speaking about memorable events productive skill; Speaking Are You Jealous unit 9A Copy of Past Simple Lesson (was/were/can/could) TP3 Grammar Grammar- Future Forms TP5-Speaking Writing a complaint email CELTA TP3 Grammar 17 July 2020 Reading Lesson - Elementary Speaking TP7 Past Perfect TBL Teaching Practice 3 TP3 Demo 17 July 2020 A...lexis. Please turn on phrasal verbs TP7 Future Forms TP2 Lexis Vocabulary TP3: Grammar TP5 Lexis TP7: Reading TP 7 - Listening Amany TP3 Listening Listening Vocabulary- requirements for jobs discursive essay Writing lesson Stuck on a desert island?- Reading TP 5: Listening - Guilty Secrets Grammar/ hypothetical If TP01-Farzad-Tabrizi-CELTA-IH Mexico Simple Present vs Present continuous Unit 4 - Hypocritical Hugo speaking vocabulary (reporting verbs) Grammar - Past Simple reported speech grammar lesson negatives TP3 - Grammar Vocabulary TP2 Lexis July 16 TP6 TP 4 Functional Language: Introduce and provide practice of functional language for giving and reporting opinions. TP7 Reading skills Reading and speaking lesson:" an article for Jonayhan Haynes", "When Happy to Help Bcomes a Problem" TP4: Functions TP2 - Lexis Compund adjectives TP2 - Lexis grammar Copy of Dependent prepositions TP6 - Writing Practice guided and free writing: an exciting vacation or travel experience TP4_GIVING_SUGGESTIONS Functional Language TP7 LISTENING COMPREHENSION TP4- Functional Language TP2 - Lexis Agreeing and disagreeing TP 6- The Film Review Things you cannot live without A Murder in a country house TP 6 - Writing TP2 - LP - Jon Aponte TP1- Receptive Skills CELTA TP 7 functional language Reading Skill CELTA TP2 Lexis 10 July 2020 TP6 Movie Review Reading and Speaking: "Ruth Rendell" Writing TP3 Grammar functional language lesson TP2: Lexis TP6 Writing skills Talking about your best friend CELTA TP 6 TP4 Vocabulary lesson Weather TP3: Grammar Aeneas Murray. 04/07/2020. TP 3. Emphasis. pp. 68 To practice and revise Present continuous for future arrangements. TP5 - Speaking Speaking 7.3 Places Practice speaking skills for fluency and communication in the context of analyzing the results of a quiz about thinking styles TP1 - Receptive Skills - Listening TP3 - Grammar TP4 TP3_Perfect Tenses 2nd Conditional - Hypothetical Situations Copy of CELTA TP7 READING Vocabulary: Make and Do 7.4 WRITING Listening lesson superlatives TP1 - Receptive skills - Listening Practice and revise question forms 1 grammar lesson First conditional Places TP 5- Speaking lesson TP5 - Speaking Lesson writing Vocabulary TP3 Grammar CELTA TP 5 Copy of The Devil's Dictionary writing lesson plan TP3 7.1 - Comparatives Copy of Class Introduction TP5 Speaking Phrasal verbs with'Get' TP5 Speaking skills Copy of sports Copy of sports Copy of sports Body parts and activites Grammar: Language Focus: simple past, present perfect and present perfect continuous TP 2 listening plan Copy of -ed and -ing adjectives TP 2. Collocations with 'Take'. pp. 82 Copy of Daily routine lesson TP2 Lexis TP 5 TP4 - Functional Language - Responding Sympathetically Parts of the body Grammar lesson Lexis TP 1. Reading for gist and detail. TP4 - Functional Language Aaisha Saniya: WritingLesson Plan TP4 listening and speaking class Reading Lesson- Profile Pictures Reading lesson To practice and review functional language to make suggestions and discuss problems and conclusions: opening a bookstore & café TP 1 6.1 In their past TP2-lexis Past Simple ( Was/Were) vocabulary grammar Bilfen Schools- Demo Lesson Plan Listening lesson plan Grammar CELTA TP 4 TP4 TP2 vocabulary TP4 Functional Language Teaching Practice 4 - Functions Grammer Copy of Collocations , comparitives and superlatives Copy of Lesson 3/ summer job Lesson 3/ summer job Time Well Spent? Collocations , comparitives and superlatives CELTA TP 3 Unit 9 Grammar , Passive Aaisha Saniya: Grammar Lesson Plan TP4 Collocations with the word 'look' Copy of Teaching Practice 3 Lesson Plan TP3 - Articles Copy of Writing Informal Emails Web Search TP 2 Lexis Vocabulary about fashion Tourism/ Travel Lesson 2 Copy of Grammar, Should TP3 - Grammar TP3 Grammar Copy of How to talk about the present, Present Continuous Review & Practice of present progressive for future arrangements Copy of Teaching Plan 7B_23_05_16 Copy of Teaching Plan 7B_23_05_16 Copy of Teaching Plan 7B_23_05_16 Copy of Teaching Plan 7B_23_05_16 Relative Clauses Grammar ''Used to'' A / AN News Teaching Practice 3 Grammar Verb "to be" in simple past tense Listening Lesson CELTA TP 2 TP1 Facebook profile 'could damage job opportunities' Writing a biography culture shock , reading Copy of Simple Present + Interested in NUN-Demo Senses lesson (a demo) Copy of Simple Past Tense - Questions & Negatives TP2 - Lexis Practice collocations with the word 'day' Facebook Profile & Job Opportunities Solutions LP_Pages 78 - 79 speaking Speaking speaking lesson plan Sporting superstitions Copy of Reading ( Extreme Places) Facebook profile 'could damage job opportunities' Facebook profile 'could damage job opportunities' Reading lesson ( Facebook profile can damage your job opportunity) reading lesson plan Reading Copy of Inquiry-based learning Receptive skills "Reading Lesson" Reading, Facebook profile Solutions pages 60 - 61 speking simple past regular and irregular Transport Speaking and grammar TP2 Copy of Teaching Plan 6B Copy of Teaching Practice 6b TP2 Lexis Copy of Teaching Practice 6b Lesson Plan Copy of Payam Session plan Unusual Places Vocabulary & Speaking Copy of LP-6 Lesson Plan (Time phrases with on, in, at/ simple present) Grammar. obligation and prohibition Endangered Languages The pink and blue project (Toys) IELEV - Demo Lesson Plan Reading and Speaking Comparatives and Superlatives Copy of Quantifiers simple present.daily routine Reading Grammar ( Times past) Our Emotions Copy of TP6 - Urban Legends Copy of Advantages and Disadvantages of modern technology Writing Grammar : can / can't Copy of Speaking Verb phrases (play the guitar etc) Vocabulary Comparatives and Superlatives in context of family relations Unit 3 - 4_Pages 46 - 47. Review and assessment. Comparative/superlative form Future Tense Vocabulary & Speaking Vocabulary and grammar Months of the year & Adverbs of frequency Daily routine Listening Reading ( Study skills ) Vocabulary: telling the time. Present simple questions. QuASI Copy of Eco-guilt - Grammar What foreigners who live in Britain think Present Simple Listening TP 1 Reading Present Simple questions (Jobs and work) Wild Animals Copy of Grammar- Modal Can/ Could/ Be able to Copy of Test-Teach-Test Presentation of language Copy of Charisma, Reading Lesson Writing Situational Presentation Vocabulary Copy of Charisma, Reading Lesson Copy of Listening Practice and Vocabulary (Countries and Nationalities) Copy of TEACHING PRACTICE 1 Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson Copy of Reading Lesson Plan grammar used to receptive skills - Reading speaking Writing Copy of Personality Adjectives grammar Productive Skills - speaking Vocabulary vocabulary lesson Tp 3 Vocabulary ( characters) Reading and vocabulary Active and passive sentences TP8 Copy of Grammar: Present Perfect Simple Mrs. Heba Badra -Writing Lesson Plan Writing formal and informal emails Vocabulary, food pairs Copy of Future Continuous, Future Perfect Copy of Life in 2060 (reading) Copy of Writing Focus, in the Context of Dinner Parties, and Food and Drink Copy of Dependent prepositions Copy of Dependent prepositions TP7 Speaking about interview record Reading lesson, Inventions Copy of Functional Language: agreeing and disagreeing Reading a text about "Facebook profile 'could damage job opportunities' Copy of Copy of Past Simple & present simple perfect tense Reading article about Facebook Reading Transport Practice TP6 Facebook profile 'could damage job opportunities' Copy of Listening Lesson Plan: Spas-Women Love them.Can men enjoy too? Job interview lesson,Past simple and present perfect to talk about experiences and events. Speaking Fear of the Pandemic Grammar Copy of Third Conditional Listening and vocabulary receptive skills - listening vocabulary TP5 Martina Copy of Functional Language for Meeting People Copy of LP-7 Lesson Plan (past simple regular verbs/weekend) PRESENT SIMPLE test teach test grammar Copy of First Conditional Copy of Copy of Past Simple & present simple perfect tense FAMILY CONNECTION - READING Copy of Modals of Deduction/speculation Listening and vocabulary Copy of Reading about radio drama and soap opera; and prefixes and opposites of adjectives Copy of IF CONDITIONALS - TYPE 2 TP3 Simon's daily routine. Copy of Function globally shopping Copy of IELTS Academic Listening Section 2 TP2 Copy of Health & Illness Customer Service - Business English Teaching vocabulary online Copy of Unreal Conditionals Lesson TP1 Copy of Free time activities, Listening Writing-Phonics Numeracy Copy of LP 7 Copy of Teaching Practice 8 (Little White Lies) Copy of Teaching Practice 8 (Little White Lies) speaking Copy of TP 8 Reported Speech Copy of Past Continuous in contrast with Simple Past Amira Ghorab - 4 April 2020 - TP4 Copy of Optimist / pessimist housework lessson Copy of Teaching Practice 2 Copy of Past simple lesson Vocabulary (Transport), Reading (Transport Trivia) Copy of Listening, Couchsurfing TP8 Copy of Passive Voice Asmaa samir Unit 7 / reading SMART English Week 5 Day 4 Perfect Bond girl- Reading Copy of TP 6 FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE Movie genre Solutions pages 20-21 Copy of TP 8 Solutions pages 18-19 Amira Ghorab - 14 March 2020 - TP: 3 Farm animals, prepositions and vocabulary In a clothes shop , speaking , functional language . Copy of First Conditional AUC Demo Daily Lives Copy of Vocabulary (verb-noun collocations) Verb phrases lesson Asking & Answering Questions (TP1) SMART English Week 5 Day 1 Copy of Talking about family Negotiation Skills Travel quantifiers with countable and uncountable nouns Negotiation vocabulary Listening Daily lives Copy of Reported speech A mystery story, language expressions of prediction, clarification, visualization and summarizing. Structure and usage of feeling verbs TP7 Reading / Milestones around the world Asmaa samir Copy of Race across London SMART English Week 4 Day 4 Adverbs of frequency Modals (Past Deduction) Copy of functions-polite requests TP 5 Amazing people Reading Copy of Gerunds and Infinitives Past Simple and continuous; used to I can't dance I can't dance , listening lesson , ability lesson ( can and can't ) . Copy of Millionaires and their personal qualities Friendship SMART English Week 4 Day 1 Copy of Deniz - Speaking Lesson Plan - Productive Skill TP4 SMART English Week 3 Day 5 SMART English Week 3 Day 5 TP3 present simple lesson Grammar vocabulary and speaking Daily lives Copy of Comparatives and Superlatives Copy of Comparatives and Superlatives SMART English Week 3 Day 4 SMART English Week 3 Day 4 Solutions LP_Pages 14-15 business letter TP6 Amira Ghorab - 29 Feb 2020 - TP2 Copy of Grammar - Defining relative clauses Copy of Grammar - Defining relative clauses speaking teaching vocabulary SMART English Week 3 Day 1 Reading text unit 7/ Communication TP no .2 Grammar of adverb of frequency in the context of the daily routine of someone living in Okinawa. Copy of past simple lesson, irregular verbs Copy of text-based presentation for grammar "used to" Copy of text-based presentation for grammar "used to" Green Living Past simple lesson and our solar system A listening about daily routine Present Perfect tense Daily routine, Present simple tense ....jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj Copy of Body Moving Lesson Reading Future means of transportation, the future tenses LL reading and vocab Copy of The use of used to and would Copy of Relative Clauses Moving abroad Business Copy of Reporting verbs & patterns Copy of Reporting verbs & patterns Planning For a Picnic Moving abroad Copy of TP5 - Possessive Adj+Pronoun Reading lesson Asmaa samir Copy of Scared to Death Copy of TP8: -ing & -ed Adjectives Copy of TP8: -ing & -ed Adjectives Kenzo world Describing people (part 2) past perfect shopping Copy of GOKCE LAP - TP 2 - GRAMMAR Copy of Judging by Appearances-Integrated Skills Term 7-Tourism// Week2//Session1 At the hotel vocabulary Term 2-Tourism// Week2//Session1 Unit 6, (cultural studies) Copy of Reading Plan 2 Voki ESP II-Engineering// Week2//Session1 receptive skills : Listening Copy of Prepositions of time Advertisements Copy of Present Perfect Simple VS Present Perfect Continuous Copy of TP #: 3 | Dynamic & Stative Verbs Masoud kord- TP8-13th/Feb/2020-reading E-shopping coincidence s shopping listening and writing Lesson 2. Part one. Page 10. Choose souvenirs from your country Telling the time Vocabulary, Description Lesson 1 - Pages 8 - 9 Amira Ghorab - 15 Feb 2020 - TP1 Daily routines The Shopping Basket Copy of Loves and hates lexis,peple and things TP7-Masoud kord-10/2/2020- Vocabulary T.P.1 Introductions Copy of Participle Clauses Vocabulary of colours and common adjectives Vocabulary lesson reading lesson Copy of Past Simple- Irregular Verbs Copy of -ed and -ing Adjectives Vacation posts Reading TP6 teaching reading DRIVING Copy of Planning a day out a world without car Activities Success A perfect home Speaking session on funny family stories Copy of Gerunds and Infinitives Vocabulary: A trip to Egypt present continuous lesson newspaper headlines,speaking crime,lexis,law and order Body and Clothes/ Grammar Body and Clothes learning to write an email giving news Sleepless nights Life stories Masoud kord - 6th/ Feb/ 2020- past simple Present continuous lesson pronoun-antecedent agreement family members Copy of Relative pronouns and Relative clauses Copy of Story telling, Relative clauses Harvest Demo Katya, 03.02 Speaking session on funny family stories Ending phone conversation Family activities, eating together Grammar Copy of An early bird or a night owl?, Frequency adverbs Copy of An early bird or a night owl?, Frequency adverbs Past Perfect Conditional clause (type 2) past simple Unit 2.1 writing formal request email Breaking news, listening Food And Drinks Healthy diets around the world Reading breaking news language,grammar, would Weekend Activities Speaking about the headlines of Newspapers Personality Adjectives Possessive pronouns / Whose TP4-Masoud kord- 31 Jan 2020 - Reading. Copy of Adrenalin - Extreme Sports Flowers for Algernon Copy of Demo Lesson unit 4 Speaking Machines behaving badly polite Copy of Dependent prepositions books ,movies and internet topic with present perfect Definite and Indefinite Article Present Simple: Positive and negative Giving advice past simple functional language Explorers From A to B lesson, Transport and Traveling Listening Task present perfect Copy of LP-5 Lesson Plan (Can for ability/ simple present) First Date Facebook Adv&Dis TP4- Masoud kord - vocabulary and Grammar Celta 3rd behzad2 Copy of The language of inviting and accepting/refusing invitations simple present:positive and negative(he/she/it) Copy of If Clause, First Conditional Vocabulary Maha Fouda Things you love and hate Copy of Identity theft Likes and dislikes, vocabulary(activities) Teaching Grammar Moving Freetime Time phrases present simple life lesson, listening describe life in your favorite town Travel Plans Copy of Aras's Lesson Plan TP 6 - Failure and Success Copy of Lesson Plan TP4 Vocabulary- Telling the time Copy of Reading,Free time activities,listening life lesson ,reading and vocabulary Verb to be Grammar- simple present (I,you,they, we) Race to the sun vocabulary:common verbs and lexical phrases Copy of Comparative Adjectives Copy of TP 7 Reported Speech Speaking lesson plan about holidays Family’s Tradition have got {speaking lesson } Copy of Music festivals lesson with listening and vocabulary activities Copy of First Conditional Speaking LP ( OSAMA SHAMS ) Speaking L P (Azza Mostafa) speaking Perfect models Passive Voice Simple past tense Likes and Dislikes Copy of CELTA TP1 LESSON PLAN speaking -vocabulay lesson plan Speaking Lesson speaking lesson plan family members speaking Copy of READING (short sleepers or long sleepers, which is healthier?) Copy of The language of inviting and accepting/refusing invitations Life stories positive characteristics SPEAKING journey 100 places to visit before you die Real life In a Cafe Contrast of The Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses Speaking lesson - a website students often visit. writing lesson plan Writing LP writing a guide Avoiding generalizations: Culture Writing a form write about your hobby People around you vocabulary Writing - An informal online advert My Town Writing writing e-mail Writing lesson plan Unit 5/ Writing writing communication skill Dose of Leadership: What is Leadership? Reading Past simple tense Unit 5/ In the house/ Furniture Places at school Grammer lesson Unit 5/ Grammar Unit 5, Can/can't Getting in touch through ages Daily routine Writing a thank you letter A curriculum vitae Copy of Must/have to/ Should (Obligation) Reading Lesson Telling a ghost story Events, Defining & Non-defining Relative Clauses CV Tp.8 Life stories Describing life events Essay writing, introduction paragraph, general part Copy of Teaching Practice 8 (Little White Lies) What a bargain Copy of Comparative Adjectives favorite movie scenes, speaking grammer p57 VOCABUIARY vocabulary lesson Vocabulary vocabulary and speaking Chocolate simple past lesson TP8. Means of Transportation Reading lesson Copy of Deniz - Speaking Lesson Plan - Productive Skill Speaking ( find me a friend) 100 places to visit before you die'.Reading lesson' Wh-questions Memory Past simple lesson Used to Reported speech speaking about transports simple past lesson Grammar lesson Vocabulary Best Friend - Listening class Vocabulary p48 comparison grammar Divorce Vocabulary - the house Making arrangements Grammar lesson Modals and phrases of ability Present perfect grammer Teaching should and shouldn't Lexis Shopping habits and addiction A memorable night Modals of obligations Vocabulary p48 Modals and phrases of ability Quantifiers Present continuous Living without the Internet {Grammar} Clothes Copy of Food ,Reading modal verbs TP 8 CELTA READING: A night to remember Grammer lesson Speaking for Elementary December 12, 2019 Showing interest Ways to improve your memory. Past perfect Copy of Reading - Culture Shock Memory TP 7 Present simple 3 India Film international TP8 Copy of Noisy Neighbours Comparatives and Superlatives World Markets National Portrait Gallery Vocabulary and Speaking - Past time expressions grammar Food And Drinks Reaing lesson grammar lesson plan Present Simple Tense Modals and phrases of ability. Articles Reading for Elementary-December 9,2019 LISTENING & WRITING: famous historical figures TP7. A Day Out Copy of Imagine - John Lennon present simple & present continous lesson personal questions by using v-to-be TP 4 Speaking &.Function..Intermediate TP 6 Was / Were going to and would Gerunds and Infinitives The past tense of be Comparisons Copy of Charisma, Reading Lesson Copy of Charisma, Reading Lesson READING - Favourite Times Music/ be or do? Catch them young. TP 7 CELTA workshop on receptive skills present continuos lesson Grammar and making predicitions Everyday activities All about you GRAMMAR: object pronouns Common uses of have listening and speaking-achieving dreams Copy of Mamma Mia film-reading lesson People around you TP 3 Grammar & speaking. Intermediate level TP 5 Reading & Speaking - What to do in London - Elementary level Business English Vocabulary_TP7 Past perfect simple An amazing story Present Perfect Lesson REading Elementary Listening Time linkers Copy of TBLT Demo Copy of Music festivals lesson with listening and vocabulary activities Copy of Past Continuous Copy of Past Continuous Copy of Past Continuous TP6 Essay writing, introduction paragraph daily routine Used to TP6 /Food Copy of Pronunciation lesson Present perfect "Things started in the past and still running" Present continuous lesson present continuous Best Friends family Lesson plan - outline World Markets reading lesson plan Technology {Reading text } life in my country TESOL - Reading grammar (be going to) There are some nice restaurants. Review of past perfect tense Taking Risks HUNGRY ADVENTURES(Travelling and eating around the world) reading about ( Ice road truckers ) EVERYONE'S A JOURNALIST Comparing smatphones and tablets Copy of International food, Ordering food in a restaurant TP 4 Activity verbs and adverbs of frequency Rooms and things around the house Writing a news report Grammar present simple Reported Speech Reading Lesson Plan Reading - Lottery winners & losers daily routines TP 6 Vocabulary Lesson for Adult Learners-November 27,2019. Adverbs of frequency Life in Asturalia. would, prefer to customs and norms Copy of Optimist / pessimist Writing+Lexis Receptive skill-Reading lesson Plan"Can You really learn a language in 22 hours?" Reading lesson:The family never eats together Shopping vocabulary Keeping in touch TP 3 GRAMMAR: modals of obligation, permission, & prohibition (past time) --- 3c | Bedrooms, pg. 30-31 ex. 1-4 Reading Everyone's dancing in the streets. Listening- Unusual homes Copy of Indirect Questions Copy of Interchange Intro L1 Receptive Skill - Reading Lesson Plan.Why the world needs introverts. Copy of Grammar- Modal Can/ Could/ Be able to 'EVERYONE'S A JOURNALIST'-Reading lesson Family Receptive skills temtepla listening and speaking "FAMILY" Present simple Days and times. TP 2 READING: Australia travel blog (2c | Down Under, pg. 20 ex. 1-3) do you worry about exams? Copy of Speaking Reading a text related to the internet. There is /There are Copy of Speaking - Hopes and Dreams There was/There were speaking Everyday life It Should Be Banned LessonPlan-1 Zainy loves and hates Copy of "Robberies" TP 3 Session 3/3 Love Online Listening P. Communication 2 class Socializing - Reading lesson Tp2. listening Enternal flame song reading vocab lesson Loves and hates FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE: describing people Copy of Daily Routines TP 5 CELTA Copy of Copy of The Zero and First Conditionals everyday life Strong Emotions and Balancing Work Life Finding things in common. general revision Find an e-mail friend Symbols and Icons Copy of Days of the week and months of the year Copy of TP 6 FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE Copy of TP#4 Days of the week and months of the year Grammar lesson(verb to be) verb to be Money and Finance Conversation - Money Matters Copy of Writing Emails Lesson Plan Copy of Present Simple and Present Contiuous verb to be verb to be Copy of Indirect Questions Copy of Celta TP3 22 November-Grammar-Indirect Questions Copy of Celta TP3 22 November-Grammar-Indirect Questions Simple Presente - Information questions Nationalities TP 4 CELTA Nationalities TP.4 Copy of Teaching Practice 8: Writing Copy of Countries and Nationalities Copy of Countries and Nationalities Adjectives Articles: a/an Reading Activity wish lesson TP 8 Writing: Wishes Dates and Months love at Exit 19 Habits: now and before: usually & used to Copy of Imagine - John Lennon Copy of Comparative and Superlative lesson Grammar: Obligation and permission Listening (annoying rules) Speaking - obligations Reading Listening speaking about cost of living Present Continuous Luck: Third Conditional Teachers notes frame 1 TP 7 speaking more then one language Copy of much ,many and a lot of Copy of TP 2 Change life Restaurant Grammar - quantifiers adverbs of frequency Speaking lesson Communication Speaking skill can / cant Writing (Student Discursive Essay), Vocabulary (Adverbs of Sequence, Language for Contrast, Addition and Conclusion) Success and failure Copy of The language of inviting and accepting/refusing invitations Word Games Aya Barrada Copy of Writing Emails Lesson Plan listening of '' who's that?'' Lifestyle choices Marriage - Listening and Speaking TP 6 Position of frequency adverbs and expressions keeping in touch Jobs A day in the life Letters Mm to Ss Technology Chocolate trade grammar present perfect and present perfect continuous vocabulary lesson:Technology Food Describing food TP 3 CELTA Letters Gg to Ll / Greeting / Introduce someone else Jobs Information, the news Grammar (was/ were going to + bare infinitive and was/ were supposed to + bare infinitive) Happy ever after; contacting people Copy of TP 2: HOW FAST FOOD BEGAN Copy of TP 2: HOW FAST FOOD BEGAN Copy of TP 2: HOW FAST FOOD BEGAN Copy of TP 2: HOW FAST FOOD BEGAN Copy of TP 2: HOW FAST FOOD BEGAN Copy of TP 2: HOW FAST FOOD BEGAN Vocabulary "Jobs" Business English: Cultural Diversity vocabulary Transport Vocabulary: relationships Listening and speaking - "Faking it" places Family IT collocations Family members teaching vocabulary letters A to F/ Introduce yourself/ orientation Unit 10 - 10 A- vocabulary lesson- Sports. Unit 5 - Vocabulary Lesson - Natural World Copy of causatives journey Business English: Work and Motivation Listenig lesson about Mamdouh Saad 28 October 2019 Vocabulary (Building) Entertainment Functional language of advice Food Feelings ( adjectives ) Business English: Management Unit 2 review Listening for gist and detail Copy of TP2 - Present Simple Tense Dangers at sea vocabulary_ i am from France personality Presenting posters. A poster project on technologies. describe your family Collaborative learning, group research. clothes and shopping(name of shopping stores) Fit and Healthy Demonstrative Adjectives There is / There are tp 5 F2F ELEM 3C Special days lesson The past continuous Copy of Past Perfect Tense Lesson Plan I am from France(Personality adjectives) vocabulary money Virus alert; Reading and Vocabulary casuative Top Notch Present perfect and past simple Copy of The Present Perfect Tense for Experiences Collaborative learning.Reading and Speaking, using Past Simple. Copy of Relative Pronouns Copy of Countries and Nationalities Technologies, Past Simple. Reading (Global Warming and Climate Change) Grammar and Speaking - passive and active forms Copy of Assessed TP 5 Reading lesson Writing a letter Describe a favourite place to eat tp4 Vocabulary lesson about food My life and my family.. Copy of TP 4 Copy of TP 2 Copy of writting lesson Copy of What's on? - Reading Lesson (TP6) Copy of Time Expressions Copy of TP 2 Copy of food tips, Quantifires Copy of What's on? - Reading Lesson (TP6) Copy of TP#3a Reading (Healthy Diets Around the World) Copy of Past Modals Erasmus application Copy of Describing people Present Simple Vocabulary Listening Reading lesson Grammar - using "there" Sports lesson- Adjectives and Adverbs Present Simple negative and interrogativeIn this lesson (I/you/we/they) Copy of LP-6 Lesson Plan (Time phrases with on, in, at/ simple present) passive voice Unit 3 - Empower A1 ( lesson plan for session B) Vocabulary (Transport), Reading (Transport Trivia) TP 3 2 Steps L1. 1st session: unit 1 (What's this?) Listening and speaking Copy of Lives and Legends: A Speaking / Listening Lesson Vocabulary - "Travelling" Copy of Free time activities, Listening Reza Setayeshfar Verb to be ( Interrogative form ) Culture Vulture Speaking - Meeting People FF S C Grammar lesson Alphabet F&F Grammar (Present Simple, 3rd Person Singular), Reading and Vocabulary (Phrases for Time/ Frequency) School subjects Nationalities Adjectives present perfect and continuous Vocabulary - "Activities" Life on a Scottish Island 2steps L1 session 1 to be negative The media Days of the week/ months of the year Media Copy of School and University subjects food you like Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson Days of the week / months of the year Past perfect review Speaking lesson: Bargaining review of past perfect tense giving complements and responding and writing a leaflet Positive Characteristics TP8- Speaking/ Vocabulary Looking for a job Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson 2nd TP. A Grammar lesson narrative tenses Shopping vocabulary speaking somethings you can't live without Getting to know you Copy of TP Space tourists / Listening Speaking lesson: An amazing story level 2 part A Copy of A Good Job, The Simple Present Tense Cutting Edge (Module 3 p.32& 33) Speaking part 100 places to visit before you die Real life. Showing interest Grammar Teaching speaking Productive Skills Grammar and Speaking Copy of Natasha meets Darren TP8 Herts Uni Mini Demo All around the world Past Simple Was & Were. teaching vocab tp2 TP7 Copy of QUESTION TAG Shopping clothes Tp7 - Functional Language Jobs lesson Module 5 p.51 Describing a winter scene Grammar lesson Vocabulary Introducing the Past Simple tense Grammar lesson (grammar lesson) present simple and continuous Herts Uni Demo Grammar lesson (future clauses) TP8 Writing Copy of Reading: Changing China Grammar: Obligation and Permission (Language Focus) Healthy Food TP 8 Have and have got present simple and present continuous Teaching vocabulary Phrases for comparing TP 8 Have (and have got) people around you People and Places Copy of Adrenalin - Extreme Sports Reading Copy of Strange but true - Simple past & past perfect simple Copy of Strange but true - Simple past & past perfect simple TP7 Speaking Achieving Your Goals Writing notes or messages A Holiday People and Place (Life 1b) Copy of Reading: for a gist and for details Poetry Writing Module 6 p.60 Reading for gist and specific information TP7 TP6 TP6- Vocabulary & Speaking Copy of Relative Clauses Copy of Reading comprehension - Phrasal Verbs Copy of LP-7 Lesson Plan (past simple regular verbs/weekend) listening for gist and specific information module 2 Memory Reading lesson (Stuck on a desert land) Meeting People Grammar Was and were Grammar Must see! lesson: Vocabulary lesson Copy of Copy of 2A - Ka-ching! Vocabulary and Listening TP6 -ed endings Speaking listining Prep A/B 18.9.19 Motivation Reading TP5 SPEAKING Keeping in Touch Daily routines Reported Speech TP 5 Reading Reading Prep - First Lesson GTKY Thing you like and don't like Copy of TP6 Keeping in touch Things you like and don't like Elementary -TP5 Copy of Adrenalin - Extreme Sports Free Time Activites Money Inquiry-based learning Step Up Starter/1A TP5 - Vocabulary Copy of Grammar: Clauses of contrast and purpose Step up 1B grade 6: grammar-comperative adjectives reading Demo lesson plan Grammer reading Adverbs of Frequency Things you like and don't like Days and Times reading Reading simple present lesson welcome back to school London Listening Lesson Everyday life Make more room for friends and memories Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson Speaking and recommendation lesson Copy of Travel Destination Copy of Travel Destination Present Simple Speaking TP3 My TP3 speaking time Buying Things Lesson present continuous present continuous Listening comprehension Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 8 Reading Copy of TP #: 1b Vocabulary Teaching Practice 7 Past perfect past simple lesson Teaching Practice 7 Listening Causatives get/make/have get/make/have Copy of Present Simple and Present Continuous Teaching Practice 6 TP 2 Writing lesson: Writing a holiday email to a friend Vocabulary Listening plan Present continues grammar Teaching Practice 6 Where's the ball UNIT 1- Lesson 1 Teaching Practice 5 second conditional TP2 Listening Lesson Teaching Practice 5 Listening Grammar MOHSEN NABHAN Grammar Subject Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives Teaching Practice 5 What constitutes a good paragraph? Countries, superlatives TP5 Murphy's law_ 1st conditional Teaching Practice 4 language analysis Teaching Practice 4 Vocabulary lesson,friends&enemies TP 08 TP8-Speaking TP 8: Arts and Entertainment TP8 Grammar Past Perfect Tense, The Mystery Story Judging by appearances Grammer TP 07 grammar TP7 Listening Tp7-grammar question tags Speaking for fluency and accuracy Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 3 Copy of Lesson 1_Consuming Passions TP06 TP6-speaking Modern manners, modals of obligation must, have to, should TP6 Vocabulary Modern manners TP6 TP4- Reading recommend museum,passive voice Teaching Practice 2 Copy of The Zero and First Conditionals Learning languages, ability Find information from documents TP5 Writing an email Copy of Present Simple vs Present Continuous Copy of Present Simple Tense (+) Grammar Teaching Practice 2 TP_5_selcan_cinar_yildirim TP 06 Teaching Practice 1 Passion food, use to and used to Copy of Icebreaker 1, getting to know each other and basic command verbs Copy of GTKY - Intro Lesson Demo lesson A2 level Articles, a/an with jobs Demo Lesson B1 level listening and speaking Copy of introduction Copy of introduction TP 4 Reading TP4 Vocab TP4-Listening- A description of a film Present Simple Houseswap TP 03 Comparative adjectives Preposition of place Teaching Practice 3 TP2 TP 02 TP 2: What we should and shouldn't eat. TP2-Speaking Present Simple Typical Friends and Free Time Activities Speaking for fluency and accuracy TP_2_selcan_cinar_yildirim Eating habit ,obesity Cosmetic surgery reading reading personality reading Daily routines lesson TP1 TP1 Kerr, P.(2012)Straightforward_Preint_SsBk_2nd_Ed.Maccmillan_U_1B_p8_9_127_129 Present Simple Typical Friends and Free Time Activities TP 1: Education and school Copy of TP6 - Grammar - Unreal conditionals Copy of TP6 - Grammar - Unreal conditionals TP4 Copy of Copy of Social expressions lesson plan Reading- Body language Copy of Past Perfect Tense Lesson Plan Copy of Past Perfect Tense Lesson Plan Copy of Past Perfect Tense Lesson Plan Copy of Past Perfect Tense Lesson Plan Copy of Writing A Postcard Copy of Postcard Phrases Copy of What do you do on New Year (Adverbs of Frequency) Copy of big events,describing s memorable events Copy of big events,describing s memorable events Copy of First Conditional Copy of First Conditional Used To TP3 Teaching Practice 1 Speaking: An evening in or out listening Reading and vocabulary vocabulary Writing Reading and Speaking. Judging by appearance Reading - From slates to iPads Writing Lesson Reading Past Perfect Grammar (Superlatives) strange but true! Reading & Vocabulary Lesson - Technology Vocabulary Copy of Renting a House Vocabulary - Adjectives to describe stories Gokce Lap/ TP8 GRAMMAR Grammar, Past simple, Negative Form Grammar and listening Information overload Vocabulary, Job vocabulary (Problems and Solutions) Listening. IELTS TP4 Writing: advantages & disadvantages Gokce Lap/ TP7 Copy of Weather vocabulary and present continuous vs present simple review Reading and Speaking Lesson Lesson Plan Reported speech so, neither Tell a life story - Listening and Speaking word order of phrasal verbs Copy of Present Perfect Travel Lesson Reading and Vocabulary Listening sports Grammar Focus 2 - Simple Past Vocabulary: Life events Grammar; Questions and short answers Vocabulary and Speaking Grammar: Second conditional Grammar, First Conditional writing Copy of Past Perfect Tense Lesson Plan Copy of Free time activities Mohammad Abedi. 5/08/2019 Listening skill Best countries to expatriate. The five senses Copy of The Zero and First Conditionals flash writing demo writing request for time off Speaking Lesson Hobbies vocabulary invitations and decisions Past Simple Lesson - Was/Were Teaching vocabulary about appearance modals of deduction Rules_speaking Twitter Names listeng Demo Lesson Writing GOKCE LAP - TP 6 - GRAMMAR Reading and vocabulary Vegetables Mohammad Abedi. 1/08/2019. Vocabulary and Reading. Relationships, Colloquial language Transport types,There was/were,past time expressions Listening Things that we can't live without Listening: Favorite Place to Eat Lesson Plan Tp8 Mohamed TP8 IELTS TP3 Copy of Grammar Lesson: Modals of Obligation and Permission Task - Describe a favourite place to eat - Speaking Grammar (like + (verb+ -ing)) Request and Permission did you know....? writing TP8 Writing - Productive Skill TP 8 TP 8 - Writing F. Mohagheghnia Muhamad TP 7 TP2 Reading : World Teacher's Day Lesson Plan Tp7 Vocabulary and Speaking: Food Pairs Obligation and Permission in the Present Grammar Lesso Present Continuous - Elementary Reading TP7_LP_elementary_kholoud reading TP 7 - New English File 2C family vocabulary Demo for vocabulary Mohammed TP7 TP 7 Grammar TP 7 Reading Reading IELTS Academic Listening Section 2 Holiday activity_Reading and Speaking Vocabulary: Numbers and Statistics through listening World Culture - Indian Railway - Listening & Speaking A trip into desert . Grammar, Quantifiers GOKCE LAP - TP 4 - VOCABULARY Talk about things you couldn't live without-reading Lesson Plan Tp6 TP1 used to , be used to , get used to simple present Reading i've never been able to speaking Listening Task - Talk about things you couldn't live without - Speaking An Amazing Story Reading & Vocabulary Lesson Reading and Speaking, Everything about Britain dicribe a home English File 9a Reading and Speaking Name Sina-24iyul2019-work and play Listening grammar: modal verbs of obligation:must,have to, should ELI Peyron 10A Superlative Adjectives Copy of Grammar Lesson: Modals of Obligation and Permission vocabulary, strong adjectives Grammar / how much / how many / a lot / not much speaking Lesson Plan Tp5 Mohammed TP5 TP 6 - Grammar (a/an/ Some/any) TP5- Speaking and listening Consumer Crazy-Reading and Speaking Grammar - Defining relative clauses World Culture - Addicted to Games - World View Vocabulary Copy of First Conditional Questions and short answers using auxiliary verb "do" Grammar, Should Modifiers New_Cutting_Edge_Intermediate_Students_ p 70-71 adjectives of feelings Copy of vocabulary and grammar Copy of Reading - Your time (Daily Routines) TP5 Listening and Speaking Reading/vocabulary and common verbs A house with a history : Grammar / There is / There are Possesives Lesson Copy of Reading: for a gist and for details Language Focus 1: Defining relative clauses A haunted hotel - TP 5 Listening and speaking task Relative Cluases Modern Machines Assignment 3 - Reading Listening Lesson - Social Behaviour Copy of Slow Food (Listening) Language Focus 1 - Polite Requests Vocabulary and Listening reading and vocabulary fake news Instant Responses: Will and Shall TP Lesson Plan GOKCE LAP - TP 2 - GRAMMAR family adjectives of vocabulary ELI Payron Europe 9C Vocabulary Lesson Reading - News Stories work life balance Copy of Functional Language: agreeing and disagreeing Gokce Lap- TP1- Reading Speaking an octopus IELTS TP2 Mood food lesson, Listening Lesson Plan TP4 IELTS Writing Task 2 / TP2 First Date ELI Peyron Europe 9A Copy of Subject / Object Questions Copy of Subject / Object Questions TP4 Module 3 : Around The World: Speaking Whats for dinner Ready, steady, eat Principles and methodology of translation listening lesson my kind of place Art or Vandalism That smells nice! A message to a new friend TP 4 Daily lives Describe people's personalities online friend (letter formation) Real World U3c TP3. Mohamed Aya Hosam TP3 Lesson Plan TP3 TP 3 - Atef Abdelkhalek How to spot a liar TP3 lesson plan Communication TED Talk Copy of Lesson: Hopes, Dreams, and Ambitions Copy of Lesson: Hopes, Dreams, and Ambitions Bigger And Often Better The loch ness monster story travel vocabulary making suggestions Copy of Social Expressions Speaking Lesson numbers and jobs lesson The 1001 nights Time for a change Past simple lesson ELI Peyron Europe 8B/8C TP#8 Laugh? I feel better already! Speed dating HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? Love -Hate relationship No Train An afternoon at the park Vocabulary Lesson IELTS General Training Reading Copy of Vocabulary Lesson Real Lives giving directions Asking for directions comparative adjectives and adverbs Reading (No Time For Anything) Life story Reading Plan 2 TP#6 IELTS TP1 Copy of TP6 - Urban Legends ELI Peyron Europe 7B LP TP8 kholoud Toys, have got TP#5 Parents and Teenagers LP TP7 kholoud Do a transporting Survay making careful suggestion. Ahmed Tawab Copy of Present Simple Questions In fashion Present Perfect- Yet, just, already. LP TP7 SAMAR Past Simple Lesson TP#4 Studying Ahmed Tawab Plan #4-Session 4- Wed- (Driving and Dangers) Holiday Activities Types of Music Lesson plan 4 English File Third Edition- Elementary- P.22 activities Weather Power and Money Ahmed Tawab Copy of PW3 U9 LESSON A- 18.07.2018 TP LP5 kholoud TP#3 simple present IELTS General Training Reading TP5 Mohammed Moubarak Analyze an Issue - GRE A moment of history places in town , vocabulary and reading Cities and places Copy of Second conditional - Text based presentation Reading Lesson Copy of CV writing Family Members/ introduction to grammar "Have got/ haven't got' Copy of Speaking and Reading Copy of Selin Sumer TP6 Copy of Selin Sumer TP6 TP#2 Copy of > Grammar | present simple; be > Vocabulary | greetings; countries and nationalities > How to | introduce people Tp 4 Mohammed Moubarak Copy of Mamma Mia film-reading lesson Vocabulary Prefix mis- Copy of Adverbs of Frequency LP TP4 Samar Plan #1-Session 1-Tue-(Food or Fuel) TP4 Ramy Copy of CELTA TP7 - "Have [something] done" and speaking LP TP4 Copy of be going to Transportation Shapes + associated adjectives Action words + I/you/she/he can/can't sentence pattern Clothing, present continuous TP3 Mohammed Moubarak Used to Expressions to express certainty TP3 Mohammed Moubarak LP TP3 Samar Tp3 Ramy Copy of Speed Dating: Listening Lesson Copy of Second Conditional Lp Tp2 Kholoud The revision the use of "be" and "do" Prepositions Copy of First Conditional reading activity - p42 Greeting. A-E Getaway Copy of Vague Language Copy of Food: Fuel or Pleasure 11th grade lesson plan Copy of Present Perfect Simple VS Present Perfect Continuous Copy of TP5 Copy of Relative Clauses Copy of Copy of Contextualized Past Simple Negative Copy of Time Expressions Copy of Chocolate, count and noncount nouns Copy of Chocolate, count and noncount nouns Copy of Chocolate, count and noncount nouns Copy of TP7 - Grammar (Future Tense) Going to the movies Comparison Copy of Teacher Plan 5 Copy of Teacher Plan 5 PW2 Unit 8B- 27.05.2019 can and can't to express ability Used to/would listening to eternal flame Travel--Skills Lesson Plan 1--Future Tense Modern Icons (2) Modern Icons Spring 2019 Administrative Observation Comparisons Collaborative Writing for the Class Newspaper Collaborative Writing for the Class Newspaper - 1st Drafting stage Collaborative Writing for the Class Newspaper Copy of Love It or Hate It? MERVE CELTA TP8 Copy of Social Expressions Write a poem Listening for simple past TP 7: TBL Speaking Stop, try, remember: gerunds and infnitives Copy of Happy Birthday- Life Stages TP8 MERVE TP7 CELTA Linking ideas and arguments and use it in writing. The second conditional 'Real Life Unsolved Mysteries" Speaking Skill Superstitions around the world Vocabulary for air travel Child rights TP8 Function lesson Copy of Wishes and regrets Copy of Wishes and regrets Copy of Wishes and regrets TP7 - Past Simple & Holidays Merve CELTA-TP6-Grammar-Past Perfect Tense TP 8 big events,describing s memorable events Copy of Daily routine lesson making lists of advice Electronic devices Product Work Houses Education TP 7 Lesson Plan Cinema everyday activities lesson,preposition of time and place Past Simple & Past Continious Passive voice Grammar TP 7 TP6 - Do the housework! (Lizzie) Suffix and gerunds writing TP 6 Lesson Plan MERVE TP5 CELTA - Bedrooms Unusual homes vocabulary with get Responding sympathetically Making conversation in real life Superlative adjectives TP5 - Metronaps Talking about daily routines Vocabulary and Speaking practice Revision of Tenses forms in the context of childhood and family Family Words Love Twitter Account TP 5 Lesson Plan Copy of TP 8 Reported Speech Copy of TP6 - speaking and functional language for ordering food Survival Family lesson,Whose..? possessive 's Merve-TP4-Shopping Mall-Listening and Functional Language Copy of Prepositions of place, Houseswap Haunted hotel (prepositions). TP4 - Down Under Sport past simple lesson, irregular verbs past simple lesson, irregular verbs Copy of TP2- Talking about past events The past simple of verb to "be" (was & were) Copy of Wishes and regrets listening in the context of an American tour to Mount Rushmore TP 4 Lesson Plan Copy of Modal Verbs (obligation) Failure and Success Planning a day out Life events, Simple past tense TP4 - Future Perfect and Future Continuous Copy of Journeys Copy of Writing Emails Lesson Plan Copy of Grammar Lesson: Modals of Obligation and Permission Job, Career, Work Job selection (speaking) Horoscopes and Job Selection TP 8 Reading, TP8 Listening Selin Sumer TP8 Final TP TP8 Lifestyle Changes Vocabulary/Books & Reading TP 3 Lesson Plan Receptive Skill - Reading lesson. Tp1 The biggest, most beautiful coffee superlatives ever! Coffee break Listening, TP7 Selin Sumer TP7 Tp7 Slow food Feelings Dream & Reality TP7 Listening/Airports TP 7 Copy of Introducing adjectives and reading Holiday heaven, verb patterns Speaking Lesson TP 1 Reading lesson Plane Travel Selin Sumer TP6 TP6 Are you a risk taker? phrasal Verb TP6 Tp6 Copy of Dependent prepositions TP 3 An email to arrange a trip tourist trial Selin Sumer TP5 Hiking/Camping Adventures Reading TP5 TP5 Copy of Grammar Lesson: Modals of Obligation and Permission ECO-Guilty, Reading adjectives TP 2 Lesson Plan Emine Ornek Demo Lesson Eco-Guilt, Future perfect & Future Progressive TP5 Vocabulary- Personality adjectives TP5 At the movies: Sleeping Beauty causatives TP 2 Sports history, Reading My Free Time/Buying Things My Free Time - Simple Present Tense TP4 Books and films Copy of Reading about stereotypes Selin Sumer TP4 Vocabulary Wedding Bells Copy of Reading TP4 TP4 Wedding Bells Tp4 Unit 9 TP3 Family Lexis Speaking TP# TP3 Selin Sumer TP3 TP3 TP3 Flatmates/Hometown Listening Reading sub-skills Speaking about Flatmates Writing Teaching Practise 1 Reading TP2 Listening and speaking TP2 TP 2 Speaking for fluency and accuracy Selin Sumer's TP2 TP 2 School Days Emails about the Holiday TP2 School Days - Listening TP1 new Singular Negative form "To Be" Copy of Dealing with misunderstandings Selin Sumer's TP1 First Lesson Plan Listening TP1 Reading and vocabulary TP1 TP1 İdil Eser, Reading Lesson Copy of Michael plan 7 new life stories TP 1 Copy of A dream Job TP1 The lucky envelope Relationships/ Neighbours Travel – problems, opinions & complaints Auxiliary Verbs Present Simple/Present Continuous Copy of TP3 Listening Lesson Plan Animals and Natural Features Copy of Giving Directions Listening Listening Holidays and travelling Barefoot music Online Safety Copy of reading lesson 28.05 Functional Language Lesson, Sequencers, Telling a story Plan Charlie Fuctional language and speaking practice LISTENING Copy of First Conditional Present Perfect Simple vs Present Perfect Continuous Five Senses Teaching Practice 1 lesson Copy of First Conditional Copy of First Conditional Copy of Grammar: The conditionals Dreams come true Past Simple Lesson. English 1 Info Questions - Prepositions of Place functional language Plan beta Copy of Grammar lesson If second conditional lesson Baki Can Gören - Listening and Speaking 01.04.2019 Entertainment READING Future continuous / Future Perfect CouchSurfing Copy of Deniz - Speaking Lesson Plan - Productive Skill Animals 'Used to' to talk about past habits Monday to Friday, Daily Routine a reading lesson about exclusive clubs Copy of Listening Past Simple Lesson Preferences Phrasal verbs lesson Indirect Questions To clarify and practice the functional language of ability. Grammar Mahmoud's lesson (Grammar) Healthy Diets Around the World Speaking lesson, Predictions on the future Grammar GRAMMAR Lesson 02 - Observation Teaching Planning 1 Speaking lesson TP7 Copy of Describe good and bad travel experiences What will the future be like? English 1 Past Perfect Demo Copy of Free time activities relative clauses Internet Part 2- Simple Present Tense Present Simple and Present Continuous To provide practice in speaking in the context of talking about some one you admire . Plan2 Copy of Writing Emails Lesson Plan Sports, 2nd vs 3rd conditionals Copy of TP 7 Food For Thought Reading ( Tp5) Can / Can't Reading on Consumers Colors Lesson Assignment Reading Functional language practice in the context of booking a flight. Food Vocabulary and Grammar lesson Reading for gist and for specific information Starters - Course 3 Day2 Copy of Grammar: The conditionals In this lesson Ss will practice reading for gist and details in the context of health. James Cook Can and Can't lesson Copy of Clarifying opinions Brand Talk Present Simple Tense Duygu ENG 102/17 Reading for gist and specif information. Description listening lesson Copy of TP 5 CELTA past perfect Feelings- Use of Because and Why Copy of Commando Dad Copy of Assignment 3 - Language related skills task | authentic text Copy of Assignment 3: Language Skills Copy of Assignment 3: Language Skills Copy of Reading and Speaking (Receptive Skills) Copy of Are you a spender or a saver? meeting people Copy of TP 5 Reading lesson Writing Lesson Copy of Time and Money Copy of Talking about the past. Copy of Talking about the past. Copy of Talking about the past. Plan1a Copy of Lesson: Hopes, Dreams, and Ambitions Copy of The Secret Of Success Listening Social Life Definition of Beauty, beauty related vocabularies Copy of Present perfect Vs Past simple lesson WRITING A LETTER/E-MAIL Reading Lesson, Places in Town Foods&Quantifiers Copy of a memorable night my plan Copy of 1.Lesson: Alphabet, Numbers, Months, Seasons, Introduction One's Self Copy of 1.Lesson: Alphabet, Numbers, Months, Seasons, Introduction One's Self Future travel plan Module 4: Science and Technology- Section 3- Reading Special occasions, Present Continuous Lesson Plan Present simple: Positive and Negative and questions film quiz Bunny and the Monster Passive Voice Making reservations Copy of Present perfect vs Past Simple Vocabulary and Speaking Success School rules TP2-Elementary Level Creating a Webpage tt Speaking lesson Life Events, vocabulary My Favorite Film This/that,these/those Copy of Teaching vocabulary related to sports Isik University Demo Lesson - Simple Past, Past Continuous, & Past Perfect Lesson Plan TP1 The Crown Diamond Copy of Writing - Refer back in emails and make offers and promises Reading lesson Copy of introduction Copy of "Hello. I'm John" starters first lesson Vocabulary lesson Copy of Holiday, present continuous and present simple Practicing Present Perfect and Past Simple Songkran Every day English; sounding sympathetic or pleased test Present Perfect Copy of Past Simple Lesson Dogs lesson LISTENING Parts of a House Copy of Teaching Practice No: 3 - (20 August 2013) Copy of Past Simple lesson Past simple negative form vocabulary Reading lesson Shopping Lesson Reading 3: Finding The Ideal Job Copy of Grammar, present and past ability, modal verbs : can,can't; could,couldn't; able to,not able to in the context of 'gifted people' Copy of International food, Ordering food in a restaurant TP8 Reading 3: Finding the Ideal Job Verb and subject pronouns reading and vocabulary READING (short sleepers or long sleepers, which is healthier?) TP7 Irregular verbs past simple Introducing Family Members Copy of Grammar- Modal Can/ Could/ Be able to Copy of Grammar- Modal Can/ Could/ Be able to Copy of Grammar- Modal Can/ Could/ Be able to Copy of Grammar- Modal Can/ Could/ Be able to writing lesson be going to for future intentions Hypothetical possibilities with 'if' Time 45 minutes Copy of Journeys Copy of Journeys Copy of Journeys Reading/Grammar - Language Focus TP6 Speaking activities Buy and sell.Comparatives of adjectives TP 8 -Writting Skill Entertainment Activities Unusual shops, superlative adjectives - Reading and speaking Entertainment and television. Vocabulary and speaking. Copy of Introduce and practice possessive adjectives Quantifiers Telling life stories of famous people) Copy of Teaching practice 7 RW-TP5 Life Stories listening and speaking lesson. TP 7 A house with a history Take risks Time out (unit3) Language and fluency Anchor Text: Stella Discovers Gravity In The Airport CELTA TP8 JANUARY, 23 - MERYEM ÇOLAK Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 8 Arguments and how to avoid them Teaching Practice 8 LP7 Listening Lesson Life events - A2 TP 6 Job İnterview Vocabulary in Context CELTA TP7 JANUARY, 23 - MERYEM ÇOLAK Teaching Practice 7 vovabulary / grammar lesson,countable and uncountable nouns Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 7 present unreal conditionals Lexis Lesson TP6 Ismail Noaman Food and Restaurants speaking Lesson Ismail Noaman Work Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 6 CELTA TP6 JANUARY, 23 - MERYEM ÇOLAK Teaching Practice 6 Reading Lesson reading lesson about a cyberchondriac session one object pronouns lesson CELTA Grammar Articles Teaching Practice 5 Grammar Lesson TP6 compound adjectives of personality Teaching Practice 5 grammar lesson 1 Grammar - lanuage focus Copy of listening practice, grammar (past simple-past continuous) Getting to know you Tell things you dont know about a person Eating and drinking Do/Does jobs lesson travel lesson-using travel vocabulary The Body; Health , Should/ Shouldn`t CELTA TP5 JANUARY, 22 - MERYEM ÇOLAK USA Quiz compound adjectives Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson From A to B, Section 5 Cutting Edge. Can/Can't: possibility and ability - Grammar TP 5 Family Member Vocabulary TP 5 Copy of Must/have to/ Should (Obligation) Copy of Holiday-past simple Copy of Holiday-past simple comparing adjectives- comparing equal adjectives Across the Globe Cities/ Comparison adjectives, vocabulary, listening, speaking and writing. Combined practice. TP 4 Writing TP 4 Copy of Strange Events (mysterious,problems,oddities) Reading and Vocabulary Business Skills Copy of TP 2: Vocab - Phrasal Verbs Simple Present Memory and Flashbulb Memories TP 3 (14 Jan 2019) Copy of Teaching Plan No.4b - Listening for Specific Information TP2 / Mehmet Alparslan Kaya / 11.01.2019 Intermediate Speaking and Readin TP2 TP 2 (10 Jan 2019) TP 2 Copy of Teaching Practice 8 Copy of Teaching Practice 8 Business emails Copy of Reading/E-Shopping Copy of Men vs Women Thursday Cappucino and chips: present simple Family Member Wednesday 1 Hour Wednesday Tuesday-1hour Tuesday Love It or Hate It? Simple Present January 10, Thursday, X1-17(R) 3rd Hour MERYEM ÇOLAK Copy of Everyday objects lesson, Indefinite articles, singular/plural nouns The Best Things Lesson January 8, Tuesday, X1-17(R) 4th Hour MERYEM ÇOLAK simple present (negative,yes /no questions and short answers) Copy of Teaching Plan 6 Seeing without your eyes reading lesson Present Simple S Es Ies Annoying sounds lesson January 8, Tuesday, X1-17(R) 3rd Hour MERYEM ÇOLAK video lesson about noise January 8, Tuesday, X1-17(R) 2nd Hour MERYEM ÇOLAK January 8, Tuesday, X1-17(R) 1st Hour Grammar past simple Space: The Final Frontier IELTS Reading passage 2 food If Clause Type 2 Copy of Unreal Conditionals April Fools (Speaking - Reading) Mohagheghnia Copy of Robots in today's world Lexis Childhood and upbringing Memory -Describing a personal memory Household Chores lexis vocabulary Health and fitness Mohagheghnia Listening/ Intelligent animals Countable, Uncountable, Some, Any, A lot of 12B-English File-Gossip is Good For You Across the globe Future goals, Must, have to, should. Arts, past cont. Personal Information and Jobs Copy of Dealing with misunderstandings Lesson 8 - Body parts listening travel Lesson 7 - Reading and Daily Activities Action Words - I can love , the modals Present and Present Continuous Tense Across the globe - Comparatives and superlatives Daily Routine Reading and Vocabulary Emotions, -ing grammar Arts, was, were + ing Arts lesson , past continuous tense Lesson 6 - Time Copy of Remembering The Past Copy of Remembering The Past Copy of Relative Clauses LP6VOCAB&ADJ Judging people by their appearance Vocabulary (Past time phrases) Life stories LP 5 - Describing People Copy of Grammar- Modal Can/ Could/ Be able to request , promises and offers with will Reading and vocabulary Copy of Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous LP5Grammar&Speaking Travelling, -ed,-ing adjectives Unit 18 DF - Lesson Plan (ilyas cetin) Kitchen, Comparative form Superlatives Lesson 5 - Past simple (was/were) Lesson Plan (Unit 18 DF) Talking about the past Listening Emojis TBLT Demo Unit 18 DF Reading Lesson Plan Grammar (Simple Present) Copy of Chapter 4 Has exercise always been important? Copy of Grammar/ Simple Present Tense( I like ......../I don't like........../me too / me neither) Festival Making Requests Listening - Do you like New Year? DF 18 Lesson Plan reading 2 Lesson 4 - Writing Task Lesson Plan_Listening_Busra Sanli Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson simple present negative Vocabulary about Transport and Travel Student Teachers weird Reading and Speaking 'Kids then and now' Simple Present + Interested in Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives Copy of third and mixed conditionals Vocabulary ID Lesson Design Project Reading and Writing present continuous lesson I'm really into facebook Simple Present TP 8 restaurant,food and meals Kamyab Esmi / Reading Lesson 3 - Reading Task Demo lesson New English File 2/A Listening & Speaking writing a review on a restaurant/cafe. Present perfect and past simple Explore Speaking What OK means? talk about someone you know plan Ordering a meal,vocabulary "Used to" & "would" Lesson 2 - Vocabulary and listening Future Living Elif's TP8 Plan Plan a holiday LP5Writing Extreme Living TP8 Teaching Practice 8 TP8 simple past Listening and vocabulary: Childhood and upbringing Model Lesson Copy of Dependent prepositions Clothes ( in a clothes shop ) lesson cities lesson, adverbs TP7 The World's Luckiest Man-Vocabulary TP7 text-based presentation for functional language (giving reasons and results) Elif's TP7 Lesson Plan LP4Listening Dilemma Reading lesson READING (short sleepers or long sleepers, which is healthier?) Celta TP4 23 November-Vocabulary-Medical Terms TP4 Grammar Lesson Plan Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 Listening Lesson - İlyas ÇETİN Reading unusual jobs Face2Face Pre-Int. U3d Kelebek TP 8 Bezmialem University Bezmialem University Teaching Practice 3 TP3 Listening Lesson Plan Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 3 Past Tenses Lesson have to lesson Internet Dating Celta TP3 22 November-Grammar-Indirect Questions Teaching Practice 3 Unit 6 - Listening - What are some typical foods from around the world? Bezmialem University Grammar(question tags) TP8 Bezmialem University Celta TP2 21 November-Climate Change Impacts Teaching Practice 2 TP2 Vocabulary Plan Teaching Practice 2 Reading Lesson - İlyas ÇETİN Past continious practice TP6 ELIF'S TP6 LESSON PLAN Teaching Practice 2 Places , writing about a holiday.. TP 6 Kelebek TP 7 speaking Education unit 4 A Elif's TP 5 Plan Daily Situations Lesson Reading and Listening Teaching Practice 1 - Speaking There was/ were in the context of an interview about a haunted hotel SabancıTP2Reading TP1 - Reading Plan lead-in, pre-while-post reading of a reading text about the man behind KFC adverbs of frequency through free time activities Reading (lucky encounters) TP7 Teaching Practice 1 TP 5 (Reading) Things You Can't Live Without. TP 5 Teaching Practice 1 Gender Differences in Communication-November 20 Celta TP TP5-Kareem Fathy Module 7, Socializing, Reading and Vocabulary:The Great International night out. LP Outline 1 PPP Going out Lesson,Reading Lesson Copy of Present Continuous Lesson Listening Lesson reading/vocabulary lesson about twins 12-year-old girl builds a robot Teaching Practice 6 Kelebek TP 6 Weather delta module 2 pre-interview task practicing writing through sending and replying to invitations by e-mail Business Letter Writing Lesson 3B pennsylvania avenue TP1 Starter Elif's TP4 Plan listening-social custom TP 6 17th November 2018 Kelebek TP 5 TP4 "I can't Dance" TP4-Kareem Fathy Comperative Adjectives Let's Eat! There is.../ There are.../How many...? Listening (online shopping) TP6 Newspapers articles, passive voice vocabulary -ed/ing adjectives Let's Catch A Thief! Elif's TP3 Plan Relatively famous, Possessive s CEMRE SERT- TP3: GRAMMAR TP 3 Second conditional (Ideal home) - TP5 TP3-Kareem Fathy TP3 (When Natasha Meets Darren) Teaching Practice 5 Copy of Teaching Practice 3 Copy of Reading about stereotypes Present Progressive text-based presentation for grammar "used to" Copy of Writing an email - Inviting someone to go out celebrations in the world ! Book A Lesson 3b Countable & Uncountable nouns TP 2 Cemre SERT, Functional Language:Describing People There is / There are Copy of Hira Nabil Ali-TP4-Grammar-Past Simple & Past Continuous Kelebek TP 4 TP 5 November 10th,2018 Ela Funda Yegen Koumpos The office Module 1/ 2-2 Module 1/ 2 Book A Lesson 3 Writing (an internet blog) - TP4 U 6: I can use English language words a smartphone is better than a tablet Listening and speaking The working week Kelebek TP 3 CELTA TP 8 Nov 1 Cinema TP8 Reading Journeys (Integrated Reading & Listening) - TP3 Book A Lesson 2b Copy of Charisma, Reading Lesson Copy of LP-7 Lesson Plan (past simple regular verbs/weekend) TP4 of BERNA Family Members reading Kelebek TP2 Reading Lesson Plan Lesson on Polite Requests Activities in Social Lİfe Copy of First Conditional Unit 5-session B Family transport vocabulary Preferences(likes & dislikes) - TP2 TPR-Greek Reading ( Is it a talent or hard work) Listening to Speaking lesson TP8 anfisa milchakova TP 8 Listening and Writing Vocabulary Seosamh Mac Giolla Phadraig - TP8 October 26th, 2018 TP8 Vocabulary(Stuff) Family CELTA TP 7 Oct 25 Anfisa Milchakova TP1 vocabulary lesson TP3 of BERNA Writing TP7 Teaching Practice 4 Seosamh Mac Giolla Phadraig - TP7 October 25th, 2018 How much/many lesson Kelebek TP1 Reading Task in the context of genius kids Entertainment 24.10 Grammar Lesson Anfisa Milchakova Past simple tense lesson TP7 Grammar Lesson 2 Seosamh Mac Giolla Phadraig - TP6 October 24th, 2018 Listening there is/there are practice Community Language Learning TP6 Reading ( Extreme Places) 23.10. Anfisa Milchakova READİNG Grammar Seosamh Mac Giolla Phadraig, 23rd Oct 2018, TP5 Lesson on -ed/-ing adjectives Past simple tense lesson TP 4 October 27th,2018 Ela Funda Yegen Koumpos TP5 Reading TP 7- Grammar- Simple past forms of be Book A Lesson 1b Copy of Formal letter (information enquiry) Lexi(Culture) - TP1 My City Teaching Practice 3 News Stories Reading 19.10.Anfisa Michakova TP4 Plans and Dreams Seosamh Mac Giolla Phadraig - TP4 October 19th, 2018 Reading TP4_rev Anfisa Milchakova 18.10.2018. The story behind the photo Grammar Beauty In this lesson, Ss will practice listening from the context of one woman's story about how a photograph taken of her made her famous but cost her a fortune. TP2 of BERNA business teaching kids Reported Speech and Say and Tell TP6 Writing Comparative and Superlative Lesson in the context of Ways of Travelling Anfisa Tp2 17-10-2018 Right Place, Wrong Person Speaking A Plane Crash The world's friendliest city F is for Friends comparative adgectives Food and drink AnfisaM, 16Oct, TP1 EnglishFileU1b Review and Practice of Simple Present Reading - TP 1 Copy of Speaking - Hopes and Dreams Reported Speech English File U1a Cutting Edge UI unit 5 listening & vocabulary A bad hair day That's a cool car Copy of Grammar CELTA TP 6 Oct 16 Copy of TP2 - Past continous tense Simple present and present continuous TP 6- Speaking and Listening present continuous Reading about fashion in the past and today Writing About Yourself Speaking Listening and Speaking Practice on Work or Studies and Present Day Activities TP-1 Be or Do? Teaching Practice 2 Visiting London CELTA TP 5 Oct 9 Travel Destination Present progressive tense TP 2 October 13th, 2018 Ela Funda Yegen Koumpos Copy of Modal verbs: Abilities: can/can`t A Travel Blog TP5 Vocabulary American English File 2 pie chart description Copy of Superlatives Present simple verb be lesson Times we love Months lesson Times we love Copy of Traveling is the best! Copy of Contextualized Past Simple Negative Copy of Contextualized Past Simple Negative Teaching Practice 1 Travel and tourism Different Ways of Comparing: Learning New phrases for Comparing and Improving Listening Skills Unit 2-session A Copy of Adverbs of manner Reading Empower Unit 2 C&D Copy of Speaking - Hopes and Dreams Present Perfect +for and since Lesson on Living Spaces Life now and then Question words lesson- to be vocabulary TP 1 06.10.2018 Ela F. Yegen Koumpos TP4-Language focus: Home Sweet Home What would you like? CELTA TP4 Oct 2 Copy of Grammar Lesson: Modals of Obligation and Permission Copy of Grammar Lesson: Modals of Obligation and Permission English file 3rd edition,page 45 Simple and continuous present. Speaking Copy of Reading, The science of happiness Animals, Animals Practice Writing Sentences Distribution of power Describing a Personal Memory: Improving Listening Skills and Learning New Vocabulary CELTA TP3 Sept 25 - Elementary, A1 Level Language Focus 2 'used to' and 'would' Copy of Grammar Lesson: Obligation and Permission in the Present Technology CLL Demo Lesson Changes Shopping for a Gift Copy of Adrenalin - Extreme Sports life at the end of the world Life at the end of the world verb phrases, simple present, English File 3rd Edition, page 20 Who's calling? Online Shopping Listening and Vocabulary TP 3 Vocabulary A Game to Practice Simple Past& Past Continuous Copy of Listening and Vocabulary lesson : TV and Radio Life at the end of the world The village festival Copy of Grammar- Modal Can/ Could/ Be able to Copy of TP8 - Holidays Reading and Speaking Copy of 2A - Ka-ching! Vocabulary and Listening comprehension skills - week 1 Take Care of a guest Past Simple and Past Continuous & Syllables LANGUAGE FOCUS 1-PAST SIMPLE AND PAST CONTINUOUS CELTA TP2, Sept 20 TP 2 Reading and speaking SURVIVAL: TOTAL eNGLSIH 4.1 Copy of If Clause, First Conditional Introduction - Arabic prep' Doing Something Different Review. Diwali celebrations minds at work essay writing AOU Demo 2 Copy of Social expressions lesson plan Copy of Social expressions lesson plan Life Events Reading "Girls' Night Out" reading lesson Copy of countable and uncountable nouns Copy of countable and uncountable nouns Copy of Past Perfect Tense Lesson Plan present simple Teaching practice 8 Passive Voice: Past and Present AOU Demo Teaching practice 7 Writing a cover letter for a job advertisement Teaching Practice 7 Personal Qualities Chapter 4 Has exercise always been important? Places (Reading) Present Simple Comparative and Superlative Wish Clause - Demo Lesson Are you free tonight? Teaching Practice 6 Copy of Film Review Writing Lesson Voluntourism: what destination to choose? Suffixes for adjective and nouns Why do we like art? (Reading Friends (Reading) What's your name ? Interchange intro pages 2-3 Adventures in Singing, Chapter 2 Teaching practice 5 2018 1.A First Date Articles (a, an , the) none article TP5 Reading of "the world's greatest travellers" about Lonely Planet Teaching Practice 5 new vocabs about book Chapter 1(People) > GRAMMAR | can, have to, must > VOCABULARY | education > PRONUNCIATION | weak forms: have to Present Perfect: Experiences, Unfinished Past, Recent Events Writing Informal Emails Big happy families Free time. Teaching Practice 4 Welcome to class! comparison between must in obligation and logical conclusion/deduction Teaching practice 4 Present Simple: positive and negative (he/she/it) school objects Adverbs of Frequency House Parts & Items - Demo Lesson Teaching practice 3 demo class Teaching Practice 3 What shall we get her? A Strong Little Boy In this lesson, students read a passage about a boy who fell into cold water while playing with a sled. The lesson starts by showing a photo of a person inside water. Copy of Will for offers and instant decisions lesson Presentation - Welcome to the Spanish Class Why Am I Me? Listening & Speaking Exercise through the context of special days Teaching practice 2 Simple Present Tense (I/ you/ we/ they) Negative and yes/no questions Teaching Practice 2 Copy of TP8 Teaching Practice 1 Reading for gist, specific information and detail, reviewing/practicing verb-noun collocations to talk about weekend activities, practice in speaking for fluency Family Tree comparison between must in obligation and logical conclusion/deduction Task 2 sports and activities Past simple Tense crazes Copy of Towns and Cities, My Home Town Copy of TP 7 Reported Speech I like working outside diagram chart movie genres Listening, present continuous Dating and relationships. TP8 Reading Listening " Shopping" Jobs lesson Speaking " Discussion about marriage problems) Offers Celta TP 8 Reading lesson ( Natural disaster - tsunami article ) A better world > GRAMMAR | present perfect > PRONUNCIATION | weak forms: have > VOCABULARY | make and do > Function | Asking for information > Vocabulary | The time > How to | ask for information Men,women and the internet Music lesson Teaching Practice 7 > Grammar | present simple: he/she/it > Vocabulary | daily routines, jobs > How to | talk about daily routines Giving advice Reading Lesson Functional Language: Offering to help Grammar Clarification, Present Perfect Continuous Vocabulary (at a restaurant) Second conditional sentences Feeling good: the language of description. Present Simple vs. Present Progressive Teaching Practice 8 Changing holidays - (be) going to Animals - A Day Out speaking lesson Ghada Ben Ali, Vocabulary vocabulary, clothes Gulce TP8a Celta TP 7 > Grammar | present simple: I/you/we/they > Vocabulary | activities > How to | talk about activities TP 7: telling ghost stories Functional Vocabulary TP8 TP8 TP7 Life changes TP7 Longleat Speaking Lesson reading and grammar Speaking and grammar Gulce TP7a polite requests Postcards, holidays. Food and Drinks Vocabulary related to describing places Reading Vocabulary related to describing places Describing people - Speaking / Vocabulary / Grammar Speaking Skills Future predictions Celta TP 6 Character traits TP6 reading about body talk Copy of Who is Virginia Woolf? TP6 Teaching Practice 6 TP6a Gulce Group 3 - [9.08] Holiday collocations Copy of Lives and Legends: A Speaking / Listening Lesson > Grammar | present simple; be > Vocabulary | greetings; countries and nationalities > How to | introduce people TP5 Vocabulary (Adjective, Negative Prefixes) Ons Kilani - A Night in a Haunted Hotel - There was/were Celta TP 5 Group 1 - [8.08.] Nice day, isn't it? Negative Adjectives TP5 Life events - reading lesson Demo Lesson: All Summer in a Day TP5a- Gulce Reading-Adverts Nouns and adjectives TP5 At the Airport: Checking In Receptive Skills: Festival Fever Cieden - [7.08] Ordering Food&Drink Celta TP 4 Grammar Focus: Past Simple Affirmative Ons Kilani - Doing Something Different, future clauses with if, when, as soon as, until, before. Receptive Skills: Vocabulary and Reading Food lesson CELTA TP4 Teaching Practice 4 Articles Lesson TP4a Gulce "Are you happy?" TP4 Lottery Winners & Losers food pairs Countable and uncountable nouns with there is/are some & any Describe living rooms and household furniture - Practise the present simple ' There is/are' Ons Kilani - Jobs Lesson - Teaching Vocabulary CELTA TP3 final Celta TP 3 Group 2 - [3.08] Group 1 - [1.08] Grammar practice – articles Copy of Modals of Obligation Grammar, semi-modal verbs Teaching Practice 3 TP3a- Gulce Book, Cd, Concert TP3A Can/Can't Copy of Grammar and Speaking Asma BM vocabulary lesson Dream Homes, Reading Lesson Teaching "Imperatives" Grammar | Present Continuous/be going to for future; Vocabulary | time out; How to | talk about plans TP2A-Listening TP 2: Vocab - Phrasal Verbs TP2 Vegetables Demo Teaching Practice 2 Social networking, listening. Present Perfect (Simple and Continuous) Celta TP 1 listening Reading TP8 Jobs Lesson, Present Perfect (e,perience) + ever, never; present perfect or past simple? The Best Medicine Speaking_ Five social media musts for teens CELTA TP7 (Teacher E) Reading Lesson- Halloween (Demo) Judging by appearance, modals of probability. Jobs Lesson Telling a ghost story Reading Lesson Grammar, reported speech Reading Entertainment Describing Problems movie review CELTA TP6 (Teacher E) Buenos Aires Copy of Lesson plan 7 Functional Language Teaching Practice 8A 18.07.2018 Reading Are you qualified? Teaching Practice 8A 18/07/18 Suggestions and offers PW3 U9 LESSON A- 18.07.2018 Copy of Lesson Plan Copy of Grammar, WH questions Copy of Grammar, WH questions Be going to future tense for future arrangements Reading vocabulary,conversation Travel Arrangements Airport travel Copy of Receptive skills- Reading Vocabulary: houses and furniture history-tp7 Shopping Things you can't live without: speaking lesson 3 Course, GC, 01/09/18, Groups 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306. Lesson 1 CELTA TP5 (Teacher E) Teaching Practice 7A 16.07.2018 Teaching Practice 7A 16/07/18 Reading lesson Crossing Cultures See the film... Get on a plane reading lesson Writing a paragraph on 'Describing Someone' Socialising Checking Into a Hotel Look Good Copy of Sample Lesson Plan TP7 Should I let my child take more risks? Animals vocab./Demo lesson Copy of DLC Celta Assignment 3 Copy of DLC Celta Assignment 3 Agree or Disagree ? Present Perfect Simple & Present Continouos Relative Clauses Active vs Passive Generations TP8 - Vocabulary - Describing people: character Writing - sending/replying to invitations Teaching Practice 6A 10.07.2018 compound nouns Lesson Plan TP8 - Grammar (Family) - Sonia Appearances Expressing Likes and Dislikes Leaps speaking, a nigh out. TP6 Writing Lesson CELTA TP4 (Teacher E) unit 2 Int Business Result Miracle Diets Talented People Reading Lesson TP5b Copy of Writing Emails Lesson Plan Past Simple Irregular Verbs TP8 Speaking in the context of freedoms Music Questionnaire present perfect simple vs continuous Vocabulary -ed/ing adjectives Copy of LP-7 Lesson Plan (past simple regular verbs/weekend) Passive Voice Listening: The Secret of Success CELTA TP3 (Teacher E) Teaching Practice 5A 09.07.2018 Vocabulary lesson Simple Past Tense Irregular Verbs, Celebrations Things that make you feel ... speaking lesoon Listening - Vocabulary ( Disagreement and Quarrels) - Sonia Writing a film review festivals TP5 Are you qualified TP5 TP7 English File unit 3 , Pretty woman , adjectives Food around the World Polite Requests Copy of TP7 Functional Language Requests- Responds Copy of TP7 Functional Language Requests- Responds Vocabulary - collocation with take TP6- At the market - Grammar Lesson - Sonia Özlem GENÇ . 5 July 2018 . Fact or Fiction? Speaking Grammar Lesson Reported speech lesson Grammar Lesson Too Much Information Travel Essentials Listening life events tp4 A Covering Letter TP4 Teaching Practice 4A 04.07.2018 The Women's kingdom Building a business Comparatives and Superlatives Reading: High-Speed Trains Emre's Plan Future perfect & Future contionous Three Inventions Copy of TP 4: Relative clauses Copy of TP 4: Relative clauses Lesson plan TP5 - Vocabulary (Collocations) Life in Melbourne Giving Directions Reading Lesson TP7 - Writing - Formal and Informal emails Plan Int BR Vocabulary Holiday activities Lesson plan for selected text as a submission for teaching practice. TP3 Teaching Practice 3A 02.07.2018 life on scottish ısland 'Making Plans' Vocabulary Lesson Plan Reading Polite requests, functional language Assignment 3: Reading Predictions Future Time markes Houseswap Presenting your Opinion Copy of TP-8: The uses of definite and indefinite articles Grammar lesson TP 2b Habits in the past Flashbulb Memories TP6 Copy of Teaching Practice 3 The news Remembering and Forgetting TP2 Childhood and Upringing Lesson Remembering The Past Sending and Replying to Invitations by E-mail Shirley Temple, simple past form Reading (Journeys of a lifetime) Lesson plan TP4- Grammar Lesson (Starting New Jobs) - Sonia Practice of reading for gist and specific information Teaching Practice 8 Speaking lesson introduction Lesson Plan TP4 TP6 - Grammar - Unreal conditionals Things people can or can't do An Informal E-Mail TP 1b Tp 2a Lost In The Jungle Vocabulary & Speaking Entertainment lesson Copy of Hotel booking Copy of Reading: A night in a haunted hotel Lesson Plan Tp3 (Vocabulary (work) - Sonia Lesson Plan TP3 The present simple "there is/are" TP3: Prepositions and household furniture Listening Lesson Reading in the context of homes Teaching 3rd conditional Copy of Dealing with misunderstandings Copy of Dealing with misunderstandings The truth about air travel TP5 - Listening - Talk about people who have influenced you Teaching Practice 7 Leisure Activities TP5 Lesson Plan- TP2 Fatma Amal Mechdene Teaching Practice 6 Copy of Passive+writing TP4 - Reading - The truth about air travel Copy of Grammar - Verbs with verb-ing The World's Worst Inventions Family Members What do I do next? Teaching Practice 5 Copy of TEACHING PRACTICE 8 Copy of vocabulary, gradable and non-gradable adjectives. Copy of vocabulary, gradable and non-gradable adjectives. Copy of Review of extreme and non-extreme intensifiers and adjectives Name of the things Favorite times The truth about air travel Reading&listening Vocabulary Duygu's lesson plan Auxiliaries Rules and Freedom Listening Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Reading Countable and Uncountable nouns Grammar TP8 TP8 TP8 TP8 Lesson plan for TP 8 Telling a Story TP8 Listening TP7 TP 7 TP7 TP7 First & Second Conditionals TP7 Lesson Plan for TP 7 Reading - Twitter Account Teaching Practice 3 Copy of TP 8 Functional Language - Shopping clothes Extreme Weather Writing TP6 TP6 TP6 Lesson Plan for TP 6 TP6 TP6 Used to They cry easily TP5 TP5 Language Functions Lesson: giving advice Reading CELTA TP8 Machines behaving badly TP5 TP5 TP 8 LESSON PLAN TP5 Lesson Plan for T 5 TP5 There is/are Actor! Author! (Straightforward Elementary SsBk 2nd Ed. Macmillan) TP5 CELTA TP8 TP4 TP4 TP4 Unit 2: The Right Answer Quiz TP4 TP4 TP4 Jobs TP3 Reading Worshop Future Perfect & Continuous Grammar TP3 TP3 TP3 Lesson Plan for TP 3 Health Problems TP3 TP3 - Getting a taxi TP2 Writing Opinion Paragraphs TP2 Grammar Work and Studies old memories, past simple tense TP2 TP2 Daily routine TP4 Teaching Practice 1 Encounters – Journeys Grammar: Past Progressive Alive & Well CELTA TP8b TP1 TP1 Past simple irregular verbs Introduction/ Devices and internet CELTA TP7 Your hair looks great! 2.2 Fundamental TP7a TP 7 LESSON PLAN Buying Clothes Copy of Sports lesson Daily routine TP3 TP3 TP3 Supermarkets or small shops? Copy of My last holiday, past simple: negative, questions and short answers. Copy of Giving Directions Celta Grammar Tp2 Online Differentiated Reading Lesson A day in the life of a film character SUPERMARKETS AND SMALL SHOPS 1.2 Fundamental Films TP1 TP 6 LESSON PLAN Dramatic inverison CELTA TP6b Demo Lesson - You are what you eat five senses lesson Animal Rights Demo for TP students Copy of TP-3 | Listening for gist and detail, free speaking | Manners Copy of TP-3 | Listening for gist and detail, free speaking | Manners Copy of TP-3 | Listening for gist and detail, free speaking | Manners Copy of TP-3 | Listening for gist and detail, free speaking | Manners TP6a 1.1 Fundamantal CELTA TP6 Artificial Noses TP2 Copy of Reading,vocabulary and speaking TP2 - Listening - Work and Studies - Elaine Yalcin discussion essay Receptive Skills Lesson Copy of Amean Mohammadi TP6 Modals of Obligation Beach CELTA TP5b -INTERMEDIATE- B1 The Giant Dinosaur TP 5 LESSON PLAN Synonyms and antonyms Verb pattern unit 6 TP1 CELTA TP5 Copy of LP-7 Lesson Plan (past simple regular verbs/weekend) Urban Life 2A Beysukent Koleji Future Possibility English unlimited-topic:play TP5a MUSIC AND INTERESTS UTOPIA Demo Lesson FC3-1/C present simple tense. Ct2 Unit 9 Past simple. TP1 - Speaking - talk about an interest Advertisement Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson TP 4 LESSON PLAN Reading & Vocabulary ( Elementary) CELTA TP4b CELTA TP4 Reading (about future) Copy of On the Phone Copy of TP-7 - Grammar / Speaking Reading Lesson about shopping TP4a Present Continuous Wish Clause Lesson Formal Observation 1 2017-18 Module 4 CELTA TP3b ppp listenning practise (daily routine) Prepositional Phrases essay writing,conclusion TP8-Present Simple A formal letter of complaint English Conversation Class - Talking about People (1) tb8 TP 3 LESSON PLAN Men and Women Copy of Adrenalin - Extreme Sports Conversation workshop, week 6, 03-04 Apologizing Copy of Asking and giving directions, functional language Copy of Asking and giving directions, functional language Story Lesson TP3a Face to face short reading and listening speaking task based CELTA TP3 TP 2 The present perfect tense. TP8 writing lesson Copy of TP8 Speaking class Copy of Air Travel: the Inside Story TP 2 LESSON PLAN TP2a essay writing,conclusion TP8 obligation and permission TP 7 Modals CELTA TP2 April 24 tb7 Two-Headed Baby, Read All About It!: What Should Be Considered News? TP1 Body language Get healthy Verb+ing or verb+to+inf inversion Personal characteristics Copy of New Headway 4th Edition Beginner, Oxford University Press Life and Death [Part 2]: Is It A Right Or Not? Copy of Demo lesson LP7 In Our Life Experiences Delta 2 Diagnostic Lesson 24.04.18 Used to TP1a CELTA TP1 LESSON PLAN CELTA TP1 April 17 CELTA TP1 Art Copy of Past Simple & present simple perfect tense speaking lesson Success Reading a psychometric test Food Tp6 Mandatory Volunteering ORDERING FOOD AND DRINKS ODTU- Demo Lesson TP6 Explain the moral of a story Reading about languages Storry telling and past perfect Demo Lesson Plan Copy of Modal verbs review A formal telephone call Writing an opinion essay Reading TP6 Reading, Vocab Rio de Janeiri Twitter account grammar lesson Rio de Janeiri Twitter account Teaching Practice 8 Yousef Almohamad Party lesson, social-gathering language Successful achievements Our Life Experiences Third conditional Life changes , To be Going to (positive and negative) past simple positive regular and irregular verbs Listening Lesson (My Hometown) Speaking: New Year Hossein Zakeri, Listening listening: Advice, should & shouldn't Health Reading, a healthy heart essay writing, main body Double comparative and repeated comparative TP8 Misleading Advertisements tb5 Have to and must to Gerunds TP8 Modals Can\Can't good manners, bad manners CELTA TP 8 Reading/ likes and dislikes Sleepless in Seattle Such...That, So...That and So That lesson An Interview with SIR IAN MCKELLEN Driving Copy of listening practice, grammar (past simple-past continuous) TP5 TP8 Celebrations & Holidays celebrations mood food being self-employed TP 8 Ahmad Nakar In the media Vandana Manoj_Reported Speech amazing days Books vs Movies Call the doctor? TP7 Dreams lesson An Informal Email Tag questions Reading: British Food Pat simple of be: positive and negative Wedding lesson(Years and past time) , Listening Hossein Zakeri, 3rd conditional Looking good There is/there are,negative, yes no question, short answers Rovshan Abdullayev 3rd conditional-first lesson (3) All Passive Forms Reading comprehension - Breakfast Rovshan Abdullayev 3rd conditional-first lesson (2) Positive characteristic Rovshan Abdullayev 3rd conditional-first lesson (1) Modern icons Present perfect versus simple past Still friends? Copy of Receptive Skill - Reading Lesson Plan Copy of Receptive Skill - Reading Lesson Plan Buyer's remorse TP8 Love at exit 19 Teaching would like and would not like Vocab: Family week 8 celta Body language lesson There is/ There are Question and Negative forms Are You Afraid of the Dark? Part 2: Green-Blooded Hobgoblins future tense TP7 Yousef Almohamad Teaching Practice 7 Vocabulary - Mahmood Sankari In an ideal world Lesson plan TP7 Ana Things that you can't live without Comparative adjectives Using there is/are Weather Hometown - vocabulary My Hometown Burglary Climate Change TP #7 TP 7 Listening and speaking lesson Making suggestion Living in space TP6 Hossein Zakeri, Listening Food, There is/are Past Modal review Music Lesson plan TP6 Ana The Net Modals of probability Wh Questions travel, adventure Used to, be used to, get used to lesson TP6 MUSIC Vocabulary Lesson, reading Success Architecture old and new Murder in a country house A typical day talking about waste compound nouns Buket Kurt, Teaching Practice 7, 31.03.2018 TOWN AND COUNTRY Wish sentences Reading for detail Megacities dangerous journeys in history Success Present Perfect Daily Routine - Present Simple Zafer 2nd Grade Animal Taboo with Popsicle Sticks Practicing present simple Expressing annoyance Comparative & Superlative Adjectives Regrets lesson. Vocabulary Nihan Kywall.31 March 2018.Reading and Speaking Listening Comparative Adjectives Languages things i'm passionate about Superlatives Reading comprehension - footbal Copy of Relative pronouns and Relative clauses Copy of Relative pronouns and Relative clauses Practical English - buying a coffee Life events Fame & Fortune (P.2) TP.5 Week 7 CELTA TP 7 A night in a haunted hotel Reading Days and Time skills Copy of TP #3 Health and wellbeing Tp4 - culture shock Reading Prepositions of places Lesson plan Assigment 3 Fame & Fortune High-speed Trains Reading Lesson TP8 describing a place Comparative adjectives much ,many and a lot of Zafer 2nd Grade Animal Taboo TP 4 Taking risks, speaking and listening TP8 Phrasal verbs tp4 Adverbs in adverts listening poss and objective pronouns Present simple question form grammer practice Information questions Teaching Practice 8 Dates, Simple past Incredibly short stories Past Simple- WH questions (review) Hossein Zakeri, Would You Like TP6 On the weekend TP8 Adverbs and Adverbial Phrases TP 6 CELTA Elementary Simple Present (negation) Live, work and study Life in 2060 (reading) live, work , and study Yousef Almohamad Countable / uncountable nouns_some /any daily lives, grammar section,stative verbs Copy of Listening (Pushy Parents) Copy of Listening (Pushy Parents) Buket Kurt, Teaching Practice 6, 24.03.2018 Nihan Kywall.24 March 2018 weather Copy of present continuous for future arrangements How did love begin? Grammar Have / has got Tp1 tp4 TP4 Famous Twins TP 6 Ahmad Nakar Lesson plan TP4 Ana Heroes: The Dark Knight What's your opinion Impersonal Passive TP7 Final Exam- Reading- Part3- Q9 our changing world Teaching Practice 6 Needs analysis TP4 Final Exam- Song- Listening Lesson- Q8 Travel lesson, Past Perfect Continuous comparison between Moscow and Hong Kong Irregular verbs lesson -ed and -ing adjectives Jobs lesson, be ;he/she /it Food I like Air travel,such/so....that.... TP6 Space Tourism (Rocket Man)- Listening Air travel,the truth behind it plus cause and effect Family Family words- Possessive 's Teaching practice 3 Speaking and Listening about Fashion Abilities Older and wiser? Speaking and Reading Hossein Zakeri, past simple Teaching Practice-3 TP 3. Ordering food or drink at a cafe Jobs Lesson reading James Bond World weather warnings TP7 Unsuccessful date Copy of Past Simple Lesson TP4, Main: Vocabulary, Sub: Speaking. Lesson plan TP3 Ana Copy of Unit 8a Breaking News: Vocabulary, Reading and Speaking family contrasting past and present "Used to" and "Usually" Phrasal verb lesson Parents and Teenagers TP 5 Life stories pretty woman , adjectives TP 5 Sigita Polat 17 Mar 2018 Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 6 TP6 Speaking - Mahmood Sankari Shopping - men love it! Yousef Almohamad - Teaching Practice 5 TP5 Reading - The Sacred Balance CELTA TP 5 Teaching Practice 5 Final TEFL P3 Q10 Final Tefl- Speaking Lesson- Part (3)-Q10 TP5 Final Tefl- Part (1)- Q2-Game- Past Simple TP6 Final tefl P1 Q1 Final: P1, Q1 ( Present Simple Lesson Plan) Final Tefl- Part (1)- Q1 Buket Kurt, Teaching Practice 5, 17.03.2018 TP 5 Copy of Away from Home Copy of Away from Home Copy of Away from Home Alex Rawlings Nihan Kywall.17 March 2018.Upper intermediate Grammar: Present Continuous (Progressive) can and can't lesson EGE adverbs of time & routines Teacher Practice 5 TP5 TP5 Gr. (1) verbs with inf. and Vs-ing. Time phrases (with present perfect simple) Stress Vocabulary lesson Modern Manners Copy of First Conditional grammar lesson plan Daily English - Upper Intermediate - Advanced writing lesson plan Copy of Assessed TP8 - Plans for learning English! - be (not) going to Conversation session 1 tp2 foods lesson Writing a business letter Copy of Adrenalin - Extreme Sports Copy of TP 8 A tale of two sydneys writing, introduction practice Teacher Practice 4 Copy of Reading: Suffering scientists Copy of Third Conditional ISLANDS/TOPIC TALK/SPEAKING/IF CONDITIONALS Directions Copy of Superheroes: The Real Spiderman Copy of Modals of Deduction (must, can't, may, might, could TP4 Listening Lesson- Pets TP4 Functional language: Discussing advantages and disadavantages, and making suggestions. TP4 Teaching Practice 4 Christopher Webb - TP8 - The Finale Parts of the house and household objects Defining Relative Clauses Name: Sigita Polat 03 Mar 2018 Teaching Practice 4 Aras's Lesson Plan TP 8 - Love at Exit 19 Listening about a house with a history Name: Sigita Polat 03 Mar 2018 Teaching Practice 4 LP 8 Can/Can't The youth of the 21 st century Love Story Past simple in context of the teacher Tennikova Daria TP8 Aras's Lesson Plan TP 7 - Modern Manners Christopher Webb - TP7 - Listening & Speaking Grammar Reading-Business Idea Teaching Practice 8 Third conditional TP 7 Tennikova Daria TP4 Listening/ Function & Speaking Holiday 27 Feb 2018 • Let's meet again. LP 7 Relationships Part 2: Marriage TP3 Future clauses with if, when, unless Never giving up Plans for future (be going to) What are you doing?, present continuous Not Her Best Buy be going to TP3 What's going to happen, Fortune-teller Christopher Webb- TP6-Modals LP 6 Tennikova Daria TP7 In-class Reading Telling time The way I live Will/going to Dance - From Around the World Aras's Lesson Plan TP 6 - Failure and Success Relative Clauses Grande Finale Reading - Mahmood Sankari Daily English Contemporary Topics 2, Unit 8 Jobs lesson Teaching Practice 4 Copy of TP2 Module 3: Everyday Life Technology (Adantages & disadvantages) / Life without technology Let's meet again. Aras' Lesson Plan TP 5 - Stereotypes - or are they? TP4 Mistakes and errors_Celta Teaching Practice 4 Ahmad Nakar Quiz Show Teaching Practice 4 Quiz Night TP 2, Present Simple – wh- questions & short answers Grammar Lesson- Present Simple and Continuous Tense Reported speech Nursing Homes Vocabulary: Family Tree Furniture Copy of Wedding past-simple Copy of Wedding past-simple FUE observation class Teaching Practice 7 All aboard,present continuous FUE observation class Copy of Second Conditional Christopher Webb TP5 TP2 The secrets of a long life, Reading Imagine - John Lennon Past Modal Lesson TP 7 Defne TP 7 how to give an advise Teacher Practice 2 Essay writing,introduction part. Superlative adjectives Reading lesson What I ate yesterday lesson, countable / uncountable nouns;a/an,some/any TP 5 Lottery money TP7 Lesson plan 2 Lifestyles Present Simple Tense English Birthdays Aras' Lesson Plan TP 4 - Houseswap Christopher Webb - TP4 LP 4 Jigsaw reading, Speaking Vocabulary - Dates speaking assignment Changing lives- Grammar All about you: family Body advertisement TP 3 Olympic and Sports Defne TP 6 Aras' Lesson Plan TP 3 - A personal e-message Grammae: First Conditional + Might Teaching Practice 6 Good times, bad times. Past simple (be) Reading for detail Copy of TP 8 Functional Language - Shopping clothes Christopher Webb Celta TP3 - Functional Language 'Amazing journeys' Teacher Practice 1 TP 1, Possessive adjectives Suggestions Modals of speculation 2 (present time) Spend or save? COOK TP6 The Survivors' Club The Secret of Success strictly confidential Christopher Webb TP2 - Still at Home Teaching Practice 3 Past simple forms - People who change the world ‘Can I have a coffee’ lesson, function ( requests ) TP3 Aras' Lesson Plan TP 2 - Still at home Nihan Kywall. Plans and Dreams. CELTA - Explore Speaking TP3 A place you visited listening plan Gr. 1a: For Ss to have accuracy and fluency practice of verb "be" in the present simple form. Unit 4 Family Defne TP 5 TP3 Functional Lexis What's on? Modals of Speculation, past A love story. Past Simple, Past Continuous, Verb Phrases Younger brother/ Only child reading reading lesson plan Teaching Practice 3 Reading Lesson Modals of Speculation Writing Lesson-Business Format Letter Reading - Hostel Staying Tennikova Daria TP2 Global Elementary, Unit 8 Favorite places, There is /are (not) Teaching Practice 5 Telephone To begin and end a phone conversation Cook TP5: Reading Zafer Second Grade - Spotlight 5.11 Christopher Webb - TP1 Speaking Lesson Aras' Lesson Plan TP 1 - Typical friends TP 5 Future forms Review face to face 1A-Part 2 Listening Lesson Phrasal Verbs At the shops Mechanics: M1 and M2 Teaching Practice 3 Ahmad Nakar Teach techniques of skim and scan. Telephone complaints upper_intermediate questions Buket Kurt, Teaching Practice 3, 24.02.2018 TP3 My kind of place Speaking Lesson- Fast Food Grammar - Word order in questind Copy of Writing an email - Inviting someone to go out V1-Prefixes. Jobs Magic tricks and illusions TP2 TP 2 Copy of Past Continuous - Grammar & Listening E-shopping Quantifiers Shopping Films, books, restaurants Teaching Practice 2 Present simple questions and negatives Reading Lesson-Halloween Defne TP 4 version 2 Copy of TP 8 Grammar the Passive Teaching Practice 2 TP 4 Requests and offers CELTS TP2 Eating out Past Simple Lesson Antonyms face to face 1 .A -Part 2 secrets and lies TP4 Past:To be (Was-Were) Weekend activities Writing Spoken Expressions: Showing interest and surprise Generalizations and exceptions Adjectives and their opposites in the context of a tour group Housework Stories behind photos, Past Continious A NEET Solution TP2_Reading Buket Kurt, Teaching Practice 2, 17.02.2018 Children 4 Unit 6 ,Wonders of the sea . Vocabulary Teaching Practice 2 Bank robbers speaking Everyday Routines Arrivals lesson, jobs vocab & be (he/she/it) grammar Daily routine, TP3 Ahmad Nakar 17.02.2018 Teaching Practice 2 Past simple TP3 TP2 Defne TP 3 - Books & Films TP 3: Narrative tenses Shopping lesson Let's! Shall we? Positive and negative sentences in the present simple third person singular Free time activities, Present simple Abdollah TP3, 12.8.2018 Review narrative tenses Narrative Tenses sdsd Frequency Adverbs News Stories Vocabulary Lesson-Family Members Present Simple Teaching Practice 1 3 TP Clothes lesson, Vocabulary and Grammar Teaching Practice 1 Clothes Vocabulary Ability using Can TP 1 B. Can Gören Class-209 08.12.2018 TP1_Future forms- Will,going to,present continuous and present simple Your World Second Conditional Lesson upper_intermediate optimism Demo lesson The Treasure of Lemon Brown Teacher Practice 1 TP 1 CELTA - Fact or Fiction TP1 exprience, present perfect tence Spotlight K - Big Book Best Friends Speakout Pre-intermediate 3.1 Clarification and practice of Present Simple SM2 MJ 16:15 Copy of TP 1b Appearance and Personality, Adjectives to Describe appearance and personality. Teaching practice 1 Reading and Reporting Short Stories Get someone else to do something,causative verb start1 exprience, present perfect tence TP1 Birthday present Conversation demo Wish some one in a good holiday Demo Business English F1 Present simple passive tense should have' & shouldn't have for criticising past actions Gerund or Infinitive dance performances Teaching Lesson 8 TP #8 Serli Musosoglu CELTA ITI Teaching Practice 8 TP8 Grammar (going to) TP 08 - Getting married When I was a child Ali Mohseni teaching Practice 8 Farnaz Miri Sajedeh Farajzadeh Jalali, Listening and speaking The past and future plans Teaching Practice 8 TP 8 - Reading Lesson - Animals Teaching Lesson 7 Possessive Pronouns Listening - Museums TP #7 Serli Musosoglu CELTA ITI Teaching practice 7 Teaching Practice 7 Getting to Know You Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 7 Farnaz Miri TP7 Speaking Giving Permission and Obligation Sajedeh Farajzadeh Jalali, Past simple questions and negative GTKNY & life stories First Conditional - January 23, 2018 11.2 Teaching Lesson 6 Reading and listening TP8 TP #6 Serli Musosoglu ITI CELTA Things to Wear Wish; I hope...; It's time... Teaching Practice 6 TP7 Teaching practice 6 TP6 Vocabulary TP-06 I'm broke (Grammar practice) Teaching Practice 6 Farnaz Miri Sajedeh Farajzade Jalali, Functional language of giving directions Practice Lesson: Have to / Don't have to Teaching Lesson 5 Interview at the airport Teaching Practice 5 Question Tags Copy of Teaching Practice 6 TP6 Teaching practice 5 Copy of Celta Lesson Plan 7 / Passives TP - 05 Sorry to interrupt Top Notch 1A, unit4, lesson3 TP 5 Reading V2 - Jobs and places of work Copy of Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 5 Tp 5; Farnaz Miri Ashtiani Sajedeh Farajzadeh Jalali , Reading and Vocabulary in holiday January 16 - Grammar Lesson Copy of Present perfect TP5 Copy of Passive Voice Copy of Passive Voice Copy of Passive Voice Phrasal Verbs (literal & idiomatic) Teaching Lesson 4 Teaching Practice 4 TP-04 How does it feel to be 20-something Airport check-in TP4 Listening CELTA TP#4 Serli Musosoglu Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 Teaching practice 4 live, work and study CONJUCTIONS OF PURPOSE AND REASON Receptive Skills - January 11 Sajedeh Farajzadeh Jalali, Grammar lesson of future continuous Copy of Writing an email - Inviting someone to go out Copy of Writing an email - Inviting someone to go out Teaching Lesson 3 TOEIC Part 7 - Aiming for 500 - Emails - Delivery of Bricks Eat in or Take Away? Teaching Practice 3 no ordinary place to eat TP-03 Articles INTENSIFYING ADJECTIVES CLAUSES OF CONCESSION CELTA TP #3 Business writing basics Teaching Practice 3 Teaching practice 3 Teaching Practice 3 TP3 Functional Language--Exaggeration Copy of Extreme Job Interview Questions Listening and Speaking Practices Copy of Extreme Job Interview Questions Listening and Speaking Practices Teaching Lesson 2 2ND CONDITIONAL REVIEW Adverbs Functional Language of offers , refusing and acceptin Teaching practice 2 January 9th, 2018 Vocab and Listening grammar TP3 The flight attendant who lost his cool grammer, gerunds and infinitives Teaching Practice 2 CELTA TP 2 Lesson Plan- Two Cities- be (plural): Qs and Short Answers health and ailments Grammar - Past Progressive and Simple Past + When & While 1ST CONDITIONAL-REVIEW Reading Lesson Teaching practice 2 Teaching Practice 2 Third Conditionals Lesson listening , crime and punishment vocab January 5th, 2018 Listening SHOULD AND OUGHT TO-GIVING ADVISE shrouk shabara Actions During Earthquake past tenses(simple,progressive and perfect) Simple Present instructions and work proceedure Creativity PRESENT PERFECT-ALREADY, JUST, YET PRESENT PERFECT-HAVE YOU EVER, I HAVE NEVER CASUATIVES past tenses:simple,continuous,perfect Selling Online Mari Curi School Lesson Plan Reading Lesson on Viral TV Shows Speed Dating TV or not TV? RNW101-2- Unit 1 People. Reading and Writing Skills She's Leaving Home - The Beatles EXTREME ADJECTIVES AND ADVERBS OF DEGREE PAST CONTINUOUS-WHILE/AS Present simple and present continous National Holidays and Celebrations TP8 Time to change bad habits Lesson plan TP8 Vocabulary "do and make" and speaking Building Relationships Love is a Fiction of A Sinking Ship MV3 Angela Listening Lesson, New Year's Eve celebrations Life with Teenagers Jobs Language Focus ENG 101 Child Labor TP8 - Special Days CALL CENTER Food: Fuel or Pleasure Tenn Upper-Inter 3 Lesson plan TP7 An interview .Finding things in common. Reading and Writing listening Nazym's lesson. Functional language TP7 TP7 Childhood dreams . TP 8 functional language- speaking Writing "Saying thank you" and vocabulary relations, Superlative adjectives NON DEFINING RELATIVE CLAUSES TP8 TP8b Copy of Teaching Practice 2 success Teaching Practice #8 Speaking Lesson When a Man is Tired of London... 3RD AND MIXED CONDITIONALS TP # 8 Friendship. TP8 - Grammar/Speaking – Abilities Unusual shops_TP7 How are seasons different? TP 8 Teaching Practice 8 In the media mami TP7- Choose souvenirs from your country Poem Lesson VOCABULARY FOR BODY LANGUAGE AND DISCOURSE MARKERS TP8: Getting Along Grammar Used to vs. Would adverbs of manner TP 8 Grammar the Passive TP8 present perfect continuous with for and since Saeid Rezaei 8th TP TP8/ sightseeing, can/can't for possibility Common health and everyday problems, Should for advice TP8,friendship,speaking lesson Nazym's lesson plan,Wishes(grammar) Vocabulary Lesson on shops and services Gerunds and infinitives TP6 Lesson plan TP6 types of hair Going places TP8 Plan a meeting or social event Success (Reading and Vocabulary) TP6 Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice#7 Holiday Arguing your case (for & against) writing Main Listening Sub Speaking Listening Working Animals Tp 7 Reading speaking club TP # 7 SIMPLE PRESENT AND PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE YES/NO AND WH QUESTIONS TP7 - Speaking - Where were you at 11 o’clock? Places AGREE & DISAGREE Saeid Rezaei 7th TP past simple lesson Copy of TP8 - Holidays Copy of TP8 - Holidays TP 7 Speaking (second conditional) Arranging an Evening Out comparative adjectives Tp6 Present perfect continuous PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE AND TIME EXPRESSIONS Reading : Phuket or Bangkok Grammar to Express Ability Models of Requests TP6- Past Simple TP7 Been there, Got the t-shirt! Movies Main Grammar (was/were) and Sub Reading Module 4[Grammar-The present perfect simple] TP7/ past Be/yes/no question /short answers Life stories_TP6 Future Plans TP7 (Reading) Predictions PRESENT TENSE skim, inference and detailed reading about New York city lesson plan TP5 Work and school. Listening Tp 6 Ambitions you have got talents Teaching Practice 6 Reading on Giving Up TV Assignment 3 TP # 6 How much is/are...? Socialising TP6 Old Haunted House Copy of The World of work / Present perfect Reading TP6 - Reading - Office Clothes Saeid Rezaei 6th TP TP-8 Media Types Lesson Copy of Subject / Object Questions Describe your home TP6 (Qestionnaire) Reading about office stereotypes a house with a history, there + be lesson A film review METAPHORS AND IDIOMS TP8 - Vocabulary Lesson TP5-2 / Daily routine/ 3rd person singular Grammar practice, police interview PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE Writing lesson Vocab Main/Speaking Sub Morning Routines reading demo Speaking Club Discuss about gesture and customes local dishes Lesson on dinner invitations, PAST PERFECT Conversation fillers American English File (3D) Teaching Practice Five Choose and buy things."this and these" Past Simple Lesson tp 6 YOU ARE BEING WATCHED TP8 Situational Practice(PPP) Hypothetical Situations in the Present Appearance, vocabulary SPEAKING CLUB Nazym's lesson. The secret of success USED TO, TO BE USED TO, TO GET USED TO CELTA LAST TP Can and Can't Lesson TP5 - Grammar - How much Teaching Practice 4 TP # 5 TP5 saeid Rezaei 5th TP go,have, and get collocations a memorable night Speaking Club lesson plan TP4 Listening for kinds of places to live in Getting together A night to remember, simple past irregular verbs TP5 Transport_TP5 speaking club A Murder Story TP4 B. Can Gören Class-148 04.12.2017 Adverbs of Manner Lesson TP5 - Citybikes Copy of Reading Lesson, The Trouble with T.V. Copy of 170303 Animal Versus Human Rights Copy of Relative Clauses TP8 LISTENING vocabulary PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE FOR FUTURE ARRANGEMENTS Adjectives in a context lesson FUTURE TENSE TO BE GOING TO Grammar Main/ Speaking Sub TP 8 Phrases for comparing Articles in the context of transport Lesson #5 Book E New Bridges Curriculum - Regarding Weather Imaginary situations . lesson plan TP3 Annoying Rules COUNTABLE, UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS, SOME, ANY, QUANTIFIERS A LITTLE, A FEW, A LOT OF, LOTS OF, CONTAINERS an amazing story suggestions and offers TP 12 p.107 Adjectives in the context of describing appearances and feelings TP3 Saeed Farahani, Present Continuous Lesson TP7 TP7 - Reading Lesson QUESTION TAGS Celta 7th TP Tell a ghost story. Prices,Simple present tense Teaching Practice #4 times we love, Like+(verb+-ing) writing lesson , saying thank you TP4-Functional Language Copy of third and mixed conditionals Traditional dishes TP7 Vocabulary U6C Awkward situations Productive Skills Saeid Rezaei 4th TP TP # 4 TP4 (Reading in English) Gramar: comparatives Teaching Practice 4 Food Shopping Object Pronouns Reading Fruits and Vegetables The world's luckiest man Vocab Main/Reading and Speaking Sub Mami lesson -Quantifier character adjectives, present simple, do you .... keeping in touch page 120\ 121 new cutting edge elementary level Big events Life 7d - How was your trip? Mysteries, problems, oddities Copy of 'Be Going To' Future Tense Polite requests_TP4 Present simple tense positive and negative statements Marzieh kasiri, verbs and nouns that go to gether Countable nouns with -s or -es Bad Habits TP 7 Things you do in your free time,simple present Shopping Jealousy Lesson Copy of Staying in a Hotel, Vocabulary and Speaking Lesson Spelling/graph bad neighbours lexis TP3 - Getting it right/big events module 2 page 20-21 memory (new catting edge) shops and shopping, articles and determiners 4a TP3 (Informal Email) TP4- Dinner Invitation present perfect VS simple past mami lesson -getting it right TP7 GRAMMAR Saeid Rezaei 3rd TP Shopping Vocabulary Lesson - TP3 telling time vocabulary Teaching Practice 3 It's illegal Saleema Amza, Reading lesson Love Your Neighbours The world aroun us vocabulary lesson plan Jobs Things you can't live without There is/ There are Arranging a friendly meeting different ways of giving emphasis Reading U5C Describe a Memorable Event Reading and Shopping TP6 - Grammar tp 3 Shopping, Quantifiers TP6 Listening Teaching Practice #2 vocabulary for telling time Module 8 Language focus 2 Questions in the past simple tense Teaching Practice 2 Going on trips there ıs/there are-speaking fluency English variety Shopping basket TP3 in 20 years... There Is/Are Statement and Question Speaking Practice TP2B Teaching TP #2 reading for gist Saleema Amza, speaking lesson Making generalisations. 3a Buying and selling, comparative adjectives. Vocabulary Lesson: What a Life! TP8 TP3- Articles, Determiners Can\Can`t Unusual Achievements/Getting it right writing a formal letter mhd nour -fluency in the context Grammar Unreal Conditionals Vocabulary Lesson on shopping lists TP6 Speaking TP Ba Basic information Copy of Teaching practice 7b Reading lesson The weather LIFE PLANS The News - Protests Lesson FUTURE TENSE WILL Grammar - Defining Relative Clauses Saeid Rezaei 2nd TP Text-Based Presentation of Language The mind/ Unusual achievements Rebellion: What Is It For? FIRST CONDITIONAL Work-life balance CELTA SIXTH TP Bank Robbery, Reading and Vocabulary Mr,bidgoli. Present perfect Buying and selling tp2:Likes/dislikes TP 6 Speaking lesson Polite Requests,Function language,TP6 Review of writing TP7 TP8 Street life, Clothes vocabulary READING - OUR WONDERFUL WORD The football game , comparatives TP6 SPEAKING SECOND CONDITIONAL Nazym's lesson. Tell a lifew story TP7 TP2- Protests TP2: 3rd Conditionals Protests, Second Conditionals Protests TP2 Plan 2a Life Stories A consumer review. GIVING DIRECTIONS TP5_writing Module 6 Eating and drinking What time is it? / A typical day TP5 SUPERLATIVE ADJECTIVES Speaking Speaking Lesson Copy of Speaking, vocabulary and reading. PRESENT PERFECT TENSE WITH FOR AND SINCE Extreme adjectives - B2 -TP5 In the media. TP5 Wedding bells Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson module 7 Extraordinary lives tell your live story Grammar; used to CELTA FIFTH TP See the film Get on the Plane-Passive Voice TP5 In the media TP5 Grammar A true story Films Lesson Copy of Adrenalin - Extreme Sports INFINITIVES AND GERUNDS Message In a Bottle TP6 reading and lexis lesson. past simple negative forms Modals of probability Fact or fiction TP5 READING Weekly plan Braai Day TP6 TP 5 Party Did you know? Future Forms SAFETY AT HOME TCH1 LessonA COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES VOCABULARY - ADJECTIVES TP5 I Got Life TP5 Eating and drinking Party-Listening preposition adverbs what were you saying, conversation strategies TIME CONJUNCTIONS AND PAST HABITS "USED TO" Teaching Practice 8b - At a glance Nigel and his family are in holiday in spain Speaking: anecdote Revision of Past Tense and time expressions used in Past Tense Open-air music festival Technology and lifestyle Different type of books Grammar: Simple and continuous/ At the airport. Regret questions with 'How many' regret Comics TP 8 - be going to (Future Plans) Sport TP8b Weekly plan Experiences Vocabulary lesson-Adrenalin TP8 Text messaging, functional language TP#8 Present Perfect Lesson What I ate yesterday Adrenaline TP7b Mood food Present Perfect Forms of Entertainment: Movies Copy of TP 4: Relative clauses A night at the movies Speaking lesson Friends TBI TP8 Teaching Practice 7b - How practical are you? Music in Braitain present continuous lesson The Longest Bus Ride, Superlative Adjectives Used to TP4 TP 7 - Travel and Hotels Used to lesson Useful Phrases TP#7 Telling the time Adverbs of Frequency life stories,present perfect simple and past simple TP3 Grammar Passive lesson TP 7 should have Travel (Megacities) TP-7 The World of work / Present perfect Tp7 Short story READING VOCABULARY FOR HEALTY LIVING Keeping in touch TP4 - Functional Language success : have you got what it takes !? family tree Teaching Practice 6b - Trends TP 6b Copy of Cultural Differences TP4 Reading Good deed Modals of deduction and speculation Health. New vocabularies Language Functioning The Internet, reading Adverbs of frequency Reading WOULD LIKE AND WOULD LIKE TO, TO MAKE POLITE OFFERS AND REQUESTS Films, music, news Speaking lesson Listening lesson - present simple with I ,you , we and they. Lifestyles changes Much/Many/A lot of Listening to an experience with a monkey Green houses Green Issues Film types- James Bond The Good and the Bad TP6 Lies Speaking The World's Best Hotels lifestyle changes Grammar (Question Tags) loves and hates I can do that, Can / Can't someone you admire Vocab Weekends TP#6 Grammar lesson (comparatives) Vocab Lesson - Shopping in high street Adverbs Past Simple positive regular and irregular verbs restaurant business Can/Can't polite requests Teaching Practice 5b - Politically Incorrect Listening skill TP5b Past Simple: Wh Questions Problems with things you have bought TP4 Vocabulary Peter Black Functional language . TP 4 QUANTIFIERS International Express Unit 4 Speaking, vocabulary and reading. CELTA FOURTH TP My class room / K,L,M,N How to set yourself on fire Megacities Reading lesson Was and Were Sport and Leisure Travel to Izmir women in politics good times and bad times Three Generations TP5 Reading lesson( Politically correct TP#5 My last holiday Life events Travel Functional language: on the phone We had a great time, Past simple TP4_I'm on the phone TP4 TP4 Vocabulary Crime Superlatives and adverbs of degree Money and travelling, the second conditional Grammar What's your favorite sandwich Do the Housework Adverbs Of Frequency In Daily Life Copy of Countries and Nationalities COMPARATIVES LESSON TP 5b Complaints, listening False memories/ TP5 Past Simple lesson Do the housework-Speaking Celebrities and politics Roles in life compare and contrast two alternatives Family vocabulary; possessive 's. TP3 - Grammar Lesson Giving advice "should" good times and bad times Modal verb "can" Interestting Hobbies Teaching practice 8, reading TP 8 Who is a fussy eater? Reading about the history of sandwiches Writing cards and giving wishes on special occasions TP3 Vocabulary Food items vocabulary. Irregular plurals Reading Reading Reading skill Talk about people who have influenced you Group class Orange 7 ADJUSTING TO A NEW PLACE Progess TIMES_Metro Naps Adverbs of frequency and time expressions grammar Teaching practice 7, Writing Jobs lesson TP 7 Reading lesson focusing on scanning and reading in detail, subsidiray is speaking Evaluating art Nothing Day TP3 E-bay Teaching Practice 4b - Renting A Flat Around the world TP3 GRAMMAR Time expressions Shopping mall have and has got Functional language . narrative tenses TP 3 Copy of Work-Life Balance, Speaking and Listening What do I do next? Vocabulary - At the shop Teaching practice 6, Useful phrases TP4b TP 6 saving money Listening AA Observation 2 Vocabulary, listening and speaking present simple lesson TP4: Functional Language-Directions The meaning of life TP#4 My first flat Red Nose Day The land of the brave Older and wise? listening TP 4b irregular verbs narrative tenses Rooms and things in a house LP4 Vocabulary of the months and ordinal numbers There is/ are a change of a plan CELTA THIRD TP Wh guestions for newspaper advertisements Teaching practice 5, Speaking TP 5 Writing - Refer back in emails and make offers and promises Years lesson Motassem Bellah Bowarshi Reading Teaching Practice 3b - Away From Home vocabulary Intermediate vocabulary TP3 Fears and Phobias Times Past Grammar & Listening Describe problems in the home A day off Functional language for explaining reasons Text-Based Presentation of Language Adv 1 Unit2 revision past simple and continuous animals Using simple past and adjectives for your first day in the job Copy of Ice Breaker Plan Need to and don't/doesn't need to a nightmare journey, vocabulary Participle Clauses special days lesson Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) A healthy lifestyle past simple 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue TP 3 Modal verbs " must, have to, should, need to " Houseswap Model Behaviour Grammar Listening Away from Home AA Observation 1 Prepositions Create and Inspire - past simple and past continuous TP#3 Personalitu adjectives Houseswap-Places to live TP3 - Reading Grammar - word order Adjectives writing be : personal questions. TP2 - Adjectives Lesson Vocabulary-Daily routine Teaching Practice 2b - Evenings and Weekends G~J / Colour name speaking and reading Teaching practice 4, grammar TP 4 Language lesson focusing on Grammar (Future forms) - TP4 life's ups and downs reading for gist and vocabulary: compund adjectives Fashion Irregular verbs . Extreme interviews Call the doctor? TP2 Speaking Past simple lesson Describe personality TP 2 Defining and non-defining relative clauses Evenings and weekends CELTA SECOND TP TP2 A change of plan Like, hate, love + noun or verb + ing Simple present lesson Grammar (Describing past Habits) Copy of Grammar: Quantifiers Past tenses (Simple, Progressive, Perfect) Handout 4 Advice, phrasal verbs Teaching Plan 2a TP2 Comparative Reading Lesson compound words Working Animals Speaking Maral speaking Listening Speaking Lesson Copy of Grammar Lesson: Modals of Obligation and Permission Listenig practice Telling Time Teaching practice 2, Practicing preposition of place Copy of Relative clauses: Defining and non-defining clauses Present perfect Reading lesson in the concept of accident-prone people Expressing purpose with to and for Reading; pets and crazy/unusual pet-owners Speaking Lesson Daily routine lesson Free Time With Friends Present Simple Q&A TP#2 TP4--Describing a dramatic experience. Jeffrey Albertson 12:15-1:00pm My nationality Reading Reading about a fashion model Demonstratives, this, that, these, those Grammar. 'wh' questions TP1 Teaching practice 1, listening Vocabulary lesson, with pronunciation and speaking practice Simple past Was/Were/Could Modals lesson Across cultures Attitudes to success Some/ any/a lot of - Demonstratives this/that/these/those Adjectives for good and bad Home Vocabulary lesson - Speculating about consequences Love your neighbours in my free time Job listing Expatriates Neighbours, Present Continuous Back to the Future Handout 3 (Your achievements)- Intermediate Level, B2 level Still at home Town and country weekends Present Perfect Tense Vocabulary Work life balance. TP1 - Listening Business_Demo Sharing simple personal information Copy of Quantifiers Keeping in touch via social media. Related vocabulary and expressions. Speaking about possibilities 12:15-1:00 Handout 2 (Social Networking) Reading skill Daily Routines Self-made activity Telling the time Jobs lesson CELTA FIRST TP_EnglishFile_UpInt grammar to be yes\no questions Adv_Opinion (learning, experience, opinions, emotions, dilemmas, wisdom) Adverbs used with the present perfect TP1 - Group B reading and vocabulary Interviews Recommendations Speaking activities in class TP1 Media around the world Expressions used to talk of habits and preferences London Listening Practice You & Me / introductions Everyday conversations family members . TP1 Vocabulary Present simple, present continuous and present perfect revision lesson Information media Nationality Unassisted lesson #1 K~N Orkun Ders 1 Copy of Dealing with misunderstandings Singular noun and plural nouns Reading & Writing Lesson Grammar - Adjectives Copy of Countries and Nationalities Copy of Countries and Nationalities The verb to have school2 G~J TP 1 Tp 8 Describing Appearances TP 8 - Mirror Images Time Management TP8 Ugly Ducklings Where are you from? Men and Women / 1st split Tp8 Esin-06 October 2017-Holiday Countries and Nationalities TP8 TP 8 TP8 06 October.TP 8B.Listening Teaching Practice 8 Crimes cities, Reading lesson TP#8 Reading&listening Video Club world party video lesson UNIT2: Living in the Digital Age-Lesson 1 Grammar Lesson: Non-Defining Relative Clauses Listening Relative clauses - Anil Kara TP8 Tp7 Past regrets TP 7 - Defining / non-defining relative clauses A trip to Egypt MY TP-07 Maryam Gholizadeh Second conditional My town is the best! Third conditional TP 7 Copy of Unusual Journeys TP7 LOST TRIBES English as a Global Language Greetings and asking names TP7 Esin-04 October 2017-Having fun out (New Year)? Copy of Murder in a country house.Listening and speaking. A~F,1~10 Tp7 starter v+ing Vandana Manoj- 2nd of Oct 2017- describing things in a room or picture TP7 Teaching Practice 7 04 October.TP7B.Grammar. introduce yourself Question tags Anil Kara TP 7 Reading Lesson: How Well Do You Know Your World? Listening Ideal Home, Second Conditional Simple past (regular verbs) TP#7 Question tags Can for Abilities Where I live TP 6 - Don't Argue! Esin-02 October 2017-My home town Vandana TP 6 TP7, to be going to Tp7 Reading and speaking TP #: 6B My favourite place in the world TP6 Personal qualities Writing using "can" and "cann't" in the context of vacation TP6 Past Modals Subject verb agreement in the context of report comments Teaching Practice 6 TP6 Sunday routine TP6 02 October,2017.TP 6B.Vocabulary travelling Memory and Memories: Remembering One's Childhood First conditional Anil Kara TP6 Listening Lesson: Schools TP#6 A helping hand movers In a restaturant My TP-05 TP5 - It gets me mad! Adverbs of frequency Creativity(Reading and speaking) Movie Locations Unassessed/Scanning Talking about last weekend Questions TP 5 Present simple (he,she,it) questions and short answers Movie Reviews Writing and Functional Language Lesson TP5 Teaching Practice 5 TP5 TP5.Vocabulary,Writing Past simple lesson TP #5 TP5 TP5 Waste TP5 It drives me mad Esin-28 September- Daily Routines daily routine celta tp5 Jobs Present Simple, 3rd Person Singular Eiffel Tower Speaking skill: A typical day Kinds of Films Zero and First Conditionals talking on the phone TP 5A Productive skills-Speaking,Listening-Revision of past simple Speakout Elem. 2.1 Things in a house; prepositions of place. PPP progress check Assignment 3 Three Generations Present Perfect Tense and Simple Past tense. Assignment Three TP4 TP4 - Shopping Mall Anıl Kara TP4b grammar Teaching Practice 4 TP-4 Copy of TP8 - Receptive Skill - Reading Should I let my child take risks? KSA Spends $25.1 Billion Abroad Esin-22 September 2017-Social Media Tp4 1.2 tp4 speaking celta cours speaking about free time activities TP4 Reading and writing Time and money teaching practice 4 TP3: Houses Grammar Anıl Kara TP3 Writing an E-Mail MY TP-03 21 september,TP4A.Grammar and Vocabulary 1.1 TP 3b TP 4A TP 3 Teaching Practice 3 TP#4 Vocabulary Teaching Practice 3 Esin-20 September 2017-Sport Comparitives and superlatives Demo lesson - Academ Consult Tp3 teaching practice 3 TP#3 Reading Family vocabulary Brain food LP It's all hypothetical ! Wishes and regrets . MY TP-02 TP 2 stereotypes The present simple tense 3rd person singular Good cities to live in Reading receptive skill-The life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle . TP 3A 19 September,2017.Teaching Practice 3A.Controlled and Semi-Controlled Speaking Copy of TP #7 | Last Holiday I... (Past Simple) Thaer Bahrani, Speaking skill TP 2b Houseswap Describing People Listening lesson - Primary Colours Have got tp3 celta Teaching Practice 2 Hala Gamal, 16/9/2017 Teaching Practice 2 TP 2 shrouk shabara Describing where you live-Writing Lesson TP3 - Past simple and Past continuous Writing ( A dream restaurant ) An amazing story Louza El Khodary How To Do Well Personal Information Party, Useful phrases Simple past and present perfect Friendship lesson Esin-18 September 2017- Do you want to be a volunteer? Adjectives Lesson TP#2 Grammar Tp2 Teaching Practice 2A - Lesson 2C Still At Home Teaching Practice 2 Reading skill TP 2A 'choosing the right person' lesson, 'personal charecteristics' lesson 15th September 2017.Teaching Practice 2.Reading and Writing My TP 01 TP 1 Family life Demo lesson - Infinitive Language School Reading and lexis:weekend Present Simple Questions and Answers Maryam Gholizadeh Into the Future TAHER BAHRANI; Simple present and present progressive Jobs Lesson TP1 Food and restaurant Teaching Practice 1 TP 1 Esin-14 September 2017- Family Life Teaching Practice 1 Famous people and places Teaching Practice 1A - Lesson 2A Expat Files Teaching Practice 1 TP 1 teaching practice 1 The Expat files Copy of Health & Illness Copy of Present Simple Tense (+) Lektion 4 A2.1 Zafer - Summer School 1 classroom language, asking for help Describing Your Home , Grammar what did you really do on the weekend? Personal Possessions (1) Rovshan Abdullayev Present simple shrouk shabara past simple and continuous Classroom rules Louza El Khodary communications writing lesson The pessimist's phrase book will / won't 'Travel and holidays' lesson, places in a city lesson. Vocabulary of warning about a possible risk Adjectives Copy of TP 4 Medication,Talk about Medication Observation 6.9.17 How can colors be useful Adrenalin, useful phrases advertising Shops lesson; Extreme adjectives lesson vocabulary Gratitude lesson Grammar - Should have Diet and Exercise: Health Lesson Part 2 Past simple and continuous Reading and lexis Copy of Adrenalin - Extreme Sports Terrifying shark attack stories Copy of TP7-Was/Were- wedding favorite times Copy of Teaching Practice 3: Vocabulary & Speaking Copy of TP 4, Vocabulary and speaking #Social Media# grammar Get Reacquainted with some one/The Present perfect Copy of Language focus : Grammer Listening Introduce yourself Reading, Writing TP8 Reading & Speaking - Is SMS good for young people? TP8 speaking on intercultural marriage Copy of Plan 7 (Newby, M) Weather lesson, reading TP8 Speaking/ Dilemmas Copy of TP 6, Reading 'The science of happiness' Complaint, Tough Desicion Family Tree -TP7 Functional language of requesting politely, speaking TP7 TP6 present continuous Summer Holiday Lesson Plan Week One Day Four Summer Holiday Lesson Plan Week One Day Three Summer Holiday Lesson Plan Week One Day two Food lesson Food description,local dishes Speaking Lesson Mahmoud Elsayed, Speaking and Reading Lesson Local dishes/Food descriptions listening lesson - rules Things you can't live without shrouk shabara Summer Holiday Lesson Plan Week One Day One Lexical phrases , Injuries Receptive Skills - Phobias Recent Events hypothetical situations in the past Writing Socialising, The great international night out writing my journal Hala Gamal 25/8/2017, Things you can't live without. Productive Skill : Speaking reading and lexis lesson linking words TP8 Non-defining relative clauses Modern and traditional Be going to for predictions "Going To Question Forms and Shoet Answers" Lesson TP8B Reading take care Going To Conjunctions Listening receptive skill-My favorite writer Polite Requests TP8 Hypothetical situations in the past- Second conditional 8va clase A1.1 Los días de la semana y los meses del año interfering with nature phobias and words related to fear Quantifiers writing writing Mind and body TP8: Imperatives Grammar:Should-Shouldn't - Have to Health Advices Speaking To practice reading for gist and detailed comprehention in the context of healthy lifestyle TP6 Consumer Crazy Great white sharks reading with vocab as sub-aim Reading (text about food) Perfect Weekend Lesson Plan Veronika Oztortop TP8 Reading/Grammar Listening, Speaking defining relative clauses Second Conditionals Postcard, Mahmoud Elsayed must and mustn't 'take care' lesson, past continuous lesson TP6 Speaking Style Friends Reporting Verbs Reading Lesson TP 8a reading with vocab as sub-aim EO1Q1W2L1 Family Business TAFL TP6 TP7 Lincoln city Louza El khodary Figures and facts TP 8a Dos and Don'ts TP8 Speaking. Summer holidays Productive Skills - Speaking about Dreams Describing people's appearance countable and uncountable nouns review of future forms Reading Getting together- reading Reading, Grammar TP6 TAFL TP6 Modals of (No)Obligation-Prohibiton Making Predictions Text based presentation of language / guided discovery Food Around The World Louza El Khodary Made in Egypt The meeting, Present Continuous tense A6 Families with all boys or all girls. Ageism Grammar and listening Listening and Vocab/ Speaking reading Reading and vocabulary:into the wild. TP6 Travel and holidays lesson, places in a city lesson. 'She can speak Spanish very well!' Listening Lesson Reading Rituals Ahmed S. Eltantawy, Teaching listening and lexis verbs + to-infinitive & -ing form movie magic Grammar lesson ( To provide clarification of adverbs of frequency.) Reading lesson TP 7B Present Continuous Tense - Affirmative and Negative Copy of Landscape with the Fall of Icarus Copy of TP3- Spend or Save? Vocabulary - Pronunciation Copy of Wishes and regrets Copy of Valentine's Day Copy of Listening Copy of A dream within a dream Copy of Reading lesson. Copy of Wonderful Tonight Healthy and unhealthy food lesson. Childhood Grammar relative clauses Quantifiers Internet Grammar Discovery Lesson Plan Childhood shrouk shabara Old and New Reading - Food: Mood food - tp5 Weather Module 8: Things you can't live without; Speaking Reading Superlative Cities - Text Based Presentation of Language famous peple Superlatives TP 7a Present tense with (if,when,before and after) TP7 Veronika Oztortop TP7 Functional language/Speaking TP5 Reading Reading - Adverbs of Frequency Quiz Night, Listening TP7: Listening Grammar, countable/uncountable nouns Text based presentation of language / guided discovery Reading, Vocabulary,Speaking TP5 polite requests Past modals Eyes Open 1 Starter Unit- 1 TP7 Grammar. Twists of fate Writing Lesson - Formal Letter of a complaint Sports Collocations with Play and Go Reading Writing in the context of Rituals of Dating and Anniversaries Mahmoud Elsayed,Grammar Grammar-have to /don't have to Grammar Lesson Modals in the past My Last Holiday Future time clauses vocabulary,numbers assignment 3 Yahya Elsayed 21st August 2017 . TP 6 unit 10.2 Talk about your life, Speaking colors and description Competitions, Reading Mysteries,problems,oddities - Reading Interview Mohamed Ibrahim TP 6 Adjectives with -ed and -ing endings TP 7a starter Reading Skill-Lifestyle present simple continuous form Copy of Who is Virginia Woolf? Reading Going to - Future plans Greetings, the alphabet, numbers, prepositions, classroom objects English File1.1A TP6 TP 6B TAFL TP5 Reading and speaking Giving written directions : Ambitions and Dreams , present perfect vs past simple Hala Gamal 19/8/2017, In the media. ICE BREAKERS mysteries, problems,oddities Comparatives Superlative lesson Haiam Dawood .Real Life .Asking for and giving directions . making conversations Chelsea Girls ,Past simple tense TAFL TP5 Simple Past Tense - Questions & Negatives Grammar: Future Plans In the media, Extreme adjectives Present Continuous (future meaning) TP6: Speaking prepositions in geographical descriptions TP 6a Lesson Plan Family weekend activities TP 6a Journeys Hala Gamal 19/8/2017, In the media. Eating Right & Past Participles As Adjectives Reading about technology Journey, Speaking The created capital grammar News stories Copy of Sharing a Flat Productive Lesson Receptive skills lesson The Lost Weekend - Listening Present Continuous Hostels Vocabulary and Speaking Receptive Skills - Listening Veronika Oztortop TP6 Grammar/Speaking Fame and fotune "Jackson Pollock" Reading Lesson Fame & Fortune - Speaking/functional Language for summarizing superlative adjectives review abook /CD/concert Fate Louza El khodary - Old and New Everyday English TP 5b (Reading ) TP 5 B Meeting people writing Countries and Cultures TP6 Speaking, Attend a reunion 1A (1/2) - NEFile Reading and lexis .geograhical features. Parents and teenagers Passive voice session 6 movers unit 13 listening Present simple and present continuous Reading about fame and fortune Fame and Fortune TP 4 grammar Writing lesson Speaking Mohamed Ibrahim Sun and the City Indefinite pronouns Countries and cultures lesson, geographic features No time for anything-Comparative Adjectives Mahmoud Elsayed,Reading and Speaking Lesson Informal Letter Writing When to go Lesson Plan functional language past simple tense was/were in life stories context TP 5a Listening Lesson (on holiday) Times past TP5 TP5: Vocabulary Veronika Oztortop TP5 Listening/Functional language Song- Something Stupid. Headline Language TP 5a listening with freer writing Giving directions: Speaking News Verb to be Copy of TP-6: Comparative Adjectives and Adverbs Favorite places to eat Real life, Asking for and giving directions TP4 Weather vocabulary Lesson TP5 Listening, A change of plan Around The World, Speaking From A to B, Definite, Indefinite, Zero Articles TP4 How much/many ..............? TAFL TP4 Passive+writing Future forms TP3 Reading for Specific Information TP3 Mahmoud ElSayed. 14-08-2017.WORLD CULTURE.Listening & Speaking TP3 Using (Can) for ability and possibility "can" for ability and possibility Newe Bridges Book C Lesson 7 session 4 movers unit 11 Grammar lesson faces & feelings Vocabulary Reading lesson Time lesson Hotel Problems Reading in English Leson, object pronouns Speaking about sandwiches TP4 QUANTIFIERS Vocabulary (housework make and do) TP 4b Teaching Practice 6- 11.08.2017 Functional Language Personal details, Numbers 20 - 100; age TP4: Functional Language Teaching Practice 8 Grammar Reading skills lesson plan and Vocabulary analysis rooms and fourniture Functional Language Lesson My favourite day Reading Skills - Vancouver,Canada. "The Style Interview" Reading Lesson Fashion Grammar There is/ There are Reading TP 4B Classroom Objects School Supplies Text-Based Presentation of Language #2 what's the word Listening Eat in or out? writing Big Events Productive Skill : Speaking Vocabulary - Collocations Teenagers have annoying habits YL TP5 writing Icebreaker 1, getting to know each other and basic command verbs Description of Food Aladdin Wishes Grammar Lesson Vocabulary writing Veronika Oztortop TP4 Grammar Grammar X Factor winners Past Simple Lesson Holidays food I like and I'd like Grammar Lesson CLASSROOM OBJECTS Ordering food at a restaurant Adjective+noun grammar structure; Speaking Crazy Recipes Lesson TP 4a TP4 Reading Lesson TAFL TP3 grammar-adverbs past simple lesson cards in different colours Grammar lesson what a life! Reading and vocabulary Lesson Plan Food Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy TP 3b Integrated skills be going to Describing a picture TAFL TP3 Daily routine Vocabulary, everyday activities TP 4- 09.08.2017-13.30 TP 4 Reading, New Year's Day Relationships, Present simple and continuous tenses Writing- Festivals- speaking Reading (TP3) "My Ibiza" Listening Lesson Since/For A day in the life of Lois Maddox Present simple tense (always/sometimes/never) TP 3B Food TP 3: Perfect Tenses Auxiliary verbs Reading About Air Travel The trap Productive Skills - Speaking Under the Sea Lesson Test-Teach-Test Presentation of language YL TP4 Reading Grammar Lesson - Nouns nd quantity expressions verb to be (2): negative, yes/no questions TP3 Reading: Personal Achievements Teaching Practice 5 reading and freer speaking Reading and Speaking Practice Listening - Protests and Demonstration Dynamic and Stative verbs speaking Meeting people online Copy of First conditional and Second conditional session 2 movers The good old days - Past Simple (negative and question forms) Veronika Oztortop TP3 Listening Everyday Life - Listening & Speking - Mustafa Fouda First Meetings, Listening & Speaking Listening for gist and specific information The Mind TP 2b Physical Appearance and Personality Tp 3 Prepositions of place (from, in, near) past sımple regular Grammar practice lesson Future forms Grammar, Reading and Speaking Festivals , Reading lesson Reading receptive skill-What are different types of restaurants ? Reading about a fisherman TP 3a TP2: Listening Lifestyles and intrests Soeaking Past Continuous Created capitals reading and freer speaking Reading Lesson TP# 2b TP3 Reading skills lesson plan Receptive skills-listening Parents and teenagers food TP2 - Grammar: Future Verb Forms "Going to" Lesson jobs lesson Passive L 1C - 3 Grammar (NEFile ) Reading L 1C - 2 Listening & Reading (NEFile ) A hole in the Ozone session 1 Writing and lexis:A covering letter. TAFL TP2 shrouk shabara Lexis In the Media Listening for gist, lexis in the context of lifestyle Brainstorming CLIL Summer Holidays Collections Lesson telling story Text-Based Presentation of Language Teaching Practice 3 Mohamed Ibrahim TP2 TP 2 Reading Haiam Dawood - 4 Aug 2017 - success - future forms . Yes-No-Wh- Questions Personal Information Direct-Indirect Speech Teaching Practice 2: Receptive Skills - Reading Veronika Oztortop TP2 Grammar Grammar Irregular Past Simple Hala Gamal 4/8/1987 Super Me - Grammar - Can/ can't present simple, grammar Doing something different ,listening and speaking Teaching Practice 3- 04.08.2017- 1.30 p.m. Reading, Have\has verb practice Things I love about Britain Nightmare jobs Grammar Grammar - Verbs with verb-ing Plan your dream holiday Career Change TP 2a Reading and Lexis in the context of success Vocabulary lesson Where are you from? Child Prodigies Teaching practice 2 Right places,wrong person Yahya Elsayed 4nd August 2017 . Demo unit 2A Vocabulary lesson TP1 - Speaking in the context of honesty Writing in the Context of Family and Friends vocabulary Reading and speaking YL TP3 grammar (a/an/some) What have you got? Object pronouns Personal Information Lesson Imperatives and let's lesson TP 1b Listening All about you Family members and possessive "s" Reading about dating Scientist's Survey Lesson Ahmed S. Altantawy L 1D-4 Expressions to Describe Words you Don’t Know Yet NEFile Where do you live/work ? Couples families and children adj for states and feelings , imperative TP1: Hypotheticals Lexis and speaking lesson Reading Lesson TP 2 Language focus, Meeting people Veronika Oztortop TP1 Receptive Skills (Reading) Listening Skills (Receptive) Yahya Elsayed . 2nd August 2017 . Demo unit 1 C Grammar review {wh} questions with reference to friends. Scanning-Comprehension Copy of Defining Relative Clauses Life in Another Place Describing a Picture (Speaking) Family and friends TP1 Teaching Practice 2- 02.08.2017- 3p.m. Lexis and Reading lesson TP 1a Present Perfect & Simple Past Tense lesson Family and Friends Vocabulary for family and work vocabulary, gradable and non-gradable adjectives. Vocabulary Lesson Music lesson, contractions Comparatives and superlatives Reading Leesson Family and numbers TP#: 1b Reading lesson TP 1a Telling the time Teaching Practice 1- 01.08.207- 3pm Writing and lexis:A covering letter. Teaching Practice 1 Famous Bands Poster Project Based Lesson TP1 YL TP1 extra reading alphabet) success Future forms Teaching Practice 1 Success lesson, writing a letter Listening (Introduce yourself) TAFL TP1 Teaching Practice-Present Perfect or Past Simple Tense TP1 Numbers (0-10) Hala Gamal , 29/7/2017 ,At rest , at work Present perfect present simple tense New Bridges Book C Lesson 5 Phrases for comparing TP_Speaking TP8 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen TPb 8 TP8 - Vocabulary(Shopping) TP 8 Sayed Khairy(What are they doing?) shrouk shabara TP#8 Reading Louza El Khodary -Describing life events special occasions, present continuous and present simple Listening - Second Conditionals Opinions lesson speaking about tours The (wedding) anniversary; contacting people simple past and past continous Nigel on Holiday Speaking and lexis:describing people. Recruitment Agency - Advice Holidays Teaching Practice 8- Grammar Future Plans, New Year's Resolution, Speaking lesson Mahmoud Eldesoky. Comparison TP8 tp 8 Grammar TP8 Writing TP8 Fearless Felix Reading lesson Teaching Practice 8 Describing feelings Speaking and lexis:describing people Causative Adjectives Vocabulary Lesson Functional Language: Social Expression Functional language [would like/some/any] Listening lesson Hotel reservation be going to for future plans Superlative Adjectives Grammar lesson 3 TP7 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen Ajectives TPb 7 Tp 7 Sayed khairy (The internet) TP 8 What's the matter? Merve Öztürk TP#7 Writing your favourite shop Writing a postcard Hotel booking abshanTp7 TP7 - PART C - Joey Guertin Teaching Practice 8 Design a tour :speaking and writing Hotel review Kamila Mammadova: Functional Language TP-8 tp8 life stories lesson, positive characteristics Future tense life stories lesson, positive characteristics Designing a tour School and University subjects Last Lesson Copy of Shopping (Grammar/Listening) Quantifiers The causative verb have. Style; clothes and physical description Teaching practice 7 Around the world / listening - speaking Let's go away lesson, can and can't for possibility lesson Teaching Practice 7- Reading Comprehension mary tp 7 Lesson 7 Can and Can't+Adverbs (Listening+Functional Language) TP 7 Present Simple Passive Teaching Practice 7 TP6 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen TP7 TP 6_Version_2_Reading Quiz Night - T.p.7 what kind of hair? unexpected Make a good Impression Teaching Practice 8 Cold weather Appearance Sports TP 6 Sayed Khairy (Everyday English) My last holiday Lesson 6 Present Simple vs Present Continuous Dream Homes Grammar Hard work - Jobs interview I Can Do That! Grammar- Comparative adjectives. Grammar / Reading Vocabulary TP 7- Listening 24 july 2017, sevgi üstün, demo, success Tips about 'How to' Teaching practice 6 My shoes Feeling happy/preferences lesson Listening lesson TP7 - Vocabulary (talking about clothes) A Weekend away Shopping Online 7 TP7 Communication Strategies - Requests People who changed the world, Past simple regular and irregular verbs lesson Kamila Mammadova TP-7 All Around The Places / World - Speaking Around the World Reading and Vocabulary Lesson ( So you think you know what's good for you?) Function and Speaking A nightmare journey: Phrasal verbs TP7 short story TP7 The Young Ones TPb 6 TP7 Lawyer gives up job to cycle around the world Teaching Practice 7 Speaking and Reading Modals of deduction and speculation TP 6b New Bridges Book C Lesson 3b A Cold Place abshanTP6 Speaking TP6 - PART B - Grammar TP6 Listening_with past simple Feelings TTT Junk food - Modifiers (adverbs of degree) Functional language ways to improve your memory listening for names of national food food Teaching Practice 6- Grammar Reading n Reading and Listening A short thank-you message TP6 wish you were there Gerund/Infinitive Lesson Teaching Practice 6 -Levent Bek Reading for gist and specific information Stuff! Consumer Crazy-Reading and Speaking Relative Clauses Teaching Practice 6 Jobs, Years Food you like! Reported Speech TP6 TP5 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen A dish for you- writing Food you like! Future (will) TP 5 Sayed Khairy (When's your birthday) Talking about likes and dislikes Jackson Pollock "Do you Like/Would you like" Lesson M. Ozturk TP#5b TP6 TPb 5 TP6 TP6 - Countable and uncountable phrases with 'some' and 'any' Countable and non-countable nouns Games: using expressions for understanding/clarifying Lesson 5 misunderstanding instructions Teaching Practice 6 Vocabulary on the names of places and giving directions Band Queen- Listening Copy of Assessed TP 6 Kamila Mammadova - TP.6 I have to clean my room Times Past speaking second conditional Listening lesson, Renting a flat Copy of Contextualized Past Simple Negative Receptive skill(scanning) - simple past mary tp5 vocabulary A weekend break : hotels TP 5 Past Simple 5A Teaching Practice 5- Reading Grammar Celebrations, reading blogs Grammar and Speaking Functional Language: Making a social arrangement LISTENING/GRAMMAR Reading Lesson about decisions Reading News Stories Copy of TP 4, Present perfect and past simple Films Listening Skill Places- Past Simple Grammar lesson 2 grammar analsys Teaching Practice 5 animals and zoo lesson First Love Comperatives Words that go together warn about a possible risk Reading Biographies TP5 Reading and Vocabulary Kamila Mammadova- WritingTP-5 TP5 - Question Forms Crop Circles Collocations Lesson Cultures - dos and donts Reading and Vocabulary Lesson Teaching Practice 5 Vocabulary Vocabulary (ordinal numbers) 5 TP5 Speaking about " living in another country or city" A real adventure Highlights of The year TP5 - Khadija El Mahrsi used to reading- vocabulary,content Written Assignment 3 Assignment 3: Language Skills New Bridges Book C Lesson 2 Requests and Suggetions Where I live tips for learning English Seda's plan Reading lesson TP 4 Listening Kamila Mammadova TP-4 Speaking / Listening mary muia tp 4 Grammer Robots Lesson Lesson 4 Passive Voice Grammer of present perfect Dilemmas Tp_4_Mohamed Sabah TP4 Sayed Khairy - Online dating Mobile phones Telling the Time Lesson TP4 TP 4 Grammar_Prepositions of time Demonstrative Pronouns Present Continuous 4 Your achievements lesson, present perfect and time expressions lesson Future Clauses Teaching Practice 4- Grammar (Past Simple Affirmative regular & irregular verbs) Present Simple Tense speaking daily routine Vocabulary Listening Present Perfect Simple First date / Present Simple questions and short answers sending and replying to invitations by email 4A MetroNaps TP 4, Present perfect and past simple Speaking lesson Teaching Practice 4- Levent Bek Teaching Practice 4 TP 4 A tour to Australia TP3 Lois Maddox - Headway Sending/replying to invitations TP4 - First Conditional TP4 - Khadija El Mahrsi TP4 Gulnora, Listening "Last week" Living abroad, Scotland Australia lesson My first flat: Vocabulary Explore Lesson: Keywords: so, such Lesson 4 Parents and Teenagers Lesson 3 directions Teaching Practice 4 Functional language Racing lesson- comparatives and superlatives Tp1 Sayed Khairy (Flatmates) TP_3b_Speaking Countries and Nationalities TP_3_Mohamed_Sabah An early bird or a night owl?, Frequency adverbs TP4 TP3 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen When, Where, How - Daily Routine TPa 3 LISTENING/VOCABULARY Brits at home ... and abroad Kamila Mammadova TP-3 Present Perfect Lesson Teaching Practice 3- Grammar (He/ She doesn't ...) New Bridges Book C Lesson 1 Damla TP3 ANDRE AGASSI TP 3 In the Media T.P.2 Ahmad Al naqeeb Changing lives Functional language TP3 Adj -ed/-ing Vocbulary lesson TP3 - Khadija El Mahrsi Media lesson Vocabulary & Listening - Things to Buy Grammar, Prepositions of place Vocabulary Lesson TP3 - PART C (Vocabulary and Pronunciation) - Joey Guertin Let's meet again Present Perfect Lesson Teaching Practice 3 - Lorraine Vocabulary (work) TP3 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Levent Bek- Teaching Practice 3 3 Receptive skills, reading Covering letter lesson TP3 Reading Lesson, Online Friendships Speaking and Reading present simple TP 2 Reading TP2 Inci Stief - TP3 Lifestyle of a man called Colin Brodie through listening and reading tasks Lesson 2 Present Simple, Some/Any, This/That Lesson 3 Plans and Dreams Travel Experts Lesson Writing and Vocabulary Vocablary and Speaking Reading Skill TP2 - Present Simple Tense Applying for Jobs Teaching- Grammar Gulnora, TP: 3a Simple past with Used to Teaching Practice 3 Reading and Speaking on past experiences Simple past and pronouncing /ed/ TP2. One dark October evening TP2 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen TP2 Sayed Khairy - past simple Raising money M. Ozturk's Writing Lesson TP 2_Mohamed Sabah Teaching Practice 2- Reading (Information about city) TP2 - PART C - Joey Guertin TPa 2 Grammar and Listening Simple Past Lesson Past Continuous - Grammar & Listening Copy of TP-8: The uses of definite and indefinite articles Daily routines / -WH questions: How many....? abshantp2 The big wide world quiz (comparatives & superlatives) TP2 RD Listening Listen, Fill in, Create! Talking about people Levent Bek- Teaching practice 2 mary tp2 Writing stories Teaching Practice 2 TP 2 Past Continuous in contrast with Simple Past T.P.1 Ahmad Al naqeeb Adjectives pf personality 2D Tour Group Friendship, TP1 Countable and Uncountable Nouns, Listening Lexis on Place Descriptions Mahmoud - Family and Friends - possessive 's Reading and Speaking Nabil Sotohi Mahmoud Al Dosoky TP1, Mohammad Taghvaee, 6 July 2017 TP2 Lesson 1 Holidays - Vocabulary and Grammar Past Simple: regular and irregular verbs 2 Call the Doctor Teaching Practice 2 Kamila Mammadova TP-2 Reading Teaching Practice 2 Reading Lesson, Explore Writing TP 1- Inci stief I never forget a face Chilhood and upringing (Speaking-Listening) Merve Öztürk's Present Simple - yes/no questions Lesson Tp1 Sayed Khairy (Describing people) TP 1_Mohamed Sabah TP1 - Ole Vinsten Pedersen TP1 TP 1 Teaching Practice 1 Present perfect with for and since There is / There are - Beginner Level Teaching Practice 1 Appearance and Personality - Grammar Present Simple TPa 1 Grammar and Reading Grammar lesson TP1 - PART A - Joey Guertin Describing people Reading and Vocabulary Teaching practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 TP1- Paker Doğu Özdemir Speaking Grammar Focus 4 - Be: Personal Questions introducing family, possessive Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 yes no question and short answer with be sahar Simple Present Production Life in the arctic Present simple- Present continuous Teaching Practice 1 tp1 Reading about city commuters Kamila Mammadova TP1 grammer, permission and possibility Definiteness and Indefiniteness Things at home, Home appliances Copy of Health & Illness Copy of Demo Lesson 15/4/12 Grammar For and Since Speaking activities in class is that a fact reading lesson Copy of Second conditional Adv_Opinion (learning, experience, opinions, emotions, dilemmas, wisdom) Lifestyle. Activities, daily routines, jobs, time Tales: types of story, the news, telling a story Copy of Celta Lesson Plan 8:Speaking Demo session TP: 8b My Last Holiday . Reading Past Sumple of BE TP8b, Mehrdad Baradaran Shokouhi Mehrdad Kharazy Dehkharghani's TP8 TP 8A Gaziza Anarova TP8A_Kim TP 8 - Offers and Requests Anna TP 8 Speaking Deren Dogan TP8 Beno, 22 July 2017, TP8a Amy - TP: 8a travel and transport Future plans Copy of Shopping for Food TP: 7b Life Changes . Grammar / be going to Life changes TP7b, Mehrdad Baradaran Shokouhi Mehrdad Kharazy Dehkharghani's TP7 Copy of Speaking - Hopes and Dreams Veronika Oztortop-TP7a-Skills-Speaking TP 7A Gaziza Anarova Beno, 20 July 2017, TP7 a TP 7 - Fashion and Things GS 1 Clothes Deren Doğan TP7 TP: 6b Tourist Information Centre . Functional Language Mehrdad Kharazy Dehkharghani's TP6 TP7A-Kim-Grammar TP6b Amy - TP: 7a can / can't TP6b, Mehrdad Baradaran Shokouhi There is not, There are not, and ANY TP8 Kate TP 7b_21.06.17 Anna TP 7 TP8 TP7 tp7 TP6 Kate TP 6_19.06.17 regular & irregular verbs Rovshan Abdullayev TP-8 TP8 TP 6A Gaziza Anarova Veronika`s Plan; TP 6a - Grammar a/ some/a lot of; there is/there are Beno, 16, June, 2017, TP6a TP6 Amy - TP: 6a my home town Anna LP 6a Furniture_ Lesson Plan for the Practical Teaching Course Sample Unit Fantasy Dinner Party TP6a_Kim Deren Doğan TP-6 TP5b, Mehrdad Baradaran Shokouhi TP8 Practicing saying years TP 6 - Feelings Copy of TP #: 1b TP: 5b Remakes . Grammar / Past Simple (to be) TP5a TP5a_Kim City life Anna TP 5a Kate TP 5b_15.06.17 Beno, TP 5a, 14 June 2017 Veronika Oztortop-TP5a-Skills-Listening Tp5 Amy - TP: 5a there is/ there are Deren Dogan TP-5 Mehrdad Kharazy Dehkharghani's TP5 TP 5 - Will, Might, May Writing Teaching Practice 8 TP7 Rovshan Abdullayev TP-7 Elif Sidan 11.06.2017 Travel and Tourism TP7 TP4b, Mehrdad Baradaran Shokouhi DELTA MODULE 2 - Pr-interview Task Mehrdad Kharazy Dehkharghani's TP4 TP: 4b Reading TP 4b Adjective: superlative form Teaching Practice 7 Grammar Revision Deren Dogan TP-4 Kate TP 4b_12.06.17 Teaching Practice 6 Rovshan Abdullayev TP-6 Veronika`s Plan; TP 4a - Grammar review have to / can TP2b, Mehrdad Baradaran Shokouhi tp4 TP 4A Gaziza Anarova TP4 Anna Amy- TP: 4a money A Change of Plan (Future Tense) Beno, TP 4a, 9 June 2017 In fashion confirming an email Modifying comparative forms TP: 3b Past Progressive and Past Simple Mehrdad Kharazy Dehkharghani's TP3 TP3b, Mehrdad Baradaran Shokouhi TP6 Advertising Describe Past Event Copy of TP 6 Kate TP 3b_08.06.17 TP:3b Deren Dogan TP-3 TP3 TP 3 TP3 Risk and Accidents Copy of Frequency Adverbs Lesson Rovshan Abdullayev TP5 Fucntional name ESL low primary, Reading and Phonemic awareness Fucntional name TP5 Relative clauses/ Fashion TP 3 - Listening & Vocabulary Amy - TP: 3a Writing a recipe TP2b, Mehrdad Baradaran Shokouhi TP-3A-Kim Tang Çakırkaya Feelings Demo Lesson Beno, TP 3a, 6 June 2017 Quantifiers Deren Doğan TP-2 Ümit Kış . 2 June 2017 . TP 2b TP2 Mehrdad Kharazy Dehkharghani's TP2 Conversation between friends sport and health TP 2a Gaziza Anarova Copy of Countable / uncountable nouns, Quantifiers. Kim-TP2-Skills-Listening Kate TP 2b_05.07.17 TP2 Vocabulary, Lesson Plan 2 Veronika Oztortop- 2/6/2017, TP 2a Rawabi, 2 May 2017, TP 2a 1b, Mehrdad Baradaran Shokouhi TP 2 - used to / would Amy - TP: 2a since and for present perfect simple and continues Life long learning Teaching Practice 5 Ümit Kış . 31 May 2017 . TP 1b TTT Grammar Deren Doğan TP1 TP 1 Gaziza Anarova Mehrdad Kharazy Dehkharghani's TP1 Veronika`s Plan; Grammar review. Present simple, continuous and past simple. Beno, 31 May 2017, TP 1a Kim-TP1-Sing. neg. form of `To Be` tp1 TP1 TP1 A\AN Kate TP 1b_01.06.17 Amy - TP: 1a music Jonon TP1 CELTA TP 1 - Patrick Cody Reading TP5 Grammar and speaking Article about a famous place in your city Teaching Practice Number: 2 Creat and Inspire - Interview and Demo class [ Haya Alzaghal ] Vocabulary from The Big Bang Theory If Clause, First Conditional Teaching vocabulary related to sports Copy of Natasha meets Darren writing Listening Farm Animals-Action Verbs + Present Continuous Tense Listening and speaking, sentence stress Expats comparatives and superlatives Past simple, past progressive, past perfect Digital natives/immigrants TP4 First Date Success Listening lesson Teaching Practice 4 TP4 Rovshan Abdullayev TP-4 ET 1 Language focus lesson Healthy diet People who have changed the world Describing people and objects using certain adjectives. Away From Home Past simple lesson ( Reading and writingà Past Passive internet Teaching Practice 4 reading & listening Rovshan Abdullayev TP-3 tp3 Teaching Practice 3 Special Days Biography writing TP3 Teaching shopping from home Teaching Practice 3 Online Process Writing Lessons for Young Learners Simpel Present Emphatic stress Teaching Practice 2 Listening lesson Prepositions of time Shopping online Rovshan Abdullayev TP-2 Summarizing skills Dreams present simple and present continuous TP:8 Dreams & Reality Expatriates sleep vocabulary and collocations Present Simple lesson Present simple lesson Here & Now (listening lesson) Reading lesson Drama Family Problems First and Second Conditional Types Michelle ("Shelly") Fears TP#8 TP 8: Laughter Teaching Practice 2 A world of things TP:7 Describing a photo Please and Thank you My home town Copy of Speaking - Hopes and Dreams Quantıfıers Inventions - Passive Voice Going to the beach Please & thank you Family Tree Cinema lesson Grammar Less Copy of Contextualized Past Simple Negative TP 7: Giving advice on how to save money TP-7 Narcissus and the Rejection of Echo: Why Are We So Vain? What's your advice Rovshan Abdullayev TP1 Famous people Body Parts- Vocab lesson wish + past simple or past perfect My life TP:6 Regrets Past Simple lesson The time lesson Teaching Practice 1 Observation Regrets and wishes Reading Lesson Times past: past simple - irregular verbs At the doctor's Teaching Practice 1 Times Past TP8 TP7 Vocabulary lesson Michelle ("Shelly") Fears TP#6 TP1 Family Weekend TP 6: Expresing feelings TP-6 How hotdogs are made; Process writing lesson TP6 Copy of Scared to Death Going out - present progressives TP:5 Unreal conditionals Invitation and replies Living History Session 3 Present progressive for future arrangements. Customer service, Business result, Vocabulary lesson Going Out Vocabulary and reading lesson TP5 TP5 TP #5 TPH1 Parts of Plants - Fruit & Vegetables jobs/animals/flowers/foods/colours TP 5: The survivors' club Jobs & Occupations Going out - making arrangements Food lesson Expressing reason,purpose and contrast short movie Grammar Are you a risk taker? Culture Shock Copy of The grammar of present perfect continuous with the use of for and since Wishlist lesson Time machine Session 2 fashion victim lesson TP3 Phrasal verbs Films, books, restaurants May8th New Bridges Lesson 7a Book B reading , writing , speking , listening Are you a risk taker? Zero and first conditionals, future time clauses Free time lesson Modal verbs review Boomerang kids TP:4 Verb patterns Listening TP-4 AT 4 Telephone. Enemy or friend lesson Have you got any plans? Conguratulations A Family History Speaking Lesson Incredibly short stories How Eco-guilty are you? describe a natural setting Copy of TP 5 / Face 2 Face / 5C: " In a restaurant " Eco-guilt - Grammar culture Session 1 Our new home Articles Modals (can/able to) borhan TP3 Grammar lesson Michelle ("Shelly") Fears TP#3 Habits May 4th TP3 TP:3 Everyday English: Saying When Animals To practice a minimal conversation in a shop. New Bridges Lesson 6b Book B Older and wiser? TP 3: Food and Drink Older and wiser? May2nd The truth about air travel - reading, speaking & vocabulary GRAMMAR How do you get the news? Weather vocabulary and present continuous vs present simple review The Truth about air travel Mood Food 1 B Maryam Nikneshan TP:2 Past Continous Tense Michelle ("Shelly") Fears TP#2 Reading lesson Demo Lesson Favourites, verb expressions for regular activities Copy of Copy of Life Experiences Copy of Copy of Life Experiences Copy of Copy of Life Experiences Copy of Copy of Life Experiences Copy of Talking about the past. TP 2: New Storıes My life Grammar and Pronunciation (auxiliary verbs) Lesson Plan Call the doctor? - Reading and Writing (emails) Call the doctor? Clarification of Grammar There is / There are Do you believe in it? TP1: My oldest friend TP1: Getting to know Success: Vocab and Speaking Getting to Know Family and Places Copy of Teaching Practice 7 Extreme Interviews Extreme Interviews - Listening and Speaking Jobs APR27 TP1: Family and numbers lesson, Vocabulary Safir's observation 1 Who is Virginia Woolf? Draw Your Name Vengeance and Forgiveness Future Intentions - going to, would like to and want to J1_W11_Sem2 New Bridges Lesson 4b Book B Types of music GTKY - Intro Lesson Copy of Reading, The science of happiness 5B Love Your Neighbours Time of Your Life Jobs and Places for work a better future, wish and hope Wirkung von Säuren auf Metalle Writing a story lesson Present Perfect (Reading) A very long flight Writing 1-2 w 1 - Instructions and Giving directions Copy of TP 5, Modal verbs - permission and obligation Grammar - Must prediction lesson New Bridges Lesson 3 Book B Tp8 Relative Clauses useful phrases vocabulary and listening A dream within a dream Reading lesson // Haya Zaghal // TP8 Grammar: question tags Adverbs of manner mary tp8 TP 8 Sinan Koca_Maths_LP3 Modern Icons Thank you & Farewell TP8 TP8 TP#8 Work collocations Reading, Luck TP 8b - Infinitive of purpose Lucky encounters, 3rd conditional, speaking travel and future plans Dreams & Reality Grammar Grammar (Comparatives) TP8 Holiday, present continuous and present simple Reading - Culture Shock In The Dragons' Den What's the matter? TP7 TP #8 Reading & Vocab (Pride and prejudice) Conditional Structures The Secret Millionaire Listening Listening and speaking Tp 7 Reading: The American Dream Teaching Practice 7 Copy of Teaching Practice 3_Nurel Toprak What is the right job for you? Two-verb structures: -ing or infinitive? Money matters - Reported questions TP7 Writing (Biography & Autobiography) money matters, reported speech Passive - Coco cola birthday Would like to vs like -ing TP 7b - Transport (task-based learning) Function Globally (Conceding Points) in a discussion New Bridges Lesson 2b Book B Paragliding Listening TP6 Teaching practice 6 Grammar - Past Simple with time expressions Money Matters Speaking TP 6 TP7 Citybikes Olimpic Dreams Vocabulary Passive voice lesson third conditional Things you can do on the internet - TP6 TP 7 Orderding in a restaurant Rhyme and Reason Was/were past tense grammar lesson - Haya Zaghal - TP6 mary tp6 New Bridges Lesson 2a Book B Written text messages - problem-solving Mystery, verbs followed by infinitive Can for ability Grammar "quite" straightforward, reading, mysteries Past modals of speculation getting around the city TP6 Listening Lesson in the context of Lying and Deception TP 6b - Requests/responses (functional language) Reading Going out Every drop counts, flowchart TP 8 Reading Imposter! Lie Work & Study Listening Holiday, writing about holiday in the past Asking for a favour Talent Prepositions of time - Teaching practice 8 have/get lesson Tp 5b opinion Future arrangements Writing - A letter to friend about plans New Bridges Lesson 1 TP5 Adverbs of Frequency Rhetoric A day in the life of a celebrity TP5 AT3 - IfType3:Third Conditional Power & Money (Reading and Pronunciation) Copy of Past Continuous and Past Simple Transport Unit 9.1 Listening phone bills, prepositional phrases TP5 Mary Tp 5 Listening + Oral Practice on the Topic (Post Listening) Reading lesson- Haya Zaghal TP5 TP 5b - Film and Television Reading and vocabulary "Secrets" Art painting TP 5 Adjectives to describe films Mehtap Çetin - Secrets - Modals of speculation (present time) Complaints, functional Forms of Entertainment: Television Do, have, go collocations Celebrities Writing a letter from holidays Writing lesson(Describing your home town Future arrangements reading and listening lesson Tp7 Copy of Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson Present Continuous Hotel journey lesson TP 7 Grammar - 2nd conditional, what would you do? TP 7 TP#7 TP4 mary muia tp 4 Tp 4 Countable and uncountable TP #7 Reading & Vocab. (Journey) TP 7 Integrated Receptive skills Mehtap Çetin - Vancouver - the best city in the world Listening lesson TP 4 - Haya Zaghal where I live, There is, There are Quantifiers TP4 TP 4b - get used to / be used to Plans and Predictions :"be going to" feelings What do you think? Q&A Vocabulary - prepositions of place reading Greta Garbo Object pronouns In town Function Globally (Showing Interest) Vocabulary about Tourism and Advertisement Reading Task + Oral Practice on the Topic (TP 4a) shopping Functional Language Shops and shoppers, vocabulary Shops and shoppers: reading travel by... Travel Readings Scotland Vocabulary\Speaking\Listening Lesson TP 3 - Haya Alzaghal Tp4 Simple Present Mehtap Çetin - What Time Do you Get Up? - Present Simple Daily routine TP3 Bank Robbers TP3 mary muia tp3 28 march 2017 TP 3b TP3B Used to vs Past Simple Vocab. & Speaking - Describing food Family Vocabulary Nationalities vocabulary Teaching Practice 7 (Reading and speaking) Shakespeare's Tragic Families, Possessive adjectives TP 3 Forms of Entertainment: Books and Music News: Unreal Conditionals Vocabulary and Speaking / Parents and Children When is new year's day? Everyday English: On the phone TP3 Speaking\Listening Lesson TP 2b - Haya Alzaghal Mehtap Çetin - Food, Drinks, Sports - Likes/Dislikes - Present Simple TP2b Reading Listening lesson Tp6 mary muia tp 2 Best friend, Reading, vocab TP2 TP 6 Relationships News reports Present Simple in the context of relashionships TP #6 Reading & Listening (News) Demonstration,Vocabulary and speaking Journalism TP2 TP#6 Fırat's Speaking Lesson Plan family possessives in speaking Prepositions: from, near, in 12A Strangers on a train Vocabulary of adjectives news lesson Mary muia Tp 1 Copy of Past Continuous TP 8, Travel Essentials TP 2b Where and When, Vocabulary and Reading, Wh questions TP2 Past simple negative and questions Children and Parenting Countries and nationalities Future Perfect and Future Continuous Weather PET Unit 5B 8th Teaching Practice grammer and vocabulary mary muıa Dilemmas: speaking and listening Meeting People licence to kill Story Writing giving advice Writing lesson tp1 / Haya Zaghal Polite social expressions TP1 Teaching Practice 1a Teaching Practice 8 Charity and Homelessness Selcen Guney's lesson on first conditional Past simple of regular verbs TP 6 Eco-guilt Suffixes Listening, Metro 5 On Tour In Las Vegas Teaching Practice 6 (Vocabulary and speaking) Numbers 11-100 Present simple, personal information Practicing personal details Global Elementary p.8 Listening Task + Vocab. (TP1a) Fırat's Lesson Plan 1 Possessive adjectives TP1a TP1b Anna Pinosa Happy Birthday - Reading & Speaking Modals of Speculation TP1 7th Teaching Practice Gerunds and Infinitives TP-7, GRAMMAR: Past Simple Was / Were Cross Canada Trip - TP7 KET Unit 5A Teaching Practice 7 people, places and things, Present simple Present simple Functional Language Lesson for asking and giving directions Content-based (CLIL) Reading Lesson (Geography) J2_W6_Sem2 Selcen Guney's Reading Lesson Muhittin Gürbüz Tp5 useful phrases The good and the bad Writing Lesson Immigration to and emigration from Scotland. Living abroad TP 5 Short stories Quantifiers The causative form Teaching Practice 5 (Grammar) Time Teaching Practice 6 6th Teaching Practice Grammar: Can / Can't Describing towns lesson TP #5 Useful phrases (time expressions) Working Conditions Selcen Guney's Pronunciation Lesson High-speed trains World Traditions Holidays Teens - Lesson 1 TP5, "I am on the phone" 5th Teaching Practice Time lesson 50 word stories, the position of adverbs and adverbial phrases Privacy and Celebrities KET Unit 4A used to/ didn't use to for past habbits AT2R VCOP, Story Hand and Story telling Skill-based Syllabus Design (Writing Skill) Good and bad times On the phone (Functional language) Grammar made easy One Smart Octopus pragmatics Henry Demo lesson How to build confidence J1_W5_Sem2 TP 8 TP8a TP8 - People's Lives TP8 Speaking and grammar Future Plans Lesson Life story of a millionaire. Crime online, TP& Teaching Practice 8 TEACHING PRACTICE 8 TP 8 Marriage, before and after TP8 Ethical Eating: Vegetarians versus Meat-Eaters Grammar revision VCOP, Past and Present tense review smal talk - formal/informal Know your idioms Great Grammar Sports lesson 4th Teaching Practice TP4- The Millionaire with a secret Modals of speculation (Grammar) Teaching Practice 4 Grammar - Past perfect and conditionals J2_W4_Sem2 TP7 - Future Plans TP 7a movie genres Colours and Clothes Lesson Present perfect vs Past Simple gerunds and infinitives The Secret Millionaire Speaking Lesson for MA Activity (Notional/Functional Syllabus Design) Teaching Practice 7 J1_W4_Sem2 movie genres TP7 Here and Now TP 7 Food For Thought TP7 Selcen Guney's Lesson on Dates TEACHING PRACTICE 7 Eating out - restaurant language Teaching Practice 4 Countable-Uncountable Lesson Telling an anecdote Tech Talk 2 unit 1 IELTS Tips TP4 Flatmates - listening VCOP, Review of relative pronouns Functional Language Lesson Functional Language shopping habits Invitation. 3rd Teaching Practice Writing personal care products personal care and appearance , surgery personality attribute TP6 - Going Out TP3- Spend or Save? Vocabulary - Pronunciation Reading Copy of TP2 Copy of Grammar and Speaking - Present Simple Tense Describe good and bad travel experiences FTC- Lesson observation TP 6 Lost Weekend adjectives ending -ed -ing tp6 The Truth About Air Travel Animal Versus Human Rights Flatmates Selcen Guney's lesson on directions Tp 6 green houses Going out Lesson No time for anything - grammar and listening Are you a spender or a saver? Teaching Practice 6 Build your vocab Spend or Save? - a lesson on vocabulary and pronunciation Your perfect job Grammar - Present Perfect and Past Simple TEACHING PRACTICE 6 Class 403 Grammar Lesson : narrative tenses, past perfect continuous Copy of Noisy Neighbours 2nd Teaching Practice Vocabulary Family - Reading Going out, I'm busy Politically Incorrect TP2- Family Life / 5- READING Are You Afraid of the Dark? Part 1: The Strange and Mysterious Too, too much/many / enough present your passion TP 5a TP5 - Across Cultures Personality vocabulary Grammar (Should have) at the polls tp5 Months On Holiday Lesson TEACHING PRACTICE 5 Teaching Practice 5 TP 4 Listening Lesson Fashion and Clothes Agreeing and disagreeing past simple TP4 Selcen Guney's Vocabulary and Reading Lesson Unit 4 intro A trip to London. J2_W2_Sem2 Grammar - Houses New student party Reading Unusual food lesson , listening lesson TP #4 Vocab & Listening (water sports) Reading Past Continuous Lesson / reading task based Mahmut Türker Tunbiş 1st Teaching Practice TP5 Seasons and Dates nouns and quantity expressions food lesson TOEICHOME_03 Grammar Reading Lesson Lexical Grammar Reading Practive about Trading Ages function lesson Red faces, Past progressive Family life, future forms Teaching Practice 1 Writing to narrate a story, TP 3 food Speaking Extra Living Straightforward Elementary - Reading Lesson Tourism, relative pronouns Listening to an anecdote Burmese traditional dance TOEIC_Airlines_Lesson1A_Intro Straightforward Elementary Present Simple Straightforward Elem – SsBk, U2B, p 25 Speaking ex 1-3 Story telling, Relative clauses The Internet of Things TP 4a Priceless. TP4 Vocabulary, Reading and Listening Talking about family Grammar - Comparatives and Superlatives Reading lesson Gr 6 Sem2 Wk1 Teaching Practice 4 Fame, Third conditional sentences TP4 Past simple lesson I was there TP 3 Party lesson,Future forms lesson CHINESE NEW YEAR Pronunciation and Speaking Lesson with Past Simple Southern Snakes lesson The British Cross first aid quiz telling time Past simple TP2 Reading and Vocabulary vocabulary and grammar TEACHING PRACTICE 4 TP3 Pronunciation Diagnostics The land of the brave TP4 Days Qnushyo L3 Let's talk about travel Weekend and Weekday Activities Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous Party TP #3 Reading (Ms Dynamite) Living in fear. What do you wear? TP3 - Living in fear TP3 Memories of school Teaching adjectives ending in "ing" and "ed" Mirror Images Lesson Grammar and Listening Teaching Practice 3 Ask the teacher Teach the teacher - Myanmar cooking Winter holidays teaching time Unit 7.1 contd Stuck in a rut Days lesson Grammar and reading TP 3a Listening and Speaking Practices about Cyberchondria TEACHING PRACTICE 3 Animals (Extended) Lesson 1 (14.02.2017) - D. C. Demirezen TP3 Relationships Lesson Plan 1 Valentines day Projects - Ad IQ - Viral Videos. TP 2a Copy of TP 3 Bade SELCUK The Story Behind the Photo Holiday lesson TP2 Expression With Look Stuck in a rut - talk about a life change AT2 Teaching practice 2 Working Animals Lesson Teaching Practice 2 Fashion Jobs and places of work Reading and Grammar Main aim is reading Grammar/Past simple TP 2 Reading &Writting Relationships lesson,reading lesson Reading Being Human (contd) Unit 6 People's experience in job interviews Animals Public Speaking Workshop Present perfect tense listening and vocabulary sports TP2 Questions with auxiliary verbs TEACHING PRACTICE 2 About you; verbs and nouns TP2 The amazing race Indefinite Articles (a/an) + jobs Extreme Job Interview Questions Listening and Speaking Practices Where are they now? TP1 Alan Newson Present Continuous Past simple of be: was/ were Interests Third Conditional Extreme Job Interviews Hobbies and Interests Lesson TP1-1b Adrenalin Vocabulary Vocabulary and Pronunciation Hobbies and Interests English Unlimited Unit 1.3 Page 10 Teaching Practice 1 Grammar Workshop The great impostor Copy of Socializing 101 Series (1/5) Lesson Plan Copy of TP-7 Quantifiers Copy of Copy of Function globally shopping Copy of Copy of Function globally shopping Copy of Questions Daddy Can't Answer Copy of sixty years of flight Copy of The Virtual Revolution, Watching DVD Copy of Ask The Experts, Question Tags Copy of Tell me about yourself lesson, interview advice Copy of Clarifying opinions Copy of The Secret Of Success Copy of Verbs (have/ go/ live/ like) and the possessive s Copy of Reading skills Copy of Questions Daddy Can't Answer Copy of tell me about yourself, job description Copy of A good night out Culture Corner Teaching Practice 1 Indoor and outdoor activities TP 1B A letter of advice Teaching Practice 1 TEACHING PRACTICE 1 daily routine Where and When TP 1a Teaching practice 1 TP1 Copy of CV writing Copy of teaching plan 8 Copy of work experience TP8 TP 8 past simple and past continuous Copy of sports, comparatives and superlatives Comparatives EFW INT L2 Writing Emails Lesson Plan Relationship and neighbours, questions with How and What films Business Meetings 101 Series (1/6) Lesson Plan Networking 101 Series (1/5) Lesson Plan TP7 ways of –ing forms that are used in English. Annoyoing rules some and any Restaurant Language (words, phrases and questions) TP7 useful phrases Mini encounter class (unit 10) Being Human TP7 Straightforward Pre-int 2ndEd U1A - demo keeping in touch Mini Encounter class (unit 6) NewEnglishFile UpInt 3rd Ed. U1A - Demo Mini Encounter class (unit 4) TP 1 Adverbs of frequency Friends lesson , Vocabulary lesson TP #1 Different Reading jobs lesson Authentic Reading Material (Should I let my child take more risks?) food friends verb to be ( positive and negative form - past and present) TP6 Copy of Reading - Getting it Right? TP66 TP6 Post Card Writing Food Blog, Stuck in a rut IELTS INT L2 Reading: A night in a haunted hotel Friends Copy of Future forms Present Simple Tense Vs Present Continuous Tense Unit 6.3 How are you feeling? TP5 11 TP5 Bright Ideas? Introduction DELTA Module-2 Pre-Interview Copy of Things you can't live without giving opinion TP8 Things that annoy you TP #8 Functional Language (Planning a day out) Life's a beach - Passive and Active Teaching Prac 8 Writing-A thank you letter Integrated Skills Lesson Shopping in a supermarket A bit extra TP4 Ghost-hunting weekend story Greetings from Crete!: Intro to Writing Postcards TP4 Describing place vocab (Adjectives) Predictions about the future Listening Food ,Reading TP 8a TP8: -ing & -ed Adjectives Fatal Attraction TP4 TP7 who wants to become a millionair TP #7 Reading (San Francisco) Teaching Prac 7 What's in a name? TP7b Grammar Lesson - can and can't Giving Tips on How to Behave in a Foreign Country Kings College Assignment 3 - Reading lesson plan Vocabulary-Holiday TP 7b - Past Simple (Memories/Music) Amazing Days Food, May, Might Will Around the World Modal verbs for making deductions Sport Events: Project Books, Unit 3, Culture TP7: Speaking Reading (News Reports) Re-imagining the Past: Third Conditional How old are you? reading lesson Telling stories, narrative tenses TP6 TP #6 Speaking (Pierce Brosnan) TP6 Copy of TP4 - Reading and Listening TP3 Wish & if only TP 7a Reading and film vocabulary Teaching Prac 6 7. The Living Room Animal World - Reading Activity, Countable and Uncountable nouns a_e Past Simple Tense (Negatives/Questions) Vocabulary: Work TP3 Talking About Something You Read, Watched or Attended My Hometown TP 6b - Welcome to my home TP3 TP6: Reported Speech TP3 Reading, Vocabulary Managing my time Second Conditional 6. A Day Off (Hobies) Receptive Skills and Vocab Lesson: Travel and Negotiations Weekends' routines,. Functional Language (Weekends) Asking for/giving directions Tell me about your holiday TP 6a TP5 TP #5 Vocabularly (Life Events) Modal verbs of deduction TP5b TP5: Receptive Skills Teaching Prac 5 Reading - People who changed the world Animal World - Table completion and labelling a map 5. A Typical Day Use of the Past Simple Types of messages Introduction Modal verb Time phrases with "in", "on", and "at". Vocabulary + Speaking present simple Crime Vocab Lesson TP 5b - Friends Passive Vocie Listening about radio news TP 5a Tourism and directions present continuous for future arrangements Animal World TP4 Copy of Past Simple & present simple perfect tense Teaching Prac 4 Time Expressions TP4b TP4 Renting a flat Rio de Janeiro Countable and uncountable nouns. Asking for directions Speaking in an awkward situation. Grammar and Vocabulary Present Simple Negative 4. When I Was A Child TP 4b TP4 Present Simple & Listening TP 4b - Time TP #4 Reading (Big Events) Copy of Renting a House Copy of Ünal efe Assessed Teaching Practice 7 To be or not to be TP3 TP3b Note Taking Food TP#: 3b Nouns and Quantity Expressions Big Events Vocabulary TP3: Functional Language Teaching Prac 3 Reading about Carmen's personal information Travel, Past simple and continuous Present Simple: positive and negative (he,she,it) Free time listening lesson TP 3b - Edible functional Language TP 3b Beginner Level Lesson Focused on Subject Pronouns and Possessive Adjectivea TP #3 Speaking (Getting it Right) TP2b TP#: 2b People and places TP 2b Teaching Prac 2 Definite/Indefinite Articles TP3a . vocabulary .page 37 TP 2: Grammar Celebrations 3. Party Family and possessive ('s) TP 2b TP 2b - Celebrations final test Copy of Asking and giving directions, functional language Listening Useful Phrases Telling the time Listening Directions Grammar (perfect tenses) Lesson Useful phrases Reading for gist and detail and speaking fluency in the context of gender. Real World: Beginner Listening Skills and Vocab Practice 2. First Kiss Time is on my side LP2-Grammer-Past-Simple-Tense Teaching Prac 1 Reading & writing skills Unusual Achievements-Reading and Vocabulary Write a Narrative Lesson TP 1b TP #: 1b Comparatives and Superlatives Reading and Vocabulary Forming Adjectives The Singular Negative Form of 'to be' TP 1b TP 1b - Relationships Nationalities Lesson: Vocab and Singular Positive Present (to be) tp1a TP 1b on Jobs & personal Info 1. Gradable / Non-Gradable Adjectives A, An, -es, y, -ies with everyday objects(Or why is it mommies and not mommys) Winter Camp-English speaking countries Winter Camp-USA Winter Camp-Phases of Moon Assignment plan Listening Activity and Present perfect tense ket session 3 ket session 2 Winter Camp-Solar System TP8 Safir Demo TP8, Anecdote Weather conditions Looks- Unit 11- New inside out Reading lesson TP8 Useful Phrases What Would You Do? TP8 Speaking Lesson about Life Experiences session 1 demo lesson - yildiz university TP.7 Radwa Hassan . useful phrases TP7 Hamed Ashraf TP7 New Inside Out - Unit 8 -Grammar Childhood lesson, defining relative clauses tp7 Life and Death [Part 1]: Is It A Right Or Not? TP7 TP7 Job lesson, receptive skill (listening) Coca-Cola Copy of Men vs Women Speaking-Vocabulary TP 7 lost 4 Lost-Part 3 Lost-Part 2 Copy of Past Continuous Copy of Past Continuous-Past Simple Copy of TP 5 Copy of TP6 TP7 - Vocabulary and Listening TP7 Crime and Punishment Vocabulary & Speaking (go, have, get) TP7 Girls Night Out (Reading/Speaking) Conjunctions-Basic Vocabulary-Speaking Prepositions of time Tp-8 Vocabulary Tp7 Reading J2_SEM1_Wk 16 Gr 6_SEM1_Wk 16 TP6 TP6, Journey Conditionals 1, Demo #8 TP 6 Reading . Radwa Hassan Hamed Ashraf TP6 Grammar Passieve TP6 TP6 TP6 TP 8 Teaching Practice 8b Soumia Sayah 16/12/2016, Week4, TP8, lesson length 45mins, lesson type: reading. TP8 16.12.14 Healthy/Unhealthy Lifestyle, (Grammar/Speaking) Adverbs of frequency Socialization-Listening & speaking TP8 Somayeh Rahmati Infinitive of Purpose Nermin Köse Binici TP8a Comparative and Superlative adverbs Lesson Plan TP 8 TP6 Speaking and listening TP: 8b Mr Indecisive Reading and Writing Reading in the context of Caving_Demo#7 some/any usage TP 7 14.12.16 Teaching Practice 7b TP 7 Grammar: there is/there are & How many TP8 Soumia Sayah 14/12/2016, Week4, TP7, lesson length 45mins, lesson type: grammar Haunted House, there is/are TP7A TP7 Somayeh Rahmati Journey down the Mekong TP6 - Vocabulary Dogukan Can Demirezen TP7a Grammar New Cuttind Edge- Module6 -Language Focus 1 TP6 Fashion: Art or Not? Nermin Kose Binici, TP7a Lesson Plan TP 7 TP7 Functional Language & Listening Tp-6 Functional Language Present Perfect Simple-Demo#6 TP6 Shopping Mall (Speaking/Vocab) Drilling I like and I'd like Listening-Vocabulary&Speaking Comparative Adjectives Strange but true - Simple past & past perfect simple Infinitive of purpose Tp: 6b Teaching Practice 6b Collocation have, do and go TP7 TP6 12.12.16 TP 6 TP .5 Grammar lesson (Articles) TP5 TP5, Time Review B ( Reading & Speaking ) tp 5 Language Function TP5 Names in Business Nermin Köse Binici TP6a Dogukan Can Demirezen TP6a Crime TP6-Functional Language Stereotypes Lesson Plan TP 6 Function globally: finding things in commomn Job lesson, receptive skill ( reading) Simple Future-Will Demo #5 Listening in the context of computers TP5 Judging by appearances lesson, reading skills lesson TP6 Don't argue ! Past modals TP6 Reading and Speaking Lost-Part 1 Copy of Adrenalin - Extreme Sports tp5 Module 5 - Vocabulary and Reading TP5 - Grammar Copy of Grammar Conditionals Lesson TP 5 Lesson Plan TP 5 Giving and responding to advice (SpeakOut Pre-Int p.42-43) Copy of Listening Lesson Birthdays (Happy Birthday!),Months and Dates Grammar: Present Continious TP5 Somayeh Rahmati Hamed Ashraf.TP5 Science & Technology Arguments TP5-Reading TP5 Dogukan Can Demirezen TP5a TP: 5b Nermin Kose Binici, TP5a Grammar Can and Can't Gr 6_SEM1_Wk 15 Christmas TP5 Reading Comprehension Inventions Tp-5 Listening 161202 Bribery and Corruption Demo Lesson #4- Grammar and Vocabulary G6 Sem 1 Week 14 Teaching Practice 4b Prepositions of time A week-end break TP 4 TP 4B 01.12.16 Shopping (Grammar/Listening) Quantifiers Group class Blue, week 5 Copy of TP-1 Fast food restaurants /past simple lesson Conversation workshop, week 5 Dogukan Can Demirezen TP4a TP8 - My home town Asking for a favour Listening & Vocabulary (Shopping) IH Celta TP 4 Grammar review Reading Habits TP: 4b Nationalities TP4-Grammer Housing 2 So/such ...(that) clauses to express a consequence- TP3 The way I live, Present Simple TP4 Soumia Sayah 30/11/2016, Week2, TP3, lesson length 45mins, lesson type: grammar. Nermin Kose Binici, Adjective before the noun A weekend break Lesson Plan TP 4 Vocabulary Lesson In Sickness and In Health: Health Lesson Part 1 Vocabulary Teaching Practice 3b TP 3 Leisure Activities, present simple lesson TP 3 IH Celta 3 TP: 3b Nermin Kose TP3a Speaking and listening Everyday Speaking, Social Expressions, Speaking Demo Lesson #2 Reading for gist and detail in the context of Illness Lesson Plan TP 3 Reading and Speaking TP3 Soumia Sayah 28/11/2016, Week2, TP2, lesson length 45mins, lesson type: reading. Speaking lesson Grammar there is/are Speaking lesson Subject and Object Pronouns TP3-Vocabulary Clothes and Fashion TP: 2b TP4 Hamid Ashraf TP 4, asking for prices. Teaching Practice 2b Tp4 Tp 4 Tp-4 Grammar TP 8 G6 Sem 1 Week 12 TP4. Grammar. intermediate TP4 TP4 - Lexis Kings Celta TP 2 TP 2 Days tp4 reading Dogukan Can Demirezen TP2a First Aid Money, Money, Money My Space Grammar Through Listening Relationships Unreal Conditionals Personal Information Phonology: An introduction to the sounds in the British English phonemic chart. TP4 Grammar ACE TP4 Grammar Graphology-- listening for detailed comprehension Where are they from ? , Reading & Speaking Bank Robbers (Speaking & Listening) TP: 1b Listening - Unit5 TP2 TP 1 A typical Day - Daily Routines Tp-3 Reading Grammar: Unreal Conditions (type 2) in the context of protests Present continuous Teaching Practice 2 Traffic Jams and problems related to big cities Speaking - TP8 Dogukan Can Demirezen TP1 Copy of Teaching Practice 6 t Job interviews TP1 Seyyed Somayeh Rahmati Teaching Practice 1 Teacher Goes on Holiday Continued Healthy Life, present simple Can/Can't for ability Teaching Practice 8 session 1 Teaching Practice 8 TP4 English File Intermediate - TP7 Art and questions without auxiliaries (review) Reading lesson Copy of Quantifiers Life stages, 110th Birthday (reading/speaking) TP2 Grammar-Modal verbs TP3 Tp-2 Grammar TP3 Speaking & Vocabulary (Life Stages) Present Simple-Life in the USA Listening and Speaking TP 7 TP3. Reading and Speaking , Intermediate level . TEFL course English File Intermediate - TP6 Relationships Part 1: Dating Teaching Practice 7 TP 3, Different Transport On The Go TP3 Writing Home town Teaching Practice 7 Listening TP-1 TP3 Vocabulary & Listening [TP 3] 2A: Whats Important to you? English File Intermediate - TP5 Reading and Speaking (Question Formation) Art and questions without auxilliaries Unit 4 - Party - Vocabulary & Grammar TP3 Useful phrases TP3 Reading Copy of Vocabulary linked to Crime. teaching practice 6 Jobs -Lesson Simple Present J2 Sem1 Wk12 1D: Lost property TP3 Teacher Goes on Holiday Sailing to Byzantium Travel and Adverbs of degree Philip's Lesson: Reading and vocabulary. TP8 TP8.. teenagers Structures after wish/If only Feelings and minor medical problems Productive Skill - Speaking mixed conditional sentences Migrants Prefix -mis Teaching Practice 6 TP 6 TP7 TP7.. Grammar in context of jobs Philip's Lesson: Grammar and Listening Yesim Kalkan. 10 Nov 2016. Question Tags. TP8 Mysteries, problems, oddities Plan 8 (Newby, M) Present continuous for future arrangements Shamim Bazoobandi.10 November 2016. Short responses Model Verbs usage In the neighborhood listening TP6 Philip's Lesson: Reading and vocabulary. TP6.. Family life Listening Present Progressive Gerunds and Infinitives Wh- questions Ordering food and drink Real World, Food Straightforward Elementary TP4 J2 Sem 1 Wk11 Plan 7 (Newby, M) TP5 Philip's Lesson: Grammar and Speaking TP5. Restaurants listening Teaching Practice 6 vocabulary and indefinite articles Criminal records lesson. Straightforward Elementary TP3 Irregular verbs Writing an email and present continuous Plan 6 (Newby, M) Big Events Speaking (Productive Skills) Copy of Adverbs of Frequency Yeşim Kalkan. 8 Nov 2016. Criminal Records. TP7 Criminal records Receptive Skills - Listening Grammar "Did you.." reading a text about music Gr 6 Thanksgiving passive reporting structures Reading Copy of Away from Home Copy of A good night out TP 2 Simple past negative WIFE EXCHANGE ( Reading ) GRAMMER - PRONOUNCIATION TP 5 Philip LessonPlan. Listening, Vocabulary (Parts of a house) Rashidat Muhammed Lesson Plan TP4 TP2 . Grammar Yeşim Kalkan. 4 Nov 2016. Family Bussiness. TP 6 TP4.. accommodation TP2 TP2, (jobs) speaking lesson Unit 3 - Relationships - Reading Copy of Simple Past irregular verbs skill time -Dolphin dreams TP2 Speaking Extra Elementary TP2 Reading TP6 Family business skills time lexis lesson Shamim Bazoobandi.4 Nov 2016. Family Business TP2 Vocabulary (adjectives) Philip's Lesson: Speaking,writing,listening and vocabulary. TP3 TP2 Reading (Receptive Skills) TP2 Vocabulary and Speaking TP3 - Prepositions of Place Teaching Practice 5 Reading lesson- The Expat Files Teaching Practice 5 Grammar Reading(the gingerbread man) Plan 5 (M, Newby) CELTA TP2 Still at home, Vocabulary on the family. To be: past form/affirmative/negative TP2 - What about you? Hate List / Fuctional Language TP5 Yesim Kalkan. 1 Nov 2016. Family and Friends. Vocabulary Teaching Vocabulary Family and friends. Comparative forms of adjective. Functional Language: Main Aim Reading: Sub Aim Speaking: Topic Good Deeds Reading past simple lesson Past simple forms Reading and possessive pronouns Jobs Straightforward Elementary TP1 typical friends TP2 Shamim Bazoobandi.2Nov2016. Life with teenagres TP5 - Lesson 5 - Thursday 03/11/2016 - Roles people play TP1_Tuesday_Max Gr 6 Sem 1 Wk 11 Copy of Make plans to see an event Copy of The past perfect a colorful house Reading Lesson Plan Reading Lesson, The Trouble with T.V. Vocabulary Extra - TP1 Speaking Lesson TP1 TP 4 Grammar: Interrogative verbs, Present simple TP1 TP1 . TEFL course Listening lesson TP1 conversation,(what time is it?) Proverbs adjectives tp4 Present Simple Functional Language Reading lesson Plan 4 Teaching Practice 4 Read & Write a Biography animals Yeşim Kalkan. 27 Oct 2016. Nikue Gardner. Grammar. Reported Speech TP4 Vocabulary (verb-noun collocations) TV Entertainment Unit 1- Speaking and Grammar restaurant and foods Across cultures : Tea Giving lesson , vocabulary and speaking Shamim Bazoobandi.27 Oct 2016. Charity shops lamis TP1 TP 4 TP4-Lesson 4-Friday 28/10/2016 - Companions I like, I don't like. Grammar. Sub Aim: Listening/speaking Gr 6 Sem 1 Wk 10 Body and face Hamed's 1st (001) body and face Teaching Practice 4 Functional Language Practised Grammar (present perfect with use of time adverbs/past simple) Listening Adverbs -ed and -ing adjectives Reading and Lexis Lesson Plan Copy of Teaching Practice 8a Yeşim Kalkan. 25 Oct 2016. Nikue Gardner. buying things TP3 - Wednesday 26/10/2016 - Local Hero Language Analysis 3 TP1 Red Faces - Reading entertainment Shamim Bazoobandi.24 Oct 2016. Celebrity heroes Grammar lesson adjective order Ara Deylan 22 Oct 2016, Vocabulary J2 Sem 1 Wk10 TP1 reading and pronunciation TP1 Functional Language: Sub-aim Speaking - Whats the time Grammar Reading (Receptive Skills) animal challenge and a colorful house TP3 Speaking about a job interview Teaching Practice 4 Language Analysis 2 J2 Sem 1 Wk9 Arrange to meet people Writing in the context of the personal success Food Lesson Reading Lesson Plan Copy of Vocabulary Lesson, Saying the Ordinals and the Dates Lesson Copy of Listening about the months of the year,ordinal numbers and dates of birthday. Copy of Introducing and Practising Vocabulary streets, There's and there are TP 3 Past Simple in the context of School Teaching Practice 3 Yesim Kalkan. 21 Oct 2016. Nickue Gardner. Alternatdive Therapies Teaching Practice 3 Future forms Pronunciation and Speaking Lesson Receptive skills- Reading Numbers TP2 - Monday 24/10/2016 - The mind collocations with have, in the conversations with family Receptive skills: Listening Talking about people you know Ara Deylan 21 Oct 2016 *Grammar Office trouble lesson Relationships Shamim Bazoobandi.20 Oct 2016. modals and phrases to express permission, obligation and prohibition why work doesn't happen at work Teaching Points: Topic: Family Reading Job lessons Grammar lesson Future: be going to, future time expressions, sentence stress AIDS Question form of the past continuous Maher alboushi . 19 oct 2016 . cold comfort Present simple, listening Nickue Gardner. 17 Oct 2016. Cold Comfort work, places TPb1 - Thursday 20/10/2016 - Bill of health Language Analysis Context: Work Context : Places and people Teaching Points: Context Places and People Grammer Lesson Simple past lesson Ghazal Davati* 19 Oct 2016* simple past Ara Deylan 19 Oct 2016 *Fast Food Copy of Example Plan Copy of Celta Lesson Plan 1 Reading, writing and speaking in the context of business cards, using capital letters Gr6 Sem1 Wk8 sports Copy of Renting a House Present Simple and Present Contiuous Teaching Practice 3 Copy of Vocabulary - Sports Expatriates in the Woshington Post Methods of communication Jobs Lesson TP 8 Faraz . TP8 . 14 Oct 2016 To be yes and no questions Copy of 1b TP 2 TP8b TP8 CELTA Istanbul 2016.10.13 TP8 Shopping TP8 describe your neighbors TP8 Neighbours, Reading and Speaking speaking-cast away TP8 TP 7 Staying healthy Experience 8 I haven't seen you for ages - Listening TP #7 Past Simple Lesson Teaching Practice 2 Copy of Teaching Grammar2 Quantifiers Rooms and Furniture culture corner Personality TP# 8 TP7b 'The Cost of a Cigarette' Reading lesson TP7 TP7 Teaching Practice 2 Faraz . TP7 . 12 Oct 2016 Practice with jobs, questions, dialogues based on personal information Time for a Story - Grammar J2 Sem 1 Wk7 TP7 TP6bb TP #4 Copy of Clarifying opinions Copy of Grammar 3rd conditional Experience 7 TP7 CELTA Istanbul 2016.10.11 Faraz . TP6 . 10 Oct 2016 TP6b 3 communication workshops TP7 TP7 TP 6b TP 7 -- People Watchers Food 3 extreme sports _ Negative verb 'to be'. TP#7 Reading lesson Lesson 6 Evaluating ideas and making recommendations using adjective+noun collocations Questions with 'to be' Lesson TP6 TP6 Listening and Speaking,collocations TP6 CELTA Istanbul 2016.10.07 Experience 6 Life regrets Wish (want and regret) TP6 Getting Rich Quick Living History - Grammar TP5 TP #5 Listening Copy of Countries and Nationalities Life Events Faraz . TP5 . 6 Oct 2016 Productive skill Teaching Practice 1 Famous Films Teaching Practice 1 LF: Vocabulary 1 TP5 CELTA Istanbul 2016.10.05 TP5 Experience 5 skills lesson TP5b Multicultural London TP5 Breakfast Time TP5 Functional language - Requests and Offers a/an, singular/plural, everyday objects Listening in Assignment 3 Health & wellbeing lesson Teaching Practise 1 Amazing but true! Eco-homes Eco-homes Why Not Move To.......? City Life Unit 5 TP#4 TP4 TP4b Listening Talking about Sports Gr 3_SEM1_Wk 6 Faraz . TP4 . 30 Sep 2016 Lesson 4 Home is where the heart is TP4 TP4 listening-inventer Experience 4 TP4 CELTA Istanbul 2016.09.29 Eco- guilt Predictions TP4 TP2b First Date TP #3 TP3bb Mixed Up Sentences Grammar Practice Faraz . TP3 . 28 Sep 2016 TP3 Hira Nabil Ali-TP4-Grammar-Past Simple & Past Continuous lesson 3 TP3 TP3 CELTA Istanbul 2016.09.27 Experience 3 Short notes and parts of speech Listening TP #2 listening and speaking Special Days The truth About Air Travel - Grammar TP2 1.Lesson: Alphabet, Numbers, Months, Seasons, Introduction One's Self Gr 6_SEM1_Wk 4 the mother of invention Adverbs Faraz . TP2 . 26 Sep 2016 Defining Relative Clause Education TP 3 reading lesson Functional Language Listening Skill, Present Simple negative (I, you, we & they) TP2 Time Phrases with on, in, at, every. Hira Nabil Ali TP3 CELTA TP3 LP Listening 4C (Are we hooked on addictions) G2_SEM1_WK5 Lesson 2 Copy of Local Heroes- Listening Lesson TP2 TP2b (correct) Experience 2 TP2 CELTA Istanbul 2016.09.23 seniorentreff : Competitive sports Holidays - interview Present Simple Reading skills. Eat, drink and be marry! TP1 First Aid - Vocabulary Lesson Past Simple & Present Perfect Simple Lesson LP 2 Faraz . TP1 . 22 Sep 2016 T1 hira's TP 2 Job interviews - Listening/Speaking listening TP 1 Experience 1 TP1 TP1b LP 1 TP1 TP1 CELTA Istanbul 2016.09.21 school vocab for travelling students Gr 3_SEM1_Wk 5 party Copy of Life Experiences Copy of Marina Şık, Listening and Grammar. Daily activity Friends A tale of two cities Reading middle school Copy of Present Simple Tense (+) Friendship-Reading Lesson Reported speech Holiday Writing Home habits Things at home Favourites and Choices James Bond - Listening Places . like and do not like Countries worlds first 3D simple past/ past continuous preposition of places local customs Copy of TP 4: Transport Ahmed Moussa Tp#3 LISTENING EXERCISE talk about news Transport I had that happen to me. Copy of Vocabulary Lesson Copy of TP 4: Transport tp#3 Reading & Vocabulary ( Elementary) Third Condtional Great places to eat, Read a restaurant guide, Write a restaurant review Past form of modal use 'or something' and 'or anything' Speaking Lesson conversation strategies lesson Future Plans Free time, want Everyday problems Tıme For a Change TP8, Breaking News, Grammar - B1 Job Interview, 8b present perfect lesson Teaching Practice 8 present perfect lesson Reading Mansooreh Elementary 3 Grammar: Expressing preferences using 'prefer' Donia, Teaching Practice 8 to teach verb patterns Cinema: Listening and Vocabulary Positive psychology Healthy/unhealthy habits Teaching Practice No.8 , Listening/Speaking back pain speaking Teaching practice 8 Main aim: Speaking Back pain - Speaking activity exploring the city TP 8 - might be Social networking sites Healthy diet Grammar & Speaking Reading - How to Have a Heavy Cold Meeting up Healthy diet Reading (April fool!) Celebrity heroes, 7b Would Grammar Lesson Ice braker This weekend is different Days to remember, lisening speaking Teaching Practice 7 TP7, Happy Birthday, Reading - B1 Present Perfect Simple vs Present Perfect Continuous Teaching Practice 8 be/get used to listening to a radio programme Escape Present Perfect Continuous Reporting Verbs/ Indirect Speech happy endings. A Typical Week hilarious Teaching practice 7 Main aim: Grammar excuse me??? Keeping in touch PT 7 - Reading Imperatives Maternity Leave Listening Donia, Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 7 day-to day. Grammar and speaking Present and past habits Reading-Magical Novels Listening & Vocabulary TP6, Holidays, Speaking - B1 Teaching practice 7 mansooreh elementary 1 The Comparative form Conversation Strategy Lifestyle Changes, TP6 The seaside Reading and Vocab A READINGLESSON Teaching Practice 7, Grammar, Present Continious accidens happen Demo Lesson reading ,speaking and vocabulary People and their money Teaching Practice 6 At Work Teaching Practice 6,Grammar and Speaking Future Tenses - Predictions listening lesson/Holidays Desert island food - speaking TP 6 - Present Continuous 'now' Everyday Life ; Routines (Lesson B) Favorite Classes family, simple past Writing a Cover Letter / Application Email Green houses weekend Reading Lesson Listening and grammar it's against the law Asking for permission and listening reading Green Issues Teaching Practice 6, Using 'can' for ability 7B Green houses Upper Intermediate Past simple That's a great idea. Teaching practice 6 Main aim: Lexis Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 6 Donia, Teaching Practice 6 Vocabulary Holidays 2 Weather items Reading - Interfering with nature Was/Were Lesson Bed and Breakfast reading Talents - Can for Ability and Inability Politically Correct TP5b Real and unreal conditionals On the phone getting around finding places Hypothetical situations in the present Relationships dilemmas Restaurant review Functional Language Lesson High-Speed Trains really? how come Women in politics Grammar and Speaking p53 Adverbs of frequency future Reading & Speaking ( Television Theories ) Donia, Teaching Practice 5 Getting together Teacher Practice 5 / Writing about 'Your Last Holiday!' Getting together At the polls - Reading and Speaking Skills Tp 6 English Unlimited TP5, Office Supplies, Lexis - B1 Film and Television Reading/ Office Stereotypes Paperwork Teaching Practice 5 vocabulary Teaching practice 5 Main aim: Speaking Can/Can't possibility Things to remember TP5 Vocabulary and writing - holidays Upper Intermediate The weather fgfdg Grammar: The conditionals Changing Lives - Listening Teaching Practice 5 What time is it? a day off Reading Lesson Teaching Practice 5 Holiday USA Tp 5 correcting things you say Mohaned TP7 Arbia Hkimi Monday 22th August 2016 Rules and freedom TP7 Viva la danza! Younger brother or only child? Getting ready for a trip, Give opinions using It's + adjective + to Grammar Lesson-Comparative Clauses Fame and Fortune It's the kind of job that... Reported Speech Mysteries, problems, oddities... Strange events Bed & Breakfast Copy of Teaching Plan 6B Copy of TP#8_ Ismail Noaman Speaking catching up. present perfect vs. present perfect continous Copy of Future Continuous, Future Perfect Whose Continuing a conversation, 4b Grammar There is/ are, How many Teaching practice 4 Main aim: Reading NARRATIVE TENSES House objects Four Weekends What do I do next ? having a bad day, past continuous Have you thought about...? Teaching Practice 4 Grammer ( object pronouns ), Speaking ( Man's best friend ) People who changed the world Reading,vocabulary and speaking Grammar & Vocabulary Postcards Mohaned TP6 Speaking Lesson At the market Showing interest Irregular Verbs Wh Questions in the past simple Past simple conversation Teaching Practice 4 TP4, Wedding! Past Simple Donia, Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 Past Simple regular and irregular verbs: positive TP5 - Vocabulary Maryam Sadat Shojaee, Touchstone 3, Unit 1A Names Reading Lesson Writing Emails Reading What went wrong ? Teaching Practice 3 Listening Family & Friends Giving advice, What's the matter? Big Events PT 4 Art and Artist - Vocabulary Teaching practice 3 Main aim: Functional Language Meeting places around the world Twists of Fate, Listening Lesson A: Hello and good-bye Masoud Khavari Litening for gist and detail (colours and Scotish clan)-Grammar (present simple). third and mixed conditionals Mood Food Renting a flat Language Function : different ways of giving emphasis TP3, Love it! Present Simple Will/Going to/Present progressive Lesson Adjectives Teaching Practice 3 Mohaned TP5 Words that go together TP 2 Luck of the Draw, Vocabulary Past Simple Lesson To Be Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 3 effective presentation Things Going Wrong Masoud Khavari Speaking & Reading & Listening self-regulation Teaching practice 2 Main aim: Listening Reading Listening and Grammar ( some-any-a) Familly and relationships Assignment 3. Teaching Practice 2 Teaching Practice 3 Unusual achievements/Getting it right. Simple Past (Regular & Irregular Verbs) Week 2 Renting a Flat (how much / how many) My Kind of Place Functunal Language: Requests Teaching Practice 2 TP 3 mirror Images When & Where Things you can't live without Present Simple speaking Tp 2, Reading and Grammar Transportation There is/are FASHION STATEMENTS Transport lesson Observation lesson 13/8/16 CELTA YLE TP 6 The Way We Are ... Lesson A Daily Routines Let's Party TED Talk - Listening & Speaking Skills - John Doe - XYZ Bank Grammer ( PREPs of place in the context of nationalities ) and speaking. Dream Homes, modals of obligation, permission & prohibition (present time) Unusual Achievements. Getting it right. Feelings , They're happy now! Reading and Speaking Writing a formal letter Daily Life TP2 YL TP6 Young Learners - TP6 - Final Project Teaching Practice 2 Directions Listening and Grammar(Present simple yes/no questions) Donia Ghelichi, Teaching Practice 2 Countable and uncountable nouns Past habits I'm not crazy about it Present Simple Tense; 3rd Person Singular Question Form YL TP5 The Simple Past Tense Advantures and mishaps , A narrative Describing places, wh-questions Meet the Robinsons TP4 - Past simple question forms Copy of Present perfect continous vs. Present perfect simple ITI Teaching Practice 2a Animals Reading Lesson Teaching practice 1 Main aim: Vocab TP 5 YLE TP6 - Daily Routes - Aliens Expressing Opinions Grammer lesson ( Let's play after school) 7C - Job Selection, Writing Skill Business english 2 Business English Reading lesson, skills time! rooms and furniture Work Daily routines: practice Teaching Practice 1 Numbers 1 to 10 Speaking Personal Possessions Listening Lesson Birthdays (Happy Birthday!),Months and Dates Teaching Practice 1 Mohaned TP6 Young Learners - TP5 - Daily Routines Project Forming adjectives Listening and Language Focus It's my favourite Forming nouns and geurnds Teaching Practice 1 Reading, Journeys week 1 have and has got Teaching Practice 1 Possessive 's Adjectives/Listening and Reading The Time- Teaching Practice 1 Vancouver Teaching Practice 1 Facts and figures adventures and mishaps FACTS AND FIGURES TP1, Daily Routines, Present Simple TP3- Feelings CELTA YLE TP 4 feelings Reading Lesson Design a tour Young Learners - TP4 - Daily Routines YL TP4 Copy of living in a bubble, Nice talk demo YL TP4 TP5 My world Direct and indirect questions Actor! Author! TP3 In the Media 9/8/2016 Present Perfect Speaking Lesson,Ability( Positive,Negative,Question Forms of ''Can'' including their Short Forms) work experience Types of homes TP3Meriem 7b - Hard word Work TV and radio Mohaned TP3 Tp 7 Wild Animals and Their Body Parts Hassen TP3 YL TP3 TP4 YLE Physical description CELTA YLE TP 3 TP8 LP Simple future lesson Family vocabulary YPL TP3 How do you relax? Reading Lesson what do you do on the internet, listening lesson. Maria Alina Polat - An Old Head on Young Shoulders TP 8 Listening & Speaking - age, long life, and idioms Season lesson Listening and Speaking Lesson Chnour, Direction My Home Town The internet 6b - Junk food Lies - vocabulary Speaking about places to visit lesson YLE - TP3 TP8 Past Simple- Irregular Verbs Living with Someone, Likes and Dislikes Shops and shopping. informal email, describing a person Modals of Speculation Different Places ; Comparative Adjective Tourist Information simple past,irregular and regular verb TP 8 VILLAINS Heroisim; epic heros/heros Sight Seeing (should/should not) visit My last holiday Grammar and Speaking Epic hsroisim; personal qualities Shopping Arbia Hkimi Thursday 4th August 2016 What have you got? Modal verbs: Abilities: can/can`t Functional Language / Shopping clothes Teaching Practice 8 APPEARANCE Sharing interests, changing subjects cars vocabulary New Headway, 4th edition - Student's book - p.77 - Beginners level Judging by Appearances-Integrated Skills TP3 YLE Food Y; TP2 Travel Essentials Sport Practice of Time Phrases with on,in,at (Vocabulary)and Present Simple (he,she,it) questions and short answers (Grammar)with the help of listening Young Learners - TP2 Holidays CELTA YLE TP 2 YL TP2 TP8 Teaching Practice 8 Language focus: used to/didn't use to (past habits) TP7 LP FAMILY LESSON - GORKEM OZTUR Ask the expert Vocabulary about describing people lesson Grammar: Comparative adjectives Adverbs of manners sport and leisure, vocabulary and speaking Maria Alina POLAT - Passive and Active Grammar - Wishes & Should Have... Grammar and Speaking Weekend Activities TP8 - Reading in the context of sports and competition TP 1- Past Simple (Be) first conditional TP8 TP7 Be going to(plans) appearance lesson Grammar - To give exposure to Negative Contractions 'isn't' and 'aren't' in the context of Places in a City Diet and lifestyle, quantifiers Writing a letter to a celebrity Fact or fiction shopping lesson YL TP1 On Holiday, Present Continuous Tense Night and Day Secrets Speaking- Superstitions TP 8 Pronunciation of /θ/ and /ð/ and Grammar Practice of telling the time Past Tense Lesson YL TP1 The types of weather Medical issue, reading vocabularies Holidays Reading and speaking Health;Health vocabulary Teaching Practice 7 Art (Jackson Pollock) Reading Exercise Listening - personal information / Neighbours A Typical Day, Present Simple (he, she, it) Paralympics CELTA YLE TP 1 TP1 YLE Appearance asdgjasdg 5B - A weekend break Our Changing World Teaching Practice 7 TP7 Grammar was/were lesson Reading: Films TP7 TP7 - past simple negative and james bond Maria Alina Polat, Defining, Non Defining and Reduced Relative Clauses Prepositions of Places (in, next to, opposite, near, on) Noisy Neighbours There is/There are Practice Lesson Predictions TP7 Identity Theft! Reading & Vocab - verbs and prepositions The right job for you. Gerund and Infinitive TP 7 COLD COMFORT TP 6 TP 6 speaking about films TP6 When the famous people were born, Simple Past Towns and Cities, My Home Town News ; Past Simple ( Irregular and Regular verbs Grammer - Adjectives (Comparatives) News & Weather What's the right job for you? Can for ability Robbery Fail who were they?, past simple using was and were. Reading and Vocabulary Lesson (Elementary) Teaching Practice 8 Weather. Teaching Practice 7 Reading- Green issues Towns & Cities life The news. CELTA Demo Lesson Canada Lesson debate Copy of Predictions, modal verbs, (may might and will), Grammar Discrimination at work Vocabulary and speaking politics:expressing regrets Types of Schools In fashion, clothes Breaking News TP6 - speaking and functional language for ordering food listening TP 6 TP 6 FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE Listening Vancouver To provide exposure to vocabulary in the context of Clothes and Fashion TP#6 Teaching Practice 6 Protests Work and Study TP5 LP My Best Friend Teaching practice 6 Listening lesson with the context shopping Maria Alina Polat - Make the right decision (medical) - speaking rooms and furniture, there;s and there're lesson Interfering with Nature New Headway, 4th edition - Student's book - p.58-59 - Beginners level Real and unreal conditions TP5 4B - Find two people, Present Simple & Speaking Skill. Hypothetical Situations In the Present Elementary - Listening & Grammar Television Dilemmas house stuff. countable and uncountable, How much and How many TP 5 This, That Daily Routines (2) Love and Hate Lesson Narrating stories, Past perfect continuous Teaching Practice 5 Frequency Adverbs everyday english, listening Reading&Speaking Lesson:A magazine article ''IF YOU ASK ME...'' on the topic of marriage's being a thing of the past or not Writing and speaking practice Arts: reading a text about Art. Work and study. Tp5 - Listening and travel to towns and cities Reading lesson Speaking: Talking about favorite places (town, city, or village) there is/ there are New Headway, 4th edition - Student's book - p.48-49 - Beginners level IG Upper Class 4 A Typical Day - Grammar present simple (he, she, it) positive and negative + Speaking Skills TP5 grammar usually and used to TP#5 Love at Exit 19 Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 5 TP 5 Film and Television life stages Skills: Listening, Vocabulary: Time Phrases 3D - Food I like, Vocabulary & Skills. Daily Routines, Present Simple Tense Daily Routines FSM University Grammar: Quantifiers Internet profiles, Simple Present (I,you,we,they) Copy of 'Be Going To' Future Tense Going Out Vocabulary Lesson Lost! Life changes, vocabulary lesson Lexics: I like/I don't like/I hate/Iove... Life Changes Lesson Free time activities, Listening Maria Alina POLAT, July 22, 2016 - countable and uncountable nouns; use of a/an/some Daily Routines Narrative tense: Past simple, past continuous and pat perfect The days of the week Vocabulary and speaking. Mysteries Reading - Receptive Skills Modern manners? / Listening and speaking performance art, reading My Free Time The road to fame Breakfast Foods - Listening & Vocab Present Simple Questions TP 4 - Listening / vocabulary (-ever words) Present simple Practice TP4- MY PERFECT WEEKEND Reading about civil rights lesson TP 4 Listening Big Events Simple Past Regular Verbs Lesson TP4 LP Functional language, on the phone Vocabulary&Speaking Lesson:Adjectives with prepositions holiday plans, future tense Teaching Practice 4 Straight forward - Student's book - 7B - p. 69 TP4 At a party/ Present Simple-Affirmative and Negative Quantifiers Chnour, The Land Of Brave Teaching Practice 4 TP4 Lexical grammar: -ed/-ing adjectives Mobile Phone Etiquette Time Holiday Lesson Commando Dad Meeting places around the world - reading and vocabulary Special Occasions, Ordinal Numbers and Months Straight forward - Student's book - 6A - p.57 asking/offering for suggestions /responding to suggestions Explaining reasons (functional language) w. phobias Listening - Time out simple past vs present perfect TP#4a Family & Friends Failure and success Friends and Family - Grammar Lesson - Using Wh- question in present simple TP3- EARLY BIRD OR NIGHT OWL? Reading and Speaking (Receptive Skills) Teaching Practice 4 Failure&Success, Reading and Speaking Stereotypes - or are they? / Grammar / Articles Food and Drink. vocabulary:love,like,eat,drink,a lot of. In a Cafe In a cafe (Food) Memorable events Indefinite articles Vocabulary and Speaking Lesson Copy of Grammar lesson: past perfect and past simple Copy of Grammar lesson: past perfect and past simple Copy of Grammar lesson: past perfect and past simple Present Simple - I/you/we/they The office, reading Living in fear, Examining Fears and phobias Participle Clauses Lesson Review and Practice Vocabulary of Family, Reading Practice Comparatives and Superlatives TP3 LP vocabulary & speaking - family & friends the office, speaking My best friend Family and Friends TP #3a TP3 Getting it Right Listening and writing. Taking notes. Teaching Practice 3 TP 3 Race across London Guided Discovery Reading Lesson Functional Language: different ways of giving emphasis Collocations related to daily routines Advertisement Lesson People and Places, Adjectives Chnour, Mirror Images Youth movements, cultures and fashion statements TP 2 DAILY LIFE Teaching Practice 3 TP2 defining and non-defining relative clauses - fashion TP3- Model Behaviour Adjectives Listening and Speaking Lesson Daily routiness,Wh/questions interview about personal information Race Across London, Vocabulary&Speaking Daily Routine, Present Simple Worst case scenarios. vocabulary, expression with "look" UNIT 4-FAMILY AND FRIENDS Changing Lives/Reading and Listening Straight forward - Student's book - U5A - p.47 - Intermediate level Unusual achievements Prices & time Changing Lives Reading about animals lesson Erdogan Dalmis,15 Jul 2016 ,The Mind / Unusual Achievement Listening Practice and Vocabulary (Countries and Nationalities) have in common, listening Grammar, past perfect. TP2 LP Social expressions Reading & Speaking Lesson-UNIT A2 : Money and Spending People and Places, To Be (plural) in positive and negative sentences TP 2 TP2- Working Animals Grammar - Revise Present Perfect and Introduce Present Perfect Continuous Writing Formal Letters TP-2 Is he a Business Man It`s written in the cards. (Speaking and collocations) Teaching Practice 2 TP #2a Family vocabulary,have got/has got form and possessive 's. Functional Language for Meeting People At a restaurane Maria Alina Polat * 14/07/2016 * Possessive adjectives Past Continuous-Past Simple Family Lesson (Possessive 's) TP 2 Functional Language: expressing opinions Straight forward - Student's book - U4A - p.36-37 what clauses Jobs lesson, singular form of verb to be in yes/no questions. Jobs lesson Past Perfect Continuous lesson. 7B - Water: Facts and Myths Switch it off The Younger Brother: Adjectives + Negative Prefixes Narrative Lesson The Right Job Winning the Lottery, Speaking Practice, Past Simple Examples: Integrated skills- reading and speaking; talk about different crime types. Personal Possession Plan New Headway 4th Edition Beginner Teaching Practice 1 Facts and Figures Younger brother or only child? Present simple of the verb 'to be' - A1 chnour, travelling TP1 LP Meeting New People, Listening Lesson TP1-Autograph Hunters jurneys, phrasal verbs Family life / Vocabulary & Speaking Teaching Practice 1 Different ways of saying "no" lesson TP 1 - endangered animals Teaching Practice Point for TP 1a Forming adjectives- Prefixes/Suffixes New Headway 4th Edition Beginner, Oxford University Press TP 1 TP 8 - Authentic Text (Harry Potter) Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Jobs and personal info How much / How many ? quantifiers:a lot, not much, Food and Cooking Lesson Food and Cooking (Vocabulary Lesson) Editing Friends When a man is tired of London (Grammar; Listening) TP7 - Grammar & Speaking 7A - Countable and Uncountable Nouns Neighbours, Present Continuous. Intonation TP7 - Second Conditional Love in the supermarket A night in a haunted hotel; Vocabulary; Reading Writing in the classroom Back to School A house with a history Writing 5 - A Holiday Report If at first you don't succeed,..... Murder in a country house.Listening and speaking. celta 2016 grammar straight forward 2 Murder in a country house. (Reading) TP5 - Reading / Vocabulary Murder in a country house (Reading) Modern manners 5C- Girls' Night Out Speaking and Listening Travelling; a tale of two Sydneys. The past simple tense.Pronunciation. TP 5 - Reading ("Race to the Sun"), take + time Travelling , Past simple, regular verbs, pronunciation. Miranda Gavasheli, Listening,Speaking and Vocabulary Copy of Gladiator: Present Perfect & Past Simple 4.07 Future Continuous and Future perfect TP8 TP8 teaching practice 8b TP4 - Past Simple Regular verbs Listening lesson about sally's phone. Teaching Practice 8 - for TP 8b Teaching Practice 8 TP8- Planning a vacation. Reading: Suffering scientists Tugba yildirim TP8 Teaching Practice 8 TP8/ Priorities/ Crossing the border Teaching Practice 8 Present Perfect Continuous, Listening and Grammar TP 8 Electrical Equipment Ahmad Sharifi, Listening Skill Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 8 Michael Lesson 8 2B - Present Perfect Continuous (for recent continuous actions) Falling in Love Vocabulary, Memories San-Francisco lesson Teaching practice 7 TP7 teaching practice 7b Tp 4, Vocabulary and pronunciation TP4 - Reading and Listening Movie TP 7 meals of the day Money`; Phrasel verbs;Present perfect and Past Simle past simple wh- questions Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 7 - for TP 7b Michael plan 7 new Grammar: Clauses of contrast and purpose regular past simple Past simple:negative,questions and short answers . TP3 - Stress Reading TP7/ Supply and Demand/ Meeting our demands Teaching Practice 7 TP 6 Passives (review) Tugba Yildidirm TP7 TP7 Mansoureh8 Mansoureh7 Copy of TP 2 Functional Language Invitations and Suggestions Copy of Going Out Suggestion/Invitation Language Focus Copy of Listening - Going Out Copy of Junk Food - Modifiers Copy of Functional Language/ Invitations and suggestions 2A - Ka-ching! Vocabulary and Listening Healthy lives Teaching Practice 6 Famous doctored photographs Teaching Practice 7 TP 6 Ahmad sharifi, Past simple (Regular, Irregular affirmative sentences) Copy of DXTT 1 Pronunciation optical illusions/listening tp6b Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 6 - for TP 6b Teaching Practice 6 TP 6 TP 5 everyday problem,can ,can't (ability) Questions with was/were lesson In The Future Listening about the months of the year,ordinal numbers and dates of birthday. TP3 - Adjectives and Nouns Yelena Isaykina Ahmad Sharifi, reading Tugba Yildirim TP6 - A story 1 In Fashion Mansoureh6 TP6 Music, reading lesson Teaching Reading-Jobs Teaching Practice 6 TP6/ Law & order/ phrasal verbs At the shops Tugba Yildirim Tp5 Teaching Practice 6 functional language Listening Michael Plan 6 At the newsagent's lesson 1B - Reading about retirement Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 6 TP5 Listening TP5 Prepositions of Place: in / on / behind / in front/ next to / under Teaching Practice 5 Present Perfect Simple VS Present Perfect Continuous Holidays, Past Perfect Simple Lesson Grammar: some, any, a Teaching Practice 5 - for TP 5b TP5 Teaching Practice 5 Family and Friends Teachers' reaction Home and shops, There is and there are Tugba Yildirim Tp 3 Grammar Teaching Practice 3 TP5. Law and Order TP1 - Food Teaching Practice 5 Michael Plan 5 Ahmad sharifi, There is / There are Teaching Practice 5 Mansooreh5 Teaching Practice 5 Fovourite places lesson Tugba Yildirim TP2, Jan 21, 2016 reading a postcard about a holiday, adjectives DXTT 1 Pronunciation Teaching Practice 2 Vocabulary and Speaking Tugba Yildirim TP1 Teaching Practice 1 Lesson 6 Fears and fobias - Reading Good Communication - Functional Language Copy of Review of Units 1 to 3 Teaching practice 4 Daily life TP 4 Hamed plan 4 Ahmad Sharifi, Vocabulary and Speaking Grammar Teaching Practice 4 - for TP 4b Teaching Practice 4 Grammar Copy of different methods of communication Mansoureh 4 Present Simple: statement and negation Incredibly short stories, adverb and adverbial phrases Reading lesson about Endless energy Teaching Practice 4 TP4/ Everyday Parents, family members and famous people's influence Teaching Practice 4 Michael plan 4 Grammar Reading habits lesson Copy of good communication Present Continuous Lesson Adverbs of frequency Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 3 Teaching practice 3 Mansoureh3 Ahmad Sharifi, Reading Skill I like/don't like Hamed plan 3 Teaching Practice 3 - For TP 3b Second Conditional Review of Units 1 to 3 Used to and would Older wise, using adjectives and nouns Teaching Practice 3 Article a/an TP3 /Family and friends/ An American Family Phrasal Verbs Michael lesson 3 Hansel and Gretel first conditional Clothes and fashion. Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 2 Teaching Practice 3 Simple Present Wh- questions Teaching practice 2 Reading Context of illness Copy of Present Simple Tense (+) Mansoureh 2 TP2 1-2-1 Lesson 1 Teaching Practice 2 - for TP 2b TP3: Listening: free time Copy of Past simple Copy of Past simple Social Expressions Reading lesson Ahmad Sharifi, Past Perfect reading: unusual achievement Speaking and Reading Role models TP8 Travelling TP2 Money, Time, and Prices Mahan tp8 Tp2/ All about you/ Grammar practice Language lesson American- British words Hamed plan 2 Teaching Practice 2 At the Airport, On the Airplane Illness and injury vocabulary and pronunciation Michael Plan 2 SIMILARITY & DIFFERENCE TP2 Money, Time, and Prices Verbs Making recommendations Holiday story tp7 Teaching Practice 1 TP7 Make a menu Teaching Practice 2 Teaching Practice 2 Fact or Fiction (using Past Perfect/Past Simple) Mansoureh subject and object questions Hamed plan 1 Numbers 11-30 Lesson Ahmad Sharifi, Review of question forms Teaching practice 1 Natural events Reading TP1:"have/has got" Teaching Practice 1 TP6 Train travel tp6 Listening about capitals of culture. Auxilliary Verbs Mıchael Plan 1 Your World/ countries Teaching Practice 1 Skills lesson (Listening and Speaking) Dinner Party conversaitons Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 - for TP 1b Teaching Practice 1 F2F Unit 2 Basic Needs Heroes and Icons of Our Time If clause Type 1 speaking tp5 Being clumbsy- accidents lesson plan 5 Reading - Copy of Gladiator: Present Perfect & Past Simple Want it, need it! TP5 Telling The Time REAL CONDITONALS FUTURE TENSE (be going to) Second Conditional Demonstration Lesson TP 7 Experiences/Technology Agreeing with Someone Travel Advice Expressing probability lesson TP4- Attitudes to success tp4 Reading A short story(The last day of the world) by Ray Bradury Houseswap ITS GOOD TO TALK Grammar, Should tp3 TP3 - Online friendships Tour group TP 6 TP2- Good Communication Skills lesson-Reading Living at home- Wh-questions tp2 EXPLORE WRITING Life in the capital Copy of TP 6 Jobs Grammar - question words - Home Neighbours, Articles, and Quantifiers Listening and discussing films and books Typical friends lesson TP 5 Grammar, present and past ability, modal verbs : can,can't; could,couldn't; able to,not able to in the context of 'gifted people' Vocabulary Compound nouns Writing a Summary IN THE PICTURE Vocabulary Lesson Transport present perfect Vocabulary Lesson Adverbs of frequency lesson Marina Şık, Summer Holidays. DO THE HOUSE WORK going out TP 4 Prepositions of place, Houseswap Teaching Plan 8B TP8: Speaking - crime Listening and Vocabulary: Departure Lounge Giving Teaching practice 8 Tp8 Be going to Grammar lesson Teaching Practice 8 Present Perfect Simple Vs Continuous The Secret of Success Grammar Grammar: First Conditional Copy of Özgür Biçer - Houseswap, Prepositions of Place Copy of Özgür Biçer - Houseswap, Prepositions of Place Copy of Speaking Lesson Plan Teaching Plan 7B_23_05_16 TP8a My life Listening and speaking in the context of 'The secret of Success' Letter V phonics - lesson 2 Shopping Mall Food in Fridge, Vocabulary lesson going out Comparative and Superlative Adjectives The Longest Bus Ride Present Progressive (future meaning), Marina Şık Teaching Practice 8 - Frequency Adverbs TP7 Grammar: Present perfect/past simple yet/already/just Teaching Practice 7 - Reading Bill of Health Teaching Practice 7 Past time expressions: Erich Lejeune & Life stories FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE Present progressive tense Teaching Practice 7 Reading lesson: tourism Reading TP 3 TP7a Emotions Houseswap Adventure Emotions, Reading In My Fridge Apperances/Tour Groups HOUSESWAP Teaching Plan 6B TP2 Teaching Practice 6 - Holidays Talk about things you did or saw, Marina Şık Reading Lesson Vocabulary lesson: Phrasal Verbs Short story( Eveline) Across cultures, Housewrk lesson Past simple negative Cairo: Reading and pre-teaching vocabulary TP6 Functional Language: paraphrasing Teaching Practice 6 TP1 The PEOPLEWATCHERS Can I help you? ecochat, Reading Teaching Practice 6 STILL AT HOME Copy of Gözde Demirel,TP 7 Functional Language & Vocabulary TP6a Typical friends Copy of Asking and giving directions, functional language Body and Health Elif's Time Words Lesson Elementary TP 3 - Tour groups (Esha Vellu) Copy of Tour Group - Describing People Journeys past simple lesson Listening An English Village? Teaching Plan 3A TP1 Vocabulary Experts Small Place, Big Style TP5 Marina Şık, Vocabulary and Speaking, ''At the weekend'' Past simple tense of "to be" in the context of the workplace Still at home Speaking Lesson: Doctor's Appointment Teaching Practice 5 Reported Speech Reading - James May's 20th Century Teaching Practice 5 'Are you suffering from stress?' : reading lesson TP:5a Teaching Practice 5 TP5 Nigel Crowe Creative Thinking Lesson Away from Home free time activities 2 Copy of Teaching Plan: 5B What about you? Asking people about themselves Reading - Elementary Maus I Post Reading Lesson jobs/work Vocabulary Reaching Agreement Teaching Plan 4b Special Days Lesson Functional language MILLIONAIRS Free time activities simple present Yes/no Questions Teaching Practice 4 Art lesson Writing Listening and Vocabulary: Public Art Marina Şık, Listening and Grammar. Copy of In a shop Copy of Function globally shopping Teaching Lexical Collocations Copy of Function globally shopping Future Suggestions Vocabulary: Personal Qualities Reading Lesson/ Rosa Parks would you like ? Story Teaching Practice 4 Animals Lesson Plan House Vocabulary Comparatives and Superlatives for Homes TP4: Vocabulary - I verb noun / I don't verb noun Copy of TP 7 Future Grammar - Adverbs of frequency Introducing and Practising Vocabulary Copy of TP 5, Modal verbs - permission and obligation Receptive skill TP4a Teaching Practice 4 Copy of Unusual pastime Taner Akbas TP1 - Simple Present Tense LP Copy of Unusual pastime Gladiator: Present Perfect & Past Simple Teaching Practice - Functional Language Marina Şık, Reading and Vocabulary " Mirror Images" Teaching Plan 3B Grammar, Participle clauses Functional Language For Explaining Reasons Functional language Teaching Practice 3 - Living in Fear L&NT Chapter 12 Vocabulary __ Elementary - Speaking Rising Stars, Present perfect simple Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 3 ditections TP3: What's the Time intruducong prepostition pf place TP:3a Lesson Plan 1 Straightforward Elementary Teaching Practice 2 Animals Working animals. Listening, Vocabulary, Collocations with ''get''. Reading and Vocabulary "Fashion Statements" 4D, Going out, Functional Language Copy of Typical Friends Teaching Practice 2 - Reading Skills Teaching Plan 2B Teaching Practice Points 2 - 'Look' TP2: Vocabulary Collocations with 'have' in the context of talking about family TP:2a PPS- PS Teaching Practice 2 Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive Copy of TP #7, Reading Lesson James Bond Unit 1: Names Letter T phonics - lesson 1 Functional Language for Agreeing and Disagreeing Hobbies third person S in simple present Teaching Practice 1 Assessed Lesson 1: Simple present affirmative and negative Teaching Practise 1 TP:1a Teaching Plan 1B Teaching Practice 1 - Work Vocabulary and Listening Relationships, Possessive Adjectives Teaching Practice 1 Reading lesson Animal Rights Teaching Practice 1 Present Perfect Copy of Daily routine lesson Copy of Shops & Shoppers Causatives TBL No he's not! Modal Verbs (obligation) Copy of Free time activities Vocabulary focus Copy of Rising and falling intonation Copy of TP-6: Comparative Adjectives and Adverbs Saturdays/Mondays, 11-12.30, 1 TP8 At the Restaurant B. Can Gören TP8 Grammar lesson, second conditional Lying about your age - Reading & Writing Teaching Practice 8b - Holiday in Malta Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practise 8 Thursday, 3-6, 1 Pronunciation lesson TP8 TP8 present/past simple, writing a diary Serdar Yılmaz / 14.04.2016 / İntermediate level / Grammar - speaking Abouzar- 15/04/2016 Dreams and reality,Grammar Ebrahim, TP8 TP8_Reading_Berfin Teaching Practice 8 Reading TP, 8a Vacation plans (am/is/are going to) LP 8 Clarifying opinion Grammar lesson ("going to") TP 8 Get It Done B. Can Gören TP7 Adjective Order in the context of clothing & style. M: Grammar, S: Vocabulary reading lesson Past simple: positive (regular and irregular verbs) - Listening TP 8 KRISTINA Teaching Practice 7 Articles Grammar Lesson Teaching Practice 7b - Have Got Grammar TP7 Teaching practice 7 While Listening Lesson Reading about stereotypes EBRAHIM TP7 LP 7 TP7-Was/Were- wedding Abouzar 13/04/2016 TP8, How we really spend our time Teaching Practice 8 Metaphor TP, 7a Teaching Practice 8 Copy of I wish... (Grammar) Copy of Traveling is the best! 'Compassion Campaign', Reading for Fluency and Vocabulary Men and Women: Reported Speech Context Head games, Reading Explain a change in life and work choices. Family ties Gender gaps, Reading Teaching Practice 6 Serdar Yılmaz / 12.04.2016 / İntermediate level / Reading-Vocabulary Social expressions lesson plan Speaking, Listening and Vocabulary: Media, films, books and music Listening Lesson on Success Reported speech lesson , grammar B. Can Gören TP6 Skills, 'Can and can't' Tp7 kristina TP 7 Abouzar- 11/04/2016 Teaching Practice 6 Movie Genres & Movie Reviews Past Simple Questions Asking for a favour Teaching Practice 6b - Past Simple Time Expressions TP8 P#8 Zero Conditional Teaching Practice 8 writing, Winning or getting money LP 6 Advice Letters, Modals of Advice TP6 TP6 Serdar Yılmaz / 07.04.2016 / İntermediate level / Reading-Listening TP, 6a Teaching Practice 8 TP. Apr8 TP 6 TP8: Robert's Speaking Lesson TP 8 Mind and Heart Volkan L3 Modals of Present Deduction TP 8 Healthy Mind and Body TP 8 TP8 B. Can Göreni, TP5 Functional Language:Telephoning expression for problem solving TP6a Teaching Practise 7 Parallel lives lesson plan Causatives Listening Adjectives and nouns TP5 tp4 Kristina TP5 a day off Serdar Yılmaz / 06.04.2016 / İntermediate level / Vocabulary-headline language Writing a post-card CV writing Teaching practice 5 Maliheh, TP5, Apr6 Reading and vocabulary lesson TP, 5a Abouzar- 07.04.2016 Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 7 Superstitions Reading Lesson Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 5b - Reading for gist and for details Present Simple and Free Time Prepositions of location Reading , The Masters of the Universe TP 5 The Third Conditionals LP 5 TP 7 A Day Out Ebrahim TP5 Copy of TP8 TP5a Teaching Practice 7 Machines Behaving Badly -TP 7 TP-7 Quantifiers Vocabulary Lesson - Life Changes TRIP in THAILAND (Comparative) Teaching Practice 7 Health & Fitness, Conditionals TP7: Modals Super Kids Teaching Practice 7 1-2-1 Business English Doctors Appointment Second World War Present Simple Nelson Mandela, Simple Past Tense Reading Lesson TP 7 Days of the week Listening, Couchsurfing Teaching practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 What time is it-lesson speaking Grammar lesson TP4 Teaching Practise 6 Detailed reading: Time (Revising prepositions of time) Grammar, WH questions Teaching practice 4 Ebrahim, TP4 TP4 Abouzar- 31/03/2016 - Reading and vocabula LP 4 Complaints and Modern Life Problems TP4 KRİSTİNA TP, 4a Maliheh. 1Apr. TP4 Teaching Practice 4b - Continuous, Simple, and Perfect Grammar Tenses Serdar Yılmaz / 31.03.2016 / Celta Course / Grammar Food I like Countable nouns, uncountable nouns, and expressions of quantity Functional Language: Eating at a restaurant or getting a takeaway TP 4 Teaching Practice 3 TP4-EmmaBUNTON TP7 Abouzar- 29/03/2016- Food Vocabulary Teaching Practice 3 Simple present passive , reading and writing Life Events Vocabulary Lesson Teaching Practice 3b - Speaking in the form of asking questions Letter P phonics lesson 2 Reading and speaking lesson TP3 Reading, New Year's Day Serdar Yılmaz/ 29.03.2016 / tp3 / Skills - Speaking Introducing and responding to good and bad news Tpb3 Teaching practice 3 Linking Expressions Lesson: How I lived on 1 Pound a Day Ebrahim, TP3 Teaching Practice 6 Past Simple Tense (was-were/wasn't-weren't) Going Away To Be (Present Tense / Questions and Short Answers) Advertising TP-6, Future Forms TP3 TP8 Second conditional Using different future forms to talk about personal relationships and social events Will for offers and instant decisions lesson Copy of Celebrities lesson, Past Progressive Tense LP 3 TP, 3a Maliheh 29 Mar. TP3. Teaching Practice 2 International Time Out TP3 Teaching Practice 2b - Reading Comprehensions for Generalized Phrases 3a Celebration Teaching Practice 6 A Change of Plan- be supposed to, be meant to Adverbs of Frequency TP 6 Life Events TP 3 Abouzar- 25/03/2016 - Reading and vocabulary I'm on the phone Lesson #1 What Went Wrong? Vocabulary lesson- Adjectives PT2 Skills/ listening / Serdar Yılmaz/ 25.03.2016 Grammar, Prepositions of Place TP2 TP: 2a Relationships Teaching Practice 2 Teaching Practice 6 Teaching practice 2 Listening - Future Expressions Tp2b LP 2 Name: Maliheh. 25 Mar 2016. TP2. Business cards and forms EBRAHIM P2 TP, 2a TP2_Functional_Language Teaching Practice 5, Vocabulary Lesson Teaching Practise 5 First conditional and Second conditional Teaching Practice 6 Copy of Celta Lesson Plan 8:Speaking Jobs lesson, Present Simple of the Verb 'Be' Relationships, Reading and Writing TP7 (Almost there :) ) TP 2 Lesson on jobs, using verb TO BE to talk about jobs, WH question words and VERB TO BE Hypothetical possibilities with If Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1b - Optimism Vocabulary and Writing - Leigh Davidson TP 6 Listening and speaking Letter P phonics - lesson 1 Number lesson Grammar- Singular Negative Form / Serdar Yılmaz / 22.03.2016 Jobs lesson, yes/no questıons wıth the sıngular form of the verb to be TP 1 Tp1b TP:1a Abouzar- 22/03/2016- comparative and superlative structure Making comparisions LP 1 TP1-Reading&Speaking About Adrenalin TP, 1a TP 1a Teaching Practice 1 TP 1 KRISTINA Maliheh T. 23 March 2016. TP1a. People and Places TP1 Ebrahim, TP1 Teaching Practice 5 TP 1 The People Watchers Reading Lesson Mispredictions Food The Zero and First Conditionals People and Places Reading - Getting it Right? TP 5 Food and Drink Narrative tenses Demo lesson- Reading TP6 shopping The power of nature- Describing an experience Telling the time The Power of nature: Vocabulary and Narrative Tenses Accident-Prone Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 5 Reading and Speaking I Dropped It - Accidents & Injuries TP5 Teaching Practice 4 Accidents and Risk Taking Teaching Practise 4 PAST PERFECT TENSE Do's and Don'ts What I like & what I don't like Present Simple with he,she,it forms Taking and leaving a phone message Question Tags TP 4 Ask The Experts Superstitions, Future Tense Teaching Practice 4 Reading lesson on double lives/avatars Lives & Legends Copy of Teaching Practice 16.03.2015 Reading Lesson on a Daily Routine Ghostwriter, past and past continuous Birthday Presents - TP 4 Emotion Reading class in the context of travel advertisements Writing a postcard Causatives Lesson Stressed out? get well Speaking and Listening Evenings and Weekends, Listening Thursday Class 9:00 Reading lesson Travel Lesson Marathon Men- Present Perfect Simple with been & gone Making guesses Grammar Past Contious polite requests Comparatives Copy of Renting a flat TP-8 Listening and Vocabulary animals lesson / can and can't Reading lesson Copy of Food:Facts and myths Global Affairs Vocabulary Teaching Plan 8a Daily Routines, Simple Present Tense Travelling Simple Present Tense: I - You - We - They Daily Routines - TP 3 Teaching Practice 3 possessive 's Teaching Practice 3- Free Time Activities Listening Lesson - Adam & Eve Possessive adjectives in the context of family Present perfect simple Free time activities, Present Simple Time phrases lesson Happiness Reading Lesson EC 2 - lesson 5 TP7 - Grammar and Speaking or Listening Present Simple Superlatives Grammar - Slow Food Technology: How have technology changed the world? Mood Food Transitions/Infinitive of Purpose Jobs lesson- Listening and vocabulary straightforward elementary U4c - Do the housework - lesson 2 straightforward elementary U4c - Do the housework Modal verbs of prediction and probability-- Detectives Help Wanted Daily routines vocabulary lesson -TP4 Daily Life Teaching Practice 7 Copy of Asking and giving directions, functional language TP 4 Teaching Practice 4 TP 3 Comparative and Superlative Success - Selling an idea 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Prepositions of Place THAT'S A GOOD İDEA Reading Receptive Skills class Teaching practice 8 Memories about food Reading Lesson - Identity Theft Food Lesson - Part 3 present progressive (for future) Özgür Biçer - Houseswap, Prepositions of Place Teaching Practice 3 Success Time and money Canans lesson Vocabulary and reading Speaking lesson Future predictions TP6 - Grammar and Reading TP3 An evening out... City Life - Predictions Managing My Time TP6 Teaching practice 7 Friendships Friends and Strangers - Part 3 TIME AND MONEY Teaching Practice 4 Present Progressive Comparatives/Superlatives Comparatives/Superlatives Listening- phone calls Teaching practice 6 Lives and Legends II - Part 1 Relationships Teaching Practice 6 - Phone Conversation Jigsaw reading Lexical Do Past continous-Demo lesson Lives and Legends - Part 2 EC - lesson 4 TP5- Reading and Vocabulary Hypothetical Situations in the Present Attitudes to success Family Tree Adverbs of Frequency,Regularity,and Time. Teaching practice 5 Copy of Art (reading & speaking) Copy of Past Continuous Modals of Deducation Family members Getting Together Present Progressive, Future Perfect & Future Progressive Did you go to Singapore, past simple Reading Lesson Dealing with Misunderstandings Teaching Practice 2 Abilities Lesson Teaching Practice 2 Possessive s. Family relationships. Telling the time lesson plan Teaching Practice 2 Reading for detail Topic: good communication Good Communication TP 2 Internet Lesson Plan 5 Months & Seasons Good Communication Comparing daily life in America Teaching Practice 3: Teaching practice 4 Daily Life - Part 1 Writing Listening skills Daily life Özgür Biçer - Tour Group, Appearances Teaching practice 3 TP 3 Time and Money / An Evening Out - Part 3 Teaching Practice 3 Houseswap/Rooms to Let Weekday afternoons Tour Group - Describing People Teaching practice 2 Meet the Robinsons Part 2 demo ele Meet the Robinsons Grammar Lesson on 'Have to/Can' teach test teach Teaching practice 1 What's important to you? Part 1 Vocabulary(collocation) : Expressions with go writing lesson TP4-Presenting grammar within context of telling stories occuring in the past Copy of A comparison of two cities What's important to you? Skills Lesson, Talent Show Places- Past Simple Lesson Teaching Practice 4b Speaking (celebrities' life) Awkward Social situations Quantifiers Reading for gist, specific information and detail in the context of adults living at home. Teaching Practice 4 - Reading Good Communication Internet Taxis/Memorable Meetings L4 Topic: good communication Still at Home/ Tour Group Comparatives and Superlatives Teaching Practice 3B Teaching Practice 2: Simple Present "Wh- questions" TP 2 Lesson on 18 Feb 2016 TP3 - Vocabulary and Speaking on Food Shopping Prepositional Phrases/ Restaurants TP3 Listening Lesson Reading lesson Reading Explorer 6a Listening (memorable event) Teaching Practice 3 Copy of Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 2 Weather Functional Language (Different ways of giving emphasis) Irregular past participles and simple past Vocab unit 7.3 Speaking-What About You Adverbs of Frequency Questions- Last Week Özgür Biçer - Still at Home, Simple Present "How To" job advertisements Listening, what did you do on Saturday Introduction to past tense Teaching Practice 2B Copy of Health & Definitions Want to move abroad? Teaching Practice 2 Good Communication Telling Real Stories, Narrative Tenses. Present Simple Wh Questions Grammar Lesson on 'For & Since' perfect tenses in the past, present and future body Advertising wh-in the present simple Lesson 2, Receptive Skills (Work & Studies) Reading and voccabualary Özgür Biçer - Free Time Activities, Simple Present Teaching Practice 1 Copy of Foods Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1b 12.02.2016 10:30 am Typical Friends Places and collocations review Articles Music festivals lesson with listening and vocabulary activities Forming nouns and gerunds Teaching Practice 1 TP1 - Productive Skills Present Simple-Yes/No Questions and Short Answers Possessive pronouns music expressions lessons Reading (for gist and details), Speaking (about crime) Fact or Fiction? Intercultural experiences Music Lesson (1) Talking and asking about places Teaching Practice 1B Name: Katelyn Martin Use of vocabulary related to the internet Christmas Celebration Copy of Adrenalin - Extreme Sports Christmas Facilities PPLD Demo Lesson for Friday, 5 Feb 2016 Verbs + to+ infinitive Relative Clauses Alternative Treatments Christmas TP 8 Reported Speech Writing Lesson on Holidays/Tourism Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 8 Relative clauses: Defining and non-defining clauses Important Moments of Life TP 8 Reporting Verbs Second conditional TP8 - Unit 8B, A trip to Thailand, Face2Face Future Plans TP 8, A trip to Thailand CELTA TP8 Eighth Lesson TP8 Choosing a Partner Lesson: Amazing Journeys Internatinal etiquette, Reading TP 7 Prepositions Seventh Lesson Legal Vocabulary: People in the court and The Courtroom TP 7 Grammer/Reading Gerund vs Inf. Teaching practice 7 present simple and progressive A healthy heart, TP7 complaints TP 7 Reading: Dangerous Australian Animals Teaching Practice 7 Adverbs of manner and modifiers Do you know any jokes? TP8a TP 7,Films, music, news: Licence to kill CELTA TP7 READING Grammar - Modal Verbs Hate List TP7 - Unit 7A, License to Kill, Face2Face Listening Lesson: Nature Documentaries Lesson: Days to Remember Teaching practice #7 Work And Play - Present Simple 8b grammar: comparatives 7a film genres TP 6 - Ordering Food TP 6 Reading/Speaking Teaching Practice 6 Reading: for a gist and for details Unexpected travel situations Teaching Practice 6 Sixth Lesson TP 7, Problem and Solutions TP7a SPANISH 101 1.1 History Makers People who changed the world, Past Simple TP 6 Lost property vocab household jobs, Quantifiers Teaching practice #6 change world Rhyming words Report Writing: Managing finances Good and bad times, three generations, TP 6 TP6 TP6 - Unit 6A, Three Generations, Face2Face TP6 GRAMMAR Lesson: A Typical Day Grammar: Comparing Money matters Describing personalities, TP6 TP_6a Power and Money: economics Landis 6a opposites vocabulary Instructions Writing Lesson: Letter TP 5 - Free Time Activities What do I do next? Fifth Lesson, My World Teaching Practice 5 Teaching practice #5 Vocabulary lesson, TP5, Unit 5B, Renting a flat, Face2face Copy of You 're Going Where / The Future Plans Teaching Practice 5 Practise using be going to in the context of planning a holiday in the future. TP5 TP 5, Topic: My kind of place CELTA TP4 GRAMMAR TP5 - Unit 5A, My kind of place, Face2Face Land & Sea Lesson: Buying Things Giving advice on how to save money Reading: for a gist and for details Grammar: Adverb Modifier: 'quite' Ready made phrases TP5a there is/there are grammar TP5a Vocabulary (collocation): related with natural world Copy of TP7a -- Listening re: Transport -- Valdes 6-17 Copy of Your work -life balance Panic! You're in the Information Age now.... TP4 Simple present TP 4.1 Teaching Practice 4 Blind date Right and Wrong 2 World of work/technology Grammar and Speaking TP4 CELTA Course, Third Lesson, Describe a Dramatic Experience TP 4 Teaching practice #4 Vocabulary: Things you like and you don't like TP4 technology, social media and the present simple: negative Parents and Children, TP 4 LP 4 Away from home TP4 - Unit 5, Parents & Children, Global, p. 54 - 55 Tp 4 CELTA TP4 VOCABULARY Lesson: The Power of Nature Landis 4a Teaching practice 4 TP3 Topic Sentences Special days TP4a World of Work TP 3 Third Lesson, Reading (Success) Speaking and Listening, TP3- Unit 4,Global, P50, listening, language focus and speaking parts TP 3 Functional language 'How much is a coffee?' TP4: Grammar: Present Simple: Third Person: Positive and Negative Teaching Practice #3 Parents and Children Practice scan reading and detailed reading in the context of cycing on the most dangerous road in the world Teaching Practice 3 LP 3 Evenings and Weekends TP3 - Unit 4, Magic & Mystery, Global Writing practice,mystery story 'Something strange happened on the way to... Lesson: Hopes, Dreams, and Ambitions Function: suggestion of ideas Food & Drink TP3a Teaching Practice 2 Daily routines Right & Wrong Bekiri Family vocabulary Ages/Family TP3: Time Phrases: on, in, at, every TP2 Family and possessive 's Tp3 TP2 TP 2 Copy of Culture Copy of Interchange Intro L1 Copy of Describing Your Job Teaching Practice 3 Teaching practice #2 Copy of Somebody, Anybody, Nobody, Everybody/ Speaking Copy of adjectives for good and bad Copy of TP2 - Plural of 'to be' (Speaking) Copy of Ünal efe Assessed Teaching Practice 7 Copy of Shops & Shoppers Copy of Demo Lesson 02/05/13 Copy of Assessed TP 1b Copy of Teaching practice 3 Copy of Food and Drinks Copy of Weird fruit and veg Copy of Films lesson, Reading and Speaking Lesson CELTA Course, Second Lesson, Good Communication (Plan# 2) Reading and Listening, TP2- Unit 2,Global, P20, EX 1-3 Present Simple TP 3A TP 2 - Unit 2, Right & Wrong, Global, p. 18 - 19 LP 2 "Time and Money" Reading, Speaking fluency, Topic:Animals and pets, TP 2a Lesson: Social Networking Stories Class Introduction Landis TP 2a nationalities vocabulary, To be-negative forms Teaching Practice 2 CELTA TP2 LANGUAGE TP2 Time and Money~Asking and answering questions Teaching Practice 1 Listening for details different methods of communication Jobs Lesson Teaching Practice 2 Teaching practice 1 TP1 Ahmad Zirak Ghazani, controlled practice of family vocab, possessive 's & have/has got Writing and vocabulary , TP1- Unit 1,Global, P11, EX 1-4 Alive & Well "All's well that ends well" Lesson: Describe a Book or a TV Show CELTA TP1 READING Abdullayev Rovshan Adjective-noun collocation and adverbs `really` and `quite` LP 1 "What's important to you?" Landis TP 1a CELTA Course, First Lesson, Explore Writing TP 1 - Unit 1, Global, p 9 - Krastina Aranitasi Teaching Practice 1 TP1 Personal possessions: Grammar: 'has/have got' (Positive)/ 'hasn't/haven't got (Negative) Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 TP 1 Jobs and the verb 'to be' Copy of TP6- Letter Of Advice Letter L - lesson 2 Letter L phonics - lesson 1 The Simple Past people Letter K phonics - lesson 2 people 2 people Stunning 9/C- homophones phone Discuss new laws Letter K phonics - lesson 1 Comparative and Superlative lesson earthquake vocabulary Teaching Practice 8 Job Application Lesson jobs lesson TP8 Teaching Practice 8 TP 8 TP 8 page 18 to Fame and fortune lesson; Gerund or Infinitive? TP8 Teaching Practice 8 Simple past aff neg Listening and speaking practice in the context of dreams and ambitions Grammar/ Present Simple Verb to Be Lesson 7 Speaking - Skill Lesson TP7 TP 7 Teaching Practice Seven page 13 to Teaching Practice 7 travelling lesson TP8 Vocabulary( adjectives with prepositions) and grammar ( model sentences with ''used to'' and reading skills 9-going out "A Day in Cairo", Past simple negative Teaching Practice 7 Copy of Modals of Deduction/speculation Tp7 TP7 Reading/Places to visit in Egypt TP7 Teaching Practice 7 Copy of Present perfect simple and present perfect continuous TP8 Film and Television TP6 TP8 :) TP 6 TP8 TP6 Comparison Phrasing pg59 Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 6 Çağla TP6 TP 6 Lesson 6 Grammar / Articles ( The / A, An / Q (no article) ) Weekend activities Lexis Collocation in the context of making requests and offers. TP8 TP6 Prepositions of time and place Listening and Vocabulary lesson : TV and Radio Reading lesson Grammar/ Past Simple-Positive Cultural differences reading TP 8 where I live,,,there is/are Lesson 5 A tale of two cities - Comparatives Session 2 TP5 Shopping for Clothes Future clauses with if, when, as soon as etc. Listening lesson about travel tips for New Zealand Teaching Practice 5 TP5 Listening skills,Vocabulary TP5 TP4 A1 pg42/43 3rd person present simple affirmative and negative Tp5 Çağla TP5 Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 5 Listening and colours lexis Copy of A Good Job, The Simple Present Tense Copy of A Good Job, The Simple Present Tense TP7 Ahmed Nouri TP 8 TP6: Eating and Drinking Future tenses for prediction / holiday and travel TP7 Vocabulary and the meaning of "take" in different contexts Reading Lesson : Life Stories Letter I phonics lesson 2 Telling stories Lesson 4 TP4 TP 7 Çağla TP4 Teaching Practice 4 Lifestyle TP 4 future forms Inside Out pg102 Animal tales TP 4 TP4 Food Grammar/ Simple Present Tense( I like ......../I don't like........../me too / me neither) Teaching Practice 4 Future Time Clauses TP6 Bed and Breakfast Teaching practice 4 tp3 Lesson 3 TP6 The Hundredth Smurf Lesson -26 November 2015 Dynamic and Stative TP 3 Reading Lesson : Celebrities Tp 3 Teaching Practice 3 Tp 3 Cigdem Unlu TP8 TP6 Present simple - + and - Vocabulary( days of the week,prepositions(in,on,at),adjectives(busy,free),adverb(here) Inside Out pg80 TP3 Demonstrations and Protests Lesoon Teaching Practice 3 Cagla Duru-TP3 Teaching Practice 3 Reported speech. Simple present /past to continuous present/past Family reading 2 Reading/Celebrity Rebels TP2 Life in Australia Verbs + -ing lesson Teaching Practice 2 TP 6 Teaching Practice 2 Across cultures Families and children Nightmare Jobs teaching practice TP 04(Grammar) TP 2 Çağla Duru TP2 Teaching Practice 2 TP2 Inside out Pre-int unit 8 - going solo Teaching Practice 2 Copy of Celta Lesson Plan 8:Speaking what happened next,,,past simple writting lesson Lesson 1 TP1 TP5 TP2a Present Perfect Simple Family and Friends:Grammar Lesson Teaching Practice 1 Reading / Speaking TP1 Teaching Practice 1 TP1 Jobs Giving opinions in the context of use of the internet TEACHING PRACTICE 1 Talking about similarities, so/neither ÇAĞLA TP1 Inside out Pre-int unit 3 Teaching Practice 1 TP5 Common adjectives, their grammatical positions to describe things and people. Reading and Lexis TP 1 reading lesson about giving names Reading, edit your friends Dream Homes I Never Forget A Face Reading lesson on "Luck of the Draw" Reading Lesson TP 5 TP #8 Cross Canada Trip Lesson TP 8 Ahmed Nouri TP8 Free time activities Instructional Design Mini ID Project culture shock reading Body Moving Lesson TP #7 TP 7 TP7 TP7 Grammar Daily routines and likes At the airport-listening Collocations have, go & get Lesson TP #6 Ahmed nouri TP6 MetroNaps reading text TP5 TP #5 Room to Let Lesson TP 5, Ahmed Nouri TP5 food Sharing a Flat Narrative writing Used To Vocabulary Lesson TP8 Airport and international travel vocabulary Grammar Lesson Question Tags Familiy Matters First Conditional through the Context of life problems Dynamic and stative verbs TP 8 TP4 Dinner Date - Speaking and Vocabulary TP 8 // Vocabulary Lesson TP4 TP 4. Ahmed Nouri things I hate to do TP 8 Unit 8 TP4 writing lesson Michael Caine, Reading & Speaking Focus on Leisure TP#3 Reading lesson within the context of Remakes TP8- Third Conditional Sabiha Lafani-05Nov2015 TP 8 TP3 TP 3 Ahmed Nouri Grammar Perfect Locations - so & such Beginnings (Reading) use of the verb, be in the context of people from around the world. Functional Language Teaching Practice 8a - FILM AND TELEVISION Describing a city and uses of like Adrenalin Lesson Ahmed nouri Tuğba Kaya, Writing-Reading TP: 7 TP2 Grammar simple past TP #2 vocabulary, souvenirs, countries and regions TP 7 Unit 7 TP 4 Keep in touch lesson, Adverbs of frequency lesson. Gerunds & Infinitives , Grammar homes and buildings TP 7. A good neighborhood Use of "Can I......?" TP1 Life's beach TP1 TP 7- A letter of apology Used to TP 6: Listening - Past/Present shopping trends in Britain and Turkey A Reading on Cultural Differences Grammar lesson on possessive 's TP#: 1 TP 6 Unit 6 Teaching Practice 7a - WEEKEND CITY BREAK Functional Language: Asking for a favour Sabiha Grammar Make plans to see an event TP 3: Dream Homes - Reading, Speaking, Listening TP3 TP 3 10 Facts about the lotteries Teaching Practice 6a. Day and Night TP6- Grammar (quite)+writing Teaching Practice 6a - NIGHT AND DAY Infinitive of purpose Things(personal possessions) TP3 Listening and Functional Language in the context of a Doctors appointment Tb: 5b Copy of Men vs Women dogs jobs, simple present tense Land & Sea - Listening Laurie Galbraith: TP 5 Proverbs , Speaking & Writing 7D270CT2015ReadingLesson Reading (The Nature and Human Being) Teaching Practice 5a. Work / Technology Sabiha Lafani- 27Oct 2015- Teaching Practice 5a - Technology and you News Story Present perfect simple with for and since Teaching Practice 5a - WORLD OF WORK/TECHNOLOGY Listening The way we live. Present Tenses Job lesson, Present Simple Reading - The united states of animals Listening and vocabulary lesson Favorite Things demo lesson Copy of Somebody, Anybody, Nobody, Everybody/ Speaking vocabulary fashion TP8 Future Plans: Going to Gender gaps on the brain Vocabulary Reading writing TP7 Week 8 Reference Study TP 2: Down Under - Grammar and Speaking reading puzzle time vocabulary cognates and false friends Copy of Past Continuous and Past Simple Payam Session plan TP2 Letter F phonics (2) Use of gerunds and infinitive verbs TP#: 4a4b Reading(receptive skill) Collocations - work+for/in, Live+in/with/alone, go+on/by TP 4 Unit 2 Laurie Galbraith Functional Language / Advice TP8 TP8 - Grammar Copy of 7B - Entertainment - Going Out & Staying In TP 7 | Vocabulary & guided writing | City and Country, Describing a place TP6 Reading (futurological conference) Prepositions of place Sabiha Lafani- 21Oct 2015- Teaching Practice 4a - Right & wrong Comperatives and Superlatives Extra Material (Reading)+(Mechanic) Teaching Practice 4a. Right & Wrong. Giving Directions Predictions about the Future Vocabulary : Personal Possesions Possessive Adjectives Lesson Teaching Practice 4a - RIGHT & WRONG Practice listening in the context of people talking about bad service TP 2 Reading - Cycling on the Most Dangerous Road writing 7D20102015_SpeakingandListening 7D20102015_Furniture and Household Objects Listening Lesson Plan: Spas-Women Love them.Can men enjoy too? reading TP#:3b- People Teaching Practice 7 To be - Positive/Negative - Questions with short yes/no answers TP 3 Unit 5 listening TP7 7D_19102015_PRESENTSIMPLEANDCONTINUOUS TP3- LISTENING-famous People Reading/ Listening Reading Plan Animals KET October 19th 4-5pm. UNIT 1 Family Demo lesson 1 Possessıve 's , and functıonal language on gaınıng ınformatıon Teaching Practice 3. Child Care Writing Lesson Plan Business English Finance Practise when and which article to use in the context of male and female perceptions Family Teaching Practice 3a - PARENTS AND CHILDREN Life Experiances (Grammar) Job Selection / Horoscopes - Reading TP6 - At the market Reading (City Transport) Ibrahim Yurttas, TP, 7 Agony Aunt TP 6 | Reading for gist & specific information | Food around the world Unusual Journeys Hotels and Travel- Listening Teatime - Listening and Reading Numbers lesson Relative Pronouns TP 2 Unit 4 Page 50 TP2 Assignment 3 Functional Language - Polite Requests Functional Language/ Invitations and suggestions Going out , Listening Colours and Nationalities Inventions observed lesson TP5 7D Next Move Vocabulary 14102015 TP 1 Teaching Practice 2 Practise reading for specific information and detail 7B7G_GRAMMAR_13102015 Talking about self using present simple How People Met Teaching Practice 2 - MAGIC AND MYSTERY TP 5 TP5 - PRACTICE COLLOCATIONS IN THE CONTEXT OF DAILY LIFE Copy of Gossip and news. Present Perfect with just, yet and already. Those Crazy Humans Reading lesson on numbers TP1 reflexive pronoun The First plan (Safary) 7B_7G(SecondLesson)Vocabulary12102015 Assignment 3 Assignment 3 Language Related Skills Practice gist reading and reading to find detailed information in the context of a report on unsupervised playing for children. Children Taking Risks LESSON PLAN FOR ASSIGNMENT 3 Cooking Vocabulary Lesson Reading Reading Lesson TP 7 Assignment 3 - Language related skills task | authentic text Speak Out 8.1 Copy of TP7 - Grammar (Future Tense) Copy of Teacher Plan 4! greeting subject/object question Copy of Teaching Grammar2 Quantifiers TP7 family TP-4 | -ed and -ing adjectives & some verbal phrases Travel essentials Practise the past simple using regular verbs in the context of people's lives. family TP4-Percy Schools and Education Reading Lesson describing a picture TP4 7D_07102015_NEXTMOVE listening activity MODAL FORMS OF DEDUCTION TP 4 7B_7G(SecondLesson) Speaking_06102015 TP-3 | Listening for gist and detail, free speaking | Manners 7D_06102015 Second Lesson Next Move 7D_06102015 Next Move Modal Verbs İSMAİL KARA TP7 Reading To practise listening for gist and specific information. Family reading actions Letter F phonics Letter D phonics (2) describing a picture B - TP3 TP3 7B/7G_Listening_SecondLesson 7B/7G Reading_05102015 7D Next Move 05102015 TP-2 | Listening & Speaking | Money Listening and Reading: KaChing! All About Money! READING FOR DETAIL AND DEDUCING MEANING Reading and Writing for Lower Secondary Reading for specific information in the context of favourite seasons and related activities Khaled Razzam Money TP8 TP8 TP - 8 At the Airpot famous places lessson TP 8b TP8, Present continuous TP8 a TP 8 famous people TP.8, Reported Speech Teaching practice 2 Third Conditional Teaching Practise 8a Free-Speaking activity throughout ''The Bridge'' Teaching practice 8b IH Observed lesson 1st October 2015 Past Simple Lesson TP8 Teaching practice 6 Culture lesson TP8 TP7 - April Fool! That smells nice! adjectives lesson TP 7b TP7 TP 8a TP7 Wish present progressive lesson "used to" lesson Daily English Travel TP 8A TP - 7 Family relationship lesson Personal pronoun and possessive adjectives Personal pronoun and possessive adjectives TP7 TP 1- Lesson Plan Daily English READING FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION - DIETS TP7 Teaching practice 7 TP.7 - Reading, The cat came back family Reading & Speaking Men who Cook Family TP7 Copy of Predicative Adjectives Lesson TP 7A Tuğba Kaya, Vocabulary-Speaking TP 7a Reading and Writing for Primary Movers Travel lesson, Future Forms Teaching Practice 7 :Past Simple Questions and short answers (Regular Verbs) Making decisions about going on a diet. TP7 Making Decisions Past continuous Letter D phonics Defining and non-defining relative clauses TP6 - Urban Legends TP 6b TP6 Reported speech TP6, People who changed the world TP 6 - Past Tense Teaching practice 6b TP.6 Comperatives TP6 - Comperatives In fashion 5D Young Learners - TP1 TP6 Present and Past Habits TP 6a expressing opinion Interfering with nature TP6 listening about refugees TP5 TP5 Writing, Giving directions TP 6A Neda ,Modals of deduction TP 5 - Vocabulary / Grammar review TP.5 - Jobs, Work Vocabulary Life Events What are you going to/will/do you/are you do/doing on Saturday? Teaching practice 4 Teaching Practise 5a Teaching Practice 5 : A Good Neighbourhood Past Simple (Was-Were) Lesson My kind of place (5A) Getting Together -TP5 TP 5a Teaching practice 5b weekend city break TP6 TP5 Reading Lesson Functional English Lesson TP-5 Tuğba Kaya, Listening-Speaking Listening / Vocabulary TP6 İSMAİL KARA TP6 Teaching of vocabulary about talking on the phone Ibrahim Yurttas, TP, 6 present simple vs. present progressive News unsual hotels reading When's your birthday? TP4 Wh- Questions in Past Simple global warming lesson Skills lesson reading passage about judging by appearances Superlatives A Wedding Ceremony TP 4b TP5 Past Simple Yes/No Question Form Letter C phonics (lesson 1 of 2) Eng for Med. Unit 5 Causes and Effects of Disease 5.3 Eng for Med. Unit 5 Causes and Effects of Disease 5.2 TP 4a Tuğba Kaya, Grammar-Speaking Speaking Teaching practice 4b TP4 TP4 Edible TP4 Seasons and months İSMAİL KARA TP 5 Comparatives lesson Teachin Practise 4a TP5 I Love the Internet TP 4 - Reading / Vocabulary Ibrahim Yurttas, TP, 5 A2_2 Bach/Bauhaus _ Präteritum To be adjectives Modal verb structures lesson İSMAİL KARA TP3 ENGLISH FILE P29-30 TP3 Grammar lesson Hopes and Fears Teaching practice 3 TP-4 Awkward social situations, Politeness TL4 Lifestyle Edible lesson, TP: 3b TP 3 - Countable & Uncountable nouns TP3 Giving Directions TP3 Teaching practice 3 TP: 3-B TP-3 TP 3a Teaching Practice 3 : Past Simple and Past Continuous Teaching practice 2 Teaching practice 3b Teaching Practise 2 - Definite and Indefinite Articles Evenings and Weekends Are there any shops? TP3 Towns and Cities TP 3 Unit 2.2 Modals of Obligation 1111 Party lesson TP2 Talk about things you did or saw-Listening Lesson listening lesson Housework across cultures listening about a famous photo Teaching Practice 2b TP4 TP2b. Party, Festivals TP3 Reading Lesson, Las Fallas Festival Speaking and Grammar practice Reading Lesson Ibrahim Yurttas, TP, 4 Eng for Med. Unit 3 Basic Principles in Medicine. 3.4 Vocabulary Lesson Dincer D - 10 September 2015 - TP 2 Tuğba Kaya, Listening-Speaking TP-2 TP2 Tp2 TP4 food tips, Quantifires Teaching practice 2b Likes and dislikes weekend activities Teaching Practice 2 TP2 FOODS AND DRINKS İSMAİL KARA TP3 ENGLISH FILE P29-30 Unit 2.1 Introducton and Unit 1 Dependent prepositions Grammar- Modal Can/ Could/ Be able to Time and Money Ibrahim Yurttas, TP, 3 Vocabulary & Pronunciation Can/Could/Be able to TP2 Common phrases(like,have,live,work,study) Unit 1.2 Unit 1.1 Listening Lesson Speak-out Pre-intermediate 1. 1 Family ties: Grammar and Vocabulary Unit One Speaking - 1 Lifestyle third person singular -s Listening Lesson Tuğba Kaya, Vocabulary-Speaking TP3 Vocabulary lesson- strong adjectives TP2 Ibrahim Yurttas, TP, 2 Letter A phonics apology, reason, promise Stereotypes Family Question forms Listening and vocabulary Reading Lesson TP2 introduction and Starter Unit The mass debate I used to do that job but I'm not used to doing this! Have to/had to: Questions and Short Answers Across cultures shops Ibrahim Yurttas, TP, 1 TP1 Grammar lesson - Present Perfect Tense Money "The millionaire with a secret" (reading) Eng for Med. Unit 2 Achievements in Medicine 2.2 Eng for Med. Unit 2 Achievements in Medicine 2.1 getting to know eachother Introduction. Eating Healthy Lesson 6: Super Minds 1 Different parts of the body Unit 7: My favourites Copy of Present Simple vs Present Continuous Lesson 4: Lexis Food Groups Where food comes from Design a tour Lesson 4: Activity 1 Passive voice present simple Gulshan Nabiyeva*28/08/2015*TP 8 A trip to Thailand Jobs Listening Wishes and regrets Teaching Practice 8 İrem Aydogdu TP8 Living without money TP 4 - Grammar - gerunds and infinitives TP8 Mohamad Dabbagh / lesson TP 8 Final TP8 Time phrases with on, in, at TP 8 Functional Language, Suggesting Souvenirs Vocabulary (negative prefixes) Radio Drama request express service Samira A. /27/08/2015/ TP 8b TP: 8 B TP8 TP8 Writing Recipes TP8-giving and receiving comments and complements Cultures and manners (speaking and listening) Haunted hotel Teaching Practice 8 Weather Strike! TP 3 - Reading - Modern Manners TP # 8a TP 8a, Age The Future Tense( be+ going to + infinitive ) Improtance of Rice TP 7 TP 8 Teaching Practice 8 TP 8 TP 8: Grammar: Present Continuous TP 8b Childhood Making the right decision Advice lesson, should and shouldn't New Cutting Edge Int. Module 12 Daily Routines lesson Teaching practice 8 Weather Vocabulary Lesson Food Nurel Toprak _Final Teaching Practice 8 Finally Teaching Practice 8 TP8 grammar Burcu Türk Saraçoğlu - TP8 Grammar Third conditional about bad luck Teaching practice 8 Fluency Focus Listening TP 7 Can/Can't Lesson #8 CELTA Course. Functional language TP2 - Grammar - Future plans Teaching Practice 1: Lesson 1 Activity 1 Summer holiday Vocabulary First Conditional Teaching Practice 6 Reading - Learning to talk- ( Vocabulary and speaking) Skills - reading, listening, speaking İrem Aydoğdu TP7 Teaching Practice 8 Samra A., 26 August, TP 7b Education Lesson Prepositions with animals A perfect day Film Review Writing Lesson Mohamad Dabbagh / lesson TP 7 TP7 dreams and reality-Grammar, conjunctions TP7 - Wishes and regrets Teaching Practice 7 Tom's Diner (a Song Lesson) MEF Preparatory Program Induction Teaching Practice 7 Copy of Future Continuous, Future Perfect Teaching Practice 7 Present continuous for ''now ', Getting things done Health club; listening Eng for Med. Unit 1 What is Medicine? 1.2 Gulshan Nabiyeva*25/08/2015*TP 7 TP7 Competition winners and losers ! TP: 7 B TP7-Style TP1 Speaking Adertisement TP#7a Grammar, Adverbs of frequency Describing objects , The adjectives Teaching Practice 5 TP 7b TP 7 Teaching practice 7 TP7 The Memory Men Nurel Toprak _Teaching Practice 7 reading "The Masters of the Universe" Speakout Int U7.1 Burcu Türk Saraçoğlu - TP7 Eng for Med. Unit 1 What is Medicine? 1.1 Teaching practice 7 Past simple Brothers and Sisters TP 7a, Defining Relative Clause News, Listening FAME! Teaching Practice 2: Lesson 2 Activity 2 TP: 6 B Parents and Children, Grammar Teaching Practice 7 Four weekends - Be a good listener Shapes and colours lesson Reported Speech Verbs that summarize TP 7 TP 7: Skills- Speaking and Listening (emotions) TP7 İrem Aydoğdu TP6 Writing a summary based on memory TP6 Teaching Practice 6 TP 6b Time & Money Lesson #7 CELTA Course. Receptive Skills Lesson: Integrated Skills Samira A /08/24/2015/ TP 6b TP6 - Names and naming World Cinema Lesson Nurel Toprak_Teaching Practice 7 Mohamad Dabbagh / lesson TP 6 TP 6 Media mania: Writing, listening and speaking CELTYL Lesson 1- How to Classify Animals Reading comprehension Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 1: Lesson 1 Activity 1 A great Character TP 6: Grammar Past Simple regular verbs TP6 Needs Analysis Fame and fashion Gulshan Nabiyeva*21/08/2015*TP 56 TP6 TP4 - There is, There are Formal letter (information enquiry) TP6- Journey Nurel Toprak_ Teaching Practice 6 Reporting people's exact words There is/ There are (Negative and Question forms) At the shop Reading about lottery winners and losers TP 6 Teaching Practice 4 The internet Teaching Practice 6 grammar lesson, past simple English Unlimited Int U7.1 TP 6a, Grammar-Speaking TP 6 Personal Qualities Second conditional - Text based presentation TP#6a Teaching practice 6 Past Continuous Lesson, Luck Storytelling Teaching Practice 6 Pronunciation Clothing Never Smile at a Crocodile. Listening TP6 Habits and Rituals Test 20 min Drogoman Speaking lesson TP3 Functional language, Asking permission,questions and making requests politely. . Renting a flat TP: 5 B Family & Friends. Colours Introducing different uses of mean Power and Money-Lotteries, TP5 TP 5b, Functional Language: Survival English A man and his car Quantifiers (some , any , a ) Journey Listening lesson. Inside Out, Unit 4 Body Teaching Practice 3 İrem Aydoğdu TP5 Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 6 TP5 Dinner Date Listening Lesson Reading (interfering with nature) - Vocabulary Lesson #6 CELTA Course. Receptive Skills Lesson: Listening Mohamad Dabbagh / TP5 Samira, 20 August. English Unlimited Int U6.2 Teaching Practice 5 Gulshan Nabiyeva*19/08/2015*TP 5 TP 5b TP 5a, News in brief Breakfast time lesson Where & \when - Part 2 Getting together Request and Offers Time expressions with past simple and present perfect. Present simple Teaching Practice 5 TP #5a English Unlimited Int. Unit 6.1 TP 5 Sherine Fahham. There is / There are Weekend city break TP 5 Teaching Practice 2 TP5 Shuaib Tumi Beginner A1 Face to face unit 6A Nurel Toprak _ Teaching Practice 5 5th TP TP5 English Unlimited Int U6.3 Teaching practice 5 Unreal Conditionals Australia Reading Lesson Infinitive Patterns (Parties) Teaching practice 5 Modal and reading Family lesson TP5 Reading on Inventions Grammar, there is , there are - Listening and speaking Where & When lesson Listening - Teaching Practice 3 Lesson #5 CELTA Course. Grammar: comparatives and superlatives Burcu Türk Saraçoğlu - TP5 Wh- questions and the created capital Teacher Practice 1 TP5-News Present Perfect Travel Lesson Lesson for 18 August Describing your favourite city. Writing Reading- Predicting Have got Life Lessons Teaching Practice 5 English Unlimited Int U5.2 Task Based Lesson on Grammar Prepositions of place Listening Class for Healthy Habits TP 4 Teaching Practice 4 TP 4 Lesson #4 CELTA Course. Writing: A Report Gerund or infinitve Simple present "3" (he, she, it) Functional Language: Moving off Topic TP: 4B YLE-TP6: Abilities Strange Events (mysterious,problems,oddities) Expressing Preferences The language of inviting and accepting/refusing invitations TP 6 - Listening to a SONG İrem Aydoğdu's Tp4 Telling the time, TP 4 Samira A /05/12/2015/ TP 4b TP 4b TP4 TP4 Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 Mohamad Dabbagh / lesson TP4 TP 8b- Mystery Bigger than an elephant ! Teaching Practice 4 Telling the time TP4 Lexis Lesson TP 4 TP6 TP4 Nabiyeva Gulshan*13/08/2015* TP 4 Speaking lesson Funtional Language - Shopping Clothes Quantifiers Big events lesson TP 4a, Reading Lesson Reading - parties YLE-TP5: Prepositions Writing Lesson, Shopping Adjectives( describing animals) describing an experience Reading lesson - Vacabulary- TP #4a Reading and speaking based activity Buying Things in Real life Slow Food Adjectives TP4 Teaching practice 4 Shopping Clothes TP4 The power of nature TP #4A Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 _ Nurel Toprak TP 5 - Vocab (Functional Language) Party, Writing Lesson Grammar( there is and there are) Teaching practice 4 Slow Food Functional Language Expressing Doubt TP4 Cool animals Vocabulary Eda Sarac- Beginners Level- Listening Class TP4-Telling the time Lecture / taking notes TP: 3B Daily routine Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 5 - Young Learners Grammar Big events TP 3b TP 3 Superlatives Speaking and Pronunciation İrem Aydoğdu's TP3 Verb/noun collocations and presnt simple Yes/No questions TP5 Samira A /05/12/2015/ TP 3b TP5 Teaching Practice 3 TP3 Teaching practice 3 Furniture, TP3 TP3 Lesson #3 CELTA Course. Vocabulary&Speaking Speaking: The futurological conference Burcu Türk Saraçoğlu TP4 Foods Sacred Balance (Reading - Environmental problems) YLE-TP4: Nature Present Simple - affirmative. Animals TP3 Presentation of Present Simple with (I/you/we/they) TP 3a World of Work Teaching Practice 4 - Young Learners TP 3 Asking and answering about prices and time TP#3a Across Cultures attitudes to Success TP7 TP 3b Teaching practice 3 TP4 TP 3 JOBS PRESENT PERFECT TENSE READING Online dating Mohamad Dabbagh / lesson TP3 TP 4 - Listening (Vocab) My third TP Listening and Functions on Seuma's job TP3 Success TP4 Teaching Pratice 3 Teaching Practice 3 hören & schreiben Teaching Practice 3_Nurel Toprak Be kind and share. Resume-CV writing Burcu Türk Saraçoğlu - TP 3 Language and vocabulary lesson Relationships and the internet Teaching Practice 3 TP3 Food and Shopping FOOD Go to the cinema tonight? SPEAKING speaking lesson Getting it right lesson TP #3a Contrasting future forms TP2 Merlin Mladenova TP 7b- Record Breakers Prices Grammar: Present Perfect Simple irem Aydogdu TP2 Telling Stories TP 3 Gulshan Nabiyeva*11/08/2015*TP 3 Teaching Practice 2 Teaching Practice 2 TP3-Personal Possessions Teaching pratice 2 speaking lesson Teaching Practice 2 Raodeh Nakawh TP 3 TP7 CELTA 2015 Teaching Practice TP2 "Family Tree" Amazing achievements practice Practice Practice CELTA Practice Appearances, TP2 Time phrases - vocabulary - prepositions TP 2 Tp 2b Family TP2 Name: Samira Aghayeva 10/08/2015/ TP 2b Family members TP3a, Grammar, Articles and Listening TP 2b YLE-TP3: There is/are The auxiliary verb "can" and actions. TP 3 - Speaking (Weekend activities) Magic and tricks. Listening Reading in the context of teenagers and free time activities Teaching Practice 2 Eda Sarac = Reading Lesson- A1 Level Nabiyeva Gulshan*07/08/2015* TP 2 Animal Farm TP2 Reading and talking about worst case scenarios TP 3 Practice of family vocab, possesive 's, have got/has got Teaching Practice 3 - Young Learners Junk Food - Modifiers Qualities of mind lesson TP 2a Nationalities and Colours Present perfect simple and present perfect continuous TP #2a Possessive 's and apostrophe TP3 sherine fahham PAST SIMPLE: Wasn't - Weren't Teaching Practice 2 Subject Pronouns Raodeh Nakawh TP2 TP2 Good communication TP2 TP 2 Teaching Practice 2 TP 2 - Grammar (Present simple - 1st sg) TP6 Teaching Practice 2 YL TP 3 TP #2A reading and speaking plan Reading Burcu Türk Saraçoğlu - TP2 Red Faces ( Speaking & Reading ) Past Continuous Tense Learning family vocabulary Be verbs Present Simple TP2 TP2-Nationalities Teaching Practice 1 LP Teaching Practice 2 Family context - reading / speaking TP1 Merlin Writing a Formal Letter TP1 Happy Anniversary, Listening Adjectives and personal possessions Hypothetical possibilities with if Verb forms in the narrative Present Simple Tense, yes/no questions & short answers İrem's TP 1 have got/has got lesson What are you doing? Present continuous Celta 2015- LP- TP 6 Grammar- Present Continous TP 6a- Days to remember TP2 TP2 YL TP 2 Teaching Practice 2 Samira A /05/08/2015/ TP 1b Reading: Sydney, here we come! Teaching Practice 1 Practice Teaching 1 HOLIDAY HEAVEN Reading Skills (Scanning focused) Shapes TP1 - 5 August 2015-Numbers Name: Gulshan Nabiyeva * Date: 05/08/2015 * TP 1 TP1 Jobs Vocabulary Giving personal information Colors TP1 (b )Jobs and Personal Info TP 1A SIMPLE PAST TENSE QUESTIONS and NEGATIVES TP 1a How and what questions Teaching practice 1 Fact or fiction TP 1 Teaching Practice 1 A Weekend Break Adrenalin Lesson Teaching Practice1 (Real World) Reding and Vocabulary teaching practice 1a TP 1A Assessed Reading Lesson Mohamad Dabbagh / lesson TP2 Be: negative, yes/no questions and short answers Name: Gulnaz Ablitipova - 05 Aug 2015 - TP #1A TP1 TP 1 Teaching Practice 2 - Young Learners Colours Teaching Practice 1 TP 1b TP1 / listening / present simple TP5 Teaching Practice 1 Comprehension Teaching Practice 1 my first CELTA TP Speaking Practice Lesson Burcu Türk Saraçoğlu - TP1 Narrative Tenses Reading In the right place....but at the wrong time Have you ever...? Adverbs of frequency Shuaib Tumi 5th August 2015 TP1 YLE-TP1: Months Junk food TP1 Elementary practical english 18 hr adult course - lesson 1 introduction Preposition of place lesson TP 1 Socializing TP 5a- listening& reading- here & there LEGENDS Food you like! CELTA_ TP5 HOLIDAY HEAVEN Neighbors News and Weather: Reading and Listening Weekend Break - Speaking about hotels and hotel facilities Devil's Dictionary Teaching Practice 1 Rooms and furniture, Vocabulary Readıng and Lıstenıng What would you do if....? Simple Present Tense, Question Form Demo young learners - GTKY Bed and Breakfast Going Out - Invitations TP 8 Kaanhan Argüt Meeting Family and Friends Verb Collocation TP 8: Superheroes Speaking fluency (in context of wedding reception) Relationships Family & Friends Superheroes: The Real Spiderman Writing: A Day in my Life Simple Present Tense Negatives Expressing Obligation and Lack of Obligation I wish... (Grammar) Speed Dating: Listening Lesson Reading Lesson. Jobs Demo Lesson at Dilko Giving Directions TP8 Obligation and permission in the past Listening and Reading on 24/7 Services Context : Family and Friends - Listening and Vocabulary Grammar Lesson: Modals of Obligation and Permission TP 7 Kaanhan Argut TP 7: Dilemmas Speaking Lesson Grammar 3rd conditional Work and Play: Vocabulary and Speaking Jobs Vocabulary Listening for vocabulary and descriptive adjectives Reading lesson. Comparitives Unassessed Grammar lesson Vocabulary tiny apartments Embarrassing Situations, Past Continuous Tense 'can can't' TP 3 Reading, finding solutions to problems. CELTA 2015 - TP3 Big and Small: Vocabulary and Reading The perfect crimes , reading and vocabulary TP7 Grammar Lesson: Obligation and Permission in the Present Speaking Lesson: Storytelling Teaching Practice Unassessed writing relative clause (defining & non defining ) At the doctor's Functional language: asking for a favour Lesson Plan 8B TP 6 Kaanhan Argüt Present Simple Tense Jokes about restaurants - Listening Lesson (TP8) Module 7 Real World: Indirect and direct questions Reported speech *sigh* I used to... Past Simple and its common time expressions Listening skills: Past simple Listening & Vocabulary TP8 TP8 Speaking ( when was ...) TP 6: Virus Alert! Reading TP-8 - Vocabulary + Listening TP6 ÖZGE'S PLAN FOR JULY 23RD CELTA 2015 - TP 2 Grammar: be used to doing Listening lesson - what's the password? Prepositions (from, in, near) Simple past tense for negative,affirmative and interrogative sentences Clothes - TP8 CELTA TP8 - photographs Teaching Practice 8/ Transportation Computer virus , Listening and vocabulary imporant moments Teaching Practice 8 Lesson 8 TP7 Vocabulary Skills: Computers & Technology Listening lesson: Dreams Module 6 Learn to be lucky Transport & Daily Life - Grammar Lesson (TP7) Law & Order Grammar practice of will/won't for promises, offers, decisions. Possessive s, family members How many/much Some & Any TP8-Grammar (Writing) Lesson Plan 7B TP7 Listening lesson Modals of Obligation in the past Food:Facts and myths Grammar and Reading:Protective Parents TP-7 - Grammar / Speaking Family and Friends Touch Wood - Superstitions Teaching Plan 1b Family Life Grammar and listening Grammar Skills: Zero Conditionals TP5 TP7 - Reading (Vocabulary) TP 5: What's your opinion? Optimist / pessimist Teaching plan 6B What's on? - Reading Lesson (TP6) Lesson Plan 6B Teaching Practice 7 Travel Lesson Usual & Unusual The Olypic Games, sports TP6 Optical illusion - grammar (reading) Speaking about fairy tales Friends and strangers - Speaking (functional language) Reported Speech/sentences TP 7 - PRESENT CONTINUOUS Adverbs of Frequency Teaching Practice 7/ Life Story Copy of Demo Lesson 02/05/13 Indefinite Pronouns (Nobody, anybody, somebody, everybody) Reported speech - Questions, orders and request Fairy tales - Reading TP6 Speaking Lesson Copy of Contextualized Past Simple Negative Grammar - Language focus - Articles A moment in time Writing about getting from getting from A to B Function globally Grammar lesson: past perfect and past simple Listening and Vocabulary Adventurers TP 4: Transport TP4 Getting from A to B Teaching Practice 8 TP4 TP-6 - Grammar / Listening Present Continous, prepositions of place Listening Writing Postcards- Writing Lesson Speaking - Transportation The Devil's Dictionary Modals of speculation, Present time 5B Lesson plan Lesson Plan 5B Relative pronouns and Relative clauses Friends and strangers - grammar (speaking) Reading Skill - Grammar and Writing Reading '' Return of Martin Guerre'' How Practical Are You? present simple 3rd person singular TP5 How often Regrets - Third conditional Teaching Practice 6 TP8 TP #7 Listening / Vocab Teaching Practice 8 (Beril Akinci) TP 6 - JOB INTERVIEW Teaching Practice 5 TP6 - Grammar Funtional language - Advantages and disadvantages To practice reading and speaking skills SPEAKING CELTA TP 8. Present perfect Speaking about Life and Nature LISTENING SKILLS CELTA Teaching Practice 8: Health Problems Present perfect Vs Past simple lesson Who knows you better: your family or your friends? pas speculation Teaching Practice 6 /Present Progressive Recommendations Reading TP5 Writing skills: a poster project on tourism Journeys TP 8 Jobs and interviews Comparatives Teaching Practice 7 Grammar Different markets, Reading Reading skills Films- Licence to Kill Reading lesson Functional language: Generalisation and Giving Examples Lesson Plan 4 Trick of the trade Receptive skill lesson - Listening CELTA TP-7 Complains,language through text Reading - Blogs in Alaska Comparatives and Superlatives Vancouver Vocabulary TP8 Regular and Irregular verbs Reading and speaking Natasha meets Darren TP3 Loves and Hates - Present Simple, Questions and Gerrunds TP #7 Grammar / Writing 8 - Visit Vancouver TP5 - Present Simple Tense TP 7 Teacher Practice 5 TP7 Teaching Practice 7 (Beril Akinci) TP5 - Functional Language TP-5 - Grammar / Reading+Speaking Teaching Practice 7: Present Continuous Tense TP 7 Power and Money TP7 Air Travel: the Inside Story TP 8 TP3 Module 4: Hates and Likes - writing Where to live Reading - Writing: Everyday Life Means of transport TP3 Education-Listening Waseem Khan Facts & Myths Tarek Al Hamoud Teaching practice 8 The best holiday ever History Makers_Past simple tense Teaching Practice 6 Reading Lesson. Definitions of Culture. Present Perfect & Present Perfect Continuous WR SP Practice tp8 Neslihan Solak Unit 3B: Lonely Planet. Reading skills Superstitions vs. Science Typically British Urban legends - Narrative tenses Work & study, speaking Listening: Daily life in Australia, Writing with negative and positive sentence forms Listening Skills Copy of Somebody, Anybody, Nobody, Everybody/ Speaking 4B Lesson Plan 4b Time for a change. It`s bad for you. Teaching Practice 6: was/were/wasn't/weren't Things you did or saw, the simple past tense TP 6 "Speaking" TP 7 TP4 7 - Places to go out never,ever,ago,recently,just,already,before Time expressions Shopping - Listening Lesson (TP4) Teaching Practice 4 TP2 Everyday Life language practice - controlled TP 6 Eating Habits, Foods Identity theft Real life ,Days and times ,Daily routines Superlatives TP2 Module 3: Everyday Life TP2 Reading about typing CELTA lesson plan - 6 Past Simple in context of weekend Going out to eat- Adverbs of frequency-witing Copy of The forms of requests and offers-Face 2 Face TP4 - Listening and Speaking TP 7 Neslihan Solak Teaching Practice 4 Teaching practice 7 Waseem Khan News Story Speaking & Writing TP4 TP7 Functional Language: Offering food and drink Copy of TP 8, Listening Teaching Practice 6 - Beril Akinci TP4 - Functional Language (Ordering in a cafe) TP #6 Vocabulary / Speaking Get into University Hot and Cold, deserts Ready, Steady, Eat TP6 Teaching Practice 5 Renting a flat Reading Skills Mamma Mia film-reading lesson TP4 This, That, These, Those and Vocabulary for Objects in Everyday life Weekend City Break Teaching Practice 4 There is / There are lesson Daily routine, simple present Reading CELTA TP-5 Past simple lesson - Verb to be Lesson Plan 3B Function globally shopping Towards A Definition of Culture Teaching Practice 5: Listening & Lexis Robberies - Grammar Lesson (TP3) Interfering with nature Lesson 4 teaching practice 1 Teaching Practice 5 - Beril Akinci TP #5 Grammar / Speaking Free time activities TP 5 6 - Safari receptive skills reading There is/ There are (affirmative) Teaching practice 3B TP3 Copy of Name:Yiğit Seymen 28 Aug 2014 TP8 Teaching Practice 3 LESSON PLANNING 1 Vocabulary through television Present simple Wh- Questions Land and Sea At the airport past simple lesson TP 6 Copy of Saying/ Asking how you feel Teaching Practice 6 F2F 1A Be Happy Nice to meet you Getting together Places & People Present Simple.Wh questions TP5 TP3 Lp for Tp 2a-speaking Unreal Conditionals 2 Daily routine verbs TP-3-Reading Listening Grammar, Present continuous used to & would Folktales and Storytelling shopping for clothes TP3 - Reading Lesson Teaching Practice 3 Everyday things, Shops and things in them, Necessary sentences when shopping My favorite color 2b Lives and Legends UNESCO World Heritage Sites The main verb have Lesson 3 Teaching practice 6 Model Verb Would Telling the time Unusual Holidays To practice in listening for specific information and for detail in the context of technology TP 6 Neslihan Solak Introductory: names/nationalities/jobs; R & W skills TP 2 Teaching Practice 2B Class starts with do and does Global Upper Intermediate Demo Lesson - Unit 3 Land and Sea UFUK, TP2 Teaching Practice 2 Having a Trip Teaching Practise 2a Day and night.Functional language TP-2-Grammar Reading and speaking Crossroads Past Simple, Past continuous and Past Perfect Tense TP 5 Waseem Khan First Date verbs and nouns Telling The Time Relationships Teaching Practice 2 Hollywood Vocabulary 5 - Jobs Teaching Practice 5 demo lesson cutting edge int language present tenses TP #4 Speaking/Vocabulary Books and Writers TP2 - Personal Possessions Family Talk ~ Fluency lesson Adverbs of Frequency demo lesson reading -cutting edge int The future with will Telling Time Teaching Practice 4 - Beril Akinci Lesson 2 Scary hotel Here and There Daily Routines Family and Friends TP 4 Compound Nouns TP 5 Neslihan Solak Early bird or night owl - Special Days To present and practice the verb "To be" negative Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 1 talking about families, simple peresent lesson Teaching Practice 4: Extend Your Vocabulary Celta lesson plan - 4 Agreement and disagreement Quantifiers Waseem- Functional Language Grammar weather TP #3 Listening/Speaking Listening&Writing TP 4 9A MEMORY Teaching Practice 3: Vocabulary & Speaking Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 3 (Beril Akinci) Make alist of tips on 'How to' "Right" from Global Upper Intermediate - Reading and Listening Plan Copy of Gossip and news. Present Perfect with just, yet and already. Object Pronouns Family and Friends Reading TP 3 TP3 Reading Celta lesson plan - 3 Family and Friends Present Simple Negative and Present Simple: questions and short answers ( I, you,we, they) Going Out Teaching Practise 4 Teaching Practice 4 TP4 Neslihan Solak Copy of Listening - sports stars and advertising (comparatives) TP2 4 - E-mails Listening&Speaking TP#2 Lesson Plan 2 Practice in writing letters and emails to Friends to keep in touch Where and When, Present Simple, Grammar Muhammad Waseem - TP Lesson 2 Reading Weddings & Marriage There is/There are - There isn't/There aren't TP4 Freer Speaking Practice relation ship style, present simple Where & When Sports Celta lesson plan - 2 Telling the time Where and What Wedding past-simple Teaching Practise 3 Asking for and Giving Directions Teaching practice 2, writing a letter Muhammad Waseem - TP Lesson 1: Family Vocabulary Teaching Practice 2: Future Perfect & Continuous Describing Your Job TP 2 Teaching practice 3, giving emphasis Facts and Figures Possessive Adjectives CELTA lesson plan - 1 3 - Getting lost Hometown Facts and Figures lesson TP3 TP3 countable and uncountable nouns Family Members & How Many Reading about London Demonstration Lesson Demonstration Lesson 1: the verb to be Demo Lesson June 2015 Teaching Practice 3 TP3 Neslihan Solak Talking about your childhood habits using 'used to' 2 - Schools Teaching Practise 2 Teaching Practice 2 HOMETOWN Copy of Listening, Speaking Copy of Assessed TP-8 Shopping TP2 Neslihan Solak Vocabulary Lesson Where are we in the universe? Opener and Vocabulary Schooll TP2 School memories - Past Simple Tense Positive and negative verbs Muhammad Jamil Neighbors TP1 Neslihan Solak memories of school 1 - Neighbours (first assessed lesson) Teaching Practice 1 Delta pre-task (Planning a reading) Family members family relations Teaching Practise 1 Plural Nouns Demo Lesson (English Time) First lesson. Infinitive of purpose Passive voice Traveling and tours, Speaking Easy English? Modal verbs of possibility: might and will teaching practice .8 Comparatives and Superlatives Lesson TP 8 Patricia Actis June 11 - Functional language - Unit 13 TP 8 Past Simple Speaking Practice A traveler's tale Explore writing Practice Lesson 8 Shops TP 8 My Utopia Lesson on 6/10/15 Prepositions of movement Places to go TP-7 Traveling lesson, Third conditional Teaching practice 7 TP6-Job related Vocab Patricia Talking to Strangers/Polite Questions Quantifiers Lesson Practice Lesson 7 TP 7 The future of work Story writing Grammar, indirect questions Lesson on 5/8/15 TP 7 Order a meal Reading and Speaking TP-6 Life in the capital Tellying Lies, Reading lesson Comparing Cities Saying/ Asking how you feel teaching practice 6 Any Questions TP7- JOBS Speaking about cultural attitudes to family TP6 Patricia Actis June 5, 2015 Speaking Skills, Chat about Friends TP5 - Possessive Adj+Pronoun Never forget a face Truth and lies Practice Lesson 6 Never forget a face trial practice` Practice Trial Lesson try a practice Practice Plan Practice June 4 Practice Trial Lesson Plan Practice Practice Lesson Practice Plan Describing faces Complaining, Functional Language Teaching Practice 5 Exercising our body at work Body Truth and Lies TP5 Patricia June 2, 2015 Grammar Adjective of Reading lesson: A good impression Vocabulary and listening lesson TP 6 Memory for face A good impression TP-5 Body Parts lesson TP 5 A Good Impression Practice Lesson 5 teaching practice 5 Grammar (Present Perfect Simple & Continuous) for making complaints Impression/ Verb Pattern Advice Teaching Practice Decision making Seyahat Functional Language (Traveling) Traffic, Present progressive TP-4- Grammar writing TP 4 Teaching practice 4 Reach a compromise Reach a Compromise Travel Patricia TP 4a 28 May 2015 Vocabulary lesson: problems in the home teaching practice 4 CIC Demo lesson # Reading Tp4. Receptive Skills : Reading I hate Flying - Reading Practice Lesson 4 Describe Objects you don't know Functional Language TP-3- Speaking Lesson Modals of deduction and speculation Fussy eaters Different uses of 'have', with particular focus on causatives A Nightmare Journey Teaching practice 3 Teaching practice 3 what's your day like? (Simple Present tense) A nightmare journey Teaching practice 2 Listening Practice Lesson 3 Comparisons - Adverbs and Quantifiers Listening El presente de indicativo y las partes de la casa Demo lesson U-I 2a. teaching practice 2 TP-2- Listening Lesson Personal Qualities Rice "Countable and Uncountable Nouns" TP 4 - What shall we do? Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 2 TP8- GRAMMAR TP8 U-I 1b. TP 3 Declutter your life! U-I 1a. Giving advice, reasons for advice, managing budget Review of Simple past, and practice listening skills Give expert advice Vocabulary lesson: phrasal verbs Patricia Actis TP 3a 26 May 2015 Grammar Practice Practice Lesson 2 Reading- Burberry Following instructions Advice- 2st lesson plan Teaching Practice 1 Emir Conversation w 9 / Education Practising Past Simple Irregular verbs Copy of Teaching Grammar2 Quantifiers teaching practice1 will+infinitive, present progressive, be going to + infinitive lesson. Do the housework! Writing Practice Practice Lesson 1 Things going wrong Things going wrong- 1st lesson plan Listening: how to enjoy it while improving teaching practice 1 Homes and shops ( My kind of place ) Demo-English Unlimited - U6.1 - reading lesson 2 Demo-English Unlimited - U6.1 Daily Routines Daily Routines- Speaking Copy of Teaching Practice 2 Daily Routines TP7 Copy of Introduce and practice possessive adjectives Copy of TP6 - Brain Facts - Speaking Adverbs of Frequency 'Be Going To' Future Tense New Year's Resolutions- Verb collocations lesson All Part of the Job Perfect Modals (should've) How to spot a liar Tp 8 - Comparatives and superlatives Subject Pronouns - Object Pronouns Reading lesson Designing or inventing a machine to be presented to the class Holiday destinations and holiday activities, can/can't for possibility Holiday Activities Important moments in our lives Grammar-TP8 Dangers at Sea TP 6 Second Conditional Teaching practice 8 Teaching Practice 8: Writing Amean Mohammadi (sean) TP8 Listening TP 8: Giving Advice Future plans, be going to Amin TP 8 So and Such Tp #7 - Listening - Business life TP8: Listening Joseph Scott, TP 8. Meliz Ahmet - TP 8 TP8 Saeed TP8 Ability TP8 Jobs and Future Plans Reflexive Pronouns Grammar Past Perfect Lesson Copy of Summer holiday Speaking - Job interview can and can't for ability The Languages we speak, Comparatives-Superlatives CELTA TP8 - Life Changes Revealing secrets and takng revenge TP 8 Session 1 Crime-TP7 Stories TP7 Film Facts! Writing lesson Amean Mohammadi TP 7 Teaching Practice: 7 Tough decisions Grammar TP 7: Where I Live Jobs and Business Life, Present Continuous Tense Vocabulary - Ordinal numbers TP 7 Meliz Ahmet - TP 7 Crimes and Criminals Food A good impression TP7: There are/There is Lexis Lesson Perfect Locations Extraordinary Lives, Past Simple, Regular and Irregular verbs Joseph Scott, TP 7. Saeed TP7 TP7 Food and shopping lists News (celebrities) Relative Clauses News Interchange - Unit 3 - Cycle 1a CELTA TP7 - A Good Impression Future Society TP 7 Amin TP 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of modern technology TP7 Systems One Food Trial Trial Test Plan trail Trial trial The family Famous People Teaching Practice 6 Amin TP 6 Functional Language Eating and Drinking, functional language Amean Mohammadi TP6 Global warming Speaking and Question tag TP6: Celeberations Listening & Speaking Lesson Emotions and stresses TP6: Listening lesson Emotions Interfering with Nature Teaching Practice 6: Grammar TP6 Saeed TP6 TP6 Review of Future Forms Famous people What's on? Listening lesson TP 6 Joseph Scott, TP 6. Possessive 's CELTA TP6 - Family Weekend Future plans Copy of Reading comprehension - Phrasal Verbs Getting Together Teaching Practice 5 Grammar Conditionals Lesson Holiday Lesson Amean Mohammadi TP5 TP6 Kenneth's TP8 Summer holiday Reading Teaching Practice 5: Grammar TP 5: Household Chores Writing an email - Inviting someone to go out Past Modals TP5: Speaking Lesson Tp #5, Reading On holiday TP5- Unusual Inventions QUESTION TAG Experts- Vocabulary lesson Meliz Ahmet - TP 5 Joseph Scott, TP 5. Saeed TP5 Months and weather Talk about places you visited, simple past tense Emotions Eating and Drinking Emotions and stresses 7B - Entertainment - Going Out & Staying In Kenneth's plan-Grammar: Comparative and Superlatives Grammar - Past Simple Questions Describing cities Eating and Drinking mysteries, problems, and oddities Modal verbs Family tree vocabulary CELTA TP5 - Places You've Visited Telephone bills Copy of Lives and Legends: A Speaking / Listening Lesson Amin TP 5 connected speech and intonation input TP 5 What happened? Using the internet TP 8 - Injuries and Accidents Modals Lesson Cates: TP8- The POWER of Nature Adens comparatives and superlatives Tp4 Can and Can't Your achievemments Speaking lesson through reading TP 7 - Inoue Daisuke and Jonathan Ive Reading Telling Stories Cates: TP7 - Hope, Dreams, etc. Stories Loves and Hates Technology and Inventions This is John again good communication Transportation- Vocabulary lesson Speculating TP 6 - Email and Office Communication Cates: TP6 - A Brave New Lesson Plan... Kenneth's plan-Vocabulary-adjectives (it's + adjectives) Fact or fiction? Shops & shoppers TP4, Fame and Fortune Special Days Comparing two cities, Phrases for comparing Books and TV Shows Lesson Joseph Scott, TP 4. Meliz Ahmet - TP 4 Cates: TP5 - A Really Great Lesson Plan... TP 5 - Book, Film, and TV Recommendations Reading - Shopping on the internet Loves and Hates You and Yours Describing Towns and Cities Aden Tp3 Everyday Life TP 4 Special days Last weekend shopping Amean Mohammadi TP 4 Last week Grammar Saeed TP4 TP: Memorable Events Reading and Listening TP 4: Relative clauses 6A - DO IT YOURSELF Evenings and Weekends Containers,vocabulary TP4 Days and times Spoken English Class 1 Last Saturday CELTA TP4 - Shops and Shoppers (articles) reading about celebrity politicians Grammar focus- present simple positive and negative TP 5-Across cultures Intercultural experiences Kenneth's plan-grammar: talking about facts and information Women in politics Bank robbers TP3 Unusual Achievements TP 4 - Listening Family and Friends Integrated Skills: Speaking and listening - Bank Robbers Joseph Scott, TP 3 Evenings and weekends Cates TP4 - Evenings and Weekends Meliz Ahmet - TP 3 TP3, Perfect Tenses Saeed TP3 Clothes Memory TP 3 - Daily Routine Present Simple Verbs Third conditional Shopping Reading Cates TP3 - Daily Routine Daily Life Amean Mohammadi TP 3 Family vocabular TP3: Adjectives describing character TP #3 Unreal conditions 1 Time and money Amin TP 3 Grammar Tell me about yourself TP 2 - Prices and Times TP3 Memory, Reading Copy of Reading comprehension - Phrasal Verbs CELTA TP3 - Demonstrations and Protests Cates - TP2 -Prices and Times Cates TP1-Family Tree You and Yours Tp2 Breaking News TP4- things you like, don't like: verb + ing TP2 TP2 TP 1 - Family Vocab Joseph Scott, TP 2 Possessive 's Possessive adj, Grammar and speaking Speaking - Newspapers things in common lesson vocabulary, listening and grmmar-free time activities Grammar Modal verb would Tp1 vocabulary lesson, relationships hobbies Present Simple Questions- (Things you like & don't like) Lesson Memory, Past Simple and Past Continuous Tense Amean Mohammadi TP 2 People and Places Saeed TP2 Facts and Figures CELTA TP2 - Dilemmas and Giving Advice Animals People and Places Amin TP 2 TP2: Reading about animals Emad's TP 2 What's the time? Problems, dilemmas and advice CELTA tp2 writing a review about a tv series What have you got? Across Cultures Kenneth's plan-present simple review (I/you/we/they); frequency adverb TP1 TP1- It's Against the Law Lesson TP3 prepositions Present Perfect Continuous and Present Perfect Simple Frequency Adverbs Lesson Celebrity heroes Reading activity about New Years and Grammar about Present Simple (negative) Listening/speaking for special days Vocabulary and Listening / Elementary Reading for gist - Maria's 110th birthday Using contractions lesson Daily Routine , Listening The grammar of present perfect continuous with the use of for and since Grammar, prepositions (from, in, near) TP 1: Describing habituation People and places lesson 1 Kenneth's plan-present simple review (I/you/we/they); frequency adverb Life in Another Place People around you, Present Simple and Continuous Noor TP1 Teaching Practice 1a Emad Listening, changes in lif Family&Work Families CELTA TP1 different age groups Saeed TP1 Joseph Scott, TP 1. Amin TP 1 CELTA tp1 Present Simple - Negative form lesson plan Copy of Horoscopes, Reading & vocal, lesson 3 Getting To Know The Ss/ Getting to know the teacher 3B Photography Present Simple (Yes/No Questions & Short answers) daily routine vocabulary Eating Habits Healthy Eating "Where is it?" permission,obligation, prohibition "Hello. I'm John" starters first lesson first lesson plan/ Face2Face Family, grammar: 's Time Lesson Demo lesson (KHAS): Health/Doctors without borders 2A - Holidays TP2 Health - Doctors Without Borders Demo - Elem face2face U2a Dates, Past simple regular and irregular verbs Teaching Practice 30.03.2015 Cold Comfort- Health Idıoms Emirhan IV the symptoms Speaking Activity Past simple Important firsts- Past simple lesson Errors and mistakes in language learning Ece Past Simple Culture English Unlimited Up Int U3.2 - Reading, phrasal and prepositional verbs related to work and commitment Survival - Will, Won't and Might Youtube- Skills Lesson TEACHING PRACTICE 8 Teaching Practice 8 - Money A Restaurant Review SURVIVE! Nature's best Grammar lesson - Can/cant have to/don't have to Citybikes Adjectives ETHICAL MAN Superlative Magic School Bus The Longest Bus Ride - Reading Neighbours TEACHING PRACTICE 7 Ethical Man Teaching Practice 8 used to lesson Vocabulary lesson - adjectives Question forms of past simple TP #8 | Listening Past & Present Simple Landscape with the Fall of Icarus Neighbours TP 8b: Planning a day out in Istanbul / Grammar Lesson plan 8 Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 16.03.2015 Planning a day out Teaching Practice 7 - Neigbours Let s go by tuk-tuk, Comparatives Present and Past Ability New Places Rules Lesson Verb Collocations stress and pressure (job situations) The Longest Bus Ride World Food Copy of Emotions, If Clause type 0 and 1 Tp8 Teaching Practice 8 TP #8b A Day in the Life of an Alien Never Give up Lesson TP8 Laughter Therapy Listening Lesson What makes you feel good? TP 8 / Face2Face / 8B / "Happy Anniversary" TP 8 Dealing with money Reading: Holiday Heaven Booking a room at Hotel TP-8 Board Games Talking about films / Revising past simple Copy of See the film... get on a plane. Passive The bigger, better comparatives lesson (cities) Teaching Practice 8 TP 8 Festivals Origami face2face vocabulary holiday How are we different? Beginner - Preposition and Listening Lesson TP8- I gotta hit the road, can you give me the directions? Travel Pattnars Doctor ,doctor TP 8 Copy of DLC Celta Assignment 3 Days to Remember, past form of verb to be Sandwiches I did tell you! TEACHING PRACTICE 6 TP6- Letter Of Advice Reading & Speaking Abilities (can and can't), The Simpson James Bond / Past simple negative Defining Relative Clauses New Words TP #7 | Last Holiday I... (Past Simple) Teaching Practise 8 Copy of Listening Last summer I've got a problem Reading lesson Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 6 - Giving News Grammar Lesson - will / won't for predictions TP 7 Lesson plan 7 Countable and Uncountable Nouns Money Lesson TP7 Famous figures, Past Simple Teaching Practice 7 Who's a fussy eater? Olympic Dreams Grammar Past Simple: be TP#7b TP 7b: Indian films / Live listening TP 7 / Face2Face / 7B / "Can you drive?" Teaching Practice 7 "What's the plan, Stan?" Louise's Olympic Dream TP4 Directions Good&Bad News face2face reading practice by using a text about the life of a singer Help! Lexis: Irregular Verbs / Week-End TP7 Love it, like it, hate it! Second Conditional Lesson The peaple watchers TP 7 Everyday English Teaching Practice 7 Likes & Dislikes, Vocabulary and Speaking Memorabilia- A Reading Lesson TP7 - Sports and the Olympics TP 7 Relative Clauses writing a for and against email Teaching Practice 7 TP 06.02.2015 (Travel words) Lesson plan 6 TP #6B | Functional Language: survival English Copy of Personal Information/Possessive Adjectives Tourism In fashion TP 5 - Different Stores Copy of Grammar and Speaking - Present Simple Tense Emotions- TP5 Daily Routines Lesson My Day, My Life Advice and Suggestions Dates to remember TP6 TP7 Diamond Trade Grammar Lesson TP6 - Passives Vocabulary Lesson / Weekend Break Rooms and Furniture (Count, none count) TP6 At the movies Teaching Practice 6 How much/How many Wheels Strictly Confidential Lesson TP 6b At the Corner Shop, Speaking Teaching Practice 7 TP 6 / Face 2 Face / 6C " Tourist Information Centre" Clothes and colours, A Good Neighborhood Starter_Face2Face_TP_#6_Reading Teaching Practice 6 TP#6b TP 6 Vocabulary and Listening Talking about places - there is/there are (negative + questions) Secrets Zero&First Conditionals Teaching Practice 6 Tourist Information planes First Lessson, Level A2- Evergreen What's the date? TEACHING PRACTICE 5 My Travel Bag, There is/There are & a/an, some, a lot of face2face Quantifiers some-any Listening (Lottery) Ups and Downs TP #5b TP 5 - There is/There are Teaching Practice 5 The same but different TP #5C | Eating Habits Incredible stories - Reading TP 5b: Travelling to Åland, Reading lesson TP 5 / Face 2 Face / 5C: " In a restaurant " Lesson plan 5 Homes and shops Ordering food and drinks in a Restaurant. Orders and requests 8A LOOKING AFTER YOURSELF Cultural differences Stating another point of view Verb and noun TP 02.03.2015 (Telling the time) Lesson Plan 5 Face_to_Face_Beginner_5B_TP_5 Teaching Practice 5 TP 5 Eating Out TP 4 Technology Vocabulary Lesson Telephone Bills Teaching Practice 5 Weird! Talking about daily routines + time phrases with on, in, at Modals of Speculation Lesson Teaching Practice 5 - The 6 Basic Emotions Oprah Winfrey T5 Tıme zones Breakfast Time TEACHING PRACTICE 4 It's a Dog's Life Present Perfect (Already/Yet) The forms of requests and offers-Face 2 Face Teaching Practice 4 - Irregular Verbs Past Simple Tense A day off Machines (Comparatives-Superlatives) TP five TP 5 adverbs(certainly, probably, perhaps) A dream Job The Invisible Man Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practise 5 My best friend, Simple Present Tense Grammar lesson Reaching Agreement TP6 Magic&Mistery Vocab Lesson TP5 Updated Format Reading/E-Shopping Teaching Practice 4 Second Conditional / Improbable Events i see yor point 24 February Nitto Bento-2 Therapy TP 3 - Listening and Shopping TP 4 World of Work: Technology and You Lesson, Present Simple Animal Tales Early bird or night owl? How to teach vocabulary TP #4b Family Business Science & Technology Past Tenses Comparison - Global Did you? Comparatives with -er and more Shopping areas/malls, Speaking How to Become a Millionaire What time is it? Teaching Practice 4 TEACHING PRACTICE 3 Teaching Practice 4 TP4 Shops and Shoppers Teaching Practice 6 Lesson plan 4 TP #4A | Lifestyle Teaching practice 4 -ing verbs lesson, Leisure activities Present Perfect Shops and Shoppers (Reading Comprehension) Somewhere to live- TP3- 3rd lesson- Food (Inside Out, pp 97-98) Very funny I didn`t realise Beginner - Vocabulary Lesson Language Awareness Copy of Hotel Reservation TP1a Have you got what it takes to be a millionaire? Teaching Practice 4 Lesson Plan 3 TP 4 / Global / Good & Bad bosses / modal verbs Listening lesson Personal Qualities Where is...? Dealing with misunderstandings Definite and indefinite articles U9A Special Days Lesson Bank robbers - Third conditional Reading/Speaking America's most famous address Teaching Practice 3 - Today and Yesterday Livig in Different Countries TP #3b Somewhere to live/ There is/are Positive and Negative Present Simple Verbs Teaching Practice 3 What's Edinburgh like ? Prediction and Possibility WILL, WON'T, MAY, MIGHT Present Perfect for life experiences Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 5 TP #: 3 | Dynamic & Stative Verbs Teaching Practice 3 Food & drink vocab Beginner - Grammar Lesson Plan In Other Words Rebel (Reading, Inside Out p 73) Work-Life Balance- 2nd Lesson Lesson plan 3 For and since / Living in a city Work & Leisure TP3 - Food and Drink 5B Country and City Futurological Coference Reading TP 3b: Reading (Bank Robbers) TP5 Magical Places Reading lesson Teaching practice 3 / aid organisations Rebel (Reading, Inside Out p 73) The News-Protests Whats Edinburgh like ? Expressing Doubt That smells nice ! You're breaking up TP3 Future hopes and plans (holiday), Future form of the Infinitive '' to'' The Gender Gap Evenings and Weekends Identity theft ( verbs and prepositions ) Family Members Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 3 Reading skills Sleepless nights Teaching Practice 8 People and places Teaching practice 3 TP 3 Second Conditional Teaching Practice 3 Present Simple Lesson Getting Connected Lesson Lesson 3: Grammar TP 3 - Speaking and Listening practice with movies Future tense, Prediction Plans for the Future Black Swan Hotel/ Reading for specific information. TEACHING PRACTICE 2 You're Going Where? Present Simple Lesson Vocabulary lesson Vocabulary TP8 shopping vocabulary and phrases Beginner TP5 Reading and speaking practice / Millionaires Lesson Plan 2: Going Solo Teaching Practice 2 Lesson Plan 2 Family Lesson 5A - TV Hopes Teaching Practice 2 - My Perfect Weekend Teaching Practice 2 A really good job I Don't Believe It - Truth or Lies Speaking lesson- newspaper editing TP #: 2b Family Vocabulary "new men in 21 century" lesson Nightmare jobs (Inside Out, p 41) Tp 2b: Grammar – Modal verb would 4B - STUDY and WORK Kinds of Films Teaching Practice 7 TP2 Small talk Can I help you? Mysterious Experiences - Global TP7 Time and Money TEACHING PRACTISE 1 TP_3_Global_p30_Reading International Train TP 2 Numbers and Ages Art and Music - Grammar He's got no manners Family vocabulary, Possessive 's and Functional questions Olympic Dreams Functional language-giving advice Dilemmas TP 2 / Global-p20- Ten secrets from the world's top kitchens TP2 - Plural of 'to be' (Speaking) Functional Language- giving advice TP 2 - Newspaper Vocab Teaching Practice 1 - The Family TP #: 2A | Verbs + -ing form Containers and drinks TP2 Problems, Dilemmas and Advice Personal Information Lesson Family tree lesson Teaching practice 2 Water Valentine's Day Teaching Practice 2 Everyday Conversations TP 1 SpeakOut, Reading lesson TP_2_Unstructured_Global_p19_Grammar interview lessons London Lesson Job Lesson Lesson 1 Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice I TP #: 1b Present Perfect, Continuous, and Simple Life stages, Reading Present negative to be verbs in singular form Lesson Plan 1: Couples (What went wrong?) TP #: 1C Emergency Workers Phrases Lesson Teaching Practice 12.02.2015 (Inside Out p 4) People and possessions, adjectives Jobs- 1st lesson Present Perfect Continuous Teaching Practice 1 Everyday objects lesson, Indefinite articles, singular/plural nouns Teaching pactice 1 / six degrees of separation Teaching Practice 6 Where are you from? Function :giving and reacting to surprising news Food Vocabulary + Comfort Food Teaching Practice 1 Everyday objects lesson, Indefinite articles, singular/plural nouns The hotel, the alphabet, numbers, and spelling names Teaching Practice1 Describing People TP 1b: Life Stages, Speaking & Vocabulary Present Continuous Jobs lesson Countries and Nationalities Natural Events-Narrative Tenses Question forms with how and what Copy of Writing: An Informal Letter - Correcting Mistakes Teaching Practice 1 Present perfect continuous Tp1 Life Changes Gist Reading Tp6 TP1 Singular form of 'to be'; yes/no questions 10 February-Nitto Bento 2 10 February-Nitto Bento Controlled Oral Practice Speaking activities 3A Stages of Life and Past Tenses Teaching Practice 5 straightforward 9A TP5 Describing a Dramatic Experience Fashion victim, models of obligation (present time). Things .Infinitive of purpose Telling stories ( urban legends ), phrasal verbs + past perfect contiuous. A formal letter of complaint it is a lesson about " it is a crime" Reality TV, Passives Oscars and raspberries, passive with agent 06 February Ebrar Guldemler Vocabulary Speaking Listening TP 8 - 4D times Writing The same but different Reading, Lionel Messi Be going to vs will TP8: A drop of text 2B Shopping and Possessives Third Class - Elementary Level TP7 TP 7 - Unit 4c Real world- Buying things - speaking and writing Reading Listening/speaking 05 February 2015 Ebrar Guldemler Buying things Copy of Weather Great ideas First Class - Basic Level 4 February 2015 Ebrar Guldemler Do you need any help? second conditonal TP 6 - 4B Alive & Well: Grammar focus Grammar: Past Perfect & Past Perfect Continuous TP6 vocabulary,listening and reading Magic & Mystery Computer Vocabulary Copy of Grammar and Speaking Lesson, Modals of Obligation Lesson 3 February 2015 Reading / writing Fortune cookie Functional Language TP5 - Unit 4 My world - Phrases (like, have, live, work, study) Magical Places TP5 Second Class - Elementary Level TP4 Monday 2 Feb - Intro and 1A Celebrations Teaching Practice 4 Everyday Functional Language / At the Customs Teaching Practice 4 Talking about Family Teaching Practice 4 TP 4 Conversation about family-age-job have/has got Reading - Horoscopes TP 4 Rising Stars Listening Lesson 30 January Ebrar Guldemler paragraph writing TP4 - Alive & Well , A letter to keep in touch Grammar: Present Perfect Simple Role play Famous people TP4 First class I wish / If only Upper-Intermediate Writing Lesson Vocabulary & Reading Social Media TP3- Alive & Well -p13 Grammar and Speaking Optimistic speech A weekend break Grammar Vocabulary Teaching Practice 3 J4 TP3 Bed & Breakfast Jobs Grammar: Prepositions of Time vocabulary and writing 28 January 2015 Ebrar Guldemler Future forms Going out, functional language TP3 TP4 The Present Perfect Tense for Experiences predicative adjectives Reading TP2 Famous people & places- Negative of 'to be' Reading and speaking Practice Teaching Practice 2 Travel Essentials ( Past Simple-irregular verbs) Introductions and countries TP2-Travel Numbers 13-100 Example Plan Weekend Break Future Tenses Lesson Teaching Practice 3 TP 3 Personal Info E-mail addresses A Weekend Break - Vocabulary Teaching Practice 3 Prepositions of Time Russ TP3 Upper-Intermediate Reading Lesson Can for ability Teaching Practice 1- Past Simple-to be & Lexis(Weather Condition) Canada TP1 Teaching Practice 1 Give and follow simple directions Jobs: Yes/No Questions, Short Answers Future Tense Grammar - Upper Intermediate Copy of sixty years of flight Copy of Teaching Practice 7a Teaching Practice 2 Teaching Practice 2 Tourist Trail Vocabulary Lesson Going Out Suggestion/Invitation Language Focus Listening - Going Out Russ TP 2 Superlative adjectives Everyday Objects Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Wedding Vocabulary Lesson Friday class phrasal verbs -- "get" Qualifications Teaching Practise 1 Nationalities Lesson Predicative Adjectives Lesson I6 U11.1 English Langauge 1 (Maadan Special Programme) Comedy Russ TP 1 Wedding Bells TWTO Copy of Contextualized Past Simple Negative Popular culture: like/love/hate/prefer study abroad Recommendation Living cheaply Speaking Lesoon TP 8 Celebrations Fact is always stranger than fiction TP8-GroupD-Hatsuna Third conditional Speaking - Lexis What Happened ? TP 7 - Travel Essentials Grammar Lesson What happened-Why so clumsy? Stories TP7-Elementary-GroupD-Hatsuna Weather Writing lesson plan Dreams- Writing Lesson Talking about our achievements MetroNaps TP 6 Telling the Time TP6-Elementary-Group D Across Cultures : attitudes to success Reading lesson Listening superlative and comparitive Asking for directions TP 5 My First Flat - A 1/2 (Elementary) Speaking/Vocabulary/Function Speaking Success Shopping for clothes Reading - Decision making TP5-Elementary-Group D Chat about friends Type 2 Conditionals Lesson Plan Reporting Speech Lesson In summary Banning communications at work. TP 4 Online Friendships Skills Practice preposition of place Reading and Vocabulary (Using the Internet) The future:will, be going to, Present Continuous Jonathan Guiho TP 8b (3) Lexis and grammar expressing probability and modal of speculations. Unreal conditional type 2 Listening - News Good Communication-TP4-Intermediate-Group D Ali Tp 8 Murder lesson TP8 Grammar Intermediate Speaking LP TP#8_ Ismail Noaman Group Tour , Adjectives TP 3 Keeping in Touch Teaching Practice 8 Ozgur Speaking Good communication Artist, actor, athlete lesson - Can/ Can't TP 8b Social Networking Stories TP8, Shiva Khoei Oskouei TP3-Intermediate-Hatsuna Present continuous lesson TP8a (Marieke Steuben) Fashion victims Changing trends TP8 A Trip to Thailand TP 8 Copy of Teaching Practice 7 Present perfect simple with yet, just and already Rod Turner TP8: Grammar (Going to & Will) TP 2 Intercultural Experiences complaint letter TP6 Reading lesson Writing a Book Review Asking people about themselves , Present Simple Explore-TP2-Group D-Intermediate TP8 - Galant Listening and speaking Relatively simple, right? Listening, Fast Food TP7 Simple Present Tense Activities talking about 'Typical Friends' Countable and uncountable nouns Grammar Lesson Jonathan Guiho TP 7b (1) Typical friends-present simple Grammar - Question Sentences Fact or Fiction (TP1-Group D)-Intermediate Tp8 face to face Ali Tp 7 TP 7b TP#7 Ismailnoaman TP7, Shiva Khoei Oskouei Hoda Parvas Tp7 How to expain who people are speaking Reading, Music Favorite books and TV shows TP7 Listening Information Media - Reading Lesson Rod Turner TP7: Speaking (Pronunciation Ex) Teaching Practice 7 Ozgur Holidays lesson TP7a (Marieke Steuben) Life is not perfect Ceyda TP7 12.8.14 Grammar: Forming Questions using Did/Didn't TP7 Reading Lesson plan Love it or Hate it Grammar Lesson TP5 Typical friends-present simple 'Going Away' Lesson Students will be working on reading skills and vocabulary related to cultural differences Simple Present Tense Activities talking about 'Typical Friends' TP 7 new Ceyda TP8 Films TP7 - Galant TP 7 Past simple and past continuous Using language related to giving and receiving gifts Collocations: Housework Real conditionals TP 6b TP6 Intermediate English Unlimited Demo Lesson A Unit 1.1 Weekend, Vocabulary Rod Turner TP6: Reading (Lexis Ex) Childhood lesson, defining relative clauses Tp4 Lesson plan Teaching Practice 6 Ozgur Days to Remember - 'I was there' Lesson Grammar - Frequency adverbs TP6 lesson Love, Actually CELTA NOV., 2014 TP 6 TP#6 Ismail Noaman TP 6 ALI Jonathan Guiho TP 6b (3) Home sweet home 12.3.2014 Vocab Indian Wedding reading & vocabulary Grammar - Past Simple, Nelson Mandela Countable and uncountable nouns; quantifiers; vocabulary Metronaps I have got a problem Was/Were questions lesson TP6a (Marieke Steuben) TP6, Shiva Khoei TP 6 Ceyda TP6 A day off- Vocabulary Lesson a strange story TP4 Hoda Parvas Tp6 Face to Face TP6 - Galant Good Times, Bad Times Ceyda TP5 Reading&Vocabulary Opinion Travel lesson tp 5 Reading / Listening Modals of deduction Telephone conversation Expectations: Game, Set and Match Jonathan Guiho TP 5b (1) TP5 TP #5_ Ismail Noaman Parts of a house Teaching Practice 5 Ozgur TP 5b You need a holiday! Vocabulary and Receptive Skills Reading lesson- Accommodation for language students TP5 Hoda Parvas TP5 Face to face Weekend city break lesson TP5a (Marieke Steuben) TP5 Speaking - At the Shops TP5, Shiva Khoei TP5 Grammar Lesson - There is/ There are TP5: Reading (Grammar Ex) Listening to and speaking about a TV show News TP5 TP3 This lesson focuses on evaluating and recommending things TP5 - Galant TP 1 Fact or Fiction Grammar: Prepositions of Place Reading -Vocabulary Speaking Lesson Plan Functional Language- Describing People TP 2 A personal e-message Reading and Writing present simple TP4 Lesson Plan Rod Turner TP3: Listening TP #4_Ismail Noaman TP4 Reading Lesson Jonathan Guiho TP 4b (2) Teaching Practice 4 Ozgur TP 4 Technology vocabulary and verb "to have" in present simple Hoda Parvas Tp4 New inside out Copy of Second Conditional TP4, Shiva Khoei FCE 2015 Prep course My tp 4 TP2 Straightforward Elementary Ahmed TP4 Listening/ Grammar 11.24.2014 Grammar of Comparisons present simple - questions and short answers Future time clauses Used to + Would - Grammar and Speaking 6th Hour Activity Living with teenagers lesson TP4a (Marieke Steuben) Straightforward Elementary (Grammar Lesson) TP4 - Galant Time Possessions, Prepositions of place Freetime Activities - TP1 TP4 lesson Unit 18-Task 13-Hatsuna Interests,present simple work Present simple: positive and negative( He/she/it) Family and Friends - Life with Teenagers Lesson TP4 CELTA TP3 Ismail Noaman TP#3 Food vocabulary speaking TP3 TP 3 TP 4a Hoda parvas Tp 3b New inside out Unit 17: Additional task-Speaking 11.20.14 Grammar: Kill your TV ... -ed/-ing Countables and Uncountables Teaching Practice 3 Ozgur Television Vocabulary My tp 3 Jonathan Guiho TP 3b (1) TV debate lesson TP3a (Marieke Steuben) Rod Turner TP3: Speaking (Grammar Ex) Evenings and weekends Boffo Demo Lesson TP 3a Functional money, prices and "How much" Shiva Khoei TP3 TP 3 Celebrations - Speaking and Reading 11.20.14 People and places, adjectives Ceyda TP 3 suggestinos Copy of CELTA TP3 - Listening Grammar vocabulary Grammar Present Simple negative for I/you/we/they TP3 - Galant TP3 lesson TP2 Ismail Noaman TP#2 Ceyda TP 2 Hoda parvas Tp 2b New inside out TP2 Lesson Plan Jonathan Guiho TP 2b (3) Rod Turner TP2: Millionaires (Reading Ex) TP2 Talking about time Jobs lesson TP2a (Marieke Steuben) Teaching Practice 2 Ozgur Copy of Teaching Practice 2a Copy of TP 4 Jobs Lesson with focused on Present Simple & Past Simple with 'Have to' TP2 - Galant TP 2 TP2b; Shiva Khoei Time and price Relationships - Talking About People Indirectly TP2 11.17.14 my tp2 Family vocabulary 11.17.14 Jobs Vocabulary time and price Nightmare Jobs - Reading Teaching Lexis and pronunciation Nationalities _present simple International train, To be- negative New Year's Festivals Daily routine , present simple : Wh-quetions (I/you/we/they) TP 2 TP #1b TP2 lesson Demo Interchange Intro L1 demo Copy of Correcting and restating Time and Money Lesson TP1 Özge Aydemir, Functional Language Lesson (Giving & Justifying Opinions) hamad 1 Health Ceyda TP1 Postcard Phrases Teaching Practice 1 Ozgur Jonathan Guiho TP 1b (2) Have/has got CELTA TP1,Salah Al-Ghaithi Rod Turner TP1: First Meetings (Listening Ex) Adjectives lesson Greeting,cities and countries TP 1- Ahmed AbdAlla Conversing about jobs/learning verb "to be" in present simple Relationships Fast food lesson TP1a (Marieke Steuben) Past Simple Lesson Oliver TP8 Transport (listening, speaking) Making hotel reservation, Practice present simple lesson. Ismail Noaman TP1 Hoda parvas TP1b New Inside Out Gradable and Non-Gradable Adjectives 11.13.14 TP1 lesson TP1 - Galant What's in a name? Family tree TP #1a Future lesson Past Time Phrases If Clause Third Conditional Writing Skills - Informal E-mails Elementary Face2Face Demo Lesson A Unit 1C Winning the Lottery TP8 - Receptive Skill - Reading Grammar - Leisure and entertainment Listening Prep class - W 9 Listening TP8 Özge Aydemir, Listening Lesson Reading - Food: fuel or pleasure? Vocabulary lesson-adjectives to describe food, drinks and taste Oliver TP7 Listening to advice, giving advice Speaking club - W 8 6th Graders - W 8 Indefinite Pronouns: everybody, anybody, somebody, nobody The race into Space Money, should-shouldn't TP7 Lottery TP7 - Grammar - Passive Voice 3rd Graders - W 9 Present Perfect simple vs Continuous- Success Oliver TP6 Time Expression Preps and Speaking success Dates to Remember; Reading Lesson TP6 - My Worst Week - Receptive Skills (Listening) Lesson Copy of Teaching Practice 6 Copy of Countable and uncountable nouns Observed Lesson EPIK Count and uncount nouns Özge Aydemir, Reading Lesson, The Human Camera / The Human Computer Listening Skills - The secret of success Food Grammar - Second conditional Copy of TP 7 TP6 NICE TO MEET YOU Lexis - Feeling Stressed six basic emotions the longest journey Ups and Downs Listening Skills - Therapy Dictogloss Emotions TP5 - Lexis Lesson Talking about you - Past Simple - Irregular verbs Oliver TP5 Oprah's Life Reading and Speaking TP5 Experts Days and Months Copy of the alphabet and greetings Özge Aydemir, Speaking Lesson - Telling the Time Vocabulary - Shopping Listening and Speaking Speaking-Functional Language- Shopping A/An with Jobs Artist, actor, athlete Listening and writing lesson A Time to Remember Snapshot/Conversation Oliver TP4 Technology vocabulary & reading Skills Lesson, Reading Twentieth-Century Advances adjectives for good and bad TP4 - Grammar (Today and Yesterday) TP4a Reading skills Copy of Traveling is the best! TP3 - Reading (My Perfect Weekend) Adjectives Modals of obligation - must, have to- should Reading -Homes Özge Aydemir, Vocabulary lesson Listening and speaking on "work-life balance" Vocabulary lesson Dream Jobs Grammar. Used to, Would Oliver TP3 Becoming a millionaire, reading and grammar TP3a The Circle Line Tour Copy of Ice Breaker Plan Places-Grammar/ A New Flat. Getting Connected Copy of Future Predictions Technology Özge Aydemir, Reading - Babur Ali Grammar Jobs lesson-Vocabulary/A Good Job! jobs & present simple third person singular Oliver TP2 Talking about future plans TP2 - Family Misunderstandings Our Health Everyday conversations TP2.a Telling a story Speaking Lesson Özge Aydemir, verb to be simple present Story Telling, Speaking and Listenıng Listening & Vocab - You&me / introductions TP1.a Oliver TP1 Having an interview the alphabet and greetings Grammar - Verbs: have/go/live/like TP1 The Company 4 U- Simple Present vs Present Progressive Teaching Practice 8 TP8 TP 8 | A Career Change On the Phone Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 8b Teacher Plan 8! Strike! Teaching Practice 8 TP 8 The Present Continuous Tense Teaching Practice 8 Present Continuous: positive and negative teaching plan 8 Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 8 Vocabulary - Sports Teaching Practice 8 Teaching practice 8 Olympics reading TP8 Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 7 TP8/ Grammar(modals) and listening TP7 | Cities and Towns TP 7 Teaching practice 7 Could, had to, didn't have to (modern medicine ) Reading Lesson Come to the wedding TP 7 TP 8a Teaching Practice 7 Review TP-7 Grammar Lesson Teaching practice 7 Teaching Practice 7 RALF TP 8 UPPER-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL TP7 Illness vocabulary TP 7a Teaching Practice 7b Reading for a trip to Thailand Teaching Practice 7 Kamal Khaksaran / TP 7/28th September/ Listening and Speaking Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 7 Teaching practice 7 Listening - Catch a cold RALF TP 7 UPPER-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Copy of Complaining TP 6 | Tell a story from two points of view Teaching Practice 6 Language Schools Teaching Practice 6 Holiday USA Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 6b Teacher Plan 6 Teaching Practice 6 History: The Causes of the First World War (pt.2) TP6/ Reading and Speaking Listening Lesson RALF TP 6 UPPER-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Teaching Practice 6 Reading/A brief history of time zones Teaching practice 6 Listening to the news Teaching Practice 6 Tp 6a TP6 Computer Problems TP- 6 teaching 6 Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 6 Grammar - Phrasel Verbs Teaching Practice 5 TP 5 Teaching Practice 5 Present Perfect Teaching Practice 5b Teacher Plan 5 TP-5 Teaching Practice 5 Teaching 5 Films , Music , News Questions and short answers with was / were Teaching Practice 5 Reading, The science of happiness Listening Lesson Charisma, Reading Lesson TP-5 TP 5a Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 5 Teaching practice 5 Four weekends RALF TP 5 UPPER-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Teaching practice 5 Teaching Practice 5 Perfet verb forms TP5 Kamal Khaksaran / TP 5/24th September/ Vocabulary and speaking TP5 TP 4 | Space tourists TP4 Teaching Practice 4 present simple Q Shopping E - Shopping Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 Teacher Plan 4! Teaching Practice 4b Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Plan 4 TP4 TP4/Listening Teaching Practice 4 Grammar Lesson Articles & Determiners World of work TP4 s Teaching Practice 4 TP 4a Teacher Practice 4 Teaching practice 4 TP 3 | Job Selection Teaching Practice 4 RALF TP 4 PRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL at a cafe, listening Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 4 Teacher Plan 3 TP4 - Reading Teaching Practice 3 TP3 Teaching Practice 3b Global Voices . Vocabulary Lesson Hot and cold Teaching Practice 3 Listening Lesson Adjectives, Reading Teaching Practice 3 TP 3a Speaking and Vocabulary RALF TP 3 PRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Teaching practice 3 teaching practice2 Teaching Practice 2 Teaching Practice 3 to be - negatives and plural subject / q and short answers TP3 TP 2 (15th September) - Vocabulary "Hotels" Teaching Practice 2b Teaching Plan 3 simple past tense TP 2b Listening Lesson Teaching Practice 2 Teacher Plan 2 TP-3 Writing a mini saga Unit 1, vocabulary- synonyms( working with thesaurus) Teaching Practice 2 Unit 1, Reading Unit 1, vocabulary TP3 - Grammar Teaching Practice 3 Lives and Legends Third person singular TP2/ Grammar Prepositions of time Verb to be - negative Teaching Practice 2 Lives and legend / A ghostwriter interview Teaching Practice 2 Teaching Practice 2 Teaching Practice 2 Teaching practice 2 Teaching Practice 2 TP: 2a RALF TP 2 PRE-INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Practice Teaching Plan 2 TP 1 (11 Eylül 2014) - Future Plans / "be going to" vs "present continues for future"" Zebulon TP 2 Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Days of the week. TP1-2 Language and Culture Teacher Plan 1 Teaching Practice1 Teaching Practice 1b TP 1 Language and culture Speaking TP 1a: comprehension reading Present Simple Tense, Functional language of telephone numbers Teaching practice 1 Teaching Practice 1a Hotel Reservation TP1a Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Teaching practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 English for a specific purpose RALF, TP 1 Listening and Speaking Unit (1)- Hello everybody! ICELT TP-8 TP 8 TP 8 TP8 Vocabulary ( Shop: Can I help you?) TP 8 TP8, Group D, Aug. 29, 2014 Baris Altintas TP8 Comparatives Writing a Postcard TP 8 TP 8 TP8 TP 8 TP 8 Skills Lesson- Writing TP8 TP 8 Amazing journeys Teaching Practice (TP 8) Tp 8 Teaching practice 8 TP8 TP 8 Present perfect TP8 - Reading: Villains CELTA Teaching Practice 8 Lesson 8_Travel in Turkey In a shop TP8 - Holidays Teaching Practice 8b Work and study, Listening LP-8 Lesson Plan (Weather/ functional language-vocab-speaking) Teaching Practice 8 TP 8 Love at first sight TP 8, Listening Name:Yiğit Seymen 28 Aug 2014 TP8 TP7 AUGUST 28 GROUP D TP7 Welcome to Thailand. Jigsaw reading Teaching Practice 8 teaching practice 8 Finding the Right Job My last holiday, past simple: negative, questions and short answers. TP8- BACK PAIN TP8 - Writing (Story Writing) TP 8 Khayala TP8 Teaching practice no. 8 - Imaginary situations Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 8 TP 8 8.28.14 Teaching Plan: 8B Teaching Practice 8 vocabulary about attribute/material adjectives with listening and writing Help with listening (Used to) TP7 Good Manners TP8 Teaching practice 8 TP 8 TP6 August 27 TP8 TP7 TP-7 TP 7 Reading Lesson: Water Grammar (Used to + Infinitive) TP 6 Dongyang summer camp Summer school Dongyang TP 7 Superlatıves TP7 My first flat TP8 Clothes - Reading I see your point TP7 Functional Language Requests- Responds TP7 TP8 Teaching Practice 7 TP7 TP: 8a Teaching Practice 7 (Learning to Talk) "What's in the news?" TP 7 modal verb 'can' in positive and negative sentences Celebrities, I can/she can/he can Reading: Reading an Article TP7 Teaching Practice 7 Teaching the grammar and allowing Ss to practice 'used to' Jobs, 1st conditional sentences TP 7, Reading Lesson 7_Work & Study Teaching Practice 7 b TP7- Faking a Heavy Cold Past Simple vs Present Simple/wh questions TP8, Hayri ARGUNAT TP7 - My favourite season Teaching Practice 8 TP 8a Name:Yiğit Seymen 26 Aug 2014 TP7 wh questions in Past Simple vs Pressent Simple TP 5, Group D., Aug 26 Room to Let TP7 - Comparatives / Superlatives - Travelling CELTA Teaching Practice 7 TP 7 Teaching Practice 8 TP 5 Listening for gist and specific information Teaching practice No. 7- Reading and vocabulary Teaching Practice 7 TP7 - Listening: Local hero TP 7 Teaching Practice 7 LP-7 Lesson Plan (past simple regular verbs/weekend) TP 7 - Vocabulary - Reporting Verbs TP 7: Cambridge Market TP 7 TP 7 Teaching Practice 7 Work and study, reading TP6 TP-6 Present Continious Tense TP6 TP7 Past Simple lesson tp6 TP6 - Vocabulary: green lifestyle TP6 Grammar - can for ability Teaching Practice 7 TP6 Tp7 TP6 TP6 Teaching Practice 7 Review of Simple Present Perfect Tense through for and since TP7 Tp 7 TP 7a Teaching Practice 6 TP 7 Learn how to do a magic trick TP 7: Speaking - Altruism Teaching Practice 7 TP 6 Teaching Plan: 6B TP 6 Speaking Grammar "used to " Past events Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 6 TP7 Reading Places in a town, listening and vocabulary. TP 6, Where did you.... Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 6b Teaching Practice 6b TP: 7a Teaching Practice 7 Hayri Argunat, TP7 Lesson 6_Film & Television TP6 TP 6 Shopping lesson, buying some items from a shop Roles people play TP 6 TP 4, Group D, Aug. 22 TP6 TP6 (expressing dissatisfaction/regret) TP6 past simple: was/were/wasn't weren't LP-6 Lesson Plan (Time phrases with on, in, at/ simple present) TP 4 Lives and Legends: A Speaking / Listening Lesson Name:Yiğit Seymen 22 Aug 2014 TP6 Teaching Practice 6 teaching practice 6 Teaching Practice 6 Superalative TP 6 Teaching Practice 6 Teaching practice No. 6 - Grammar {Adjective order} TP 6 Khayala TP6 - Brain Facts - Speaking Teaching Practice 6 Grammar : Infinitive of purpose Teaching Practice 6 TP #6: Modals of Obligation Tp6 TP6 TP 6 Tp5 Tp5 Reading CELTA Teaching Practice 6 When is your birthday? TP5 TP 5 TP5 Months and Ordinal numbers Teaching Practice 3 GROUP D , AUG. 21 TP 5 Teaching Practice 6 Life with teenagers Amazing Ocean Facts TP 5 TP5 International Cinema Lesson plan: 6B Tp6 Capital of Culture TP 5 Present Simple wh-questions and yes/no questions Teaching Practice 5 TP6 - The human camera/computer TP 5, Renting a flat Teaching Practice 5 Listening along with integrated speaking Teaching practice 6 Food lesson, vocabulary and speaking TP5 - Grammar: first and second conditional TP 5 TP5 Grammar: Modals TP: 6a TP5 (Oprah Book Club) Lesson 5_Global English Teaching Practice 5b Tp 2 Teaching Practice TP 2 -- Grup D places in a town/the country Name:Yiğit Seymen 20.Aug 2014 TP5 Functional Language: At the newsagent's Teaching Practice 5 Mars: The Red Planet Life with teenagers TP6 TP5 - Love it, like it, hate it! We're twins. TP 5 TP5-Autograph Hunters-Speaking Teaching practice No. 5 - The News and news stories teaching practice 5 TP 5 Khayala Culture: A Reading Lesson Teaching Practice 5 Culture Day-to-day life, vocabulary. Teaching Practice 5 TP 5b TP 5 - Good news / Bad news TP 6a Teaching Practice 5 TP 4 Teaching Practice 5 CELTA Teaching Practice 5 LP-5 Lesson Plan (Can for ability/ simple present) Present Progressive 8.20.14 Reading Comprehenxion Vocabulary- Verbs & prepositions TESOL Lesson Plan 1 TP5 TP5 Teaching Practice 5 TP 1 TP5 Present Simple vs Present Continuous Teaching Plan: 5B TP 5b (wednesday) Tp5 Grammar present continuous TP 5a Friends and Free Time Activities TP: 5a Listening: Unusual Pastimes TP5 Hayri Argunat, TP5 Teaching Practice 5 ,fgh Copy of Copy of Teaching Practice 6b INTRO A Tp4 TP 4 tp4 Vocabulary (-ever words) Grammar: There is/There are, questions and short answer TP4 TP4 Tp 4 TP-4 My friends Likes/ Dislikes Grammar: definite article TP 4 TP: 4b TP 4 Teaching Practice 4b TP 4 Reading Teaching Practice 4 TP 4, Vocabulary and speaking TP Space tourists / Listening Teaching Practice 4b TP4 - What time is it? Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Plan: b4 Name:Yiğit Seymen 15.Aug 2014 TP4 Teaching Practice 4 TP4/Reading / Animal Lovers TP 3 Lesson 6 YLEXT TP 4 TP 4_Writing Review TP4 (Dog's are men's best friends) TP4 Live in Fear,confidence Telling the time writing/speaking about being honest and dishonest TP4 - The Silver Screen Hayri Argunat, TP4 Teaching Practice 4 CELTA Teaching Practice 4 Predictions, modal verbs, (may might and will), Grammar Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 4b Reading - The Grass is always Greener TP4 Teaching Practice 4 Teaching reading for Gist and specific details Teaching Practice 4 My school TP: 4a tp4 Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 Tp3 LP -4 Lesson Plan (films/ Grammar/ Simple past & Present Perfect) Tp3 My Toys Grammar: Predictions TP3 TP 3 Grammar: Adverbs of frequency Listening - sports stars and advertising (comparatives) TP3 TP3 Grammar: Participle Clauses TP 4a TP 4 TP 3 Name:Yiğit Seymen 13.Aug 2014 TP3 TP4 (Thursday) TP 3/ Vocabulary/ adjectives and nouns/ personality Free time- common verbs and nouns TP3 TP 3 Teaching Practice TP 3 Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice for TP 3b Time expressions TP 3 TP 3 - Good & Bad TP3 TP4 TP3/Grammar-Present Perfect Simple CELTYL Lesson 5 Teaching Practice 3 Lesson 3_The Right Look TP3 (Chinese New Year) TP 3 Interview with Lord Duncan Reading/vocabulary: E pur si muove! TP3 Teaching Practice 3 TP3 - The World of Work TP: 3b LP -3 lesson plan (Employment/ vocabulary lesson) TP3 Right and Wrong. Reading and Listening Teaching Plan: 3B Tp3 TP 3 Khayala Horoscopes, Reading & vocal, lesson 3 Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 3 Teaching practice 3 Do you like bananas? Teaching Practice 3 Hayri Argunat TP 3 TP 3, Speaking TP3 TP 3 Teaching Practice 3 CELTA Teaching Practice 3 To present and practice the present simple affirmative. CELTYL Lesson 4 Teaching Practice 3 TP2 tp2 TP2 Verb "have" in the present simple tense. Name:Yiğit Seymen 11.Aug 2014 TP2 TP: 2b lesson plan TP 2 No More Exam!(going to yes/no questions) TP2 Animal Rights Expressing opinions TP3 (Tuesday) Reading and speaking - Luddites and technology Sounds and noises lesson,reading for specific information TP3 Unit 7c TP 2 TP 3a TP2 / Teaching Grammar (Future will vs going to) speaking TP2 TP 2 - My perfect weekend TP 2 TP: 3a Teaching Practice 3 TP3 TP2 8.12.14--F2F Activity 3B Ex. 7-12: "Our grandchildren" Teaching Practice TP 2b Teaching Practice 2 - edited Daily routine verbs TP2 - Listening Teaching Practice 2 Languages alive and dead. Reading and Speaking TP 2, Practice in speaking for fluency and making generalisations TP 2 Teaching Practice for TP 2b Teaching Plan: B2 Teaching Practice 3 Lessson 4 YLEXT Wildlife,Present habits Jobs Lesson 2_Animal Rights Prepositions of place TP 2 TP2 Future Perfect/Future Continuous TP2 (Countries and Nationalities) Lesson #3 - People Places and Things TP 2 Hayri Argunat, TP2 TP #3 TP 2 Khayala Teaching Practice 2 Present Simple Holidays Hotel vocabulary, lesson 2 TP: 2a - Cisel Derli TP 2a Tp 2 Teaching Practice 2 CELTYL Lesson 3 Plan Awesome #3 Plan 1 Practice plan Practice Plan practice plan lesson plan Practice Plan Plan Testing Practice plan practice plan Review of extreme and non-extreme intensifiers and adjectives TP1 Lesson 3 YLEXT TP 2 Teaching Practice 2 TP -2 Lesson Plan (life stories/ writing) TP2 TP1 CELTA Teaching Practice 2 TP1 TP 1 tp1 Name:Yiğit Seymen.07 Aug 2014.TP1 TP: 1b TP1 Autograph Hunters Teaching Practice 2 TP2 Teaching Practice 2 TP 2 Fatoş Caswell - 07 Aug 2014 - TP1 - Vocabulary / Compound Noun TP 2a Functional Langauage TP2 a Teaching Practice 2 Alive and Well. Vocabulary and Writing Teaching Practice 1 Hobbies lesson with review of questions TP-2 Jobs TP1A - Fast Food/ Eating Out TP1 Predicative adjectives Lesson 1_Consuming Passions TP-1 Fast food restaurants /past simple lesson present tenses time expressions TP 1 TP 1 TP1 (Vocabulary + Reading in the context of Numbers) TP: 1a - Cisel Derli TP 1a Teaching Practice 1 CELTA Teaching Practice 1 CELTYL Lesson 2 Copy of Daily routine lesson Teaching Practice for TP 1b Teaching Practice 1 T1 Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1b Mind and Body TP 1 Khayala Lesson 2 YLEXT Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1, the practice of future forms in the context of optimism TP1 Teaching Practice 1 Hayri Argunat, TP1 TP 1 - A good job! teaching practice 1 tourist trail (teaching practice 1) Tourism and Travel, future plans , lesson 1 Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 teaching practice new Teaching Practice 1 8.06 Assessed Teaching Practice One Teaching Practice 1 TP1 teaching lesson plan 1 Get To Know You TP1 TP1 Lesson 1 YLEXT TP1 Me and my pirate friends Demo #2 Demo #1 questions - present / past Global Up Int - U1 p6-7 Demo Lesson INT 8 family Copy of At the weekend - Introduction to past simple grammar Copy of Past Simple & present simple perfect tense TED talk Reading task The letter A Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 8 Feelings Teaching Practice 8 Lesson 8 TP 8 Teaching Practice 8 TP8 Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 8 functions-polite requests Teaching Practice 8 reading - news TP8 Erica Latif TP8 - Pre-Intermediate level Speaking for fluency Functional Language: agreeing and disagreeing Teaching Practice 8 (Little White Lies) Sevgi Üstün, 23rd of July, Teaching Practice 8, Transportation TP8 Speaking and writing by simple past tense Comparatives TP 8 Tp8a TP 8a July 24 reading Teaching Plan 8 Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 7 Copy of Jigsaw reading Lesson 7 Teaching Practice 7 TP 7 Best Places to Visit TP 7 Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Preactice 7 TP #7, Reading Lesson Places to go TP7a Past Simple Negative Weather Teaching practice 7 TP 7 Sevgi Üstün, 21st of July, Teaching Practice 7, Making requests and responses TP7 Teaching Plan 7 Grammar, modals of speculation (past time) TP 6! TP 7 July 22, action verbs Teaching Practice 7 (Let's all talk about our feelings) Sleepless nights - 9B Teaching practice 7 TP7a Entertainment TP 5 TP6 Lesson 6 Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 6 Work and Study Reported Questions TP 7 Grammar " review the past simple" Teaching Practice 6 Expressions with GO and WENT Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 6 Typically British Verb Phrases (lexis) Things you take on holiday TP6a Erica Latif Teaching Practice 6 TP6a Teaching practice 6 reading Reading - shopping Different Cultures, Unit 8A Teaching practice 6 Sevgi Üstün, 18 of July, Teaching Practice 6, Shopping. TP 6 Grammar Teaching Practice 6 (Past Perfect Tense) Holiday travel TP 6 TP 6a 18/07/14 city vocab Teaching Plan 6 Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 5 Functional Language- Modals of Deduction TP #5. Speaking and Vocabulary: How likely is that? Teaching Practice 5 TP 5 Teaching Practice 5 TP 4 TP5a Erica Latif Film and Television grammar Copy of Weird fruit and veg Face2Face,Pre-Int unit 8B,page 63.ex 8,9,10,11,12,13 Sevgi Üstün. 15th of July. Teaching Practice 5. Films and Television Teacher practice 5 Teacher Practice 5 TP5 Lesson 5 Teaching Practice 5 TP5 Teaching Practice 5 Asking and telling the time Using language related to giving and receiving gifts TP5 Teaching Practice 5 (Crime vocabulary) Cultural Differences TP 5b 16/07/2014 Teaching practice 5 #5a My Kind of Place Copy of Gözde Demirel TP 3a , Speaking & Listening Copy of Demo Lesson 15/4/12 vocabulary and listening Teaching Plan 5 Teaching Practice 5 beg 4 int 4 FSMU Unit 1: Living for Work: listening and vocabulary C3 Philadelphia Beginner 3 Teaching Practice 4 Teaching practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 (TP4) Review of Numbers and Possessive S TP4 speaking about education and focusing on functional language TP 4b 11/07/14 Lesson 4 Technology Teacher Practice 4 Time (Punctuality) TP4 Erica Latif vocabulary Asking and giving directions, functional language Travelling Video Lesson, News Blunders Writing A Postcard Spy Catcher, Speaking Lesson Teacher practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 Journey Sevgi Üstün, 9th of July, TP4, Food. World of work/ unit 5A/ Grammar TP 4 Present Simple or Present Continuous Lesson Teaching Practice 4 TP4 Teaching Practice 4 Listening Teaching practice 4 Unit 4.1 Doctors without Borders: Grammar, listening and reading Teaching Plan 4 Teaching Practice 4 (Showing interest) TP#4a TP4 Teaching Practice 3 (TP3) Listening Lesson Teaching practice 3 Subject / Object Questions The human animal-Listening and speaking TP 3 A Film Review TP3 TP 3b 9/7/14 TP 8 Listening Horror Movie The longest bus ride Teacher Practice 3 Lesson 3 Expressing learning experience present perfect tense and simple past tense Personal Qualities Looking Good, Appearance Getting On Create your own community Teaching Practice 3 How to talk about the present, Present Continuous speaking practice Grammar and Vocabulary Counting Sheep, Reading Lesson Vocabulary - Possessions Speaking Lesson Teacher Practice 3 Sevgi Üstün. 7th of July. Teaching Practice3. Speaking. Having A Gut Feeling (Relative Clauses) Teaching Practice 3 TP 3 Prepositions of Place Speaking about the movies Bulent 1 our experiences, present perfect Teaching Plan 3 Review on Times and Prices Teaching Practice 3- Organizing a Party through Speaking, Reading and Vocabulary TP3 READING TP 2b 7/7/14 TP 2 Making it big- Reading and speaking Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 3 (Vocabulary from Shakespeare's famous families) Teaching Practice 2 Clarifying opinions TP 3a listening and speaking lesson Teaching Practice 3 Ages/Family- How old are you? Future Forms Campaign Competition Grammar Teacher Practice 2 Teaching Practice 2 Teaching practice 3 A good night out Teaching Practice 2 (TP2) TP 3 Erica Latif Vocabulary Lesson& Question Formations How was your weekend? Teaching Practice 2 Lesson 2 Grammar Lesson Speaking for accuracy and fluency using the verb 'to be' TP 7 Reported Speech Listening and Reading Comprehension Teaching practice 2 TP2 Erica Latif Teaching Practice 2 Derek and Dave History of sandwich International Train Integrated skills Celebrity heoes, Reading Lesson Teacher practice 2 Local Heroes- Listening Lesson Listening Listening and Vocabulary Lesson, some /any lesson Sevgi Üstün. 3rd of July. Teaching Practice2. Relationships Teaching Practice 2 (Introducing from, near, in) Ability Teaching Practice 2 TP 2 Speaking lesson TP 2, Family and Grammar Have Got Teaching Practice 2- Learning Communication Phrases with their direct meanings and less direct versions Dates to Remember, Time Expressions sixty years of flight TP1 The Secret Of Success Teaching Practice 1 Relationships Alternative therapies -Grammar Have/Has got (Positive and negative, personal possessions) The Mind TP 1 TP 2a Grammar Speaking Lesson 'Office trouble' Teaching practice 2 Jobs Lesson Teaching Plan 2 Listening&Speaking Lesson Job Vocabulary Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Speaking for Fluency Teacher Practice 1 Erica Latif TP1 The verb "To be" Lesson Teaching Practice 1 (TP1) Number Lesson the road of my life . present perfect continuouse tense Emotions, -ed / -ing adjectives Teaching practice 1 Functional Language: saying no Teaching Practice 1 Sevgi Üstün. 1st of July. Teaching Practice. The use of "ever" in Present Perfect Autograph Hunters, Time Adverbials Lesson Teaching Practice I- Using Gradable and Non-gradable Adjectives/Combining them with Adverbs of Degree Where are you from? Teaching Practice 1 TP 1 Teaching Practice 1I CELTA Numbers Unassesed Teaching Teaching Practice 1 TP1 Teaching Practice 1 (Numbers and Listening) Lesson 1 Teaching Plan 1 A night to remember Orë mësimore nga Fizika mbi temën: "A mund të ngritet një peshë duke ushtruar pak forcë". Hobbies Life's ups and downs, Past Simple Memorable Moments Vocabulary Lesson, Saying the Ordinals and the Dates Lesson Elementary Global Demo Lesson B Unit 1 Cognates Elementary Global Demo Lesson A Unit 1 Demo Lesson 2 - Phrasal Verbs Introductions and basic personal information TP5 Reading 'What not to put on your CV' free time activities Demo Lesson 1 Reading skills Past Simple, Regular verbs Reading Lesson Unusual pastime Family Lesson Therapies Animal Lovers, Present Perfect Tense Lesson Listening, Speaking Word that go together Lexis Lesson, -ing /-ed Adjectives Lesson, Speaking Lesson. Reading Lesson Telling the Time DEMO 2 Ask The Experts, Question Tags A passion for success Global issues -Vocabulary-Speaking. Today and Yesterday Simple Past (was/were) DEMO 1 Vocabulary&Listening Lesson, Adjectives for "good" and "bad". Men and Women Space Tourists TP 4 Adverbs of Certainty for Predictions Ask the experts TP 8 Furniture Jobs lesson, Vocabulary Work Experience Lesson, Listening Lesson Machines and Technology Somewhere to live Copy of Present perfect Reading and Vocabulary Lesson That's A Good Idea, Vocabulary / Business childhood dreams Horoscopes Work hard, play hard! Present perfect lesson How to become a millionaire Tourism, "be going to" and "will" Work-Life Balance, Speaking and Listening IF CONDITIONALS - TYPE 2 Reading and Speaking Lesson Jobs Lesson TP3 Horoscopes Jobs Grammar and Speaking Lesson, Modals of Obligation Lesson Listening lesson Dream Job TP 7 Staying in a Hotel, Vocabulary and Speaking Lesson Dream Job Reading and Speaking Teaching Practice 8 TP8 Teaching Practice 8 TP 8_Grammar_Must, mustn't and needn't In other words... Everyday conversations The Virtual Revolution, Watching DVD The Family TP-8 Present Simple Tense with the third person Unit 9A: All in a days work: Listening Time Saving Tips: Lists (Reading) Going out - lead in Reading (food from all over the world) TP8 // Compound Adjectives Describing Character // 20.06.2014 Teaching Practice 8 TP 2 Functional Language Invitations and Suggestions Future Plans TP8a TP 6 Keep a story going Lesson on London Teaching Practice 8 It's Illegal Tourism and Travel, Reading T P 8 Going Out Dealing with misunderstandings Verb "to be" Teaching Practice 8 Tourism- "be going to" and Present Continuous Lesson Personal Information Listening and Speaking lesson, Story telling lesson, Sequencers lesson Future plans TP 8 TP8a -- Speaking about Plans -- Valdes 6-19 Tp 8 Teaching Practice 7 No more exams! TP #8 Future Plans Tell me about yourself lesson, interview advice Teaching Practice 7 TP7 Teaching Practice 8 tell me about yourself, job description 16 Before 60 Teaching Practice 8 Listening (Pushy Parents) Personal information, Pronouns-he/she-his/her Verbs (have/ go/ live/ like) and the possessive s TP-7 Unit 7A: License to Kill: Speaking Weddings Vocabulary the alphabet lesson, spelling Interviews, Tell Me About Yourself TP7 // Parents & Children // 18.06.2014 TP7a -- Listening re: Transport -- Valdes 6-17 Follow that car Teaching Practice 7 TP7a Teaching Practice 7 TP 5 positive characterstics TP 7 Demo Lesson Simple Past Yes/No Questions TP 7 licence to kill TP #7 TP7 Teaching Practice 6 Unit 6A: Grammer, listening and reading Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 7 TP 7b_"Sixteen before Sixty"_Lexis & Listening Teaching Practice 6 TP6// Going into Business // 16.06.2014 listening lesson TP 6b "Rice"_Reading Rice Lesson, How much/ How many TP-6 Used to & Would Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 7 Miracle diets TP6a -- Countables vs Uncountables re: Foods Miracle diets? TP6a At the shops Teaching Practice 6 TP 6 TP6 TP5 Teaching Practice 5 TP #6 Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 6 Journey/Reading Party lesson Teaching Practice 5 De Castro · TP5 A2 · "Likes and dislikes" Unit 5b: Vocabulary Teaching Practice 5 5th TP TP 5 Renting a flat TP: 5A TP 4 TP5 // Adding Emphasis // 12.06.2014 Teaching Practice 4 TP5 TP5a Teaching Practice 5 TP #5 Copy of Past Simple Lesson (was/were/can/could) TP 5 They cry easily Get Ready ... get it right! Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Plan 5 TP5a -- Adjectives of Feelings -- Valdes 6-11 TP-4 First Date Teaching Practice 4 TP4 First Date TP 4b_9 June 2014_De Castro Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 Unit 9a: Speaking TP 3 Function Globaly Teaching Practice 3 Adverbs of manner TP 4 Shops and Shoppers Checken out the Check Out TP4a CELTA TP 8 Teamwork TP4 TP 4 Teaching Practice 4 Alive & Well TP3 Teaching Practice 3 TP 2 TP 8 TP3 Adverbs of Frequency Unit 8c Grammar: the 3rd conditional Teaching Practice 4 TP4a -- Writing -- Valdes 6-6 Teaching Practice 4 Teaching Practice 4 Demo Teaching Practice 3 TP3b 5 June 2014 De Castro TP3 // Hopes&Fears // 05.06.2014 Teaching Practice 2 TP 3 Bank robbers In canteen Celta Lesson Plan 8:Speaking Teaching Practice 3 The final cut TP3a Teaching Practice 3 Elementary Teaching Practice 1 Local hero CELTA TP 8- Whoohoooo:) (Reading and Tag Questions) TP3a -- Adjective Order -- Valdes 6-3 Jigsaw reading TP-2 Celebrity Heros Teaching Practice 2 TP2 TP 2 -Reading-Daily routines TP 3 Grammar "Unreal Conditions" TP #3 Teaching Practice 3 Simple Present - Speaking TP2 // Art and Music // 03.06.2014 Unit 8a Breaking News: Vocabulary, Reading and Speaking Ariel R. De Castro TP2b 2 June 2014 Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Practice 2 Modals TP points 2 Breaking news. TP2a Teaching Practice 2 Giving Advice "Teaching Practice #2" Teaching Practice 3 TP 2 CELTA 7 TP Teaching practice 2 TP2a -- Gender gaps in the brain -- Valdes 5-30 Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Second Visit Teaching Practice 1 TP1 // Eating and Drinking // 30.05.2014 Unit 7B: Reading for gist and content Teaching Practice 2 Health & Definitions TP! Teaching Practice 2 Family Tree Teaching Practice 2 reading lesson 28.05 Teaching Practice 1 First Visit TP Points 1 Happy Birthday TP1a -- Talking about illnesses -- Valdes 5-28 Teaching Practice 1 Cold comfort TP1a Present perfect conttinuous Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Life Changes "Teaching Practice 1" Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Plan 1a TP0 Unobserved -- Getting to Know Your Students -- Valdes 5-27 Food (AND LANGUAGE ANALYSIS!) CELTA TP7 - "Have [something] done" and speaking Celta Lesson Plan 7 / Passives Grammar( there is/ there are) Copy of Weird fruit and veg Family Relations TP 6 COMPANIES Lexis Speaking speaking lesson pre-int 21.05 Celta Lesson Plan 6 Telling the time CELTA TP6 - Vocabulary/Humor Careers Past Simple Pre-int 2 16.05.2014 (listening) Teaching Practice 8 TP 8B TP8 - Getting Through Past simple Teaching Practice 8 TP8 Teaching Practice 8 TP8 Second conditional Functional Language Focus, in the Context of a Class Meal out at a Restaurant Writing a formal letter of complaint. 20.05.2014 Teaching practice 8 Celebrities lesson, Past Progressive Tense living in a bubble, Copy of TP 2 Celta Lesson Plan 5 Comparatives 12.05.2014 Teaching practice 7 TP 7B Adverbs of Frequency TP7- How much is it? 8b TP7 The tenses of storytelling -- Don't Forget Language Analysis Teaching Practice 7 Teaching practice 7 Lifestyle Past simple 10.5.14 TP7 CELTA Writing Focus, in the Context of Dinner Parties, and Food and Drink CELTA TP5- Obligations in the Past, Listening Teaching Practice 7 What's the best place you have ever stayed? Reading Newspaper article 8a Likes & Dislikes CELTA 4 Listening plan in context of stress TP 6B TP 6 CELTA Teaching Practice 6 TP6- Amazing Journeys Structures for giving advice Reyhan Torlak 08/05/14 Health Problems TP 6(a)- Speaking and Reading in the Context of Animal Lovers Teaching Practice 6 Tp8 Offering to help! T6a Teaching Practice 6 Listening Issues when travelling by train - While practising future simple The Third Conditional Vocabulary: Good morning, my name is Marina! Change - Continued TP 8 Functional Language - Shopping clothes Film Reviews Shopping Food&Preferences Reading Lesson TP 8, In a Restaurant, TP6 teaching practice 6 TP8, Grammar and functional language. Celta Lesson Plan 4 like love hate CELTA TP4- Reading Making suggestions TP 4 Eda Aslan/06.05.2014/TP8 - Flatpack world Frea TP8 WAYS OF SPEAKING Personal Charateristics Pronunciation of Dates and Listening for Information about Ordering Tickets Utku Gürel - TP#8 - Tuesday - 06/05/2014 Grammar(present perfect and past simple) 06.05.2014 TP8 TP 5 CELTA Health- Vocab Plans Lesson TP 5B TP8 Offering to help, TP8 Teaching Practice 5 TP5 - Past simple -verb to be TP5(a) - on Grammar relating to Predictions in the Context of Space Tourists Gözde Demirel,TP 8, Reading TP 8 - Edible Present tense in future time clauses TP8 TP8 Vocabulary linked to Crime. Writing Listening Lesson plan Lifestyle 2.05.14 TP5 Teaching Practice 5 teaching practice 5 Narelle Brownlie / TP3 Version 2 / Dialogue This Is Me Coffee break TP: 5a Narelle Brownlie / TP3 / Dialogue Practice: Lifestyle page 15 Reading(travelling) TP 7 - A terrible journey Celta Lesson Plan 3 Skills Lesson/ Reading/ A text on Madonna Comparative Adjectives TP 7 Quiz shows - a reading lesson TP7 High Numbers Third Conditionals Communication Strategies TP7 TP7 TP7_Reading & Functional Language Like, love, don't like and hate with verb + ing Wh- questions The longest bus ride TP4- Adjectives Eda Aslan/29.04.2014/TP7 - Past Simple vs. Past Continuous Make/Do Lesson Travel- writing about a place ROMEO AND JULIET, READING LESSON 29.04.2014 Food and entertaining Grammar Lesson - Passive TP 4 - What are Friends? teaching practice 4 Utku Gürel - TP#7 - Tuesday - 29/04/2014 TP4 Travel Lesson Frea TP7 Teaching Plan No.4b - Listening for Specific Information Verbs with back and quick decisions TP:4b Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 7 TP6 Gözde Demirel,TP 7 Functional Language & Vocabulary Teaching Practice 4 Speaking: anectode TP 6 YLEXT Reading lesson: Lifestyle page13 CELTA TP3 - Listening Is there…? Are there…? Travels, TP-7 Two Cities Writing Celta TP 4 Teaching Practice 4 TP 4A - A Weekend Break Teaching Practice 4 TP6 TP6 E.D. Revision of have/has got and vocabulary practice of jungle animals' body parts through writing and speaking activities. Vocabulary- Weird and Wonderful Adjectives TP3 Grammar and speaking TP6_Functional Language TP5 TP5 Lexis/ Second Conditional TP 3 Shakespeare's Tragic Families Tp7 Comparatives TP3- Relationships and the Internet Frea TP6 TP 6 - Party Five days in Dubai TP3b (Scottland, tartan patterns, clans) TP6 Utku Gürel - TP#6 - Thurday 24/04/2014 Teaching Practice 3 Day-to-Day Life - A Typical Day Must/have to/ Should (Obligation) Teaching practice 3 Grammar. Reyhan Torlak 24/04/14 The Weather Vocabulary present simple and wh-word questions Celta TP3 TP5_Room to Rent Teaching practice 3 TP 3A - Unit 3C - "Home Town" Copy of Celta Lesson Plan 2 New Year in Vietnam Teaching Practice 3 Frea TP5 7 dates to remember Speaking Practise Through Personal Networks Reading Lesson Emotions, If Clause type 0 and 1 TP2- Talking about past events Collocations Teaching Practice 2 - TP2 Travel lessons, Present continuous for future plans The History of Sandwich World of work Utku Gürel - TP#5 - Tuesday 22/04/2014 Travel, will and be going to TP: 2b Teaching Plan No.2b - Describing Jobs Celta Lesson Plan 2 Practice in reading for detail in context using Milo and Bertie. Family vocabulary Eda Aslan/22.04.2014/TP6 - Multi Word Verbs Gözde Demirel,TP 6b Grammar TP2 22.04.2014 CELTA TP2-Speaking Teaching Practice 2 T2:2b Teaching Practice 2 Emotions Conditionals Lesson learning practice 2 Copy of Dystopias: Things will get worse TP5 - Party TP 2 CELTA Perpostions of place Teaching Practice 2 TP 2A - Unit 2A - School Days TP 5 Eating in or Out/ Countable-Uncountable Nouns TP5 E.D. A CLIL Lesson. Listening practice for specific information and revision of vocabulary. Looking Good, TP6 Therapy Lesson, Listening Lesson Teaching Practice 1 - TP 1 Copy of Ünal efe Assessed Teaching Practice 7 TP6A, Feeling Stressed, Vocabulary: -ing/ ed adjectives TP6 teaching practice 1 TP1 TP1 Introduce and practice possessive adjectives Nationalities and Colors Unite TP6 Jobs lesson TP 1A - Unit 1B, "Where Are They Now?" be-verb, present simple Tp 6a Speakout Talk about homes &flats Derya Erkilinc - Adjectives - ed - ing Flats Teaching Practice 1 TP: 1b TP1 - Practicing question forms with auxiliary verbs Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Reading Lexis Past Simple Lesson Celta Lesson Plan 1 My life without money The meaning of life / Simple past tense Personality Adjectives Reyhan Torlak 17/04/14 Sixty Years of Flight Issues with a project Arrivals Arzu Ozel - Free time activities Demo Lesson 1 Tense review in grammar and speaking Eda ASLAN / 15.04.2014/ TP5 -Listening & Speaking TV Star Oprah, Past Simple Lesson, TP5 Reading and Vocabulary Practice Got things to do TP1 - Grammar: Present simple and present continuous Gözde Demirel,TP5b Listening & Reading TP5 Father Knows Less Listening Plan TP 5 TP 5 YLEXT TP8b- Third conditionals superlative, comparative Listening 'attitude' adverbs Tour guide-superlative Eriona T Practise 8 TP8 (Polite requests,will for on-the-spot decisions) Language Lesson/ Vocabulary on Technology TP 5a Headway Good & Bad Adjectives Social customs in Thailand Grammar "comparatives and superlatives" Beautiful cities to visit in Turkey / Reading Tp5 Where were you born? Comperatives Thursday 10th of April Vocabulary Reading Lesson - Technology Comparatives and Superlatives Teaching Practice 5 Holiday, Simple Past TP7b- Holidays TP 5 Pablo Picasso Holiday-past simple Teaching Practice 5 Reyhan Torlak 10/04/14 Today and Yesterday Past Simple Lesson (was/were/can/could) Teaching Practice 7 Grammar: make, let and allow TP5A, Machines Holidays / Reading Past simple (Negative) Tuesday 8th of April TP4 100 places to visit before you die Shopping-Reading and Speaking DELTA Lesson Plan Clothes Shopping Functional Language TP4 TP6b- CCTV in Schools fashion, clothes Preposition of place Perfect Modals Making Speculation about hte past Friday 4th of April 2014 Shop Language TP3 TP4-Grammar-Present Perfect TP 3 Reaching Agreement At the shops Eda ASLAN / 13.03.2014/ TP4- Listening and Speaking TP4 Frea TP 2: Going Places/Hot Verbs/Collocations TP 4 - Houseswap Utku Gürel - TP#4 - Thursday 03/04/2014 there is, there are, some and any lesson, countable and uncountable lesson Grammar-How many/How much Functional Language TP 4 Wednesday 2nd of April Complaining Listening ( My kind of place) Speaking: Word Families Copy of Teaching Practice 2 (Grammar) Unit 9c "Did you know?" There is/are Grammar/Listening SKILLS\ LISTENING LESSON Business Business TP3_Functional Language Copy of "Robberies" TP 3 Session 3/3 Utku Gürel - TP3 - 01/04/2014 Copy of Giving Advice, Dilemma Copy of Renting a House Tp 4a Childhood Dreams TP3 Frea Polite Requests Lesson Tp4 Dream Job Your work -life balance Compound nouns (everyday objects) TP2 TP 4 Dream jobs A personal e-message Reyhan Torlak, 01/04/14 Dream Jobs TP4, Everyday English/Polite Requests Dream Job, TP4 TP 3 - Appearances / Tour groups Gözde Demirel TP 4a ,Grammar &Speaking Reading Copy of TP3 Copy of Grammar Lesson Copy of Grammar and Speaking - Present Simple Tense Copy of Present simple + (I/ you/ we/ they) Copy of World of work- present simple affirmative My Clothes Reading/Teaching Practice 4 Copy of Listening & Speaking TP4 Reading TP4b- First Date Listening Activity E-shopping Teaching Practice 4 Speaking Activity, Giving Proposals Shopping-Listening and vocabulary Second practice Practice Exam Millionaires- Personal Qualities TP2_ReceptiveSs_Reading Utku Gürel - TP#2 - Thursday 27/03/2014 Friday 27th of March How active is your partner? First Date! Present Simple (he/she/it) Eda ASLAN / 27.03.2014/ TP3 - Everyday English TP2 Frea White House Lesson Shops / Shoppers (Vocab-Pronuncation) Millionaires and their personal qualities READING AND SPEAKING LESSON TP4 Reading and listening practice for specific information and a game related to clothes. TP2 Reading TP 2 - Living at home Early Bird or Night Owl free time activities Bank Robbers Lesson Jobs Lesson, Millionaries, Must/Have to/ Should Grammar Tuesday 25th of March TP2 Reyhan Torlak, 25/03/14 Misunderstandings Protests / Reading free time activities Social Expressions BC - aSIB 24.3.14 (2) TP1 BC - aSIB 24.3.14 (1) Derya Erkilinc/24 Mar 2014/ Reading and Speaking TP 3 The Virtual Revolution Present Simple lesson TP 3 Misunderstandings Tuesday 25.03.2014 Breaking News Utku Gürel - TP#1 - Tuesday 25/03/2014 Speaking (using newspaper headlines) TP1 Frea TP3,My Perfect Weekend Present Simple Statements,Questions and Negatives(first person)/Teaching Practice 3 Gözde Demirel TP 3a , Speaking & Listening TP3 The Virtual Revolution Misunderstandings, TP3 What time is it? Teaching Practice 3 Present Simple Negative (I/you/we/they) TP1 TP3 TP1 TP4 MODEL VERB ''would'' Breaking news-vocabulary Clothes Millionaires Daily Life and Routines TLEXT TP 4 Friday 21st of March Copy of Contextualized Past Simple Negative Prices/times Functional Language (Giving Advice) Telling the time Dilemmas (Suggestions, opinions, advice) Future Prediction The Journey Typical friends Happy Birthday- Life Stages PRESENT SIMPLE QUESTIONS AND NEGATIVES LESSON Wednesday 19th of March Pre.Perf.Cont Grammar Plan aSIB 19.3.14 (1) Jobs Vocabulary Lesson Eda ASLAN / 20.03.2014/ TP2 - Reading and Speaking Possessive's In The Context of Family practice plan Practice Plan New Inside Intermediate - U1 TP3 E.D. Using Collocations in the context of Daily Routine and revision of body parts Copy of Reading - Englishes Copy of Grammar: modal verbs. Copy of Somebody, Anybody, Nobody, Everybody/ Speaking Copy of TP 2: HOW FAST FOOD BEGAN Copy of Assessed TP 1b Copy of Demo Lesson 15/4/12 Copy of Demo Lesson 15/4/12 Copy of TP3a Lesson Plan "That Smells Nice" Reyhan Torlak, 18/03/14 Future Plans You 're Going Where / The Future Plans Grammar Lesson Technology / Future Copy of Assessed TP 1b Derya Erkilinc / 17 March 2014 /Vocabulary and Listening TP 2 Copy of Teaching Practice 7 Copy of Comfort Food (Vocabulary & Reading) Copy of TP8a Lesson Plan "One Wheeled Wonder" A Good Job, The Simple Present Tense Everday Conversations,Teaching Practice 2 Future Predictions TP2 Grammar - Future plans TP2, The Family Getting Connected: Technology and making predictions Everyday Conversations Straightforward Elem Demo - U2a 18/03/2014 Tuesday Tp 2a - Future Plans Teaching Practice 2 YLEXT TP3 aSIB 17.3.14 (1) Gözde Demirel TP 2a , Vocabulary&Speaking Communication with Teenagers, TP2 Solving your problems- learning to give advice My Body TP3 TP3 Copy of Interviews Talk about People BC - aSIB 12.3.14 (2) BC - aSIB 12.3.14 (1) Story Telling / The Differences Between "Say" and "Tell" Spelling Lesson,Present Simple `be`, Writing names, emails. short sentences. 'Telling a story' : Fact or Fiction Tell me about yourself Giving Presentations Grammar Lesson Storybook, lesson 3 Copy of Teaching Practice 7 Copy of Teaching Practice 4 - Grammar (Future Plans) Copy of Demo Lesson 02/05/13 Copy of Past Simple Lesson Copy of Giving Advice, Dilemma Interview Lesson, TP1 Annalisa's Blog Lesson Interviews - TP1 TP1, Rick's family Copy of Past Simple Lesson Copy of Teaching Practice 4 - Grammar (Future Plans) Reyhan, 11/03/14 Interviews Gözde Demirel TP 1a , Listening & Speaking About Interviews Personal Information, Verb 'to be', Possessive Adjectives Personal Information,Possessive Adjectives /Teaching Practice 1 The internet Plastic and Wood Eda ASLAN / 13.03.2014/ TP1 - Practice Is and Possessive 's Lesson Telling a story Introducing yourself 11.03.2014 Tuesday Tp: 1a -Interviews Teaching Practice 1. Teaching Practice-8 Health & Fitness Vocabulary lesson. Wildlife TP - 8 Great India Learning to Talk Copy of Teaching Practice 6b TP-8: The uses of definite and indefinite articles Past simple irregular verbs TP8 Grammar (past perfect) Question and answer forms of "past to be" Copy of TP 2 Speaking - Hopes and Dreams Useful functional language TP 8, Reading 'Before they were famous' Past Perfect Tense Lesson Plan TP 2 BC - aSIB 5.3.14 (1) Lots of Chocolate- Reading lesson The use of used to and would TP2 E.D. Describing and classifying classroom objects Teaching Practice-7 / Health & Fitness Copy Past Simple Lesson TP-7: A Brief History of Time Zones Health and Fitness - Reading and Vocab. TP 7 TP 7 Hollywood Remakes. Reading lesson Giving an opinion TP7 Asking for favours- making requests Shapes Weekend city break TP 7, Grammar: Present perfect with 'for' and 'since' Teaching Practice-6 Superlative Forms of the Adjectives TP6 Time Expressions TP-6: Comparative Adjectives and Adverbs Mistakes and errors It's a dog's life TP 6 Jobs TP6 Eating Habits Listening TP 6, Reading 'The science of happiness' Teaching Practice-5 Work & Leisure - Grammar Classroom Objects BC - aSIB 24.2.14 (2) Correcting and restating TP-5: At the call center The definite article Narrative Tenses TP 8 I love technology! Gadget vocab & "I have/ don't have, She has/doesn't have" TP 5 Reading and Speaking How old is it? BC - aSIB 24.2.14 (1) Prepositions of place TP 5, Modal verbs - permission and obligation TP1 TP 7 TP1 E.D. - Asking and answering "Personal Questions". Are you a girl/ boy? Are you eight? Inc /æ/ and /eɪ/ sounds TP5 Spelling rules for the third person singular of simple present tense TP8 Right and Wrong- vocabulary and speaking tp8 TP8 reading TP-8 TP7 BC - aSIB 19.2.14 (2) tp7 BC - aSIB 19.2.14 (1) TP7 TP-4: Present simple information questions Teaching Practice-4 World of work- present simple affirmative Demo Lesson 2 part 2 Demo Lesson 2 Dystopias: Things will get worse TP 5 My Birthday BC - aSIB 17.2.14 (2) BC - aSIB 17.2.14 (1) Vocabulary TP 4 TP 4, Present Simple (positive, negative and question forms) Childhood hopes Daily routine lesson Copy of Assessed Observation 4 Technology and you Grammar-prepositions Future plan "going to be" and present continuous. TP4 TP4 TP6 TP-6 Money and prices Teaching Practice-3 TP-3: Family Members tp 6 TP6 Business English : Cultures : Unit 7, pp69 At the cafe Business English : Cultures : Unit 7, pp68 TP6 TP3 Past Continuous and Past Simple Personal characteristics lesson Art (reading & speaking) Art and music / " used to " TP5 Films TP5 TP-5 BC - aSIB 12.2.14 (1) tp 5 Business English : Cultures : Unit 7, pp67 Business English : Cultures : Unit 7, pp66-67 TP 3, Adjectives for describing people My family Introducing adjectives and reading Writing: An Informal Letter - Correcting Mistakes Teaching Practice-2 Water & The Human Body: Listening, Infinitive of purpose TP 2, Everyday objects; 'this/that', 'these those' used in positive and question phrases Countable & uncountable nouns, some & any What's in your bag? Comfort Food (Vocabulary & Reading) Reading for Gist and Specific Details BC - aSIB 10.2.14 (2) BC - aSIB 10.2.14 (1) Countable / uncountable nouns, Quantifiers. Teaching practise 2a TP4 TP - 8 TP3A To be - negative Tp8 The alphabet TP8 TP8 TP 4 TP-4 TP 8 TP-1: Emergency Workers How old is it? TP 4 Eating out - TP 7 TP -7 TP4 TP8 Adverbs of Frequency and Time Expressions TP 7 Reading - Your time (Daily Routines) TP7 Listening & speaking in a social context TP3 TP 2b BC - aSIB 5.2.14 (2) BC - aSIB 5.2.14 (1) Exposure and physical descriptions TP7 TP 6 Further job vocabulary practice TP-3 TP6 DOGME Experimental TP 1, Numbers from 1 to 20 questions forms with "how" and "what" Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Practice 1 Jobs lesson Tp 5 TP6 TP5 Grammar and Speaking - Present Simple Tense TP 5 BC - aSIB 3.2.14 (2) BC - aSIB 3.2.14 (1) TP5 TP 3 TP 3 Copy of Modals of Deduction/speculation Copy of Life Mysteries TP4 TP2 TP 4 Around Town - Listening (Nouns) Speaking - TP 4 Past Simple & present simple perfect tense TP 4 TP2 TP2 TP 2 TP - 3 TP3 Reading Lesson TP3 TP 3 TP2 TP 2 Journeylesson TP1 TP2 In A Different Country - Plural Nouns TP 1 TP 1 TP 1 TP1 TP1 TP1 BC - aSIB 27.1.14 (2) TP 1 BC - aSIB 27.1.14 (1) Saturday 1/25/14 TP 7 BC - aSIB 22.1.14 (3) BC - aSIB 22.1.14 (2) BC - aSIB 22.1.14 (1) BC - aSIB 20.1.14 (3) BC - aSIB 20.1.14 (2) BC - aSIB 20.1.14 (1) BC - aSIB 16.1.14 (2) BC - aSIB 16.1.14 (1) Receptive skills:Listening BC - aSIB 14.1.14 (2) BC - aSIB 14.1.14 (1) Copy of Teaching Practice 7b Suggestions Films lesson, Reading and Speaking Lesson Nasıl Bir Ev Arıyorsunuz? (y)A+(y)E- erek/arak Reading Lesson / An email to a hotel Questions with 'like' Going into business Listening / Speaking Grammar past simple New Year's resolutions, future plans with be going to Grammar/ Future tense ( Be going to ) Phonology: Sentence Stress Copy of Shops & Shoppers Future Plans-Resolution Multiple Intelligence theory lesson Present Continuous Should & Shouldn't Family Conflicts, Vocabulary/ Grammar Reading for gist and detail. Listening abotu Canada Discussing the weather, past simple languages , ( reading texts about dictionaries ) Speaking in the context of things that make you feel.....(happy, depressed, amused, relaxed etc). Responding sympathetically Future plans vocabulary Teaching Practice 8b Writing How to be a millionaire. Travelling-Collocations with "get" Wonderful Tonight Weekend Lesson, Should & Have to Teaching Practice 8 Grammar can / can't Listening Past Simple Lesson Verbs That Summarize What People Say Future plans lesson Teaching Practice #8 Third Conditional Listening and Speaking Travel essentials Teaching practice 8_ future plan Television shows Elif CELIK 12 Dec 2013 Present Perfect Simple active and passive for recent events So you think you know what's good for you Relative pronouns in the context of Friends what did you do last weekend ? Teaching Practice 7b Bed and breakfast Can Can't Possibility Modal Copy of Shops & Shoppers TP 7 (Functions) Ability The world around us. Newsreader takes a stand Teaching Practice 7 Grammar & Reading 2nd Conditional Lesson Last weekend lesson Teaching Practice 7 Get used to International food, Ordering food in a restaurant Getting Together Skills lesson: Listening Marathoners Tourist Trail teaching practice 7.Lexis TP7 - Grammar (Future Tense) Speaking and travel and holidays Speaking about places you'd like to visit in the world and places you'd recommend to go on holiday in Turkey. TP8 - Freetime Speaking Lesson TP 7- Food Vocabulary South is up Teaching Practice 6b the last holiday Functional phrases teaching practice 6.PAST Elif CELIK 05 Nov 2013 Reading for detail ''Pride and Prejudice'' /WR/Speaking Sleepless Nights Men and Women F2-L1 B Gossip and news. Present Perfect with just, yet and already. Shopping Trip Lesson Vague Language The and Geographical Names Let/Make somebody do something Teaching Practice 6 Amazing journeys lesson Countable and uncountable nouns Grammar & Listening What Would You Like? TP6 - Reading and Grammar Memories Teaching Practice 6 Writing Assessed Observation 4 Shopping Lesson Vocabulary lesson, 'Energy sources' Listening skills and functional language Reading about a charitable organization. Grammar and listening Reporting verbs & patterns F1-L3 Vocabulary LIKES/ DISLIKES/ABILITY teaching practice 5.Twins Teaching Practice 5b Lesson 1 House-sitting Listening and speaking. Elif CELIK 02 Dec 2013 Grammar - Passive Voice Teaching Practice 5 Promoting a Charity Activity Headlines Cultural Differences Teaching Practice 5 : John Coen BC - aSIB 1.12.13 (2) BC - aSIB 1.12.13 (1) TP5 - Collocations (give) Your Space Travel! Can/can't lesson Job responsibilities Future forms Reading & Speaking Speaking and Listening "A Desert survival expert" Everyday problems Modals of Deduction (must, can't, may, might, could Cities Grammar: modals and -ing verbs TP5 - Grammar and Listening F1-L2 A Vocab: things you like and don't like, verb+ing. BC - aSIB 28.11.13 (2) Example example Example Vocab Example Example Plan Example plan EXAMPLE Test Plan F1-L1 A Teaching Practice 4b Grammar: modal verbs. Talking About The Past Listening skills lesson Phone message BC - aSIB 26.11.13 (2) Home Sweet Home Adjectives and fairy tales Memories of food Elif CELIK 26 Nov Vocabulary/Listening - ''Going to dinner'' The world's most amazing hotels Teaching practice 4 Teaching Practice 4: John Coen BC - aSIB 26.11.13 (1) Rising and falling intonation BC - aSIB 24.11.13 (2) TP4 - Changes Food lesson BC - aSIB 24.11.13 (1) Weekend Getaway TP4 Vocabulary Good Deeds Use of adjectives in the context of describing jobs,Simple Present interrogative form Across cultures Reading lesson about time-keeping Quantifiers and Possessive pronouns Functional Language in Routines and Ordering Food TP4 - Night and Day Free Time Reading comprehension - Phrasal Verbs Compound Nouns (jobs) Introduction of Vocabulary as it relates to the New Year and Plans Countable-Uncountable nouns & quantity expressions Vocabulary Elif CELIK 22 Nov 2013 - Listening & Speaking Practice in the context of the Phone Conversation Teaching Practice 3b Reading and Speaking. Crime and Punishment Listening to Family World of Work Grammar 'used to' & 'would' TP3 - Invite someone out BC - aSIB 21.11.13 (2) Happiness is ... BC - aSIB 21.11.13 (1) Pronunciation practice & food vocab Teaching Practice 3: John Coen useful phrases Reading about radio drama and soap opera; and prefixes and opposites of adjectives Local Hero Free time activities Parties lesson Relationships and Roles of people play Vocabulary & Reading Prepositions of place teaching practice 3 Where's My Black Bag - Vocabulary Present simple in the negative, Technology Speaking skills: Machines (vocabulary of technology) Review Adjectives with Prepositions Teaching Practice 2b Reading comprehension Teaching Practice 2 : John Coen BC - aSIB 17.11.13 (2) Jobs BC - aSIB 19.11.13 (1) Speaking Practice, Interests & Wants listening and vocabulary. Elif CELIK 19 Nov 2013 Work/Employment -'Have to / Has to/ Had to' Grammer L/R Family When I was fıfteen... Past simple lesson Possessive 's and Functional Questions relationships Future forms and their use Past Time Phrases BC - aSIB 17.11.13 (2) TP2 - Away From Home-Sofasurfing -Simple present Reading - Englishes BC - aSIB 17.11.13 (1) TP 2: HOW FAST FOOD BEGAN alternative therapies The Mind - Analyse the Results of a Quiz Language focus : Grammer Adjectives lesson Days of the week, Nationalities vocab," Wh" question words,Simple Present Verb "to be" Modals and Phrases to express permission, obligation and prohibition Jobs lesson teaching practice 2 Nationalities Functional Language, asking/answering age questions. Numbers 21-101 Nationalities Teaching Practice 1 : John Coen Teaching Practice 1b Elif CELIK 15 Nov 2013- Practising the Question form Past Continuous Tense / Relationship Vocabulary Comparative and superlative structures BC - aSIB 14.11.13 (2) Health Idioms BC - aSIB 14.11.13 (1) What's your email address? TP1 - People in Your Life -ed and -ing Adjectives gradable and non-gradable adjectives Robots in today's world Using the Verb "Be" in Defining Relations Listening & Speaking Past Continuous Greetings,countries,cities,present simple TV vocabulary lesson BC - aSIB 13.11.13 (2) Present perfect lesson Illness and Symptoms Reading Lesson - Relationships TP1 Jobs Vocabulary, speaking The Alphabet, Spelling, and Hotel Reservations Jobs Functional Language Speaking Practice - Telephone Numbers listening practice, grammar (past simple-past continuous) teaching practice 1 BC - aSIB 13.11.13 (1) Demo Lesson Present Simple / Present Continuous Staying in touch BC - aSIB 10.11.13 Cooking in Britain Copy of Teaching Plan 6 Copy of Teaching Plan 6 Copy of Teaching Plan 6 Copy of Teaching Plan 6 Copy of Teaching Plan 6 Grammer_Surprise Reading T3 Sample Lesson Plan Renting a House Health & Illness TP 8 B1 TP 8 - Lesson Plan Final TP Teaching Practice 8b Lesson Plan TP 8 Naomi Schademan Teaching Practice 8a Going to for future plans Time is Money TP 6 B Ünal efe Assessed Teaching Practice 8 TP 8a Teaching practice 8b Eighth TP 10 Oct 13 Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice 8 TP 7 - Lesson plan Teaching practice 8b TP 7 B Teaching Practice 7b Holidays TP7 TP 7 TP8, Reading lesson Lesson Plan TP 7 Naomi Schademan Grammar [Simple Past] (TP 7) Teaching Practice 7a Speaking Octoberfest Present Simple Seventh TP 08 Oct 13 TP 7a TP 6 - Lesson Plan Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 7 Passive Voice Teaching practice 6b TP Number 8 life fifty years from now - reading rocket man - steve Bennet - listening predictions - I think/don't think predictions 2 weather making predictions TP Number 7 getting to know you Lesson Plan TP 6 Naomi Schademan Grammar lesson, Festivals At the weekend - Introduction to past simple grammar Good times, bad times TP 6 Elif Teaching Practice 6b Teaching practice 7b Teaching Practice 6a Reading Teaching Practice 6b Winning a Lottery Lexis (TP 6) Teaching Practice 5b At the Shops Teaching Practice 6 Ünal efe Assessed Teaching Practice 6 Sixth TP 04 Oct 13 Copy of Present simple:positive sentences TP 5 - Lesson Plan TP6, Reading, loteries Teaching practice 5b Renting a flat Teaching Practice 5 TP 5. Solmaz Shokouhi TP Number 6 Teaching Practice 5b Lesson Plan TP 5 Naomi Schademan There is/ there are Lesson Plan TP 5 Elif Özsaraçoğlu Listening (+ Lexis) [Homes and Shops] (TP 5) Fifth TP 02 Oct 13 My Kind of Place Assessed Teaching Practce 5 Teaching Practice 5a TP 5. Power and money Teaching Practice 5b Teaching Practice 5 TP Number 5 grade 7 - unit 4 Secrets Teaching Practice 4 Secrets 1c/d TP4 Teaching Practice 4b Teaching practice 4b Lesson Plan TP 4 Naomi Schademan Teaching practice 4b Teaching Practice 4a Lexis: Collocations with "take" (TP 4a) ESL - UNIT 01 Lesson plan TP4 Elif Fouth TP 26 Sep 13 Food Speaking Grammar (future clauses) lesson in the context of life style Teaching Practice 4 Shopping lesson E-shopping TP 4 Session 1/3 GRADE 8 - UNIT 2 Teaching Practice 3b TP Number 4 GRADE 7- UNIT 3 GRADE 6- UNIT 3 Teaching practice 3b Teaching Practice 3a Speaking (TP 3a) Unit 1a/b "Robberies" TP 3 Session 3/3 Rebel and Demonstrations Lesson Plan TP 3 Naomi Schademan Teaching Practice 3 TP Number 3 Third TP 24 Sep 13 Reading Rebel celebrities, reading lesson. Teaching practice 2b Ünal efe Assessed Teaching Practice 3 23.09.2013 Modal verb 'would' Speaking lesson - News 23.09.2013 23.09.2013 Lesson Plan TP 2a Elif Gizem Özsaraçoğlu Evenings and Weekends "Giving Advice" Functional Language. Teaching Practice 2. Session 2/3 Lesson Plan TP 2 Naomi Schademan Teaching Practice 2a Lesson Plan TP 2b Elif Reading puzzle (dilemmas) Listening & Speaking (TP 2a) Nightmare Jobs Second TP 20 Sep 13 Teaching practice 2b TP number 2 Teaching Practice 2c Shopping lesson, grammar verb+verb-ing Family Relationships contiuned Present perfect continous vs. Present perfect simple Present Perfect Continuous Life Lessons - Section 3/3 Reading and Lexis lesson Remembering Names Teaching Practice 1b First TP 18 Sep 13 Teaching Practice 1b: First Meetings Teaching Practice 1b Teaching Practice 1a TP Number 1 Teaching Practice 1b Ice Breaker Plan Teaching practice 1b Family Reading Skills: A Valentine's Day restaurant directory reading - Back to school Back to School at age 35 (TP final) Grammar - "I can ..." for ability authentic materials eating out First dates lesson Ambitions; Writing about your job PRESENTACIONES Y DESPEDIDAS DLC Celta Assignment 3 Functional Language - Buying Clothes Reading Lesson Listening Lesson (Fast Food) Assessed TP8 - Plans for learning English! - be (not) going to SUPER KIDS Food- Recipe tp 8 Serkan Bıçakcı Assessed TP-8 Assessed TP 8 TP 8 TP8 TP 8 An early Bird or a night Owl Assessed TP-8 Talking about yesterday Ambitions TP 7 Oznur Altuntas TP-8 Lesson: Occupations Assessed TP 8 time lesson Simple Past irregular verbs Teaching Practice 8 Teaching Practice 8 (Vocabulary) Assessed TP8 - Grammar (Participle clause) Getting to know you- Reasons for Learning English Assessed TP 8 Assessed TP7 - World Records (superlatives) HOLIDAY Dilemmas Easy English Assessed TP 8 Assessed TP 7 TP 7 Assessed TP-7 Assessed TP 7 tp 7 Serkan Bıçakcı Assessment TP 7 Writing Lesson Functions for good service Oznur Altuntas- TP 7 Assessed TP 7 Teaching Practice 7 (Grammar) TP 6 3Sept13 A comparison of two cities Functional Language,Order a meal Writing Lesson Assessed TP6 - Amazing journeys Teaching Practice 7 Assessed TP-6 Personal information Assessed TP 7 TP 6 Assessed TP 8 TP 7 TP 6 Serkan Bıçakcı Assessment TP 6 Assessed TP 7 - Listening Men vs Women TP 6 Assessed TP 6 Jobs ans Study Subjects Assessed TP 6 Assessed TP 7 Writing skill (complaint to the hotel manager) past perfect lesson Journey-Reading Week 1, Day 1, Lesson 1- Geting to Know You Oznur ALtuntas TP-6 Weird fruit and veg Count & Uncaount Assessed TP 6 Teaching Practice 6 (Reading) Teaching Practice 6 Assessed TP6 Assessed TP 6 Fashion Victim Assessed TP5 - Object Pronouns for Expressing Opinions RENT Modals of deduction Assessed TP-5 TP 5 TP 5 Serkan Bıçakcı Learn about prepositions of place Headline News Things in the home Animal lovers 10A TP5 Assessed TP 5 Oznur Altuntas TP-5 Places in a city Assessment TP 5 Teaching Practice 5 (Grammar) Teaching Practice 5 Assessed TP5 gıst readıng and error correctıon Vocabulary an old flat Sample for SFM Uni Demo - Upper Intermediate Assessed TP 5 TP 5 Assessed TP 5 Assessed TP 5 English Writing 1 Assessed TP4 - The Futurological Conference Preposition of Time Talking about the past. TP 4 Listening (A radio programme) & Vocabulary (compound nouns with numbers) Time-saving Lists Assessment TP 4 Modals TP 4 Different and unusual foods from around the world Key word:go Assessed TP 4 Assessed TP 4 Teaching Practice 4a - Reading Teaching Practice No: 4 - (22 August 2013) Food Assessed TP 4 Big Numbers Assessed TP 4 Right & Wrong TP4 Thurs 22Aug13 What do you do on New Year (Adverbs of Frequency) Assessed TP3 - Present perfect simple (already, yet) Food Assessed TP4 Assessed TP-4 Adjectives & Nouns (personality) Chocolate, count and noncount nouns T P 3 Teaching Practice 4 (Vocabulary) TP 3 Serkan Bıçakcı Assessed TP3 Assessment TP 3 Useful phrases for informal invitations and responses Teaching Practice 3a - Speaking & Reading Celebration Assessed TP-3 Assessed TP 3 TP 2 Teaching Practice 3 ( Listening) Phrasal verbs. Reading Assessed TP2 - Bad hotels (listening) Read for Gist 'sofasurfing' Assessed TP 3 The difference between 'will' and 'going to' Teaching Practice No: 3 - (20 August 2013) TP 2 Assessed TP 3 Is there ? Are there ? Assessment TP 2 relationships, different future forms Assessed TP2 Present simple:positive sentences TP 2 Teaching Practice Model 2 Vocabulary and stress patterns Assessed TP-2 Relationships lesson Assessed TP 2 Jobs Lesson Assessed TP 2 Teaching Practice 2 (Grammar) Daily routines Teaching Practice No: 2 - (16 August 2013) Functional Language Relationships lesson,Dynamic and stative meanings Assessed TP2 Modal Verb Can, Can't sports, comparatives and superlatives People,Possessive What is your e-mail address? Assessment TP 1 Assessed TP 1 Teaching Practice No: 1 - (14 August 2013) Teaching Practice 1 Assessed TP1 TP 1 Assessed TP 1 Assessed TP 1 Assessed TP 1 Assessed TP1 Assessed TP1 Teaching vocabulary and practice speaking First activity GTKY TP8 unreal past- third conditional Treasure Hunt - Listening listening,vocabulary,speaking Traveling Comparatives TP 8 Erhan Gulsen - words referring to the places to visit Horror Deniz - Speaking Lesson Plan - Productive Skill TP 8 Changes in your city now and at some point in the past National holidays Teaching Practice 8 Traveling is the best! Eighth lesson TP8 Personality Adjectives Listening Marriage past regrets and criticism The Family Tree TP8a Lesson Plan "One Wheeled Wonder" Interviews Shopping for Food Murder Mysteries, Listening, Question tags Holiday activities TP - 8a Adventures and Mishaps TP-8 Bella, Family (personal adjectives) Rules of the road Reading about Chinese Finding an E-mail Friend Adrenalin - Extreme Sports TP 7 Erhan Gulsen, Reading a story about 1971 Los Angeles Earthquake Scared to Death Writing most amazing moment in their life Nature's remedies TP 7 Comparatives What would you do if? Salem Ali || TP#7 : Grammar|| Be going to Life Mysteries HOMES Living Arrangements in Istanbul See the film... get on a plane. Passive English Mania Vocabulary Cinema The Meeting Reading, Rescue Missions TP-7 Living on the plane! TP 7 Teaching Practice 7 The Family Seventh Lesson Linking words Contextualized Past Simple Negative Grammar Present perfect TP- 7a TP6 Seventh lesson plan TP7a Lesson Plan "Do you like new year?" Explore Writing TP7 Erhan Gulsen - Social Expressions Just Good Friends Reading & Speaking TP 6 Suing companies for personal injuries weekend city break,pronunciation Job Applications Bella, Movies Reading Lesson Plan ( Receptive Skill ) for Elementary Students Salem Ali *TP#6 / Grammar ; can/can't in the meaning of possiblity People who changed the world, Past simple: Wh=questions Life Experiences TP 6b: Weekend city break TP 6 Teaching Plan 6 How do you feel? TP6 Taking a Survey Vocabulary sixth lesson Future Continuous, Future Perfect sixth Lesson Plan Language & Birthdays Describing Future Events Holiday Activities TP6a Lesson Plan "My Music" Good times, bad times! 6a 007 James Bond TP-6 People who changed the world Feelings Elementary - How much ? and How many ? Lexis on Rooms and Things in a House TP#5 - Listening Grammar Erhan Gülşen - Listening and Speaking -The right to obtain information on people TP5 Some-Any Functional language: advantages and disadvantages Mystery Objects Differences between men and women lesson TP 5 If you're interested in art... Reading,Free time activities,listening Grammar Teaching Practice 5 New Man Fifth Lesson TP-5 TP5a Lesson Planning "Renting a Flat" TP5 Modals of Deduction/speculation At the Shop My kind of place mysteries My Kind of Place TP#5 17JULY 2013 Fifth Lesson Plan 4b: Telling the Time 5a TP 5 My kind of place Getting directions Bella, Mysteries Homes&Shops Past Simple Lesson Reading: Changing China Colloquial words/phrases Simple Present Affirmitive Technology and You Lexis on Description of a Perfect Face Receptive Skill - Reading Lesson Plan Teaching Grammar2 Quantifiers Second Conditional Likes and Dislikes World of Work and technology Things you like and don't like Teaching Practice 4 TP 4b: Quantifiers TP4 Bella Chich, Present Simple (Question and short answers: he, she, it) TP 4 fourth lesson World of Work Latest News -Grammar Grammar lesson Erhan Gülşen - The endings on the verb for third person singular in Simple Present Tense Teaching Practice 4 TP4a Lesson Plan "How to make some extra cash" Teaching Practice 11th of July Things in your bag Time off I'll never forget you! Lexis-listening To teach some of the vocabulary students might find difficult in adjective building Lexis: Job-Work Wish+Past Perfect Simple; should have Escape TP-4 Bollywood Healthy Life Language Function - To be - Negatives (pl+sing), yes / no Q & A How long? TP 3 TP#3 Listeming " The Internet Habits" . Salem Ali 10/07/2013 Children vs. Technology Adjectives Shops and Shoppers Teaching Vocabulary Months and Ordinal Numbers Writing Postcard TP 3 The third lesson plan for " will " and " would " to talk about the past and present habits. Teaching Practice 3 'What shall we get him?' Grammar . Articles &Determiners Bella Chich. Early bird or night owl? Food and drink, eat in or take away Evenings and weekends Rituals-A Man and his Car Third Teaching lesson Celebrity rebels, Reading lesson Erhan Gülşen - Vocabulary - Time Phrases Excursion To London TP- 3a The Big Day Gerunds Lesson Topic class on People Appearences Character Moods and Feelings The History of Flowers TP-3 Third lesson TP#2 Grammer/Modal Verbs/ Levels of Uncertainty TP3a Lesson Plan "That Smells Nice" TP 2 Football Rituals Diets-Read.& List. Possessive 's Unreal Conditionals Lesson Newspaper Family Going Solo Daily Routines TP2 The age of people and things Teaching Practice 2 Rebel, Grammar teaching ( dynamic and stative verbs ) Food and Drinks Rebel and Demonstrations The second plan for the second teaching practice Breaking News: Newspapers Teaching Practice 9th of July Teaching grammar Bella Chich, A glamours life? (Daily routunes) Compound Adjectives Present simple + (I/ you/ we/ they) Reading ' Identity Theft' Colours and nationalities Nightmare Jobs Metaphors Money & Food time and money Assessed grammar lesson, July 6th, 2013 Teaching Practice 5th of July secon assessed lesson Erhan Gülşen, Telling the Time TP 2a Talking about money! Jobs/ Experiences/ Present Perfect-Past Simple To Be - Negative Money Personal possession Where's he/she from second lesson plan Lesson 1, July 3 Welcoming Someone to Home Present perfect Teaching Practice 2 TP-2 Jobs Meet The Robinsons (family unit) love affairs - elvis presley Dania Al Jendi what is important to you? 1st lesson - July 3rd Things in your bag TP 1a Reading on Topic: Family Müge Arıkdoğan Onat Crime lesson Teaching Practise 1 Family TP1 Family Introducing have/have got Teaching Practice 1 1b Deniz - First Lesson Plan Infinitives with and without "to" Getting to know you - Memory Name Game Unassessed plan SUMMER SCHOOL GROUP 1LP1B SUMMER SCHOOL GROUP 1LP1A TP-8 Reading and vocabulary TP 8 Cold-blooded Killers TP 8 Dance - Reading Teaching Practice #8 Hala Laith.20th June 2013 Carnivals and Festivals LP8 TP8 Listening TP8 Booking in a hotel (listening) TP8 Lexical lesson on Memorabilia Vocabulary&Listening Teaching Practice 8 (TP8) Thomas Dignum Celebrity Heroes School Life TP 7 Vocabulary Feelings Hala Laith.17 June 2013 Job Present perfect Tense Grammar (was/were) T7 TP7 Reading Teaching Practice 7 (TP7) Wrting Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Practice #7 Attraction TP-6 Grammar and speaking TP 6 TP 6 Listening Thomas Dignum TP6 Grammar Grammar (Prediction) Space Tourists Teaching Practice #6 Hala Laith.13 June 2013 TP6a Teaching Practice 6 Teaching Practice 6 (TP6) Vocabulary&Pronunciation Grammar :At home, At work, At school with Present Tense in Future Time cCauses Digital TP 5 TP 5 Hala Laith.11June 2013 Unit 6, Reading. Horoscope leading to vocabulary Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 5 (TP5) Telling the time Coffee Break Vocabulary: Adjectives (opposites) Teaching Practice #5 TP 4 Technology and you TP4- Reading - holidays present simple affirmative statements about personal details Thomas Dignum Slow Food (Listening) TP4, Functional Language. Vocabulary about Health Problems Nick Willcocks Listening&Speaking Teaching Practice 4 (TP4) Teaching Practice #4 Eat in or take away Tp3-Relationship and internet - listening TP3 Sam Teaching Practice 4 TP 3 Reading&Speaking-Present Simple Reading Comprehension TP3 Teaching Practice #3 Thomas Dignum Articles ( a, an, the) Teaching Practice 3 (TP3) Listening How old is it TP2 - Past continous tense Teaching Practice 3 TP 2 TP 2 Teaching Plan 2 TP2 grammar . Reading&Speaking about past events Thomas Dignum Grammar Lesson (verb+ing) (verb+preposition) Grammar Jobs Lessons grammar (auxilliary verbs) through reading Ali Yilmaz, TP2 Teaching Practice 2 (TP2) TP1 Listening comprehension TP1 , Functional Language Tercihing Practise 1 Teaching Practice 1 (TP1) Teaching Practice 1 Teaching practice 1 Teaching Practice 1B Questions with auxulliary verbs and contractions Teaching Practice 1 Listening lesson; music vocabulary; past simple and present simple Demo Lesson 27/05/13 Grammar Lesson Teaching Practice 8 - Restaurant websites Seda Sanlı- Reading Planning a ZOO Teaching Plan 8 Speaking/Vocabulary Functional Language in Restaurant Context Teaching Practice 8 Seda Sanlı/Listening Teaching Practice 7 - Filmgoers vocabulary Fruits and vegetables Writing Teaching Practice 7 Teaching Plan 7 Reading/Vocabulary Writing&Speaking Teaching Practice 7 Seda Sanlı-Grammar/ Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses Explore Speaking Trends, Lexis Teaching Plan 6 expressions to show İneterest in a conversation Lesson Plan 6- Suzie Trottier Teaching Practice 6 Somebody, Anybody, Nobody, Everybody/ Speaking There is / There are Seda Sanlı- Reading Listening and Vocabulary Lesson Plan 5- Suzie Trottier Teaching Practice 6 - Listening Functional language, Lexis lesson Teaching Plan 5 Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 5 Teaching Practice 5 - Using the verb "have" Past Simple Lesson, Speaking & Listening Demo Lesson 02/05/13 Listening Functional speaking: making offers and requests Past Simple Lesson Seda Sanlı- Future Time Clauses Teaching Practice 4 Reading Teaching Plan 4 Teaching practice 4, Hot & cold Speaking&Listening Lesson Teaching Practice 4 - Grammar (Future Plans) Grammar, Speaking Teaching practice 3 Listening and Vocabulary Present perfect/ Present perfect continuous Legends- grammar focus: 'used to' and 'would' Teaching Practice 3 Teaching Plan 3 Actions & State Verbs Grammar (Extreme Adjectives/Modifiers) Teaching Practice 3 - Reading Skills Ghostwriter Simple Past Lesson, Collocations Teaching Practice 2 Teaching practice 2 Present Simple Tense (+) Teaching Plan 2 Teaching Practice 2 - Listening and Speaking Reading Lesson, A world full of Englishes Experiences, present perfect simple TP1 Definition of culture Personal Information/Possessive Adjectives Teaching Practice 1 Reading about names Teaching Practice 1 Teaching Plan 1 Teaching Practice 1 - David Lyndon have got Demo Lesson 15/4/12