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TP3 lesson plan
elementary level


needed for TP3 lesson plan


Abc • New English File Intermediate Student’s book page 12-13

Main Aims

  • to practice adjectives in the context of describing places and things

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practice listening for detail


stage 1 (3-5 minutes) • To ensure that I know the ss’ names in order to nominate

Ensure that the ss’ name cards are ready

stage 2 (5-7 minutes) • to set the context

to show them pictures of famous American places and people to feedback their suggestions onto the board Practice using adjectives

stage 3 (5-10 minutes) • do the quiz and extract the rule

to ask SS to do 1a check their answers in pairs or groups ask SS to elicit the rule from the answer key

stage 4 (5-10 minutes) • practice by doing some exercises

ss read the rules and do the exercises in the grammar bank 3A and check their answers in pairs

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