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Copy of TP #: 1b
Beginner Evening Class level


In this lesson, the learners will learn about the present tense of " to be" in the context asking and answering about different jobs. I will elict the target language. Do some drilling exercises and open pair work. There will be written exercises from Straightforward beginner and a milling activity from Reward Starter Resource Pack. Afterwards I will do some feedback activities. As this is a beginners' class I must grade my language to their level.


Abc Activity #4

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for asking and answering in the context of jobs
  • To provide practice of the present simple of ''to be'' in the context of talking about jobs

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice through in the context of jobs


Lead In (3-4 minutes) • To review language in previous lesson & introduce the use of the simple present ''to be'' when talking about jobs.

Using Murat's flash cards, have Ss call out the jobs on the WB Elicit ''He's an actor'', She's a doctor'' and the other jobs on the WB. Drill these examples.

Presentation (5-7 minutes) • Introduce the questions forms when asking about jobs.

Elicit the question form. 'I'm a teacher' and ask Ss, ''What's the question?'' Ss should reply with ''What is your job?'' Drill this sentence and some answers. Introduce another way, ''What do you do?'' Again drill and some answers. Drill chorally and individually.

Activity # 1 (5-7 minutes) • Controlled practice of language presented in open pairs

Explain the task by demonstrating with a student. Everyone will have one card. With your partner, ask ''What is your job?'' your partner will reply, ''I'm a paramedic'' and switch. Then switch again, ''What do you do?''etc. CCQ- Make pairs. Hand out the cards to the Ss. Begin task. Monitor. Note any problems with language and present after exercise.

Activity #2 #3 (11-13 minutes) • Controlled Practice Contractions of present simple ''to be''

Write ''I am'' & ''I'm'' on WB Ask ''Are they the same?'' ''Are they correct?'' If so, continue to elicit ''You're'' from ''You are'' and so on with ''He'', ''She'',''It's'' and ''They're''. Give examples- ''I am a student'' goes to ''I'm a student''. Give handout for Activity #2 to each student. Have them compare answers with person next to them. Monitor and note any problems with language. Correct on WB if necessary. Show handout for Activity #3. Explain the gap-fill by demonstrating on WB Give to Ss. Have them compare their answers with person next to them. Monitor and note and problems. Correct on WB if necessary.

Activity # 4 (10-13 minutes) • Freer practice of language to date using simple present of ''to be'' in form of milling activity

Show picture cards to Ss. ''This is your job''. Ask everyone in the class 3 questions about themselves. 1) What's your name? 2) Where are you from? 3) What do you do? CCQ 1) How many people do you speak to? 2) How many questions do you ask? Monitor & note any problems with language. Illustrate problems on board after activity.

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