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Teaching Practice 5b
Pre-intermediate level


This lesson intends to practise Ss' reading skills - both reading for gist and reading for detail in the context of 'incredible but true' stories *** The lead-in will set a context for the topic through a personal story and then motivate students to engage in the topic by activating schemata. *** Ss will be introduced to key vocabulary to help their understanding of the text through flashcards and realia.*** In the first stage of the lesson, Ss will read first for gist - with a short activity to CQ understanding. Ss check their answers to exercise 1 in pairs (with an answer key on the board).*** In the second stage Ss will read for detail to identify where removed sentences should be re-inserted into the text. They will discuss their answers to exercise 2 in groups then then listen to an audio tape to self-check their answers (answer key also available on the board). T uses CCQs to check understanding.  *** The feedback from the receptive skills activities (PW, GW, and WG discussion) will give Ss a natural opportunity to practise productive skills (speaking for fluency) as they communicate. *** The lesson will follow up with GW discussion on each of the three texts (one text per group). Ss can share their own or their friends' experiences similar to that in the text, within their group. This activity will give Ss the opportunity for freer speaking, having more stimulus from the lesson to activate ideas than when they shared experiences in pairs at the start of the lesson. The aim is to give Ss a sense of development and understand the aim of the lesson. The follow-up, or round-up stage will give the T an opportunity to monitor Ss understanding an engagement in the topic. It will lead in to the next lesson where Ss will continue to discuss weird happenings. *** If there is time in the lesson, Ss can share their discussions with the other groups.


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Main Aims

  • Our main aim this lesson is to practise receptive skills; reading for gist and for detail (intensive reading) in the context of 'incredible but true stories'. We will highlight the different between the two different styles of reading.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Our secondary aim will be practising listening skills; listening for detail. We will be using a listening exercise as a tool to confirm answers; a skill that we use in every day life to check our own understanding of a situation.


Lead-in and warmer (7-9 minutes) • To set the context of the lesson and engage students in the topic.

• Show Ss the word Incredible on the WB with two definitions. As Ss which one they think is correct. [Difficult to believe] (Use the projector). Mark stress and drill. • Elicit more words associated with incredible: unbelievable, amazing, breath-taking, surprising, unusual, phenomenal, special, odd, bizarre, fantastic, remarkable, strange, weird… see what Ss know as a class. • Tell Ss your own incredible but true story to set a context for the topic. Use story to introduce key vocab (coincidence), and review/use in context vocab they may already know (chatting, tapping,in common). CCQ check (See LA sheet). • Ss think about any incredible stories they know about and share these with the person sitting next to them for 1 min.

Stage 1: Pre-teaching Vocab (4-6 minutes) • To highlight useful lexis for coming receptive tasks so the text is accessible.

• Elicit key useful vocab (propose, release, golden wedding anniversary, accept, clairvoyant) using flashcards, mime, and realia. (Extra vocab: Labrador) • Drill words and mark stress on lexis as necessary - assessing Ss ability and prior knowledge. • CCQs for vocab

Stage 2: Reading for gist (5-7 minutes) • For Ss to practice receptive skills (gist reading).

* Ss to practice receptive skills (gist reading). * Introduce reading activity (3 incredible stories) and demonstrate task before handing out work sheet. * Ss read for gist (2 minutes) and decide which of the three sentences MATCHES which paragraph. * ICQ reading for gist. " How long have you got. Are you reading quickly, or slowly? * Ss check answers in pairs - answer key on WB. T checks if Ss got correct answers and if not elicit why different? * T check secondary vocab Ss may be unsure of (Guineapig) - use flashcard if teach this animal (pet) names if required.

Stage 3: Reading for detail (7-10 minutes) • Practice detailed reading and comprehension

*Demo activity - using worksheet and give clear timing instructions * ICQ check: " How long do we have? (10 mins). Are we reading in detail? (yes)" * Ss place the extracted sentences in the correct place in each extract (matching a.,b.c. to 1,2,3 in the pre-identified paragraps). * Split the WC into 3 groups (this could be names of taught vocab- guinea pigs, Labradors, clairvoyants ) to discuss answers (don't put answer key on the board yet) for group discussion of answers (1 min). Ss stand up and move to 3 different corners of the room to discuss. (To change the pace of the activity, get students to move about the classroom and inject energy).

Stage 4: Listening for Detail (5-7 minutes) • Ss to practice receptive skills (intensive istening)

* Ss listen once to the audio tape whilst reading the text, to self-check their answers to the reading exercise. * Teacher writes answer key on the WB * WG discussion IF any queries * CCQ listening for detail and exercise " Do we need to follow the text as we listen sentence as we listen? (yes) What are we checking? (our answers). * CCQ: " Did anyone get any different answers? Why? Discuss?

Follow-up (5-7 minutes) • To give Ss more further opportunity to practice freer speaking skills.

* Ss work in the same groups to discuss any experiences they have had or know friends who have had, similar to the three stories. They can think of a headline for their story.

OPTIONAL (time permitting) speaking group share feedback (5-7 minutes) • To give Ss more further opportunity to practice productive speaking skills.

* SS tell another group about their story.

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