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Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will read a text and fill in gaps using the correct form of 'have to'. This activity will be followed by comprehension questions where Ss will compare their answers in pairs. Afterwards the Ss will practice making questions by determining the correct form of 'have to' either in 'the present simple tense' or in 'the simple past tense' according to the given sentences. These questions will be answered by the Ss in the listening activity which follows.


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Main Aims

  • To provide an opportunity of controlled and free practice of 'have to' in the simple present or the simple past form using a text about 'a taxi driver training' as well as a listening activity of an audio track in the context of jobs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, Ss will be better able to: 1) use the correct form of have to in a given text 2) determine and choose the correct form of 'have to' 3) understand the content of the text and gathering the correct information. 4) Identify a specific piece of information in a listening activity and 5) recognize the names of jobs.


warm-up (7 minutes) • to activate students schemata about the topic and recap grammer forms of have to.

First the teacher will show a picture of a taxi and will ask Ss questions related to the picture (e.g. 1) What do you think about taxi drivers in Istanbul? Are they rude or polite, kind, aggressive, respectful, helpful, good drivers, bad drivers? 2) Do you believe taxi drivers have to take a course to drive a taxi? 3) What was your good/bad experience when you took a taxi? Ss will discuss the questions in pairs and will then share their answers with the rest of the class.

pre-reading (3 minutes) • to raise Ss awareness of the text content, motivate them to read and help with any difficulties understanding the text.

The teacher introduces the new words to the Ss before giving the handouts. Object and real life situation examples will be used to introduce new vocabulary .-driver licence, training.

reading to check correct grammar use (15 minutes) • to check the grammar use by filling in gaps with the correct form of have to

After introducing vocabulary to the Ss, the teacher will give a HO and ask them to fill in the gaps in the text individually using the correct form of have to. Afterwards SS will compare their answer with one another. After comparing their answers the teacher will give each group an answer sheet and ask them to correct their own mistakes. This activity will be followed by a comprehension part where students will answer questions related to the text and compare their answers in pairs.

pre listening activity (7 minutes) • to improve sentence structure and question building

The teacher will talk about two characters using flash cards and will ask Ss to guess what their jobs are. Then the teacher highlights the use of the simple present tense and the simple past tense to describe the job criterias. The teacher also highlights the use of have to- in the simple present tense when related to what has to be done at the moment (have to/ has to). If the questions relate to something which had to be done in the past, the simple past form of have to is used (had to). Ss will do the exercise 2 on the workseet which consist of making questions using the parts of sentences given. Ss will be asked to write their answers on the board.

listening activity (8 minutes) • to listen for specific information and answer questions

The teacher will play a recording of two people decribing their jobs- Melissa a vet and Nigel a pilot. Ss will listen and answer the questions they wrote in the previous pre-listening activity. Then the teacher will play the recording again and Ss will check if their answers are correct. The teacher will ask students to give their answers in WC and will write them on the board.

job game (5 minutes) • to identify and discuss jobs using the simple present form of have to

The teacher will choose two students to come to the front of the class and face eachother. One student, holding a flashcard of a job will tell his/ her partner what the job consists of while making sentences using the simple present form of have to. The other student will shout his/her guess of the job title.

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