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Shuaib Tumi 5th August 2015 TP1
B1 + Intermediate level


In this lesson, the main focus is students to be speaking as much as possible with the extra emphasis of fluency. The topic will be books and tv shows and students should be able to describe given and their favourite books and tv shows. They will listen to others describing books and tv shows, learning new vocabulary (target language) and finally ending with describing their own favourite tv show or book that they have previously seen or read.


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Description in the context of TV shows and books

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed listening practice using a text about Books and films in the context of TV shows and books


Warm up/ Lead in (3-5 minutes) • Give students a gist of the lesson to come

T will write `TV shows and books` on the board in a circle. Students will brainstorm famous TV shows and books as the teacher writes their ideas down on the board.

Task Listening (5-8 minutes) • Exercise their listening skills

Teacher will hold the handout up to the students, explaining that there are 2 books and 2 TV shows. Explain that they have 4 minutes to talk to each other and speculate what the TV shows and books may be about. Then tell them to check their thoughts with the people talking about them on the CD.

Task Vocabulary (6-8 minutes) • Intoduce new vocabulary to the students

Ask the students to look at exercise 3. Ask them if they remember what the four people said. Then ask them to complete the missing vocabulary in the given sentences. Teacher demo one example with the whole class. Allow them to complete the task then check their answers by repeating the CD audio.

Main Task (7-10 minutes) • Get students speaking as much as possible

Students will choose a favorite book or TV show of their own, then in groups describe the book or TV show to the rest of group. Encourage them to use the vocabulary they learnt in the previous task. Teacher gives a brief demo of their own before letting them get on with it. At then end choose one or two confident students to talk about their TV show or book to the whole class.

Speaking task (6-8 minutes) • Get students thinking in English

In groups the teacher asks students to imagine they were going to write their own book, ask them to make a brief summary of their book. Emphasise the idea of the book can be as outrageous and unrealistic as they would like it to be. Then mix the groups up and get each member of their group to talk about their book idea with one another.

If there is time still - Famous Turkish Novels (3-5 minutes) • Talk about their culture in English

Ask students to talk about some famous novels in their home country and get them to tell the teacher about them. The teacher should show interest and ask questions about the novel.

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