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Teaching practice 7
Pre - intermediate level


In this lesson ss will do a reading task based on English being a international language. And whether its important to learn American English or British. ss will have to analyze the text and give a gist first then they will be made to read for specific details and then discuss the text in pairs to gst a chance for speaking practice.


Abc Kerr, philip, straight forward pre-intermediate (2005). Macmillan
Abc HO, exercises
Abc HO, text
Abc notes from the teachers book

Main Aims

  • Reading for gist and specific details about a text about english being a international language

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking practice - ss will read the text about English being an international language and then discuss in pairs in the end


lead in (4-5 minutes) • Arouse ss interest in the topic.

Greetings Ask: Who knows how many countries there are where English is the first language? Brainstorm all the countries. Ask ss randomly which English they find easiest to understand... Ask ss Is it better to learn British or American English?

Vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • Pre teach lexis related to the text

Tell ss we are going to read a text and before we look at the text there are words that will come up in the text we wish to look at. Accents, standard, dialect, non native, translation, international. CCQs What accent does Carie have? How many different accents are there ? Is English an international language? What is the difference between standard English and a dialect?

Reading (8-10 minutes) • reading for gist

Chest the HO and tell ss this text is about English as an international language. Ss read the text and you have 5 minutes. Monitor while ss read the text. while students read the text write the following lexis on the board. Accents, non-natives, international language, standard and dialects. Once ss finish reading the text ask ss to discuss in pairs what they think the text is about and then ask ss what the text is about? CCQs - Is it better to learn American or British English? Highlight that the author says it doesn't matter - it depends on reasons for learning English. Draw their attention to the WB and drill the vocabulary. And then ask for the meaning

Reading (10-12 minutes) • Reading for specific details

Draw ss attention to the questions 1-6 exercise 3 and ask them to read the text again and then answer the questions. Monitor while ss read the text and then write vocab on the WB if necessary -Once ss finish answering the questions instruct them to peer check their answers and then get FB and elicit answers and write them on the WB. answer key: 1. F 2. T 3. F 4. T 5. T 6. F

Gap fill exercise (5-7 minutes) • Use lexis from the text in context

Chest the HO and explain that in ex1 there is two columns of words and one column is American English and the other is British. In the British column there is a missing letter and the students must fill in the missing letter. Show one example on the WB - American English gray, British English grey. Ex 2 is vocabulary from the text and they must read the sentences and fill in the missing word. Allow 3 minutes for the exercise. When ss finish instruct them to peer check answers for one minute Elicit answers on the board. Answer key: grey, colour, favourite, behaviour, centre, litre, defence, burnt, spelt. !. first 2. non-native, 3. translations, 4. international. 5. standard.

Discussion (7-8 minutes) • speaking practice

split the class in to two groups. tell ss we are going to have a discussion. Then give the two groups instructions as follows - discuss amongst your self which accents do you find difficult to understand? what do other people think of your accent? what is the best accent in your language for a ss to learn? monitor while ss discuss and make sure they only speak in English. Allow 3 minutes then get feed back CCQs - what's the hardest Turkish accent? what area is it spoken in mainly? how many different accents are there in Turkish? What's the opinion of other people about your accent? What is the easiest accent to learn for a student and will it be easily understood every where in Turkey?

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