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Teaching Practice 1a
Intermediate level


The Ss will be taught the differences between present perfect and present continuous. The teacher will ask them some questions about the reading which they already covered. They will do the grammar exercise 1 on the page 71 and then talk about the picture on the same page. Finally they will have speaking task which is on the page 71.


Abc speaking questions
Abc handouts for grammar

Main Aims

  • To extend Ss' knowledge of present perfect-continuous and simple- and give controlled,semi-controlled and freer practice in the TL through the context of life stages and changes

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To make them ready and engaged in the lesson

Teacher introduces herself and briefly recalls the Ss' name.Then she refers back to the reading and ask them what changes Maria has seen and what she's been doing recently.

Focus on the TL (8-10 minutes) • To get the meaning of the TL

Teacher tells the students they are going to look at some of the language from the reading , and asks what they can remember from the grammar which they have already been taught by Hakan. Teacher asks them the differences between present perfect simple and continuous and elicits a few ideas. The teacher puts students in the group of 3 and gives them the HOs and wants them to match the sentences. Ss work together to match the sentences and the meaning . Teacher monitors them , but she doesn't interfere, if they have any mistakes , she wants them to look at it again, but does not give the answers. When they finish , they should check other groups answers and compare. Then the teacher gives them the grammar box answer key. And answers students questions.

Controlled practice of the TL (5-8 minutes) • To make sure that they get the differences between present perfect and present perfect continuous

The teacher asks them to read the text in ex1, and asks them who they think wrote it and what the people are planing. The teacher tells them not to worry about the gaps at the moment and to put their pens down. she gets them to read the text and then gets some FB. Then she puts them into pairs and wants them to choose the correct form of verb -present perfect simple or continuous- together. Then she gives them the answer key to check.

Semi-controlled practice of present perfect continuous (5-6 minutes) • To say what the people in the picture have been doing recently

The teacher elicits/recaps some ideas of what people do in preparation for a party. Then she shows them the picture of ex 2 and wants them to talk in small groups to say what the people have been doing recently. Before they start the teacher wants them to choose a person as secretary to write their sentences and they have just 2 minutes for that. Then they should check other group sentences.The group with more sentences is the winner.

Freer speaking and practice of TL (10-15 minutes) • To able Ss to discuss about how things have changed with the people in their lives

The teacher ask Ss about the changes that have taken place in their lifetime and elicits a few ideas. She divides them into As and Bs and hands out the questions to be asked in pairs. Teacher monitors Ss ,and writes their errors on a paper and then writes them on the board and wants Ss to correct them.

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