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A2 ( Elementary ) level


In this lesson ss will do a rewiew of adjectives in the context of good times,and bad times


Abc Matching adjective with their opposites
Abc Listening for details HO
Abc Handout

Main Aims

  • To provide students vocabulary for adjectives and their opposites. ss will match the adjectives with their opposites and use the adjectives to describe two pictures

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading and listening. ss will read and listen for gist of a thirteenth birthday of Margaret


Warmer/Lead-in (2-5 minutes) • To prepare ss for the lesson

T recall ss names and T puts a picture on the WB and discuss this questions 1.what is their relationship 2. what are they people doing in the photo

Pre -teaching some vocabulary words (5-15 minutes) • To give engage ss prior knowledge of the vocabulary adjectives items

The T shows the ss somes photo's and elicit the adjectives. The T asks the ss to repeat the adjectives after then writes them on the WB,shows ss the stress and pronounciations.the teacher is going to elicits the following adjectives: 1. Intresting 2.Unfriendly 3.Boring 4.Intelligent 5.Crowded. 6. ILL

Task #1 (5-15 minutes) • To check ss use of the words

T will ask ss to work on their own and match the adjectives and their opposites then check the answers in pairs and drill the words and pronounciations of words. e.g Quiet - /kwaɪət/, interesting - /ˈɪn.trəs.tɪŋ/. crowded - /ˈkraʊ.dɪd/, Dirty - /ˈdɜː.ti/ Ss now use the adjective to talk about photos A and B e.g. Margaret looks friendly, This party looks noisy.

Task #2 (5-10 minutes) • To read and listen for gist

SS are going to listen and read to a birthday party and say who is talking and the will underline these things in the text. place, number of people, food ,drink and people not at the party

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