hassen hassen

listening to a radio programme
upper inetermediate level


Abc HO/ Audio track / PC /WB

Main Aims

  • To enable my students to listen to an authentic radio programme about how to have a perfect dream.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To speak and give opinions about the topic of having perfect dreams


lead in (4-6 minutes) • To set the context of the listening passage

T: How Are you today? SS fine / tired .... T did you sleep well yesterday ? SS :yes /no T :Why ? SS : a good dream / a nightmare T: can you remember any of them? T: yes /no. T: can you remember any of the people in your dreams? T: gives out handout to perform activity 2 . FB:spider gram on the WB.

pre-listening (5-7 minutes) • To preteach vocab blockers

T :do activity 2 in pairs . WC FB while teacher elicits word blockers and mark them on WB. T: how is dreaming about flying? SS :enjoyable/ pleasant T: does this affect your sleep positively or negatively? SS :positively T:how will you feel the next day at work? ss good ....effective ....productive now listen and tell me how to have a perfect dream? In pairs check answers . WC FB and immediate error correction if needed.

while listening (3 minutes) • To listen for gist

T :listen and say if we can we include these desired things in our dreams? WC FB

To listen for detailed comprehension (10-12 minutes) • To develop the skill of listening

T: listen to the Radio program again and answer activity 3 T: now in pairs check your justifications . WC FB and error correction /clarification of MFP

Listening for inference (6-8 minutes) • To develop the skill of reacting to a listening passage.

T :are the opinions of the dream ON app in task 4 for or against ? SS perform the matching task. T asks about the opinions . who is indifferent / excited/ furious/ unsure?

post listening :Speaking about night dreams • To practice the TL in a freer context

T :in pairs you will act out an interview with Dr. Wiseman in a local radio station

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