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Intermediate level


In this lesson, students are going to learn how to make obligation and permission sentences in the past in the context of laws and prisons.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson, Students will be able to understand the use of past obligations and permission through context of old laws and prisons

Subsidiary Aims

  • by the end of this lesson, students will be able to freely talk about laws and prison using past obligations and permissions


Lead-in • To set the lesson context and engage the SS

T will greet the SS T will tell the SS about an incident that happened in the airport. A thief stole a women's hand bag and ran away, but a police man caught him. Where do you think the man is going? To elicit Prison Why do you think he is going there? To elicit Law

Checking Previous Knowledge of the TL • SS to test and check what they already know about the TL

T will handout a test to the SS T will monitor the SS to check what they know T will ask them to check the answers in pairs or group T will elicit the answers with the SS

Guided Discovery • To allow SS to figure out the forms

T will change pairs T will handout a practice T will give 3 minutes for SS to finish T will check the answers with SS

Focus on Meaning • SS will understand the meaning of past obligations and permissions

T will elicit the meaning of (had to and could) by writing examples of have to and can They have to/ must/have go to pay and what do we say in the past They had to pay and it's negative form is They didn't have to pay They can get married the past from it is They could get married and it's negative form They couldn't get married

Focus on Form • SS will understand the form of past obligations and permissions

T will Elicit the form of both They had to pay Subject + had to + infinitive They could get married Subject + could + infinitive

Focus on Pronounciation • SS will understand the pronounciation of past obligations and permissions examples

They had to pay /hættə/ There is linking between had and the weak form of to. Sentence stress is placed on had and the bare infinitive. They could get married. /kʊd/ T will drill

Controlled Practice of the TL • SS will test their understanding of the TL

T will handout a practice to the SS T will ask SS to check answers in pairs. FB with WC

Free Practice • To provide fluency speaking practice using the TL

Ask students each to say 5 rules or laws from the past and discuss their views on it.

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