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İn this lesson, the students will learn/review vocabulary from page 56 of the text Straightforward Pre-intermediate to discuss junk food vs. healthy food to prepare them to do a gist reading and detailed reading 'Eating the Elvis Presley Way.' They will follow the receptive skill of reading with the productive skill of speakingç


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Abc Complete deifinitions with an adjective HO
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Main Aims

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  • To provide practice with vocabulary and pronunciation to prepare for a gist and detailed listening exercise followed by speaking for fluency.

Subsidiary Aims

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  • To provide clarification of the meaning, pronunciation, and form of vocabulary taken from page 48
  • To provide clarification of food related vocabulary in preparation for reading and speaking.


Lead-ın (3-5 minutes) • To engage students to talk about American food and decide if it's healthy

T asks Ss if they have ever seen American movies or TV. T will ask if they know what kinds of foods Americans eat? Do they think it is healthy? Instructions: Think for a minute about American movies or TV Do you know what kind of food Americans eat? Discuss with your partner. Do you think the food is healthy or unhealthy? ICQ: Are you working alone or with a partner? Are you discussing the weather or American food?

Pre-Reading (12-18 minutes) • To introduce/review vocabulary

T says "let's see if you know these foods that are common ın Amerıca. T shows pıcs of food on lıst one by one, eliciting the vocabulary and then showing the phonetic spelllıng and wrıtten form. T then gıves Ss a list of foods (taken from book) and asks Ss to decide with partner which are 'junk food' and how often they eat them Instructions: Discuss Foods with partner Decide if they are healthy or unhealthy Tell if you eat these foods ICQs: Are you working alone or with a partner? Are you deciding if they are healthy?- Look at the list of foods Then T shows photos of Elvıs Presley and asks "What sort of food do you think he liked?" Instructions: Now look at the photo of Elvis Discuss with partner - What kind of foods do you think he ate?

Gıst Readıng (5-8 minutes) • ...

T asks SS to skim the book review and underline 3-5 thıngs that you think are surprising Instructions: Skim text to underline 3 -5 things you think are surprising ICQs: Are you underlining surprising facts or names? Are you working alone or with a partner? T has Ss share your surprising facts with partner Instructions: Now discuss surprising facts with partner ICQ: Will you discuss surprising facts with partner or a group?

Detaıled Readıng (10-15 minutes) • ...

T says "Now look at the followıng True/False statements (taken from book). T gives Ss HO. Instructions: Read the book revıew again to decıde if they are true or false ICQs: Will you read the text again? Will you answer the T/F questions? SS share wıth your partner Instructions: Discuss T/F Questions with partner. Do you have the same answers? ICQS: Are you discussing T/F Questions with partner or alone? T gıves answer sheet T asks Ss to make false answers true. Ss discuss with partners, then as WC. Instructions: Look at answer sheet. Check answers and make false statements true with partner.

Post-Reading (10-15 minutes) • ...

Usıng HO from Exercıse 4 p.57 complete the defınıtıons wıth an adjectıve from the revıew Instructions: Take HO and complete definitions with adjectives Work individually ICQs: Are you working alone or with partner? Are you completing form with adjectives or T/F statements? Compare answers wıth partner. T gıves answer sheets. SS dıscuss ın small groups of 3-4 What else do you know about Elvıs. Do you thınk he had eatıng problems? Use Discussion HO to talk in small groups of 3-4 people. Instructions: Take Discussion HO and discuss in small groups of 3-4 ICQs: Will you discuss with a partner or group? Will you talk about the topics on the HO?

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