Sabina Sabina

Welcome Meeting
Teacher Operations Department / Onboarding level


Day 1


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Main Aims

  • Introductions and Onboarding Training Plan outline

Subsidiary Aims

  • Provide an ice-breaker activity / get-to-know-each-other, outline the plan of the Onboarding Training, distribute the Check-list


Introductions (10-20 minutes) • Get to know each other and build rapport

121 meeting: - Introduce yourself, your role and responsibilities. - Elicit personal and background information, expectation, etc. Group meeting (3 people and more): - Introduce yourself, your role and responsibilities. - Provide a get-to-know-each-other activity / Get everybody to introduce themselves / Get them to talk to each other and find 2 or 3 similar interests etc.

Novakid Presentation (20-30 minutes) • To create interest, outline the positive impact made by the company, advertise company's features

- Use the presentation - Tend to questions

Present the goals of the Onboarding Training (10-15 minutes) • Create interest, outline the benefits of the training

Outline the goals and the schedule of the Onboarding Training - month 1, week 1, Highlight the outcomes of the training, Present the Checklist and explain how it's used

Wrapping-up (3-5 minutes) • To summarise the meeting

Summarise the meeting outcomes, Establish the channels of communication Tend to questions

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