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Copy of Likes and Dislikes
Elementary level


In this lesson students will practice skills and language through: speaking, writing and listening question and answer about likes and dislikes. Vocabulary from former lesson will be reviewed. Present simple questions and short answers (he/she - likes/dislikes) will be practiced.Additional review of vocabulary: free time activities.Sts will practice mainly through pair work (speaking and writing).


Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a question and answer in the context of describing likes and dislikes
  • To provide practice of language used for likes and dislikes in the context of talking about myself and other people

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of hobbies, and likes and dislikes in the context of talking about


Warmer (1-1 minutes) • Have students recognize the topic

Draw a a girl on the board with shopping bags in her hands and a smiley face , draw a boy swimming with a smiley face. Ask " What is she doing?" "Does she like shopping?" "What is he doing?" "Does he like swimming?" Draw a girl on the board walking a dog with a frown on her face. Ask students "What is she doing? Does she like walking the dog?" Draw a boy doing homework in a book with a frown on his face. "What is he doing? Does he like studying?"

Missing Information Pairwork (5-7 minutes) • Students ask & answer questions with each other and write the answers down

On the board write: "What are they doing in the first picture?" (modified question for newcomers): "What are they doing in picture 1?" Write 1st, 2nd... 12th on the board to remind students. "She/He is watching TV." Show the missing information hobby cards. Bring one student in front of the board with her chair, have student sit back to back with me. Give student card A, I will have card B. Q: Olcay, what are they doing in the first picture? Olcay: He is watchng TV. "Your Turn! What are they doing in the second picture.?" "He is listening to music."

Interview your friend (2-3 minutes) • Partners practice Q&A likes/dislikes

Write model sentence on the board. "Do you like watching TV?A: students must write only "Yes,No". The same partners that were sitting back to back must face each other. They will interview each other and write down their partners answers. "Do you like watching TV?" "No." This activity is a prep for the next activity.

Asking/talking about your friend (7-10 minutes) • Get students to practice speaking about their friends likes/dislikes

Students must not move their chairs, I will have one row of students stand up and shift two seats over. They must use their interview cards to tell their new partner about what their old partner likes/dislikes. They must use (she/he likes/dislikes ____). Project example sheet on board if computer is working. If not the students have the example written on their chart.

Speaking Cards (7-10 minutes) • Students use character cards to speak about their likes/dislikes

Sts must move their chairs back into horseshoe seating. I will show them the character cards and tell them to imagine that they are the character on their card. I will model the example in front of the class with two students standing on my side. First they must speak to the person sitting next to them. When finished they will speak to the person on their other side. Students sitting on the edges must switch chairs. I will monitor to make sure they do this.

Famous soccer player likes/dislikes (5-6 minutes) • Writing practice for students to review likes/dislikes

Write "celebrity" on the board. Ask students if they know what a celebrity is. Give examples of what the word "celebrity means.This is individual work. Students will be given handouts with two famous soccer players on them. They must first read the paragraph and answer the questions about Messi and Ronaldo. For early finishers there is a blank writing space for them to write about a celebrity they know, and what they predict are that celebrities likes dislikes.

Extra activity (5-9 minutes) • have students read and answer questions from the chapter

If there is enough time, I will give students exercise #8 from the book page 33. They must construct sentences from the sentence pieces. Next I will give students two information cards about Jo and Susie. They must read these information cards and answer the questions they created in #8.

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