Mohadese Mohadese

Pre-intermediate level


The first part of the class starts with an "engagement part" related to the topic which students mental and emotional dimensions are stimulated. The continue of the lesson is followed by the "study part" and semi-control practice .The lesson will be concluded in "Activation part. Students are involvedin a complete free practice.


Abc Marker
Abc Word cards of new vocabulary
Abc A3 sheets
Abc Video related to teacher’s personal experience
Abc 3 dices
Abc Question cards

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of stuff in the context of travel

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and practice of stuff they have learned before.


Engagement (1-2 minutes) • To creat an intimateatmosphere.

Teacher greet students warmly and kindly.

(3-5 minutes) • 1. Lead-in to the vocabulary part by making some releavant statements 2.Attracting students’ attention towards the lesson by narrating a story about the teacher’s experience 3.arousing students interest toward speaking by asking questions of real life condition

1. Teacher plays a video in which there are several pictures and she is narrating her personal experience of her last travel. 2. Teacher asks individuals to express their same experience

Study (4-6 minutes) • 1. To repeat and memorize new verb phrases of the lesson 2. To stimulate students’ awareness towards the words by getting them make examples

1. .showing each picture teacher uses MECDBL strategy to teach them(1.Teacher shows the picture of new items one by one 2.Teacher elicits the names of each from students 3.Teacher calls out the words if students do not know 4.Teacher get students to repeat (repetition techniques) 5.Teacher boarding new words 6. Teacher labels the new items

Control practice (3-4 minutes) • To determine if students have learned new items or not

1. Teacher divides students into 3 groups of 3 2. Teacher gives instruction 3. Teacher gives each group a A3 sheet and a question card 4. Students should answers the question and make a list of necessary items

Activation (2-3 minutes) • To transfer the new vocabulary into a real life situation

1. Teacher gives each group a dice and a list of questions 2. Students should roll a dice one by one and to the questions according to the numbers

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