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IN THIS LESSON STUDENTS WILL PRACTICE WRITING SEMI-FORMAL LETTER OF REQUEST IN THE CONTEXT OF BORROWING MONEY. tHEY WILL BE GIVEN sample of the letter and they will anlyze the language in it so that they can write a rough draft to a credit company or bank requesting for a credit limit in a series of activities.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson the learners will have product writing practice of semi formal letter of request in the context of borrowing money.

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of the lesson the learners will have had speaking practice for fluency in the context of borrowing money and also clarification on key language used in the context of money matters.


Lead in (4-5 minutes) • To set the lesson context and engage students

T will show two pictures of men with their trouser pockets out Ask the students what they think of the two men -What do you think of this men. Ss can speak to their partners Tell the students that this man want money quickly -where can he find money, let the students give their ideas .

Pre-teach (7-8 minutes) • To clarify any lexical items helpful for the task

Elicit the meaning of the words one by one then drill -credit card Show them a credit card, What is this? What do we use it for? -Credit limit The largest amount of money i can spend using credit card If credit limit is 6000TL can we spend 7000TL?No CAN we spend 4000TL?Yes -To borrow Mime borrowing a pen then give it back. When i borrow something do i give it back? -To repay After we use borrowed money do we give it back?Yes What do we do? Repay -Formal/Informal Do we speak to our bosses the way speak to our family and friends?No How do we speak?In a formal way So how do we speak to our friends and family? informal -Ways of expressing future CCQs Do we use will and going to talk about the past or the future?future I am going to borrow money. will you borrow in the future or you borrowed in the past?future Have you already decided to borrowing money?yes I will use my credit card. IS it done or a plan ? plan Is it a plan in the past or future?future

Reading (8-7 minutes) • To expose the students on the format or layout of the wtiting

T project on the WB a smiley face and tell the students thet Gurantee Bank has given all the students Credit cards T change the face and tell the students that the credit is only 2000TL Tell the students you have decidedd to write the bank for a higher credit limit Ask the students how much they want- let the students give suggestions. Now give the students a copy of the letter Elicit where to put address, date and name -Dear sir is it a man or a woman? man and what do we call woman ?Madam Why is dear sir or madam and yours faithfully used? Because we dont know the person we writing to.

controlled practice (7-8 minutes) • To provide a controlled practice for the writing.

Ss work in pairs.Instructions "in pairs now put this papers together to make a letter -Give the cut outs Demonstrate one example, what comes first in a letter? address Monitor the students to ensure that they are involved in the activity. Note down any particular items the students are struggling with in termsof where to place them. FB. Tell the students to check in with their peers if the have the same answers Clarify on any problems that the students are not able to solve on their own

writing (11-12 minutes) • Students to practice writing a similar text

SS work in pairs. Instructions (Regroup) " In pair nows think of 3 expensive things you would like to buy, how much money you need to buy. Write a letter to Gurantee Bank asking them to increase your credit limit Are you asking them for more money? yes How many things you need to buy? 3 Chep or Expensive? Expensive Monitor to ensure the students read the details they`ll need to include and are on task. After 10 minutes students share their emails. Monitor to ensure everyone is participating. Tel the students to stick their letters on the WB and let the students read their peers letters. FB. Ask the students about their peers letters. Who do you think has good reason for wanting more credit, why Error correction

follow up (4-5 minutes) • give the students an opportunity to react and have a freer practice.

In pairs(Regroup) Instructions "give advice to your partner on how they should use credit cards. Ways they can repay their credit cards" student from each group, what did she/ he say to you? Error correction

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