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listening lesson
pre-intermediate level


İn this lesson students will practice listening and speaking skills through listening to the CD audio twice and discussing the topic with each other ...they will be exposed to some vocabulary as well ( parts of the Human Body ) through pictures and other visuals..İn addition they will make some practice of Grammar (the use of the infinitive ) .


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about water in the context of importance of water for the human beings

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of water importance
  • To provide practice of the infinitive in the context of the multiple functions of the water for the human body .


Listening Pre-Task (2-3 minutes) • Brainstorming

i will rise question about the importance of water for our body.: why cant we live without water ? .every pair has to find at least one reason .

listening (3-5 minutes) • picking up specific information

the students have to listen carefully and write down individually at least two important information ( the role of water for the Human Body )

speaking (2-4 minutes) • exchanging ideas

i will group the students forming 4 groups and make them share their ideas with the new partners about the functions of the water ın our body. they can correct themselves or add other information .and then every group will share his idea loudly with the others .

listening (3-5 minutes) • identifying information relied with numbers

students will listen again and try to know the meaning or the context of each number .

vocabulary (2-5 minutes) • introducing new vocabulary and reviewing the old one concerning the Human body

i will distribute papers of body parts names as cards and i will show a picture on the board of a human body and the students are supposed to stick every name to the appropriate body part .Then making a general review of the vocabulary and explain the illegible one like * temperatue *

Grammar (3-5 minutes) • practise the infinitive

give clear instruction about forming sentences with the infinitive .then they will have ready sentences they just have to connect it with its appropriate image .

Ponounciation (1-2 minutes) • stress

show the differnce betwwen too and to by listening to two examples .

speaking (3-5 minutes) • communication STT

the students are supposed to ask each other about their drinking attitude and whether they think it is enough or not and to form sentences using the infinitive .

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