Teaching Lesson 5
Upper Intermediate level


In this grammar lesson students will clarify the difference of present and state verbs by building off a prior listening lesson. They will then practice their knowledge with a productive skill task.


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Abc Page 143 Handout
Abc Exercises 6 and 7
Abc Exercises 6 and 7 answer key

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of Present and state verbs in the context of Travel and the airport

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a Semi-controlled speaking activity in the context of Airport interrogation =)


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • Segway from previous lesson, introduce topic of present stateive verbs

Write two sentences on the board. The airplane has many windows. The airplane is having engine problems. Ask the students to discuss in pairs which sentence is in the present tense. (They are both in the present tense). Highlight the same verb in each sentence and elicit why they are different

Test understanding (8-10 minutes) • Test knowledge of Stative versus active verbs

Show sentences 7-10 on the projector for the students. Have them discuss in pairs and identify which verbs are stative and active. Feedback on the WB. Clarify any wrong answers. Clarifty that the verbs can be in any tense. Active verbs can be simple or continuous

Matching Activity (10-12 minutes) • Expand students knowledge of stative and active verbs

Teacher sorts the students into 4 groups. Teacher introduces matching exercises. Holds up cards to students and give instructions. Passes out the cards and students match in groups. Feedback first by having groups walk around and look at other groups' tables. When finished nominate feedback for each word. Clarify any wrong answers. Pass out handout p143 for SS reference.

Test knowledge again (8-10 minutes) • To see how much the students have learned about topic.

Teacher passes exercise 6 and 7 handout to be completed alone. After allowing 5 minutes, allow for 2 minutes to check in pairs. Following that hand out the answer key for students to check and ask if anyone has any questions. Clarify any wrong answers

Speaking Activity (7-10 minutes) • Practice knowledge of Stative versus Activity words

Introduce context of the speaking activity, there is an attack planned on the airport. We have to find out who is guilty. We are going to interrogate one another. Write the questions on the board. Clarify if the questions are eliciting stative or activity verbs. Have the students mingle and ask each other questions. Stop when there are 3-5 minutes left in the class and elicit feedback for who is the most guilty. When you pass through security, how do you feel? When you travel to another country, what do you usually do? At 8pm last night, what were you doing?

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