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Grade 3 level


In this lesson the students will write (offering choices), they will work in groups to recognize and identify the functional language used in writing note.then in work sheet, they will practice the format of writing note, finally students work together to write the rough and final draft.


Main Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of a note

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification on using friendly and practical note.


Warmer/Lead-in (2-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

After greeting the students i will tell them that we will start with acting game, and i will divide the class into two groups one will act as a teacher and the other group will be the students. i will divide the board in to 2 halves. write on each half (teacher - student). the first group will write simple instructions the second will write how they will responde T: Be quiet S: Stop talking and so on......... Instruction: -Start writing the sentence on my count (1...2...Go) -only correct action and respond will count -stop writing when teacher stays stop ICQs: *When will you start writing? When you say go *Are wrong actions and respond will count? No *When should you stop writing?When you say stop I will check the sentences and announce the winner Praise ss and tel them they did a great job.

Gist Reading (Exposure) (3-10 minutes) • To explain blocking words that may make it difficult for them to understand the reading text

When you want to give someone an instructions, but you are afraid he will forget that instructions what you will do? Ask ss How can you give instructions for someone who is not with you? ss: write a note is the note usually long or short? is it has to be friendly, practical, or both? Make sure all students understand the word (practical) by using simple sentence. Divide the class into 4 groups, give each group 1 handout. Ask ss to work in groups to to read the model text quickly and answer these questions within 3m : Are you going to work in groups or pares?Groups Are you going to read the questions or the note? questions How much time do you have?3m Questions: *Who wrote these note *To home did he wrote them? why did she wrote them? Answer !-Mother, 2-baby sitter, 3-she is going to look after the baby. Feed Back: students 1,2,3 of each group give an answer to one of the questions.

Language preparations (5-6 minutes) • To pick up use full language and be aware of the structure and layout of the text they will write.

Get ss to elicit the language of the reading text ask the ss to answer the questions: To home it is written to? Paull Do you think it is friendly or practical? Both Now divide the class into 2 groups to work together in 6m and pick out some friendly sentence for the first group and practical sentence for the second group. ICQs: *Are you going to work n groups or individually? group *from where you will get the sentence? text How much time do you have? 6m Model answer Friendly phrases: Welcome, Hope you have nice say, please make your self at home ...... practical phrases: Here are few things you need ti know ..............

Content preparation (3-5 minutes) • To provide an opportunity for brain storming

Divide the class into 4 groups and each groups Group A,B will write friendly note. Group C,D will write practical note. Ask ICQs.. are you going to work individually or in a group? group How much time do you have? 4m Are going to write or say the sentence? write The teacher will walk around, check and note the errors to do error correction.

productive task (4-8 minutes) • To develop ss ability to construct a note writing and express their ideas with relevant language

in this stage ss will work in 4 groups in 7 minutes to write their rough draft each ss is going to write a part of the note letter. Give ss a format of a note letter and tell them to use their note writing for the first draft. T. walks around and make sure that all ss are working and participating in the writing process. ICQs.. Are you going to work in pairs or groups? groups How much time do you have? 7 minutes What are you going to write? notes letter

feed back and error correction (3-5 minutes) • to develop their ability to self correct and assist their written work

After ss finish writing their first draft teacher ask ss to write their final draft and stick it to the gallery board. group stand in front of their written work. they observe and discuss their class mates notes use sticky notes to write feedback move on until they return to their written work. teacher hands out blank worksheet, one for each group to write the final draft. they have 5 minutes to go around and help ss to correct any mistake ICQs.. where will you stick your notes? gallery board Which strategy you will apply for giving feedback to your friends work? carousel strategy How much time do you have for writing ? 5 minutes PACS.. Highlight the common mistakes students made during their speeking activities. try to elicit the correction from student on the board. Provide the answer if they cant spot the mistake

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