Leila Leila

TP 2
Upper-Intermediate level


This reading contains a lot of vocabulary to be covered in the following lesson, In addition to this it can be a topic of interest to the students and one that can generate some good discussion.


Main Aims

  • Reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking/vocabulary


Warmer (5-5 minutes) • to engage Ss and set a context

Ask Ss about the subjects they studied at school and if they remember anything about science, then give me some questions to discuss in pairs. Do you know any scientific theories? How many famous scientists, alive or dead, can you name? Do you think the world needs more science and scientists? why? What kind of people would have been against science, in the past? Why? Take FB.

Pre-reading (10-10 minutes) • to teach them some vocabulary taken from the reading passage and toget Ss feel comfortable about the reading passage they are going to read.

Reading ex 1 will help them get interested in the topic. Write the names of the theories on the board and leave gaps for different letters. H_l_ _ centrisn Gr_v_ty _vol_tio_ B_g B_ng I will show the pictures and elicit and ask them to match with the words  gaps below ı wıll ask them to mach the definition with the words. a. animal and plants change gradually over a long period of time through a process of natural selection. b.The planets move around the Sun, not the other way around. c.An explosion of heat that occurred 15 billion years ago and from which the universe originated. d. The force which makes two objects falls to the ground. Write and drill the pronunciaion.

Reading (5-8 minutes) • gist\skim

ex 2- this is the first reading stage and involves putting the text in order- ı wıll gıve them slıps of papers .Ss could work on this in pairs. Ask Ss to fınd out whıch theory thıs passage ıs about . ı wıll gıve them the correct answer.

Reading 2 (5-7 minutes) • scanning

ex 3- It's probably get the Ss to do this on their own initially , but then they can discuss their answers in pairs?groups to build in some interaction.I will give each student a question then I will put them in groups to share and check the answers together then I will give them the correct answers.

Reading?Vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • to teach vocab in context and prepare Ss for speaking stage.

ex 4 - This will help the students to put some of the vocabulary. They will match the words with the definition. Drill the pronunciation.

Speaking (5-5 minutes) • to see if they are able to use the new words in a similar context through speaking not reading

Re-tell the story to one or two of their friends using the new words. Monitor and take FB

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