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TP Number 3
B2 level


In this session, first of all, Ss are supposed to be faced with an absolute receptive task (a reading on parenthood) in the beginning. They have been familiarized with a series of new vocabulary and have also been freshened up with a wide range of known vocabulary from their background. Later in this session, they will do tasks based on the sub-skills of a reading passage. At the end, they will spend some time on speaking and producing the TL. Therefore, a combination of receptive and productive skill can be run.


Abc HO number 1
Abc HO number 2
Abc HO number 3

Main Aims

  • To set the context for the Ss to read a text on parenthood. A scanning and a skimming task will be provided in which they need to focus on the gist and some specific information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide a chance to the Ss to have some productive activity on the given topic by introducing on some metaphors.


Lead-in/Warm up (3-5 minutes) • To set up the context and involve Ss in the discussion on the topic of parenting.

Ask these questions to set the context: 1- How did you learn parenting? 2- Did your mother teach you? 3- Do you have any ideas about Parenting Manuals? 4- Are they popular in your country? 5- Is parenting something that can be learnt from a book? Try to elicit the answers and make everyone engaged in the discussion.

Reading for gist (7-10 minutes) • To increase Ss ability of skimming to look for the gist.

Ss will be given the first HO. The teacher should instruct them about the task. After that, they are asked to read the text quickly on their own and find the main clue of the text in 4 minutes according to the task on their HO. Then they are asked to share their ideas in pairs in another time slot, 3 minutes. A quick feed back is run.

Reading for details (12-15 minutes) • To check the Ss ability of scanning and looking for specific information.

The 2nd HO will be given on which a TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN task has been designed. The example is modeled and they are asked to start reading the task and answer the questions in 10 minutes. Another 2 minutes for checking the answers in pars will be provided. Answers will be stock on the corners of the wall and they are asked to go and check them, again in pairs.

Follow-up (15-20 minutes) • To encourage Ss to talk about the topic. (production)

A list of different metaphors will be given to Ss, the 3rd HO. First they need to follow the instruction and divide the sentences into 2 parts, positive and negative. They have 5 minutes to do that in pairs and then discuss it together. The teacher must monitor them. The last activity here in this stage is again productive. The teacher should group them into 2 or 3 bunches and ask them to talk about their experiences using the metaphors.During production, they are monitored and fed if necessary.

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