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In this lesson, students will review and consolidate the present simple in the context of personal info referring to the previous lessons. They will be exposed to controlled written practice of the TL. This is followed by a written and an oral practice. Students will work together and introduce their new identities and jobs.


Abc TP1 Material

Main Aims

  • To give controlled written and oral practice of the Present Simple in the context of personal info.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give learner's productive practice of the present simple in everyday conversations.


Warmer/ lead-in (5-8 minutes) • to review the TL and create an engaging context for further productive skills

There will be teacher to student and student to student interaction. T will use the WB to write down the basic personal info questions and answers. Students will introduce themselves in the class through PW and in open class. Do some FB and help with pronunciation.

WB Practice 1 (5-8 minutes) • to enable the Sts to write and speak about job names. The students will be exposed to new vocabulary , so the T will focus on meaning and pronunciation of the words.

T will put the pictures of jobs from WB P9 EX1 on the walls of the classroom. Students walk around and write down the names of the jobs on their papers. Before giving them the instructions, the T will elicit some guesses.

WB Practice 3 (8-10 minutes) • The practice will enable the S to differentiate between the use of different pronouns while forming sentences in Present Simple.

S complete the gaps by working individually, then in pairs. After they check the answers, S will practice the conversations in pairs. Finally, 2 or 3 pairs will do the conversations in open class. T will correct pronunciation problems, if necessary.

WB Practice 4 (4-8 minutes) • let the students learn question form of present simple in the context of personal info

re-type the exercise and cut up each question ─▒nto strips to make the activity more engaging and kineasthetic.

TB practice (15-25 minutes) • to provide the S with a chance to build on what they have learned with a final productive practice

The T gives each student a role card which tells them their new identity.Learners will complete the words for the country and the job. Students move around the room and introduce themselves to each other. This is followed by a PW to encourage students ask about other student's job, country and name.

If time activity (8-10 minutes) • to expose the students to a different practice type and improve their ability to express their personal info with a more puzzled practice.

The T will ask the students to imagine themselves in a new identity. They will introduce themselves to their partner. After the PW, they will work in groups as they introduce their partner to a friend from the other group. Students are expected to use the pronouns He/She instead of I.

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