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Teaching Practice 1
Beginner, A1 level


In this lesson, students will learn about different cultures of student life through a reading activity which will also help them understand how they can give very short descriptions about what they do and where they live. Later during the session, they will get familiar with common things that can be found in a room or a classroom and will learn how to use 'this' and 'that' to point to and talk about objects. Finally, students will get familiar with how to say hello and goodbye.


Abc Handout A
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Main Aims

  • To present "this" and "that" along with some vocabulary items for common objects through practice.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading a text about student life around the world.


Lead in (1-1 minutes) • To draw the students' attention to the topic of the reading task

T will introduce herself to the class in case there are new students.

Reading task (10-15 minutes) • To practice reading for gist information.

- T asks the students to look at the three pictures in handout A and guess where these people are, using the following questions: Where is she? A park? Home? School? - T pre-teaches the vocabulary "flat", "with" and "campus". - Ss are asked to read the texts and match the descriptions with the pictures. - T asks CCQs to check if the students have understood the texts: Does she live alone? Where does she study?... - T asks students "What is normal?" and tried to elicit answers from them using fun yes-no questions like: A chair in a classroom, normal? A big bird in the classroom, normal?

Highlighting target language (5-8 minutes) • To draw students' attention to the target language

Ss are asked to look at the pictures in handout B, listen to the audio track 1.21 and complete the sentences with what they hear. Then the T checks the answer with the whole class. - T then proceeds to model some sentences with "This is" while pointing to some objects in the room: This is a computer, This is a white board, etc. and asks the Ss to repeat. - T puts the students in pairs, asks them to look at the picture and take turns making sentences using "this is" about the objects in the picture.

Clarifying target language (8-10 minutes) • To clarify the meaning and usage of the target language

- T asks the Ss to look around the room and name objects they see without pointing to them. T gives each student some sticky notes and asks them to write down the name of one object they see in the classroom. Ss are then asked to go to the object and stick the note on the object. - T writes "What's this?" on the board and asks the students to repeat. - T asks everyone to stand up, puts them in pairs and asks them to move around the room asking about the objects in the room. - Later, T points to something a bit far and says "That's a ..." and proceeds to clarify what the difference is between the two words using examples and modeling.

Language Practice (8-10 minutes) • to provide controlled oral practice focused on using the language productively

- T directs the Ss' attention to the picture on handout C and asks: "Are they saying hello? Are they saying goodbye?". - Ss listen to the audio track 1.23 and repeat after the track. - Ss listen to the audio track 1.24 and underline the phrases they hear. - T asks the students to turn around to the Ss behind them and make a conversation similar to the conversation they heard. - Ss read the phrases on the right side of handout #3 and match them with the pictures. - Ss practice saying goodbye in pairs.

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