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Money and prices
Beginner level


In this lesson ss will learn to say prices in different currencies and to ask about prices of things especially food and drinks. Ss will have to listen for specific information. Ss will also practice speaking through asking about prices and answering.


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Main Aims

  • Functional money and prices. How much....?

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening and Speaking, basic food and drink vocab.


Lead-in (1-3 minutes) • Get ss interested in the topic

Show coins and paper money from different countries and pass it around. Guide them to the words "money" and "price".

Controlled task. Vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • Teach ss know how to say prices in different currencies and how to write them.

Demo the task. Distribute HO-1 where ss have to match numbers and currency signs to words. Drill the currencies esp. "euros" and "pounds". Answer key on WB. HO-1 Match the prices. £10 TEN DOLLARS 10 p TEN P(=PENCE) £10.50 TEN EUROS $60 SEVENTY P(=PENCE) £16 40 CENTS € 10 TEN CENTS $10 FIFTEEN TURKISH LIRAS 10c TEN(POUNDS)FIFTY 15 TL TEN POUND 40c SIXTEEN POUNDS 70 p SIXTY DOLLARS

Controlled task. Speaking. (5-7 minutes) • Make ss say the prices using the right currency

Prepare HO-2. Do the first ex. as an example. Distribute HO-2. SS have 3 minutes to look at the task in pairs writing down the answers if they want to. Then T makes them say the prices. This is an oral exercise. HO-2 Say the prices in English. £12 21P £31.50 $15 £50 € 60 $45 11c 70TL 80c 90p 55 TL 99 p $30 £14

Listening for specific information (5-7 minutes) • Help ss understand the spoken form of prices.

SS will listen to the CD and write down the prices as they hear them. Demo the first one yourself. Make them check each other's answers in pairs and provide an answer key on WB at the end. Task Listen to the five conversations. Write the prices. CD R 3.12 Track 64. 1 a.Excuse me. How much is this watch? b.It’s 25 pounds. 2 a.This is very nice.How much is it? b.It’s 64 dollars. 3 a.How much are the pens? b.They’re 70 p. a.Okay, two please. 4 a.These bags are beautiful. How much are they? b.They’re 48 pounds 50. a.Okay, thank you. 5 a.They are nice. b.Yes but they’re very expensive. a.How much are they? b.They’re 95 euros. a.Oh.

Controlled task. Speaking. (6-7 minutes) • Present the question How much...? focusing on the plural and singular forms

Demo the task. Give ss HO-3. Make them fill in the gaps with "is" or "are". This is an oral exercise so provide oral fb. Make sure ss understand the vocab used in the task. Briefly elicit unknown words. HO-3 Fill in the gaps with is or are? 1.How much …….. this watch? 2.How much …….. it? 3.How much ………. these pens? 4.How much …………. they? 5.How much ……….. your phone? 6.How much ……….the drinks? 7.How much …….... these books? 8.How much ………. the pencil? 9.How much ……….. the computers? 10.How much ………. the tea? 11.How much ……… the coffee? 12.How much……… the juice? 13.How much………. the T-shirts? 14.How much ……… sandwiches? 15.How much ……… a coke? 16.How much …… a mineral water?

Controlled task. Vocab. (7-8 minutes) • SS learn meaning and pronunciation of new words and speaking.

Make ss match food and drink words to photos in HO-4. Pronounce and drill every new word quickly. Speaking. Make them test their neighbor's answers. Put the ss in pairs. Ss A will ask ss B: E.g. What's in this photo? A cheese and tomato sandwich.

Speaking (6-7 minutes) • Practice asking and answering prices.

Demo this with the whole class first, then T with one ss and finally ask ss to do it in pairs. They will choose one food item from the list of Ho-5 and ask how much it is. E.g. A. How much is a coffee? B. 1 pound 95.

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