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TP6 - Reading - Office Clothes
Beginner A1 level


In this lesson, SS will be engaged in receptive skill development by reading for gist and detailed comprehension related to 3 small articles about office clothes, S focused contextualized vocabulary building exercises, and after the main aim is completed, work on productive speaking skill by working in small groups to discuss their ideas.


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Main Aims

  • • To provide reading practice for gist and detailed comprehension through the context of three short articles about office clothes

Subsidiary Aims

  • • To practice Vocabulary & Speaking in the context of office clothes


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

* Start by projecting the context-related lead-in visual (app 1). * Ask SS to look at the photo on WB and get them to suggest 10 clothing items and build them up on the WB on the upper right corner. * Write the following on the board: I usually wear a shirt, a pullover, and jeans. * Ask the SS to talk to their partner and tell her 3 clothes they usually wear. * Put the SS in pairs and give them 1 minute to discuss what they usually wear. Then write and elicit a list of clothes that they wear. * Take some w/c FB.

Pre-Reading/Listening (10-12 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and make it accessible

* Project the vocabulary picture (app 2) on the wb. * Essential vocabulary items are formal, casual, sari, kind, cotton. * Tell Ss they're going to read 3 short articles about office clothes, but first you'll look at some vocabulary. Tell Ss to look at the picture on the WB and start eliciting the words. Use dotted space and let the SS come up with the words. Ask simple CCQs and if they don't know the words, tell/explain the words to them. * Write the following Q&As on the WB: What kinds of clothes do you wear at work? I wear cotton shirts/T-shirts/blouses/skirts/dresses/trousers at work. I wear casual/formal clothes at work. I don’t wear a sari at work. * Tell the SS to answer the question as in the model and write 3 sentences and give them 3 minutes to finish. * Put the SS into groups of 4 and tell them to ask each other the question on the board and give their own answers. * Ask a student the question on the wb and let her read her answers. Take some w/c feedback and do some hot-spot correction if necessary.

While-Reading/Listening #1 (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging gist and specific information reading/listening tasks

* Focus SS on the reading handout and ex 1. Tell SS to read quickly & match the 3 short articles to the pictures on the right. Tell them not to read all 3 articles and worry about understanding everything. Give SS about 2 mins for the task. * Give the reading handout (app 3). When the time is up, get them to check their answers in pairs. * Project the reading picture on the w/b and then take w/c FB & get SS to explain their answers.

While-Reading/Listening #2 (14-16 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed, deduction and inference reading/listening tasks

* Tell SS to look at the sentences in ex 2a & demo the first sentence on wb with them and then let them continue to work individually to write the name of the country (countries) next to the sentences. They will need a bit more time for this. Give them 4-5 minutes. * Then SS check their answers in pairs. Get the SS to write their answers on the WB. Answers: 1 Britain 2 Britain 3 India 4 Germany; India 5 Germany * Get the SS to explain their answers (where is it in the article?) and check to see if all SS agree & help them with any answers they have problems with.

Post-Reading/Listening (8-10 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond to the text and expand on what they've learned

* Tell the SS they are going to play a vocabulary game. Divide the SS into 2 groups and give each G a marker in a different color. Tell them you are going to read definitions and the first group that strikes the matching word on WB earns a point. Write 10 words on the WB (app 4), including formal (article 1), casual (article 2), sari, kind, cotton (article 3), trousers, cheap, expensive, dress, suit. Check that they know what the target 5 words mean. * Write on the WB: What kind of clothes do you wear at work? I wear casual clothes: a cotton shirt, a pullover and jeans. * Demo the above question and answer with a student. * Get SS in groups of 4 to discuss their answers to the question on the wb. * Monitor to note any mistakes ss might make. * Elicit answers from at least two students and check to see if the w/c is on the same page. Take some general w/c FB.

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