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Architecture old and new
Intermediate level


in this lesson students would be reading a text about a famous subway station called, St Pancras. in the lead-in stage, i am going to set a context for them to talk about Taksim metro station. then i will project some pictures in order to elicit blocking vocabulary. then they go through while reading activity , i decided to prepare two reading for detail activities for two different pages of the text. then they will be answering a T/F task ( in order to scan the text). Finally, they would be given two activities for post reading stage in order to provide a situation for them to react and personalize the topic.


Abc projection of pictures
Abc reading text handout
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Abc T/F handout
Abc gist reading questions handouts

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about architecture old and new in the context of technology

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of architecture and technology


pre- reading/ lead-in (2-5 minutes) • to activate Ss existing knowledge of the topic; to encourage them to think about content of the text.

- set a context for them to talk about metro stations in Istanbul. - ask them what is their idea about travelling by metro. - what is interesting for them and what is bad about them - which station do they like more and why?

pre-reading/ pre-teach vocabulary (10-15 minutes) • unblock key vocabulary needed to help students complete the task

- projects some pictures of Istanbul metro stations. -ask them where is it? in which city? - elicit some key vocabulary - write them on the board - practice the pronunciation - feed them some vocabulary that is blocking -sometimes ask them ccqs in order to provide more clarification - now draw their attention to the pictures of reading - ask them if they know it or have been there before.

while reading/ reading for gist (5-10 minutes) • to encourage students to skim for gist/ general understanding and get an overview of the text

- give them the reading tasks with blank topics. - project or write the topics on the board. - give them only three minutes. - ask them to skim the text very fast and put the appropriate topic for each part. - ask icqs: do these parts have a topic? -which topics are you going to put in the blanks? how much time do you have?

while reading/reading for detail (10-12 minutes) • to practice reading for detailed comprehension and understanding the text in depth

- instruct them to do the T/F questions in pairs. - if it's false, tell the class why it is false and correct it. - ask icq s are you going to answer questions? are you going to do it alone? are you going to only say that it's true or false? -monitor - ask each group to answer the question - ask them to justify their reasons

while reading/reading for specific information (10 minutes) • to practice scanning for specific information

- clarify how they should do the activity. - tell them in the first column you should write about the original station, and in the other column about the new station - do it alone then check in pairs. - ask icqs; are you going to read the whole text? are you going to do it alone or in pairs? -monitor - write the answer key on the board

post reading (15 minutes) • to develop oral fluency by providing an opportunity to react to the text/ and personalizing the topic

- specify four categories on the board as building, shops, and restaurants, masterpieces, modern and efficient service. - ask them to think about a famous place in your city and tell your group mates about these features in that place - you have two minute to think about it -ask them icq s - monitor them while they brainstorm - if you still had time ask three of them to report it to the class.

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