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Introducton and Unit 1
INDAR, FCE, B22 level


Company class.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy


GTKY (10-15 minutes) • Getting to Know You

Ball game 1. Name and adjective 2. One thing you like/dislike 3. One interesting thing about you 4. Job at the Company

Lead In (5-8 minutes) • Generate Interest

T to write 'Lifestyle' on the board and elicit types. Get Ss to write ideas on the board. Ss then talk about their lifestyle to their partner. Why is it busy, hectic etc...? Talk for 2 minutes then explain that's what they'll do in the exam.

Vocabulary 1: Lifestyle (8-15 minutes) • Build vocabulary

1a Refer students to verbs and adjectives and check for understanding (Meaning, Form, and Function) E.G. Which word describes a lifestyle in which you are often sitting down? Point out that Life can be used instead of Lifestyle Model and check pronunciation of chaotic, luxurious, and sedentary. 1b. Give a brief description of your lifestyle. I lead quite a busy lifestyle at the moment. I've just started a new job, and I'm trying to understand my new surroundings. Underline the adjectives that describe your lifestyle. MINGLE. Talk to each one of your colleagues about your lifestyle.

Vocabulary 1: Lifestyle (3-8 minutes) • Speaking Practice

q.2 In pairs, Ss discuss the questions. Elicit a few examples.

Introduce the Vocabulary Envelope (3-5 minutes) • For Vocabulary Practice

Every lesson one S will add the vocabulary to the envelope. Joke: was going to be called the vocal box, but I'm not an engineer. Quick trail-run with the current words. Sentences, meaning, synonyms, antonyms

Pre-Teach Speaking Expressions (6-10 minutes) • Prepare Students for Speaking

Go over 'How to About It' Including: Similarities - both pictures show ... Differences - In the first picture ... Think about what topics and what you can tell from a picture: daily routines, working hours, leisure time, type of home, friends, eating habits, heath, social life, travel, family life, personal habits, politics, etc.

Speaking Exercise: Talking About Pictures (10-15 minutes) • Speaking and Exam Practice

Pair work. Student A to describe and compare pictures 1 and 2 for 2 minutes Swap Student B to describe and compare the pictures 3 and 4 for 2 minutes After elicit why I said 1 minute -- that's the length of time you have to discuss in the exam for part 2. The second candidate will also comment for 30 seconds Then elicit some ideas 5

Set Context (2-3 minutes) • Generate Interest for the Task

Write the following words on the W/B to generate interest and match with the pictures. Craftspeople, rehearse, farm, mug, scripts, lambs, crew.

Reading 1: (12-15 minutes) • Reading Practice

Read all the questions before you start reading. This way you know what you are looking for. Go over the 'How to go about it' section. Get a student to summarize the proceediure. Mention the texts contains distractors, so you need to read the text carefully. Check the following vocal: Untidy: What's another way of saying some in not well organised? Unpredictable: Keen on: Write new vocabulary on the side. Add words to the Vocabulary Envelope. Read the text. Scan the text again if you've missed any answers. Check with a partner.

Homework/Filler (1-2 minutes) • Practice and Consolidation of Learning

Issue H/W: W/B: pages 4-6

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