The Survivors' Club
Upper-intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss talk about how they think they would react in an emergency situation and they read a summary of a book called " The Survivors' Club" about people's reactions to disasters. The vocabulary focus is on feelings e.g. panic, bewildered, overwhelmed, etc.


Abc Exercise and reading HOs

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a text about Survivors' Club in the context of People's reactions to disasters

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversations, discussions in the context of people's reactions to disasters


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To elicit what they know about the context

Show them on WB: " To survive, it is often necessary to fight and to fight you have to get dirty." George Orwell, UK author Ask them to discuss it in pairs and say whether they agree with the author. Take some W/C feedback.

Pre-reading (7-8 minutes) • To engage them in the contex

Show them the questionnaire, ask them to answer the questions with their partners and give reasons. Help them out with the words they may not know. Take some FB, but do not give them the answers. Tell them "we will discuss the answers later on."

While-reading (9-10 minutes) • To scan the text and answer the given questions

Ask them to read the text, answer the questions individually, then check their answers in pairs or groups. Take FB as a W/C. Then ask them to work out the meaning of highlighted words in their groups by match them with the given meanings. Take a W/C feedback.

Post-reading (9-10 minutes) • To read about what to do in emergency situations

Write on the WB" What should you do? what shouldn't you do?" Make groups of three. Set the time. Give them the HOs & ask them to read each situation individually. After they finish, ask them to share the answers with the other two. Take feedback as a whole class.

Speaking activity (7-8 minutes) • To give the students a chance to speak about their answers

Write on the WB" Did you choose the right answer?" Ask the students to discuss their own answers in groups. Take a W/C feedback.

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