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Copy of Shopping (Grammar/Listening) Quantifiers
B2 level


In this lesson Ss will learn about how to use quantifiers with and without "of". This will start off with an exposure task and listening task to identify the missing words in the text. Then they will go through a guided discovery to explore the use of quantifiers more. Once the aim is met Ss will practice quantifiers by adapting a text to fit their city and speaking about it.


Abc Ex: 2 Ans key
Abc Table HO Ans Key
Abc EX: 1 Ans Key
Abc Ex: 2 HO Fill in the gap
Abc Quantifiers Table HO
Abc Ex: 1 HO Cline
Abc Ex:1 HO Add a word

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of quantifiers in the context of shopping

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about shopping and fluency speaking practice in the context of shopping in Istanbul


Lead in (4 minutes) • To introduce the TL and create interest.

T asks: What place in Istanbul has the most shops? Ss discuss in Pairs WC FB T writes some of the places on the board and brings Ss attention to one place T asks: What can you buy in this place? Ss discuss in Pairs WC FB write some items under the place named.

Stage: 1 Gist listening task (6 minutes) • to expose the Ss to the TL

T instructs Ss to add one word to each sentence and does an example together on the board Ss work in pairs to add a word into the sentences Peer check Then Ss listen for the answers Peer check T gives the Answer key and ask the students if all their answers were correct

Stage 2: Put the words in order (3 minutes) • for ss to put the words on the cline

Tell ss to put the correct word in the cline from least to greatest. No/ None of is 0% Ss work individually to do this peer check FB: Students come up to the board and write the word in the write spot

Stage 3: guided discovery (10 minutes) • for Ss to explore the tables and do the task given

T instructs Ss into groups of three by ABC T instructs: look at the first and second table and add the word "of" where it fits and find the mistakes. Please fold the paper where only the first and second table is showing. Work together in your groups. Ss do the tasks A&B in their groups and then peer check. WC FB have different groups say what they got and the rest of the class agrees or disagrees Then have the Ss take focus on the last table and take out or add a word. Ss work in groups and peer check together T gives the Answer Key and does FB if any problems occurred

Stage 4: Discuss the differences (5 minutes) • for students to realize the difference between the 2 sentences

T instructs the SS into pairs and tells them to talk about the two sentences. Why do we use of in sentence a but not in sentence b Ss work in pairs. T takes a couple students answers and CCQ's Can I say most students are here today? No I have to say most _of_ the students are here today. Is that sentence specific or unspecific? Specific Do we use of before a noun? No Do we use of when it's specific or unspecific? Specific

Stage 5: fill in the gap to make the sentence true (10 minutes) • Ss practice adding quantifiers to make the text true for Istanbul

T instructs the students to work in groups first discuss the question and then write an answer when you have all agreed T gives HO and ICQ's Ss will fill the blanks according to what is true for Istanbul. They should try to all agree before they write their answers down. When finished Ss compare their answers with the other groups. FB nominate different groups to give their answers. Then give answer key just to show what the possible answers could have been

Stage 6: Freer Practice (7 minutes) • for Ss to practice speaking in the context of the TL

Have students work in pairs and make some sentences that are true about Istanbul. When finished have some of the students tell us and sentence and see if the rest of the class agrees.

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