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Write a Narrative Lesson
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, learners will talk about a picture related to a short piece of narrative on the Grand Canyon. They will read the narrative and answer a question regarding it. Following this, the learners will do a short exercise on how the narrative is structured, then write their own story about a frightening experience. There will be a chance for the learners to see each other’s stories and decide who has the most frightening one. The learners will finish the lesson with an exercise on the continuous aspect in other tenses.


Abc Continuous Tense Exercise Handout
Abc Narrative Exercise

Main Aims

  • Writing a Narrative

Subsidiary Aims

  • Continuous aspect in other tenses


Warmer/Lead-in (5-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T will put up a picture on the board of the Grand Canyon and ask learners what they know about it. Before giving out the text, pre-teach the vocabulary. T will get the learners to read the text (quickly/gist) and answer the question in exercise 1. The feedback will be their ideas on the picture and their answer for the question.

Pre-Writing Task (5-7 minutes) • To give the learners an idea about structure in a narrative and prepare for the writing of their story.

T will explain to learners that they will be writing their own story about a frightening experience. T can Elicit a few ideas on what a frightening story could be, giving an example or two if needed. Using the exercise on the handout on narrative structure, T will prepare the learners by doing the first example as a class, then letting them finish the remainder of the exercise in their pairs. Monitor and assist if necessary. The feedback will be the students changing partners and checking each other’s work and going through it as a class.

Pre-Writing Task 2 (5-5 minutes) • To give the learners a chance to structure their story before writing it

Explain to the class that at this point they only need to write a structure to their story. Monitor the students while they write and help if needed.

Writing Task (15-15 minutes) • To practice writing a Narrative

Let the learners know that they have around 10 minutes to write their story, monitoring as they write. Once finished, T will put the learners into groups and let the learners read each other's stories. When finished, ask individual students which story they thought was most frightening. Feedback will be from the learner’s opinions on the stories.

Language Focus Task (10-13 minutes) • To familiarise students with the continuous aspect in other tenses

T will put students into pairs again and hand out the exercise. Do the first one as a class and let the pairs get on with the rest. Once students have completed, check the answers as a class. The T will put the learners into groups and let them continue with the table in the analysis box. The T will then ask them to discuss the question in their groups. The T will hand out the answers and clarify if there is anything which they do not understand.

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