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Linking words
Upper intermediate level


In this lesson students are going to learn some Linking words, such as however, due to, despite... they will have a controlled practice and then a semi controlled practice at the and they may play a game, freer practice


Abc semi-controlled practice

Main Aims

  • to develop use of english, studying linking words and practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • to improve writing skills, by brainstorming


Warm up (10 minutes) • to set the context

-stand in front of the WB ans ask students how they spent the weekend. -tell a stoty, personalize -ask 'why?' and some kinds of CCQ questions -when you ask 'why?' write 'reason' to the WB and then write contrast on WB - elicit a sentence from students and write that sentence on WB

Language analysis (10 minutes) • to get into topic

-write two sentences on the WB from the story you've told before and ask students which one is taht sentence ( reason-contrast) -ask which linking words else they remember write what they say on the WB and categorize them. -ask if they know all or not? -give some examples with those linking words - if needed do drilling

Controlled practice (5-10 minutes) • To see if they are able to use this language or not

-give HO1 -set a time limit -let them check the answers with their peers

Semi-controlled practice (10 minutes) • To make fun

-divide them into two group -chest HO and give instructions -set lime timit -give HO1 -let them read their sentences loudly

Writing Game (10 minutes) • to improve their writing skills and little bit brainstorming

-divide students into two groups -get them in front of the WB -stand between 2 groups -give instructions about what they are going to do: 1st students is going to write a sentence on the board and the next one has to end the sentence by using linking words. -set time limit -who has more functional and meaningful sentences wins

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