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Me and my pirate friends
False beginners/Elementary level


In this lesson ss revise adjectives that describe physical appearance and ask and answer questions to describe other people. They also learn to recognise and produce the sounds / :/ and / :/


Abc Carol Read, "Footprints 2", AB, Macmillan
Abc Carol Read, "Footprints 2", SB, Macmillan
Abc Flashcards
Abc Frog finger puppet
Abc "Footprints 2" Songs and story CD

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson the ss will have been given the opportunity to practise asking and answering questions to describe other people.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To listen for specific information. To practise recognising and producing the sounds / :/ and / :/.


Introduction (2-2 minutes) • To greet ss.

Greet the children using the finger puppet. Elicit T's name and the frog's name.

Starting out (2-3 minutes) • To recycle previously taught vocab.

T sticks the flashcards in pairs of opposites (tall/short, thin/fat, young/old, dark/fair, curly/straight). Children listen to the song and point to the flashcards.

Listen and say the chant (10-12 minutes) • To listen for specific information and to activate ss' knowledge and integrate previously taught vocab into language forms "Is she...?", "Has she got...?"

Pre-listening: Ask ss if they remember Pirate Meg from the story. Ss answer. While listening: Tell ss they are going to listen to a chant. Elicit the meaning of 'chant'. Ask ss to listen and say how many questions there are in the chant. Use fingers. Start the CD and demonstrate counting the first 2 questions as an example. Then Ss listen to the entire track and answer. Post-listening: Elicit the questions and answers that ss can remember. Ss say the questions and answers. Give ss page 9 of the coursebook. Ask the ss to listen to the CD again and compare the questions and answers they gave with the ones in the chant. Divide the class in 2 groups: one asks the questions, one answers. Children join in their parts. Then they swap roles.

Game time (10-10 minutes) • To get ss to practise asking and answering questions to describe people.

Draw ss' attention to the 'Wanted' posters of pirates. Elicit/explain the meaning of 'Wanted'. Ask questions about each pirate in turn: Is Long John Silver young? (No, he isn't.) Has Ned got a scar? (Yes, he has.') Secretly choose a pirate. Get the children to ask questions to guess which pirate the T is thinking of. Ss ask, T answers: Is he old? No, he isn't. Has he got straight hair? No, he hasn't. etc. Ask 2 individual ss to take turns to come to the front of the class and choose a pirate. The rest of the class asks questions to find out who the pirate is. Divide the class into pairs. They take turns to choose a pirate and play with their partner in the same way.

Listen and say: Frodo's word fun (5-6 minutes) • To get ss to recognise and produce the sounds / :/ and / :/.

Show the frog finger pupet and explain that Frodo is going to use his magic to help children pronounce words correctly. Say the word 'dark' and draw ss' attention to the vowel sound / :/. Say the word 'short' and draw ss' attention to the vowel sound / :/. Explain and demonstrate that ss should listen and open their arms if the word has the sound / :/ and make a circle with their arms if the word has the sound / :/, repeating the words at the same time. Tell ss: Listen to Frodo saying the words. Pretend to be Frodo and say the words: dark... short.... tall... car.... scarf.... small.... scar The children listen, repeat and respond with the actions.

Revision - (if time allows) (5-5 minutes) • To revise asking and answering questions to describe people in writing.

Draw ss' attention to Pirate Meg again. Read the first 2 questions and ask individual ss to say the answers by choosing the appropriate answer from the box. Draw children's attention to the example. Children work individually and write the answers. T monitors and helps if necessary. Whole-class FB.

Ending the lesson (2-2 minutes) • To give HW and say goodbye to the ss

Give HW: Black Beard, AB, pg.7. Say goodbye to the children yourself and with the finger puppet.

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