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Web Search
Pre-faculty level


In this lesson, students will search the web for information about pandemics and epidemics from the past. After they have gathered information they will share that information with members of the opposite group.


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Main Aims

  • To provide detailed research practice using the world wide web to learn about Pandemics

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accurate speaking practice about pandemics


Introduction (1-2 minutes) • To inform students of the end goal of the lesson

Show Ss Web Search PPT.

Research (10-15 minutes) • To allow students to research the topic of previous pandemics

Students will be split into groups. Each group will research their given topic for 10-15 minutes

Knowledge consolidation (5-5 minutes) • To have students consolidate their collected information

Ss will have 5 minutes to share and consolidate the knowledge with their group members. All Ss should write notes on Padlet and prepare to share their information with the class.

Knowledge exchange (10-15 minutes) • Provide students with the opportunity to share their information with one another

Ss will present the ideas that they have researched to the class.

Error Correction (10-10 minutes) • To give students feedback on the language mistakes that they made

Teacher makes notes of language errors as well as some examples of proper language use. The teacher shares his screen with Ss and asks Ss which sentences that he wrote down are correct and incorrect.

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