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pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn how to use some and any in the context of clothings and shopping.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of some and any.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy and fluency speaking practice in a role-play in the context of clothes and shopping


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To revise the previous class with questions

Use Bob to let students ask and answer questions to practice the functional language they have learnt in the previous class.

Grammar (3-5 minutes) • The students have had listening activities which includes sentences with "some" and "any" in previous session. In this state, the aim is to make the usages of "some" and "any" clear.

Write the exemple sentences in the book on the WB. Try to elicit the rule: Find out the form first (positive, negative, question). Try to make them guess when we use some and any in question forms.

Grammar-Controlled Practice (3-5 minutes) • To see if students can use the elicited structure effectively or not.

Write a paragraph with some gaps on the WB and stick colour cards on which "some" and "any" are written. Ask the students to come to the board and fill in the gaps. When they finish, check the answers together.

Grammar (3-5 minutes) • To see if students can form a rule with the elicited information.

Ask students to fill in the blanks in exercise 1 to complete the rules. When they finish, check together.

Grammar-Pair Work (7-8 minutes) • To see if students can apply the rules to correct the given sentences.

Ask students to add "some" and "any" to the conversation in exercise 2. When they finish, let one pair to read it aloud. Play the recording for the feedback later and drill.

Grammar-Controlled Practice (6-7 minutes) • To give students a context and some information to check if they can apply what they have learnt to the ask and answer questions.

Ask students to sit face to face. Give each group a student A and a student B paper. Tell student A to ask questions to student be like "Are there any pants in the wardrobe?" and student B to answer like "Yes, there are two pairs of pants in the wardrobe." Student A is to write down what he-she hears. When they finish, ask one pair to perform it aloud for feedback.

Speaking-Freer Practice (7-8 minutes) • To provide students with a context where they can use what they have learnt in this and previous sections and to use the structures communucatively.

Let students see the shops. Give the instructions. Three of them will be stallholders and the others will be customers. Ask them to change roles after some time. Monitor and take down notes on mistakes. When the activity is completed, write the sentences on the board and elicit the correct forms.

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