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Copy of speaking
upper intermediate level


This speaking task is designed to improve learners communication skills.This lesson plan starts with a pre-speaking phase related to the topic of the main speaking activity which students' mental and emotional dimensions are invovled. This will be followed by the speaking for more details with more effort phase. This lesson plan is going to conclude in post-speaking phase with practices to evaluate and rely on student's learning and understanding of the lesson.


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Main Aims

  • • To provide learners with speaking activities and some useful phrases

Subsidiary Aims

  • • To give learners the chance of having more speaking activities based on T=T interaction


warmer / lead - in (15-20 minutes) • building up rapport and break the ice

T sets the scene T asks SS put all chairs like a U around the class. the T will tell SS : I am going to read some sentences for you, if that would be true about you, change your seat, if not, sit on the same seat. sentences are related to tv, media, advertisement. then T asks SS about sentences and information which they understood about their partners. T will ask SS about funniest tv shows & advertisements they have ever seen, they have time to think and after that, they will randomly answer this question.

study ( exposure) (20-25 minutes) • To provide students with the details of the task and useful language

A. Teacher asks learners to open their books on page 85 B. They open their books and teacher attracts their attention to the exercise 7 A on the top left of page 85 C. Teacher asks learners to check the sentences 1 minute, then sharing what they have understood or what their ideas are in pairs. D. Teacher asks learners to read sentences 1 - 4 , then choosing 2 sentences, writing 1 for and 1 against idea for each of those 2. then sharing ideas using board to write down some of them.

Activation (30-35 minutes) • To activate what they have received as input

C P: T will provide learners with some prepared sentences about problems and issues of advertising and media in Iran, then they have to pick up those papers randomly and in pairs, start thinking about it, then T will ring the bell, one from each pair should find a partner from other group, sharing their sentences together. all SS should talk to 3 people at least, then at the end everyone will share his / her idea about what he / she has heard. Semi- C : T will put SS into 2 groups. then, T plays a muted advertisement, and asks group 1 to write a text or some sentences for that advertisement, then T plays the video again, and group 1 members should read their text for their partners and the audiences must judge and score it. F P: T asks SS to imagine themselves as a tv presenter or a director or a producer. what kind of movie or show would they like to compose and why? they have enough time to think and take some notes, then they have to share their ideas with their pairs.

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