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Life Stories
A1/2 level


In this lesson, students will learn some target vocabulary related to Jackie O Kennedy's life.They will also listen for the general idea and specific information in the context a famous person from the past. At the end students will talk about a person from family or a famous person who has an amazing life.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist, specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about Life Stories in the context of people from the past ( John F. Kennedy and Jackie Onassis Kenedy)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of an amazing person or a famous person they know


Lead - in (1-4 minutes) • To set a clear context of the lesson

Focus ss on the pictures of Jackie O and ask questions to check if they know who she is/was. Elicit some information like: What year do you think these photos were taken? What was her job? Who is / was this man? Do you think she was rich / poor?

Pre-teaching Vocabulary (4-6 minutes) • make students familiar with the vocabulary that they will see in text

Write these words "death,influence,admire,president,style"on WB and tell a short paragraph about him to elicit the meaning of the words. Do you know Barış Manço? He had a very different style with long hair and different rings he wore. He had a good influence on kids with his Tv show with kids. Everybody admired him and loved him so much . Even the former President of Turkey , Bülent Ecevit gave him an award. Death of Barış Manço made all Turkey sad.

Pre-Listening (5-8 minutes) • reading for gist

Give sts a small paragraph about Jackie O with the reading for gist task: Who are people in the photos? Were they good friends or family members? Write the questions on the WB so that sts can focus on these questions while reading.Allocate 2 minutes. When they finish Ask them to do peer check before WGFB. Find out what ss have understood.

Listening for Specific Info (5-7 minutes)

Show sts the words in the box and ask them to fill in the gaps with these words in their Past Form. Allocate time and make them work alone. After 4 minutes , ask them to listen and chech their answers .Ask CCQs to check ss understanding: Where was she born? Was she happy in her childhood? When did she meet JFK? Did they get married?

Listening for the gist (4-6 minutes)

Tell ss they will listen to the second part of the story. Make sts work in pair and give them the cut -ups. Tell them to move the cut-ups around to put them in the correct order with their partners. Play the script and monitor. Make WGFB.

Listening for Specific Info (5-6 minutes) • to write the dates

Tell ss that they'll listen again and write the date/year next to the event. Demostrate the first one on the board and remind how to read years before the activity. Give a couple of examples on the board,write some dates and make sts read. Play the record again and ask them to write a date for each event Finish the activity with WGFB.

Post listening (5-8 minutes) • speaking

Give sts HO with scaffolding sentences to complete about someone they know with and amazing life. Give 5 mins. Get ss work in pairs and tell each other about the amazing person they know. Monitor them. WGFB and nominate one or two ss to talk about their person.

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