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elementary level


in this lesson students learn how to introduce themselves , learn about pronunciation of stressed and unstressed syllables based on listening to an audio ,and learn vocabulary (names of countries , nationalities and languages)


Abc Inside out
Abc Audio
Abc Handouts of w-b
Abc Plastic cup&pieces of paper

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of countries' names , nationalities ,and languages in the context of conversation in an airport
  • Learn about pronunciation and recognize the stressed and unstressed syllables

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give students the opportunity to practice English through pair-work
  • to review lexis related to countries ,nationalities ,and languages


lead in (3-5 minutes) • to give students the opportunity to speak in english

introduce the speaking part by reading the speech bubbles in the book demonstrate the activity with a confident student put the students in pairs ask them to have the same conversation with their partners monitor their performance give them feedback by asking the same questions individually

clarification of vocabulary and pronunciation (2-3 minutes) • to introduce the students to the vocabulary of the lesson and clarify the meaning of syllables

tell the students that we are going to learn names of countries and nationalities tell them that in order to pronounce correctly they need to learn about syllables clarify what are syllables and stressed syllables make sure that they understand this part

demonstrate the pronunciation of vocabulary (country&nationality) and stressed syllables (7-10 minutes) • to give the students the opportunity to practice what they learned about pronunciation in the previous stage

ask them to listen to track 3 and repeat after it check their understanding of the activity play the audio and monitor their performance to provide help if needed ask them to listen to the audio again and underline the stressed syllables ask them to compare their answers with their partners give them feedback

funny activity to guess languages (2-4 minutes) • have some fun with the students and introduce them to other languages

explain the activity shortly ask students to listen to track 4 and guess what is the spoken language and rank languages in terms of their guessing ask them if they need to hear it once more and play it if needed ask them to check their answers with their partners give them feedback search for a winner(the one that guessed right) give him a funny reward

demonstrate the pronunciation of vocabulary(nationality) and the stressed syllables (3-5 minutes) • to reinforce their pronunciation and understanding of stresses syllables

ask the students to use the languages from the previous activity to complete the language column of the table explain that not all languages are the same as their nationalities and give an example of (brazilian&portuguese) ask them to listen to the audio and underline the stressed syllables in the languages column ask them to check the answers with their partners give them feedback

activity (country&nationality&language) (2-3 minutes) • to reinforce the relation between the countries , their nationalities ,and their languages

pass a cup full of small pieces of paper and ask each student to pick one put them in pairs with everyone having a piece of paper9country) i ask students to say the country written in the piece of paper and their partners say the nationality and language monitor their performance give feedback if needed

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