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Holiday activities
Elementary level


In this lesson, SS will learn new vocabulary about holiday courses through focusing on receptive skill (reading) by reading for gist for a matching exercise and then intensive reading to be able to discuss a set of questions and agree or disagree.After the aim is reached, i will work on their productive skills(writing) through creating an advert by choosing a holiday course and then presenting it.


Abc ex:1a. Matching activity, ex:1b Matching activity and ex:2 discussing some questions
Abc Visuals

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed in the context of Holiday courses

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation and in Ex.2 students might debate in the context of Holiday courses


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • Introduce the context

I will start the lesson by presenting visuals to elicit the content and the words are sailing, playing music, preparing dinner and taking photograph. Next, I will play a small memory game by sticking the pictures faced down on the board, asking the students to guess the words

EX:1a page 38 (5 minutes) • To practice and check the students' understanding of the previously presented vocabulary

The students will be divided into pairs and then will match the photos with the words in the box FB: on the students will read his/her answer and others will check

Pre-reading vocabulary (5 minutes) • to introduce some hard words in the text before reading it

I will start introducing the following words through visuals and eliciting: Musical instrument, Voice, a band, painting, equipment, ingredients, delicious and traditional

Reading for gist ex:1b page 38 (4 minutes) • reading for gist

The students will gist read the text and try to match the courses with photos A-D FB: peer -check and then I circulate the answer key

Reading for details (10 minutes) • Reading for details

Students will try to categorize the courses in the text with the questions in ex1b page38 and then debate using the following statements: I agree.. I don't agree.. I think.... Because......

Post reading (15 minutes) • speaking and writing

for ex:2 the students will choose a holiday course and create and advert then will present her/his advert

Back-up plan

playing Taboo using the words that I taught them today

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