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Intermediate level


The lesson is about the formation of comparatives and superlatives. After identifying how various types of adjectives are affected to form these, the students will be expected to put this knowledge to use by comparing the various sports in the exercise material. Following that, there will a group discussion describing the city they are living in, giving them the chance to use the newly acquired grammar as part of their speaking exercise.


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Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of comparatives/superlatives in the context of sports

Subsidiary Aims

  • To boost their descriptive abilities in a discussion about the city they are living in.


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • To get the students to remember their knowledge about comparatives and superlatives

I will first draw two arrows of different colour and length on the board and ask them whether they are the same or not. I will try to get them to compare the two arrows and ask if they both have the same length and try to get the word "longer" as a response. Then I will add a third arrow of a new color, and ask them to make the same comparison and come up with the word "the longest". Once I hear both of them, I will describe what comparatives/superlatives are and their usage.

Word Groups (10-12 minutes) • To identify how to build comparatives/superlatives from various types of adjectives

The students will be asked to form 3 groups using the adjectives in the box. I will be monitoring them while they are working. Once it is done, random students will be asked to give their answers. Following that, I will ask them about the exceptions like "bad", "good" and "far". I will make them repeat some c/s forms of the adjectives after me to give them a better understanding of the pronounciations. At the end I will do an obvious mistake on purpose and check if they can see through that.

Controlled Practice (18-20 minutes) • Use of adverbial phrases to provide more accurate information

I will start by explaining the adverbs and adverbial phrases we will be using to make more precise comparisons. The idea is to get them to respond to my questions about what the phrases stand for and the meanings they imply. I will be doing comparisons where they can see how the adverbial phrases add more depth to the comparison. The final comparison will involve "popular" as the adjective and I will ask them about popular sports and get started with the next exercise. | will briefly explain the sports on the list, to make sure everyone knows what they are. Before ex 3, I will ask them to come up with adjectives that can be related to sports. I think this should provide the weaker students with a starting point and they will actually be able to come up with their own sentences with the help of those.

Free Practice (8-10 minutes) • To provide an opportunity for further practice on their newly acquired skills

I will quickly go over the questions and tell them to discuss in pairs. During this time I will focus on monitoring and try to encourage further discussion by dropping questions into their ongoing discussions. Finally, I will ask the sts to form bigger groups and keep it going and see if others agree with them or not. I will keep on monitoring and providing corrections as needed.

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