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Scientific Facts , Comparative Adjectives
intermediate A1 level


Description In this lesson students will learn how to share their own scientific information and they also practice to compare things phenomenons facts etc... during the production stage Then we'll bridge to the prepared pictures by teacher which help students make comparative sentences as an impromptu reaction.


Abc a world map , Slides show

Main Aims

  • To provide , learning , clarification and practice of comparative adjectives in context of scientific facts.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To make and practice Wh questions in the background of scientific facts.


Lead in (1-5 minutes) • warm up

To introduce , encourage , and get students ready for answering teacher's questions. In this step teacher asks elephant's size with cat's. Students get extremely eager to answer this question because they feel capable. Now teacher wants them to compare size of two other things.

productive task (6-30 minutes) • For students to produce and practice speaking for fluency and accuracy in the background of scientific facts.

Teacher displays slide number 7 showing different animals then ask students to compare them two by two in all aspects such as size, height, strength, beauty etc... Besides teacher asks the students if they could think of any other comparable features. In the next step students must go on Google and search for the word map, take a look and then start comparing countries in size. At least 3 sentences each student

Content Preparation (31-45 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through looking at prepared slides by teacher

First students look at some adjectives at slide number1. Now here come next slides which include comparable items. It’s time to give students some time. After two minutes they start making sentences about the items one by one.

Flexi stage (46-65 minutes) • For the students to have an extra chance to practice speaking for fluency in the context of scientific facts

Teacher displays next slide number 8 which is a picture of solar system. Students should think of different adjectives such as big ,small, far, close, hot and cold. Next; students try to find out the differences and express them using comparative form of adjectives.

Controlled practice (61-80 minutes) • To concept check and make a student ready for meaningful rehearse

Teacher plays a related video. Students watch and focus on it , then they should start discussing the video in a small groups or pairs. In this stage they have to use new structure. Teacher observes them to get the possible weak points.

Feedback and error correction (81-90 minutes) • To encourage students to correct their own mistakes.

Teacher writes students` mistakes on the board and students are supposed to correct their own mistakes.

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