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Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn about the use of a modal verb + infinitive to make speculations or guesses about the present time. Ss will also listen to different sentence stresses to indicate certainty or uncertainty. Ss will play a game to use their knowledge of modal verb + infinitive.


Abc Pronunciation ex. Modal Verb stress

Main Aims

  • The main aim of this lesson is to give the students spoken practice of the grammar form 'modal verb' + infinitive to make speculations about the present.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency in the lexis of the previous lessons to make speculations about a magic trick.


Lead In (5-6 minutes) • To elicit from the Ss which grammar form we will study.

Teacher will show pictures of people they know, and ask the students to guess who they are. Teacher will write on the WB any guesses which the Ss make, and then tell the Ss if they were correct. Then the teacher will try to elicit from the Ss which words they used to make the guesses.

Introduction to grammar form modal verb + infinitive (present tense) (4-5 minutes) • To give the Ss the grammar form before they use it.

Teacher will write 'Modal Verb + Infinitive (base form)' on the WB. Then an arrow will be drawn from (95%) sure to less sure. Teacher will try and elicit from the Ss which modal verbs are used when they are 'sure', and which ones are used when they are less sure. To concept check the teacher will show a picture of a magic trick and try and get the students to use the different ranges of certainty.

Controlled practice (1) (4-5 minutes) • To have the Ss identify the correct modal verb to use.

Ss will complete exercise 1 pg. 97 from the Student Book in pairs. They will be instructed to underline the correct answers. ICQ: Will you write the correct answers? Ss will write their answers on the WB and the class will say if its correct or not.

Controlled practice (2) (4-5 minutes) • To have the Ss use their knowledge of modal verbs to fill in the gaps

Ss will work alone to fill in the blanks in exercise 2 and then work in pairs to discuss their answers.

Listening and Pronunciation (5-6 minutes) • To show Ss that stressing the modal verb changes the meaning of the sentence.

Ss will do the pronunciation exercise from the Student book, listening to the pronunciation exercise 2.16 and 2.17. 'The show might be fun' (with might stressed) 'The show might be fun' (with fun stressed) Check that students got the answers for the second exercise and have them work in pairs to practise saying the sentences with different stresses.

Freer speaking activity (10-15 minutes) • To have the Ss use the modal verb + infinitive while speaking.

Game: Ss will be instructed to get into groups of 3 or 4. Ss will be given the cards with different professions written on the tops (doctor, farmer, lawyer, teacher, hairdresser, student, police officer,model). Ss will be instructed to write words which describe the kind of person who does each profession. Teacher will give demonstration of scientist. Then Ss will work in their groups to complete the cards. (6/7 minutes). Teacher will monitor the groups and pick out any mistakes being made for delayed feedback later. Then Ss will be given pictures of the different professionals. They will match the picture to the description. Ss will stick their answers on the board or the wall, and be asked to check each other’s answers.

Delayed FB (if time) (3-4 minutes) • To correct any mistakes heard during the group work

Here the teacher will write on the WB any mistakes which were heard during the GW. Teacher will ask the Ss write down the corrected version. Ss will be asked to come to the WB to write the corrected version.

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