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Verb "to be"
Elementary level


In this lesson, students learn and review how to use the verb to be through activities based on sentence forming. The lesson starts with speaking about people in pictures given to the students. The activity is followed by a sentence formulation activity where students practise word order and choosing the correct form of to be. After that, they review their knowledge of possessive with the help of prompts given. Finally, all former activities are combined within a listening activity which is based on pronunciation.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of verb "to be" in the context of personal information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide pronunciation skills
  • To provide listening skills to differenciate between to be and possesive 's


Icbreaker (1-2 minutes) • To make students feel comfortable in the class

Teacher checks students' names. Demonstrate talking about oneself.

Introduce Context (2-4 minutes) • To introduce and interest students in the lesson

Teacher sticks a picture on himself/herself. Tells the students to ask questions and answer them. Drills students' sentences. Provides written forms if necessary.

Focus on Personal Pronouns and the Verb "to be" (10-12 minutes) • To make students familiar with all personal pronouns and how to use them with the verb "to be". To enable students develop their sentence formulation skills.

Students work altogether. They give information about people in pictures, they form sentences for each picture.

Clarification of Grammar (4-6 minutes) • To provide students with exercise to practise their grammar

Students to the practice on their coursebook. Teacher elicits answers by nominating.

Post-Learning Activity (6-8 minutes) • To provide students the opportunity to write sentences

Students work in groups. They get cut-up prompts and a sheet to write sentences using the given prompts. Students switch groups and check their answers. Teacher elicits answers during or after monitoring.

Focus on Possesive 's (8-10 minutes) • To review the topic of possessive 's and to give students opportunity to use it in sentences

Teacher gives examples regarding the two topics in the class. Elicits answers. Gives prompts on the board. Students work individually to write sentences with the prompts given. They mingle and check theier answers. Teacher elicits answers either during or after monitoring.

Pre-Listening Activity (2-3 minutes) • To focus students' attention on pronunciation

Teacher writes sentences on the board. Nominates students to read them. Drills.

Listening Task (3-5 minutes) • To make students focus on pronunciation by listening

Students listen to the track. Answer questions in Exercise 3. Teacher elicits answers. Drills.

Optional Filler (2-4 minutes) • To revise structure and pronunciation

Teacher gives prompts on board. Students make sentences. They check their answers in pairwork.

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