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Jobs Lesson
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will read for both specific information and for detail. We will talk about the jobs.


Abc Copy of two pages from the coursebook English Unlimited Elementary by Cambridge

Main Aims

  • To give sts practice in reading for specific information and for detail in the context using an article about best and worst jobs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary: To introduce and practice adjectives to describe jobs e.g well paid.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To engage students and set context

- Tell the students to work in pairs or maybe in groups of three depending on the number. - Sts will write as many jobs as they can in 2 mins. - One person from each group will write 2 jobs on the board. - Drill pronounciation. Remember to do it in groups too. - Ask CCQs about the jobs to make sure they know it. (questions like ''where does a doctor work?'' ''Does a nurse work in a bank?'' ''Is it a difficult job?'' '' Does a teacher make a lot of money?'')

Exercises on the book (5-6 minutes) • To indroduce the words related to the reading

1. Hand out the copies, Make students fold it not to see the text immediately. 2. Find the stress with the students.Use your hand gestures. > Cook is both a verb and a noun. > I can cook (verb-action). I am a cook. (job-noun) > He is a good cook. He cooks very well. (ask them which one is verb and which one is noun) 3.. Ask the students to look at the pictures, match the pictures with the jobs below with the person sitting next to them (exercise 1) Drill the answers. 4. I will make sure that the students know ''best and worst'' by giving examples (I will do it by drawing three exam papers and grading them 100 , 50 , 0. 5. Ask them what is the worst job in Turkey? What is the best job in Turkey?

Reading for gist (3-6 minutes) • To get the students to quickly find jobs

1. Introduce Rob draw a stick man on the board and write Rob. Draw a line, an arrow below the stick man. 2. STS in pairs. Write these questions on the board; - What was his first job / his best job / his worst job? 2. Give the sts 1 min. to find the answer with their partner. CCQ How many minutes? 3. Get the answers from the students.

Reading for detail (8-12 minutes) • To help them understand the text, the time line

1. Divide the arrow into sections and number the first section, write a shop assistant. Ask sts to look at exercise 3 give them 1 min. to read the sentences. What jobs do you see? 2. Tell sts to read the text and number the sentences with their partner. Tell them to write how old he was. CCQs- Will you write about his money? What will you write? 3. When they finish. Point at number 1 on the board and ask them : first he was a .......... How old was he? What was his next job? How old was he? Write the job below the arrow to show them the improvement.

Feedback on reading (4-6 minutes) • To check sts understanding

1. Give the instructions; For example: I am 18 years old. (Is it true or false?) False! 2. Tell them to work with their partner. Hand out the true false sentences. Sts can look at the text if they need.

Vocabulary (7-10 minutes) • Talking about jobs

1. Draw some pictures on the board related to the adjectives like an easy math problem, a difficult one.. 2. Drill the adjectives : easy, difficult, interesting, boring, well paid, badly paid, different everyday, the same everyday, great, terrible. Once they remember it, ask one group to pronounce it and then the other group to make sure they've learned. 3. Introduce them the term; opposites by giving examples like small and big, tall and short. Demonstrate it. 4. Ask the students to look at exercise 4a and match the opposites in pairs.

Speaking activity (6-7 minutes) • To give sts a change to talk about jobs by using the adjectives

1. Show them some pictures with jobs on them. Drill the jobs. Show them the difference between genders like actor, actress. 2. Ask them to make a circle. Demonstrate the activity.(They take a picture say the job and one adjective about it then they give the picture to a friend. It goes on like a chain) CCQs ! Hand out the pictures. Monotor!

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