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Teaching Practice 4
A1 (Beginner) level


In this lesson, students will learn prepositions of place in the context of personal possessions. The teacher will elicit the target language and they will match the pictures with the prepositions. They will practice the target language within various activities. Then, students will use the target language with a productive skill (speaking).


Abc Power Point Pictures
Abc Matching Handouts
Abc Rearranging the sentences
Abc Gap-Fill Handout
Abc Completing the pictures

Main Aims

  • to provide the using of prepositions of place in the context of personal possessions

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide the target language and to to provide the practice speaking with the TL.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • to set the lesson context

I will show them a picture which includes some personal possessions and let them in pairs to discuss what they see in the picture. Then, I will elicit the words from the students and I will start to use the prepositions of place. "Yes, there is a chair behind the table / Yes there is a bag next to the table."

Pre- teaching the TL (7-8 minutes) • to make students understand the prepositions with pictures

I will give them a matching task which will be good for the students who understand better with visuals. (ICQs: Are you going to do it alone?Yes! Are you going to circle the pictures or match? Match!) FB: On the board, I will put the pictures. When they've finished, they will check with their partners. Then, I will ask some of them to put the sentences on the pictures. CCQs: for in/on. I will put something in my bag and ask them where is....? then I will put something on the table and ask again where is.....?

Teaching the form of the TL (5-6 minutes) • to provide examples how to use the TL in sentences.

I will give them handouts to rearrange the sentences. (PW) ICQs: Are you going to work alone? No! Are you going to write sentences? Yes! FB: I will do monitoring and I will write some correct and wrong answers on the board. Then, we will discuss the sentences as whole class Back chaining: "The jacket is on the chair."

Focusing on the TL in a different context • to check the students' understanding of the prepositions' meanings

I will give them a Gap-Fill handout to fill the gaps with prepositions from the picture. ICQs: Are you going to write the all sentence? No! FB: peer-checking, answer key + if necessary, I will do the error correction on the board

Controlled practice the target language (9-10 minutes) • to practice and use the prepositions

Students will work in pairs and some of them will ask questions (Where is/are......?) to find the items places and draw them to complete their pictures. Some of them will describe where the items are. ICQs: Are you going to show your picture to your partner? No! Do a demo! FB: monitoring and error corrections

Controlled speaking practice (6-7 minutes) • to see if they can do the same without pictures

This time, I will give them a picture of a chair and a table. Also some sentences , they will read the sentences with their partners and stick the sentences on the correct places in the picture. FB: checking on the board.

If time activity (3-4 minutes) • if I have time, to be able to complete the lesson.

I will tell them Put your hands on your head. Put your hands behind your back. Put your hands in front of you. Put your hands under the chair. Put your hands next to you. Put your hands in your pocket.

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