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Teaching Practice 3
Elementary level


This lesson will focus on grammar and speaking, with the help of holiday activities such as the New Year's Eve.


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Main Aims

  • To get sts familiarized with the grammar of present simple questions in the context of special day activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts practice in speaking about their holiday habits and rituals.


Stage 1: Lead-in (7-8 minutes) • To familiarize the sts with the concept of present simple questions and short answers

This is the second lesson of the day, so the sts do not need a revision in the beginning. Instead, T begins with a matching exercise. Sts will be asked to match present simple questions with short answers in groups. This way, the grammar will be elicited from the students. Afterwards, the answers will be checked by the teacher. If students seem to have problems with grammar, T will do a quick revision. Later on, the sts will be asked to do the first exercise on the CB. This is the Test-Teach-Test method.

Stage 2: Grammar (7-8 minutes) • To familiarize the sts with the concept of present simple questions and long answers

The sts will be asked to do another matching exercise in groups. They'll match the present simple questions about special occasions with appropriate answers. This will help them be familiarized with possible long answers for these questions. After the exercise, T will check the answers and will do a quick revision if the students are having a problem. Then, the sts will be asked to do the second exercise on the CB. After this part, sts will know how to form present simple questions very well. While the sts are working on the exercises, T can stick the pictures for the next exercise on the WB in order to save time.

Stage 3: Vocabulary for Speaking (7-8 minutes) • To teach students some vocabulary to use during their speaking activity

T sticks pictures of special occasion activities on the board. T also hands out the same pictures to every group along with the possible answers for each picture. The sts will match the pictures with answers in groups. Then, T will check the answers. The purpose of this activity is to teach the students the appropriate vocabulary for the speaking exercise on the next stage.

Stage 4: Speaking (13-15 minutes) • To get the sts speak about special occasion activities in the present simple form

T will give each S a picture of a celebrity with details of their life on it. T asks sts not to show their paper to anyone else. Sts will have a couple of minutes to read about their own celebrity and come up with questions to ask each other. Then, each student will come to the board and the sts will play a guessing game. Everyone will ask questions to the S on the board about their celebrity. After 5 questions, the sts will try to guess who the celebrity is.

Stage 5: Revision (7-8 minutes) • To get the sts revise what they learned in today's lesson

T will use the pictures from Stage 3 to ask students questions about special occasion activities. T will nominate every student to answer a question. This will be a good idea for a revision because it involves both grammar and speaking. T may answer the questions of the sts if there's time.

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