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Teaching Practice 2
A1 (Beginner) level


In this lesson, students will improve their vocabulary and speaking ability. The lesson will start with learning colours and then there will be a slide show presentation to teach the students colours of the flags and nationalities. After the slide show, students will play a matching game in small groups to practice the vocabulary they learned. Also, I will give them handouts to do this matching practice again but they will do it individually to test their understanding. Moreover, we will focus on the stress of the nationalities. Lastly, they will do a speaking activity to use nationalities.


Abc Put the letters in the correct order (colours)
Abc Flash Cards (Colours)
Abc Power Point
Abc Pictures of famous people
Abc Matching Game
Abc Matching Handouts
Abc Put the nationalities in the correct box.
Abc Speaking activity

Main Aims

  • To introduce colours and nationalities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking, using the vocabulary related to the colours and nationalities


Warm-up (1-2 minutes) • to draw students' attention on the colours

"I like that colour" (pointing someone's t-shirt). Ask Ss "What colour is this?" Ex: "Black is my favourite colour". Then ask few of them "What is your favourite colour?"

Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • Learning colours

First, I will give them a handout and they will put the letters in the correct order to find the colours. (Peer-checking) Then, I will give them feedback with the Flash Cards. I will put the cards on the board and let students to put the written colours on them. Now, they will go back and check the spellings. After, we will work on the pronunciation of the colours. Also, starting to move to the nationalities first I will show students 9 different flags using the slide show and ask their colours individually.

Lead-in to nationalities (10-15 minutes) • giving examples to teach nationalities by using famous people

First, I will ask somebody "where are you from?" and then "What is your nationality?". Then I will ask same questions about famous people. After that, I will go back to the slide show and show the flags one by one to get the countries and nationalities from the students. (Which country's flag is this? so what's the nationality?)

Practicing Nationalities (7-8 minutes) • to practice the vocabulary with a game and handouts

First, I will put them into small groups and I will give them cards to match the nationalities and countries. Then I will let them to compare the answers with their partners. Then , I will give them another handout to match the nationalities and countries individually. (Peer-checking again and I will give the answers)

Word groups (5-6 minutes) • Forming word groups to help to help with pronunciation and memorising

I will give them handouts and show them an example on the board and let them to do it with their partners. In this section, we will more focus on pronunciation and stress of the nationalities.

Speaking activity (5-6 minutes) • to be able to use the language

I will write one example on the board and let them to do it. "A:What colour is the....................... flag? B:The .................. flag is ........................"

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