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Elementary level


In this lesson, students learn to make sentences in Present Simple tense, he/she/it endings (3rd person singular). They will learn and drill the correct pronunciations of 3rd person singular. They will also do a fill in activity and a speaking practise in order to practice it.


Abc Asking about a partner
Abc Asking about a partner
Abc Asking about a partner
Abc Handout for Simple Present 3rd person singular
Abc Spelling and Pronunciation Handout
Abc Gap Filling
Abc Guessing Exercise
Abc Asking about a partner

Main Aims

  • To familiarize students with the positive and negative forms of present simple in the 3rd person in context of free time activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice present simple 3rd person positive and negative in the context of free time activities.


Lead In (1-1 minutes) • To get students' attention to the class and the subject matter they will work on.

I wıll start the lesson by asking questions about Paul from the listening in the previous lesson using positive and negative structures.

Grammar (3-5 minutes) • To familiarize the students with positive and negative 3rd person singular verb patterns in English

First, I will give students a handout on which are example sentences on the top, and ask students deduce the grammar rule and write it in the gaps below the sentences. When they are done, first I will ask them to check in pairs then I will give the answer key.

Spelling and Pronunciation (3-4 minutes) • To teach the correct 3rd person verb ending and pronunciation in simple present tense.

First, I will give the handout with some verbs in the infinitive form and ask the students to write he/she/it forms of those verbs. Second, they will check in pairs than I will give answer key. Thirdly, we will drill the verbs for correct pronunciation as a whole class.

Grammar Fill in the gap (5-7 minutes) • To practice the correct form of verbs in simple present tense

I will give the students a handout to fill in the correct form of the verbs into the spaces. First they will try and do themselves, next they will check with their pairs and finally, I will give the answer key.

Guess and complete (12-15 minutes) • To practice the language pattern they have learned in this lesson.

First, I will arrange students in pairs if possible then I will give students a handout on which are some activities and verbs they will use for each activity in brackets. Second, they will need to write the sentences in the positive or negative structure depeding on what they think about their partners. Third, they will write the questions of the same activities starting with "do you".

Pair work (10-12 minutes) • To be able to ask questions in the 3rd person singular

First,. I will give a handout which shows how to give short answers to questions. First, students will ask and answer each other questions. If possible I will try to change the grouping in the classroom and sit everybody in groups of four, and in the new group they will tell the other members of the group about their parents.

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