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Teaching Practice 1
Pre-intermediate level


The theme of tourism and travelling will be introduced to learners in this lesson via a text speaking of a well-known famous tourist sight in Peru; Machu Picchu. In the beginning, students will be shown a power point presentation of some pictures related to words found in the text and elicit their names. Later on, they will be asked to read a text quickly and try to answer the exercise text -related questions in pairs. Finally, the lesson will be drawn to an end with learners' opinions about the effect of tourism on Istanbul.


Abc Tourist trail handout

Main Aims

  • to enable students to read a text for gist and retain the general information
  • to assist students to comprehend the purpose of the written text

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking practice through learners' interacton in the context of tourism and travelling
  • to give students opportunity to find out new vocabulary of other tourist sights


Lead-in. Eliciting words from students (5-11 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

First, I introduce myself to students and remind them of the country where I come from. I inform them that it is obvious that I am a tourist in Turkey and say an anecdote about a tourist went to London with only one sentence in mind 'what's your name?'. The anecdote will be a kind of a warm up. Subsequently, I turn on the power point presenter to illustrate students some pictures of jungle, ruins, citadel, cable car, and trail and try to elicit the right word. It goes without saying that the vocabulary taken from students have to do with the text they are going to read; 'The Ruins of Machu Picchu'.

checking and drilling (2-5 minutes) • to make sure that students have retained the key words found in the text

At this stage I will mix the pictures on the same power point presenter and ask students to remember the words written above the picture previously illustrated. Ask them to drill every word individually, and then in pairs, and then in groups with an average speed and then much faster. Praise students every time they memorize. Once the target words are retained I give students thumbs up and move a step further.

Inroduction to tourist locations (3-7 minutes) • To give students a chance to practice speaking with their partners

At this step of the lesson, I inform students of some tourist sights I like to visit in my country Algeria and then will ask them to put down five places they would like to visit or they have already visited. Afterward, students mingle and inform each of what they have written and exchange sights names and places with each other. In few minutes, I draw a discussion to close and a WCFB will be taken to get some ideas.

Introducing the theme of tourism (3-5 minutes) • to pave the way to students for a better preparation to reading the text

It is time for students to have a look at the HOs I give to each and everyone and discuss in pairs or in groups the three questions of the speaking part. The questions will be about touristm in the student's respective country. The answers will be exchanged between students and then WCFB will be delivered for a counter-check.

Reading for Gist (5-17 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to comprehend the text meaning and respond to questions

Students will be required to read a text for 3 minutes and answer individually the 7 questions of true or false statements. I will make sure that the students well get the questions and keep monitoring while they are working. Afterward they check their responses with their classmates or with their partners. A WCFB will be taken to check the answers together after providing the answer key. Students will move to exercise three that requires them to underline the arguments for and against the cable cars in Machu Picchu and they have to justify their reply. The task will be done in pairs and I get a WCFB by the end.

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