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Past Simple Lesson To Be
Beginner level


In this lesson the students will start learning the Past Simple tense in the form of the verb to be. I am going to represent some simple questions connected with the year and a place a person was born. The students are to practice and drill saying the dates and years as well.


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Main Aims

  • To introduce The Past Simple Tense in the form of the verb to be - was\were born

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice vocabulary by saying the years


Warmer (3-6 minutes) • To introduce the topic and to revise how to pronounce the dates

To start a lesson I will introduce the general topic which is The Past Simple Tense. We will closely deal with the years as well. I will offer ex 1 (Headway Beginner ST p 64-65) where to listen and underline the correct dates and HO with the years written on them to drill saying the years one by one and in chorus.

Clarification (10-12 minutes) • To explain how to use verb to be in the past simple tense and in the context of was\were born

To introduce the past form of the verb to be we listen to ex 1 where two famous people are introduced.The key words there are /was born/.I ask the students who these people are? and when were they born?Also I underline the words south and north. The students listen to the exercise and fill in the gaps with the correct year. I start a grammar clarification process. My grammar clarification is presented in the grammar analysis at the board section and in power point slides.

Model (5-7 minutes) • A grammar explanation of the verb to be in th light of was\were born

Remind there is a verb to be (handouts and a Power Point Slide) in the present form. Fll in the gaps with the corrct forms of it together with the students. The third column of the chart is about the past form of the verb to be.

Model and drill (10-12 minutes) • To drill and memorise was\were born in positive and negative sentences

The students listen to ex 4 with the questions. We drill them. Then we listen to ex 5 about Magalie Dromard. The students should fill in the gaps with the years of the every family members she names. Check these after gist listening. i ask every student to name 2 or 3 relatives of their own and ask and answer the same questions about them with at least two other students in the class. To demonstrate what to do I open a PPT slide with the examples. While they walk and ask each other I monitor their speech and possible errors to discuss later on.

Controlled practice (3-5 minutes) • To check the grammar and memorise vocabulary and was\were born questions

The students ask and answer these questions one by one under my control. We drill pronunciation one more time. We drill to memorise the questions and replies.

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