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Vocabulary, everyday activities
Elementary, A2 level


This lesson is based on the daily routine of two real people with busy lives ( Nico Baudrand) who is a manger of a restaurant . SS will learn verb phrases to talk about everyday activities. Then there is a pronunciation focus on linking & sentence stress, which aims to help ss to understand spoken English.


Abc English File, Elm SsBk, Voc Bank, p156
Abc Audio CD player 2.37
Abc English File, Elm Ss Bk, U4B , P.30 a,b
Abc English File, Elm Ss Bk, U4B , P30 ex3 a-c
Abc CD player 2.39
Abc CD player 2.38
Abc CD player 2.36

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification & practice for the vocabulary of everyday activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Pronunciation focus on linking & sentence stress.


warmer (3-5 minutes) • To get ss ready for the lesson

Play a game with ss.

Presentation (8-10 minutes) • To Test the previous knowledge of the ss of the TL

Give ss HO p156 _ Ask ss to work alone , chest HO & say, match these pics with these words here _ Monitor _ Ask them to compare their answers - PW _ Give answer key

• To focus on the meaning

Check they understand the meaning _ Ask some CCQs e.g • Is the Suzy in pic 10 coming or going? • Is it day time or night time? * Is it early or late?

(3-5 minutes) • To focus on the form of collocations

Elicit Is it just one word? Is it a full sentence? Underline the v in every collocation Show how you can add a Subject and form a full sentence. Have them guess what it's called.

Focus on Pronunciation (8-10 minutes) • To help ss feel more comfortable with target language

Give Ex.& elicit When somebody ask you about your name what do you say? My . Name . is . ..... Or my name is stress on the link( name is) Ask them to listen to 2.38 & write the sentences Ask if they need to listen again. Get them to do peer feedback. Give answer key. _ listen & repeat the sentences in 2.39 Copy & drill

Controlled oral practice: (4-6 minutes) • To help ss remember TL & practice it

Use Ex in p156. Get ss to test each other. GW Monitor.

Controlled aral practice 2 (5 minutes) • To use TL in a more fun way

Get ss to mime phrases in front of their classmates to guess the phrase.

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